Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A tiring month

Since 28th December, I have been working nonstop, like a bull. Well, not because of the bull run in the stock market.

Rather, I have been learning intensively in the new month, without a single help from my usual working pal. This is because the company have reorganised the team, and I am leading a new pal in the job. He is an Indian, and there is so much to teach, and so much to learn. But in the process of teaching, I found out that there are a lot of things I can learn too. This is because he asks questions. And rather, they are not annoying questions, but rather, there are some questions that I am not aware of it, but I am determined to find out what it is. After I found out the truth, I shares with him, and we change our working style.

In this month, the most tedious part will be the Mechanical Ventilation Fan(MEV). MEVs are a very important machine, because they helps to pull air from one place, and push it to the next area. By taking in fresh air from outside to point A of the building, and another fan at point B, take the air from the building and discharging it out to the building. This style of working is to prevent air from getting stale, and at the same time, replenish the oxygen level in the building.

My pal and I encounters some problems with MEVs, because they are wither choked, or running with dust in the control panel. Control panel of MEVs is one of the object, that can cause fire hazard. In forced ventilation type control panels, dust settles in the contacts of the control device. When the dust accumulated enough, it traps heat and with a small spark, it can burn the dust, and the whole control box, which burns down the whole room. Regular dusting is a must for either forced ventilation or natural conducted control panels. As for the MEVs, we check the suction side, and the expanded side for any chokage.

This time of blogging, I have nothing much to say about, because I am not in a good mood because there is something happened between Xiao Lan and me. And in my very deep sad, I decided to remove our song, and playing this song "You Carried Me". I listens to it when I am sad, especially when there are things happened between us.


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