Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dust Vs Electrical

Electrical Explosion.

This is a very serious case of dust vs technician. This happens so suddenly, it catches everyone by surprise. It is a blessing that we have some other electrical protection that safeguards us from further explosion and into fire. And worst still, maybe death.

This is a case of an isolator that exploded, and luckily, the master circuit breaker detects it, and cut off the power immediately. Although there is no immediate notice, vigilant technician, who is very on the ball, walking around the building, detect the change, and went to investigate.

During investigation, it is a very common practice, for a experienced technician, to not to reset the circuit breaker, before finding out the cause. This is especially so when it comes to master circuit breaker. Something must have gone terribly wrong for it to trip.

When I came to know of it, I am very surprised myself. On top of it, there are very thick layer of dust. Practically, it is because the isolator is in a very dusty environment, and it is very unexpected of us to check this very small, but important devices.

So should you be doing something like this, keep a look out of it. It is really a waster of time, and money to replace this very tiny thing.


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