Tuesday, July 19, 2005

New job at the Sea

New Job.
Yup, After spme time of having being unemployed, I have a new job now~!
Woo Hoo!

I am currently working in Seagate, Woodlands 2. Yup. It is a cleanroom environment, so can get to breathe fresh clean air!

New Supply
Yup! with the new job, I get to have my fishie tank project startup again! The new design is unbelievable! It uses over 60 pieces of glass and it consist of mirrors and a thin glass.

Sometime, I really dunno what to say about the Creative products.
They are venture into Mp3 Player, vecause someone else did it. However, since handphone and PDAs have integrated the MP3 player into their products, the use of a standalone Mp3 Player have decrease in demand. would Mr Sim, continue to venture into MP3 players?

Another thing to note about the Mp3 is that the players are running fast in design, that a Mp3 came out, will not have the replacement parts and accessories.
Let's say about my Nomad 2. I have got this in a creative sales, and it have only 64 MB memory, and expandable with Smartmedia Card. Now, the smartmedia card have became absolute. and the casing, after few years, corroded, even though it is a metallic casing.
The copper plate int he player, was so totally corroded, the electric cannot be conduct anymore.

Electrical Circuit.
When the casing corroded, I sent it back to the Creative, but was told that they do not do servicing, and would suggest a one for one exchange for the equipment. And as there is no stock for Nomad 2, and no longer in prouction, they cannot replace, and recommand me to buy another Mp3 Player.
Well hello~, I spend one day and one night queuing up for this piece of product during the Creative warehouse sales, and it is a Star buy.

It would take an electronic background to repair such a thing. So I open it up, and was astonished, to see the electrical it lay! there were so many parts, and Mr Sim would certainly lost a lot of money, if he do not change the circuit design. I have to track tediously, to look for all the corroded lines, and re-route the corroded electronic track with an alternate route.
It took a long time, because the parts are really small, and there seems like hundreds of pieces.
After some hours, I got it done, and the player starts kicking again. Yup, even the remote gets back online with the display. Before then, there was no display one.

Well, now I got a job in Seagate, let's hope I have an iron rice bowl~


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