Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chinese New Year

Aircon ductLast week, when I opened one of the air con diffuser, I really got a shock of my life. It was stained with all the moulds. Sometime, I just couldn't believe what I am seeing when I do my work sometime. Anyway, it is new year now, so I should not be bother with these kinda things.

This year is a bit sad, because of words that xiao lan said. In the fit of anger, I threw and kicked a stuff, and that really made me sad. This is because on that day, it is the eve of the new years eve, and there are fireworks. I thought she likes firework, and I called her out. Sometime I really wonder what is the reason behind, that I can't seems to make her talk. Anyway, we missed the firework because of this, and I a feeling a bit of a disappointment, because I likw to watch the firework too.

Chinese new year, in Singapore, is the only two days, where every chinese shops are closed, and even the multinational shop Fairprice, also closed for the days. It is the day where everyone stop working, and goes visiting relatives. Most of the people would choose a late shopping, because it is only near to new years eve, would the shop slash their price to get rid of the stocks.

Chinese New year Eve SunsetAs I took a train on chinese new years eve, I managed to take a picture of a sunset, on the new years eve, and it really is beautiful.

If a person is indecisive, it really is hard to work things out. This is like my work sometime, because the upper management, do not know what he want, and after making a decision, he changed his mind, and then again. Duh.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Central Air Handling Unit Function

AHU filters, 24 days agoCentral Air Handling Units. They are a very important machine. It is a very essential equipment in any building, be it in Industrial, Commercial, or in future, Residential.

This equipment is one of the huge energy consumption for every building. Approximate 40% of the total electrical bills.

The function of a Central Air Handling Unit is to draw in air from fresh air ducting and building air, and mix it. After mixing the air in the CAHU room, some of the air will go through a smoke detector device, and together with the rest of the air, they go through filtration.

Filtration varies with the function of a building. In term of filtration, it have a class standards, with class 1 being the highest, and class 1’000’000 being the lowest. Filtration is important in CAHU, because it will affect the life span of the cooling coil, which the air is going through after filtration. Without filtration, cooling coils will get dusty, and loses its suction.

Cooling coil is the device, which helps to extract heat out of the air. In this cooling coil, buffer medium such a saltwater or in most cases, chilled water passes through the long coil. With the assistant of the fins attached to the coil, they are able to slow down the air flow, which may run as much as 25’000cubic meter per hour, depending of the size. Other than slowing down the air, the cooling coil fins also allows the chillwater to be more efficient, because the fins expand the contact area of the chill medium, thereby, making the most use of the heat exchange, before the chill water returns to the chiller.

AHU filters after 24 days.After going through the Cooling coil, the air will goes through some sensors, such as manometer, thermometer, air differential meter, and then gets vacuumed into the blower.

In the blower, there are numerous vanes, rotated by 3 phase alternative current electric motor. It is then expel to diverter vane, where the air is distributed, and vanes. At the end point, they will go to the outlet diffuser and goes to extract the heat from the building.

The most essential thing to monitor in the CAHU is the filters. The first picture shows the condition of the filters 24 days ago. The second picture shows the same filters after 24 days. The condition of the filters have shown 2 things. They are the condition of the cooling coil, and the efficiency of the filters. It also tells the technician the condition of the rotor vane.

In certain environment, where products is not to exposed to moisture, heating coil is added after the cooling coil, And some even put in an air dryer after the cooling coil.

CAHU are really convenient to service technician, because they have cut down the number of fan coil unit in the building, and reduces the accident risk of the technician. This is because most fan coil unit are mounted on top of the shops or tenant, and to repair or cleaning requires the permission of the tenants. In CAHU, as long as the room is not in the tenant side, technician can go in any time to check on the CAHU, and even do adjustment. They also simplified the layout of the chill water piping, electrical distribution and drainage piping. The only set-point is that when the CAHU breakdown, an emergency team have to get a standby power supply and electrical motor, and rush to start up the CAHU. This is why, in our building, we have at least two electrical motor, and 2 sets of electrical equipment as a standing by.

CAHU in event of fire, is also useful, because when the smoke detector is activated, it will stopped running, and closes up all the inlet vane, so that the fire will not go into the room, and stops the risk of fire. It also stops the fire from being distributed to another room. In Fan coil unit, however, this is not possible. If the ducting goes to another room, the smoke will be blown to another room, and blacken the entire room.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A small dust, A great destruction

Building maintenance, or so called Building servicing, are one of the important job in a building. In any building, there are three group of people that is very important. That is Operation, Security, and Housekeeping.

Operation people starts up machines in a building, to start all the ventilation, Air-conditioning, and checks on pumps, and make sure electrical delivery is smooth without any problem.

Security people stop unwanted guest or intruders, and safeguard the properties in the building. Should there be any fire, security is to make sure everyone evacuate the building in an orderly fashion, and no looting is allowed during those period.

Housekeeping people washes and clean the areas so that tenants and visitors can enjoy their stay, and poo in peace.

Supply Grill front SideEarly every morning, these are the group of people who will be reaching the building first. They do their jobs, so that visitors will come back.

Today, I derived a theory that a small little dust, when accumulated, can create a big problem, if they are left unchecked. Imagine the possibility that a small dust, can even create a fire that burns the whole building down.

Today, there is a problem, where the air condition is very small in certain areas. A thermal check shows normal, and air conditioning is checked intensively for any faults. Nothing is unveil until we follows the entire ducting to the end point. From bottom, we see the grill is clean, but the air delivery is still very low. We took down the supply grill, and flipped over. As expected, the grill is extremely dusty, and that is the reason why it slows down the air supply.

Supply grill back sideWe bring it out for washing, and put back. After 1 hours, we returns, and find that the air circulation have improved, and the odor has disappeared. This brought to attention that every supply grill works at it's best when they are clean. Thick dust can trap bacteria, and create foul smell. When accumulated, they can slow down air, and if there are a lot of supply grill, it will be hard on the air conditioning units.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Braked for selfish person

Last Saturday, I had to do a lot of chores, and one of the most tedious job, is to sell of some of my scrap metal.

Photo taken from other sideThis is one of the most difficult stuff, because I have to cycle with a lot of scrap metals with me. And since it is a very far place, to somewhere in Senoko, I took the second bicycle, and move on.

At one junction, I was so disgusted with one very selfish and inconsiderate person, who look for free parking. In the middle of the pedestrian road. If I was cycling in my best bike, cruising away, I reall have to stop for this guy. As I got off, and have to navigate my bicycle to the middle of the road, because the grassland is really dangerous with the water ponding there.

After I got to the other side, there are two cyclist stopping down just to carry the bicycle to the other side of the road.

Photo taken from one side of the roadFeeling very disgust about his way, I took a snap of his vehicle, and post it online.
I do not send it to the traffic police for this, even though he have committed an offence, since there is a no parking sign there. There is a huge carpark just across the road, and he seems to be lazy to go there to park his gigantic vehicle.

Anyway, I have heard my friend said that to report such a driver, one have to take down the whole description, and make time available to attend court session, and fill up a lot of forms. As with all this hussle, it would really deter people from reporting the inconsiderate drivers.

License Plate Sometime, I really wonder, traffic police have been giving rewards, to good driver, how come they don't give punishment to rude drivers? Anyway, I believe the traffic police have been doing a very great job in helping to keep the traffic smooth and running on the road.

Last word is I hope this driver park there often, as a chinese saying goes, Climb mountain more, and you will meet a tiger. I hope the traffic police will give him a huge summon for this, causing us pedestrian to choose a dangerous alternatives, to walk to the middle of the road, just to avoid his big truck.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Motorcycle Accident outside Orchard Tower

One of my friend, Mr Edmond, was met with an accident last week. I feel very sad for him.

Edmond was one of my colleague in my workplace. He is a kind, gentle and very hardworking man. He is in charge of a restaurant in the central of Singapore.

What really disgust me is that the driver who caused his motorcycle to hit the road, ran away. And thank GOD, Edmond have a great humble, and let it go. But to me, this is an irresponsible driver.

It was in 24th January, and it happened around 1900, at the crossroad of The Heeren and Orchard Tower. He said he was travelling at 60KM, and another car came rushing at 80 KM, and very close to him. The car then close in on him, and he was lead to the kerb. In that instant, he could not stop in time, and roll over the road, and landed on the floor. As for the car, it drove off without stopping. I think this driver is very irresponsible. As for Edmond, he was paralysed from the waist down, with no feeling.

Thank GOD that Edmond is still alive now, although he was paralysed, but he will survive through, I believe.

Today, we have a very big job on hand. It is a fan, that actually stopped working since last year, but no one voiced out this problem. It is during a check, that we found this exhaust fan, that is runniong slowly for one year, and made a very poor ventilation.

After examining the fan closely, I found out why no one voice out about this problem. It is because either no one knows how to check, or they are afraid that once they voice out, they have to do it.

And it is no wonder no one knows how to check, because it is only through experience, that we can know that the fan is dying. And I did it, I have to take out the fan, from the false ceiling, and climbing through needles and also, to use my new tool. It is a new socket wrench, and the opening ceremony is to open the nut of the ventilation fan. ha ha. The new socket wrench is really smooth and very shiok. and the more shiok is that is cost only $12.50, and it is made in Japan. it is also auto eject, so I don't have to use a screwdriver to force eject the socket.

After taking down the ventilation fan motor, we have to strip it down, and send for repair. And it is only the motor that have to be sent for repair.

Well, this is it, I guess.

Well I hope Edmond will get well soon, and hopefully, he will be back to work after chinese new year.


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