Sunday, December 30, 2007

My bears~!

My adorable bearsBears~!
Sometime, I really wonder how come I like my white bear so much. It really is a very very long term friend to me. And I have one wish, that is if I were to die, I hope the bear goes with me, because it really is very very cute. . . . At least that is my perception. As for the pooh bear,, which is besides, I got it in a game booth. It is a booth playing shooting one, and I cleared all of them. And as for the Pig, it is fat, and cute. It is bought from a shop, and the next day, it closed down, and never opened. Dunno why.

Internet PC upgrade
Finally, the reserve is a bit high, and I went to Funan center to buy this RAM chip for my internet PC. It is a bit slow, because the RAM is insufficient for the application, and it hang sometime. The old system have only 512MB, but the PC estimates that it requires 544MB, so really have to expand it up. The hard disk has to jitter so much, it is deafening me. I went to funan center because a friend of mine also wants to look at laptop. It is an ancient motherboard, so the chip, is really an obsolete item. For IT people, it is called Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory. Or in short SDRAM. Really is ancient, cos nowadays, the PCs are now using Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory 3. My master PC only uses DDR-RAM 2 only. Can see how technology flies so fast.

Anyway, only one shop sells it, because it is ancient, and it only left 2 pieces in the stall, and it is very expensive. But no matter, the performance is important, so I get it. The store owner is even surprises it is only a PC 133Mhz chip. But still, I have to get it otherwise; the hard disk is going to drive me crazy.

Sony VAIO, from Http:// VAIO
After I got the SDRAM, I accompany my friend to go and take a look at lappy. Actually, it is just to collect the brochures, and return another day, but in the end, she bought the laptop. And it is my dream laptop, a SONY VAIO. How I wish I can have this laptop too, because it really looks cool, and every features is totally awesome. If I do not have plan for anything else, I would have bought that laptop straight away. But still, it would be over my pc capacity usage, unless I get rid of the internet PC. I have to use my internet pc till doomsday or till June 2008. This is because there is an application ends it functioning in June 2008, so gotta bear with it. It is only 6 months old. I really puzzled, cos I do not know whether is there a need for me to get a laptop, so I better not act on impulse buying, otherwise, I may be buying things that is sometime I do not uses much. She is very happy that she got a laptop, and was overjoyed. And I am also happy for her. I think the happy part is she does not have laptop for a long time, and finally, can use the laptop at home. Hmm…. Just as people are questioning about no PC to use, hee hee, I actually am having 2 PCs. And If the pocket PC is added in, I think I should have 3 PCs. Anyway, Sony is really a good brand, cos they really spend quite a lot in researching, improvement and strict standards. I think Sony should be able to outlast any other brand bah. How I wish to have a Sony Vaio……. Really looks very nice……

1 Hard Disk down.
As I was booting up the master PC, I was puzzled of how one of the hard drive ceased to appear anymore. It is a DIDE hard drive, and quite puzzled it doesn’t shows up. I checked the cables and still could not find anything wrong. Hmm…. One day, I gotta open up the master PC again to get an extensive check. Luckily, it is an independent drive, so with or without, it is still the same.

13th month Bonus Depleted

Not even passes December, my salary and bonus is depleted already. UNBELIEVABLE~! Barely 3 days only. All this is because I have to settle most of my debts to my bank, and also to get some stuff. Debts to the bank seem to be the longest paying back. I have been paying this tremendous loan since the year 2003. I have been paying for 4 years already. Sorry I cannot disclose the amount, but each month, I have to pay back this loan, because of this huge loan taken out for a particular purpose. But it is a wrong investment, and I lose out quite a huge amount, I have to keep on paying back since the year 2003. Up to now, I am still paying back the loan……An it seems still a long long way……Luckily the fish tank is gone now; otherwise, I would be buying a new canister filter. It is really cost quite a huge amount.

Anyway, this is only an interest, an optional, so better not spend on fish tank anymore. Rather, I should be spending on my books and studies. I really hope to join this course in bugis one, cos it is my most favorite subject. Think only 2 people know what course I am referring to. So for now, it is only a secret about the 4 years course in bugis. Maybe after my part time course, I would consider going for the 4 year course.

Mirai E
I really like this song Mirai E from Kiroro. IT is a very touching song, because it is telling how great a person it, and no matter how hard life is, we still have to look forward. to it.

To The Future (Mirai E) (Kiroro)

Look! Look underfoot
This is your path to walk
Look! Look at what's before you
That over there is your future

My mother gave me much kindness
While embracing love, I returned to my dreams
I was still a child then, and didn't understand the significance when
She held my hand and we walked together
Dreams are always sky high and
though fearful, we still continue to reach for them
I should know this story because I never gave up
Although I was uneasy, we walked together

At times, I hated that kindness,
yet I would become weak when separated from her

Look! Look underfoot
This is your path to walk
Look! Look at what's before you
That over there is your future

At times, I hated that kindness,
yet I would become weak when separated from her

Look! Look underfoot
This is your path to walk
Look! Look at what's before you
That over there is your future
Look! Look underfoot
This is your path to walk
Look! Look at what's before you
That over there is your future

Face your future,
and slowly approach it


Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Long Queue to pay

Photo f a resemberance....
Long Queue
One thing I hate in life, is to join in a long queue. It really, to me, is a totally waste of time, I should plan my timing well, so that I can go and get a queue, duing off peak period, or to choose the time where no one uses.

And that will be the advantage of waking up in the morning, cos the ATM and the cash deposit is totally no queue. I usually withdraw money with ease, cos the ATM at the Mass Rapid Transit station is free, and not a totally single person on sight.

As I hate queue, I put my EZlink card into the giro form, so I never would have to visit the ticketing center. And to add an advantage, the limit of the Giro top up is usually set to the maximum.
Adding Giro to some may be the sense that the bank may charge them double. But to me, I belive in the bank itself, cos they have everything stated in the black and white. And if there is really a fault in it, I can really understand three people in a particular Bank know what I will do when that happens. Hmm… it is a nasty experience to them, but I did get the error fixed, so there is not an issue anymore. I was wondering did they put my name in the remark of my account. Hmm…

As for paying bills, hmm…. It is a totally convenient way of doing it. Most people, they would take the bill and pay at the service provider, or ant post office. But I found the most easiest way of paying bill. Be it Singtel bill, Power bill, any government bill. Once in a while, when any provider send a bill asking me to pay the amount, I would go to the AXS station, and type $1000.00, and pay for it. And for the next few months, I do not have to go to the bill payment center, and the service provider will put the 1000.00 into the credit account, and deduct from there. So if the bill ask me to pay $20.00, And I put in $1000.00, the next month, it would send a bill payment of -$980.00. And at the bottom of the statement, it would print out a sentence, “no bill payment is needed”. These bills are an inevitable things, cos we have to use it. So might as well, pay it for life, and even when the month where financial crisis arrived, there is not a single worry about bill payment, because most of them are in the credit account, and can wait till the crisis goes through, and be afford to pay for the next lump sum back.Thus, there will never be any red letter for bill payment. Savvy?

I do not know how many people would understand the way things work, but to me, I think it is a good experience of paying bill now by this way, cos I actually do not need to join any long queue. At that time, it was $100.00 gamble on this system, but it really passed, so I put in ten times the amount, and let it slowly deduct it.

I only remember the longest time of a queue, is a 14 hours queue at the Creative Haedquarter. At that time, I am number 7 of the queue, for a nomad Mp3 player at a special prize. It is reallty a torment. At that time, my dad was still alive, and he bought breakfast for me. but now......


Friday, December 28, 2007

Added new style

Two new style of the blog have been added recently.

ORCarrier LOGO
One of them is the ORCarrier Logo, sent in from one of my website some days back. The other is installation of a new counter today. This could help me to monitor the number of people who came into the site. hee hee. Anyway, I am always curious of how many people enteres my site de.

As for the LOGO, it really reminds me of my pride program in the past. I actually gave a name to my program called "Cytronic" It is a very cute but powerful program, that is installed in the cyberspace. This program created the logo for me, and I put it up in my homepage. but now, the program is broken up, and gone already, but the homepage remains, because the scripts written are not affected.

Cytronic is a html program, which is a combination of many scripts, instructions and dynamic link library. It is written after I go through many of the Information Technology books from the National Library. I remember last time I really spend a lot of time in researching, writing, modifying and implement it into the web. eventually, it gets so huge, that it have to spread out into 3 free web site provider to contain it.

The purpose of cytronic is to go to other web site, and captures their unique source code, and return back through emails. and sometime, it will appends to the webpage slowly, and monitors the link, and notify if there is a broken link. Sometime, when I correct it, it can prompt me if the link is not found.

Some times later, two of the site ceased operation, and I did not have any backup of the program, and cannot get back the program even through the file transfer protocol. So in the end, the one remaining is some of the dynamic link library, which is not a single useful unless it combines with the html files. All this is because I did not do any backup from the three sites. I thought since I always modify it, so might as well leave it there. Who knows the webpage provider just shut itself down.

Since that incident, I am busy with my study, and do not do anything much to my web site. I just leave it. At that time, I even wanted to incoporate a blog into the web, but the counter is too low, probably because the address is very difficult to type. Thank GOD there is a blogspot, which actually looks more presentable. haih.

Source Code
Source code are really important in any html. this is because source code are like a blue print. When taken by some people, they can actually duplicate the web page in other site. hee hee. I just take a portion of it.

I once though of creating a flash web site. it looks really cool. hmm.... but so many things to be done, so little time. . . .


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Stephen's Bicycle

My suspension
Today is one of the worst day of working……This damn cough is going on nonstop. And well, it really affect my interaction, cos I cough like I got TB like that, and talking to people is extremely hard. How to work in this kind body? Haih.

When I was on the way home, I found out that my bicycle’s suspension cannot recover back to full spring. Instead, it is stuck at 50% sometime. I think it is time the spring is about to give way liao leh.

I can remember this bicycle is used quite long already. It have brought me to many places, around woodlands, sembawang, and yishun. The furtherest it goes to is perhaps to Ang Mo Kio with it. It would be quite painful if I were to change to a new bicycle.

I remember that I got this bicycle after a trade in of one Tahara and a Urata bicycle. It can be considered cheap, and it can really last, cos I can manipulate the gears quite well. I think I may be better than all bicycle, cos my bicycle is a 52 major gear teeth. All standard bicycle comes with 48 major gear teeth. With extra 4 teeth, and the way to manipulate the minor gears, this bicycle can speed up in a short time, and also run faster than all other bicycle. I hope I can get a smaller minor gear, or bigger major gear, so can be the king of the road. But it is just too expensive to upgrade further.

Right now, seems the suspension starts giving problem. I am thinking when will the bearing starts giving problem. It I the only time to change, cos changing the bearing require changing the whole rim, and it cost $100++. The last time the Tahara bicycle was changed, some stuff have to transferred to this new bicycle. Even the bicycle shop owner says a lugi business. Hmm…. Wonder why he says that.

Today, I went to building B to take a look at the place, cos I will be in charge of building A and B next year. As I went to the rooftop and look at the place, OMG~! it is really partially rotten, and a lot of rubbish are lying around. UNBELIEVABLE~! is someone leaving these mess for me to clear it up?

I am a person who gets "red eye" easily. The moment I sees something wrong, I would want to clear them up, and even paint it up if I have to. The doors are really......quite rotten. Dunno who can handle ar. The only big case is when I cut off a big fence that seperates two store, so that I can get a bigger store. It is really a fast job, that when the manager changes his mind, he is already too late. In the end, I have to strip down the entire wiring of the two store and redo again, install more fans and lightings with some help. Then lastly tidy up the whole shelving. All these, are done, so that the things can get organized, and a friendly environment to work in. Sadly, just barely a month after it was completed, I was told I would be transferred to another department. This is like making life better for another much for my hard work of sowing.

Haih, just when I thought this cough couldn't get any worse, Since 1800, I found out, that I couldn't speak anymore~!

I was trying t speak to myself at around 1800, and found out my voice seized, and I could not say a word anymore except coughing. aiyoh, what my friend said is really true liao, in the worse state, can't talk anymore. Anyway, after seeing doctor, hopefully it will cme back. Haih, imagine the shock of my mum when she learns about it. It is really fortunate there is such thing as a sms these day now. Can still comminucate through SMS.


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

ORCarrier in blogspot: Stephen, I think we got a problem

What a drag-ful day today….I was actually intend to sleep till my heart content, when this blistering barnacle cough wake me up yet again. When is it going to stop?

No Chicken again
Anyway, I have a bad Christmas this year. No fireworks to see, no place to go to, because everywhere is so crowded, no Christmas food to eat, and worst of the worst situation, no Chicken……This is really a disaster.

Ham Unlimited
As I go out and buy a bottle of honey, my leg brought me to the Cold storage, and it is the meat department. Oh duh. I know what my eye wants to see……HAM. Lots of gorgeous ham, bone in ham, honey glazed ham, black pepper ham, all the ham that I could think of…can see cannot eat.

Honey……reminds me of Winnie the Pooh bear. It is a short encounter short, when I was small, because at that time of age, the time schedule between Winnie the pooh and another cartoon that I like, is quite close together, so sometime, when I switches on the Tv too early, I would take a look as well. I like the way Winnie behave, always says oh dear, on my, or oh no no no. So cute.

Unsolved mystery
In the morning, I was doing a little modification to one of my site, Friendster, and I realizes that there is a problem, that I really don’t know how to solve. The friendster is actually taking one file from one of the site, and when I changed the song, I realizes that the song that I took belongs to another website. Still, even without the file in the internet, the site that is not suppose to play music, still plays it. Sounds kinda weird. But well, if it still plays, maybe I would just leave it alone, and check into it, when it breaks down.

It is Christmas…..not a single mood this year.


Monday, December 24, 2007

Moon River by Andy Williams

Dog LoveMoon River
Yesterday, I transferred a batch of music files from the master PC to the internet PC. One of the songs, “Moon River” by “Andy Williams” really touched my heart.

The song moon river is played as a theme song for a very old movie called “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” It is a movie by the then famous actress, Audrey Hepburn. Not many may know Audrey, because Marilyn Moore took over her place most of the time. But Audrey really has the lovable look that everyone likes. She have acted in many movie, and I have written about her show before, called “A Nun’s Life”

Audrey Hepburn
Audrey Hepburn picture can be found in classics movie store, such as HMV. It is on the third floor, if I have not forgotten, in the main branch in Orchard. Though she is no longer in the world, but her acting and drama, really make a person really feel the emotion at that time.

Breakfast at Tiffany'sBreakfast at Tiffany
Breakfast at Tiffany……I have not seen this show for quite some time. It is a show about this guy who falls for Audrey, and she is someone who is untidy, and act quite high class one. Her life is actually in jeopardy, but she always remains calm, and befriends this guy, who is quite handsome. When Audrey suddenly disappeared one day, the guy went search high and low for her, and when he found her, she was into furthering her study. When the guy confess his love to Audrey, she turns to deaf ears, and then, the guy scolded her, and make everything straight, that Audrey left for good. As for the ending, I have forgotten about it.

I may have to refer back to the libraries for the show for some detail. But this show… is actually favored by someone else. It is only when I watched “breakfast at tiffany’s”, I started to know there is such a person, and continue to get more of her movie, like “Holiday in Rome”, “A Nun’s life” and other show. There is only one show of hers that I avoid. It is talking about some musical one. I can’t really recall the name of the show. But “A Nun’s life” is still the most touching movie that I ever say, because it speaks about how dreams are shattered again and again, till there is no going back…

Merry Christmas1 Down, 2 to go
I just finished one more topic, which is Resource Planning. Oh gosh, Got 3 major sub topic, and it really gonna blow my mind. It is a continuation of Aggregate Planning, and it has headings, like Material Requirement Planning, Capacity Requirement Planning, and Enterprise Resource Planning. All three of them are just a tracking procedure to see where the resources are going to, and to account for everything even small as a pen. Finally, I got a chance to wash the condenser today, cos it rains, and I quickly spray the chemical on it, and wash it. Thanx for the rain, cos it can just in time when I was home.

No SPA this week.
This is actually a sad thing, I can’t go to SPA this week, cos body temperature is quite high these days, and going to SPA may have some effect. I have not gone for a long time, and body is really aching all over. If it is not because of the part time course, maybe I could SPA till my heart contents. My dream is to go to Hokkaido to try the Onsen. Seeing those people using the Onsen is like very “Xin Fu” one. If only one day I can go there, how good it will be. But for the mean time, maybe I continue to look forward for the SPA instead.

Taking SPA, to many, may be as good as having it at home. But to me, taking SPA will expand the blood vessel, and the bubbles acts as a massaging agent. With the water jet, it will relieve some aching point and makes me feel better, and refreshed. But one point to note there is a time limit to be in the SPA, because prolong period in SPA, is not good for the internal organs. This is because during the time in the SPA, the blood are all gathering towards the skin, and the blood supplying to internal organs such as the intestine, bone, may not get enough oxygen. Having SPA may be relaxing, and I usually do it once a week last time, but with this time constraint tightening up, I gotta cut down the trip.


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hum Bug Christmas this year? =(

Just wait till my cough is gone, you are all mine~!

Just when I thought this cough couldn’t get any worse, Yesterday night sleeping was a terrible night. Every hour have to wake up and cough, and it is really very tiring. Luckily, around 5, which I think, it stopped. If it is not because of my tiring eye, I would have go and do my study, and cough till the throat tired itself out. And starting this morning, maybe the throat is trying to clear itself up now, cos starts to cough out the “rubbish” hohoho

When I was in a kopi diam in yishun for dinner yesterday. Oh duh, the chickens are really REALLY tempting. How I wish I could buy them all and gobble all them up. Duh. I think this year’s Christmas is not gonna be any fun at all. With the deprivation of the satisifaction of eating chicken and eggs, and oily food, there is practically no fun at all. Moreover……there is another reason why I will not enjoy, because of the fact that I would be celebrating it alone……and if there is a possibility, will be sharing with people in the church. Then, I have to stay at home, and do my study, because the date due for submission is coming soon. Practically no joy, feeling no joy of Christmas this year. I pray that everyone around me, will be blessed, and especially to my friends, a great dose of knowledge, as I move on to the next path of my career ladder.

Today, as I was in NTUC buying things for tonight’s dinner, I came across the chicken counter. . . . So many chicken…… too bad I did not have my phone around, otherwise, I would have take a photo of it down. WHY~, at this time of the year, I have to get this for a long time. It must be a punishment for something that I did…

Orchard Road ActivityCannot go out and join the crowd, and cannot eat what I want. But no matter what, I must look at it in another way, that . . . I can get to be forced to be kept in my room, studying for my subject, instead of going out. Yeah, this is one way of looking it. And a chance to eat healthy. Thank GOD for that. I hope I will not cough out blood. I remember when I was 17, I actually cough until blood came out, and the chest is really painful. After that, it is hospitalization for few weeks, and then, rest for many months. That experience is really very bad. In the working world now, getting a long long leave is really dangerous, because I will lose touch with a lot of things, and the fact that I have to do my part time study as well. Otherwise, I have to apply for a deferment till next semester. So sianz.

It is only today, I got to stay at home, and not in an aircon room. OH gosh, the heat is really very very strong. So hot, until it is 34 degree in my room~! How come so hot ar? I thought it is the wet season. I was hoping for a rain when I was at home, so that I can wash my aircon condenser with the chemical. I have ben holding this chemical that is used to wash the aircon condenser, so that the fins will be clean, and saves more electric when running. Currently, it is blacken very bad, so only by chemical, can it get rid of the dust. Wonder when will the rain starts, so I can get a chance of using it……


Friday, December 21, 2007

T'is is the season to be coughing

Roast Chicken
1 week, exactly, of no chicken. I am about to be driven crazy. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I loves to eat chicken, especially roasted chicken.

Since last Friday, when I had this cough, I restrained from eating Chicken, because it may makes recovering slow. Ever since last Friday, it got worse, and this coughing practically almost rip me of my communication capability, that is unable to talk. And it is the Christmas season as well. And new year is coming soon. And it is at this period of time, when the KFC introduced the Buddy meals, and all my colleague are asking me whether would I like to share the KFC buddy meal with them. Feel like punching a bag.

Since Tuesday, I starts to find the look of the roast chicken looks very tempting. And yesterday, I was feeling weak, dunno is it because of the chicken or the side effect of the medicine, that I lose my balance on one cooling tower when it starts unexpectedly.

I was walking on a row of six cooling towers, and one of them starts out of a sudden, and I lose my balance, and thrown off the walking platform. Immediately, I grab the edge of the cooling tower, and no help was around, because I was alone on top. It is 2 storey high above, and pipes are right below. Any wrong jumping, I may either slip on the pipe, and it is either the pipe or my leg break.

One giant Pooh bear ever known.At that moment, a lot of thing flashes through my mind, and I took one step by releasing my bag with the release button with one hand, and another holding the edge. After the 7.2 KG bag was released, I slowly climb myself up and landed on the water pan. Though I was wet from my pants down, but I managed to reached safety back. It was such a dangerous experience, but I will remember by hard, what to avoid in future.

If I really fell off from another place, and died, who will care for my family, and my friends? I do not have the burden of the fish now, but I would think of my mum and my bear. I have not made a note that I were to be buried with my white bear yet. Perhaps, one day, I must make a point to take a day off and make a will. Nowadays, it is popular among youngsters to make a will, in case anything is to happen to them.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

When a meeting turns into a culture clash today, try to faciliate communication

Bowling at Marina, Round 1
I am not a sporty guy. I do not like soccer, basketball or any other sports, except two things: Cycling and Bowling.

Bowling have always been my passionate sport since secondary school days. When my reserve is enough, I would go for bowling whenever possible. When I moves to the far north or Singapore, I usually take bus to the woodlands checkpoint, and play bowling. Sometime, I would go with my cousin to the bowling center in Jurong East Entertainment, and I always ended up playing myself.

Many people discard bowling as a way of throwing money down the drain. But to me, this is not the way of putting it. Although it is just a 3 or 5 step of walking, but it really stress upon the way of focusing, and coordinating the whole body to deliver a good throw, and knock down all the pins

After the O level, I bought a bowling ball, because the house balls either they do not have the weight I want, or the finger is small. Therefore, a personalized ball, is good for me, because I can throw better result with it.

Bowling at Marina Round 2During the ITE term, I go to bowl with 5 people, and after graduation, and everyone are busy with their own stuff, I slowly moved away from bowling. At that point, I was actually thinking of selling, or giving away my bowling ball away. But in the end, I keep it, because it is not worth it.

Recently, I met 2 friends, and they like to play bowling as well. I went to pick up this skill again, and imagine the shock, when I get only 29 after the first game, and with that, I have not played for years. I feel very dishearten, because I used to be able to get 160++ with ease. But I could only get 29, which is the highest for that day.

Secretly, I took a day off, and went to Orchid Country club for bowling. I played the whole afternoon, trying to pick up the skill again. And it is only in the afternoon, when the bowling rates are cheapest.

Bowling at Safra, Round 3On the second showdown, I have a bit of improvement, and managed to raise the score again.

On the last game, I was at a disadvantage, because the lane is a wet lane, and it really is very wet. Although it is a wet lane, I still managed to get pass 100. This is a bit of encouragement for me, Hopefully, next round, I can beat one top scorer of the game. But it really takes some times before I can bet him.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mirana, Raffles Place

Lamb Shank. The most heaty food for Stephen
Mirana Cake Shop

Yesterday was quite a busy day, and I have something to talk about, but didn’t have much time to do it.

In the Monday(yesterday), I was in Raffles place, to get this cake for a friend. It is quite a memorable, because as I step out of the train, I feel I was zapped to the scene 4 years ago.

4 years ago, I was working in China Square Central, and it is in raffles place I drop off everyday. And it is the same time, around 0700. I remember I was in Golden Shoe complex, eating my breakfast. It is the ba cho mee, and a cup of coffee. The coffee stall, sells the best coffee, and it have this distinct taste that I shall not get anywhere else, because it have this coffee plus a bit of a special taste. A cup, can jump start my engine so well, It can practically last me the whole day. And after the breakfast, I would go to the boat quay, and sits by the stone edges, and read up books, be it engineering, or the daily reflection books. At around few meters away, there will be another person, who is doing the same thing, cos by 0730, he will pop out of nowhere, and sits and read, until 0830, and got off. As for me, I would read till 0845, before I proceed to the office.

When I was there yesterday, the guy was nowhere around…maybe he changed job just like me. I can feel the presence and atmosphere that is still the same 4 years ago. The supreme court was still until construction then, but now it is completed.

It is also there, I met a friend who is from City Harvest. Jean. She is working as an insurance something there, and I got her out for lunch whenever possible. She comments she is alone working in China Square, and so we meet up for lunch at Hong Lim Complex. Another will be Jacqui, also from City Harvest. She works in Chinatown Point, but we never get to meet up for any lunch or breakfast, although we always say we will.

It is also, in China Square, I suffered badly on Engineering defeat. The first major defeat, that cost me my job over there. I shall never forget the incident, and treat it as a challenge to overcome any other engineering jobs. After some months, I managed to get up again, and try another thing.

The golden shoe complex was changed…… the coffee stall is no longer there. I remember before then, the owner told me he no longer work. And it is true. It was no longer there. I will never be able to get the same taste, because it has this distinct taste. I also remember he nearly ran me down along this traffic light junction at the Great Eastern Building. And the next day, he apologized sincerely, but that incident doesn’t stop me from stopping by his stall for a cup of coffee……I never get to know his recipes……

S I step on the train back to my workplace, I could feel that no matter how or what I do, I will never get back to those days. The company have shifted, the coffee and noodle stall is gone, the day of working in China Square is no longer available, the strict boss who may be a bit “Niao”, but inspiring, cannot be contacted. Nothing could bring me back to those days, but it can be kept in only my memory.

Perhaps one day, I will be back working in Raffles Place again…..


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sick, on a SUNDAY~!!

Aggregate Planning
Just when I thought Inventory Management is giving me hell, look no further, the next topic Aggregate Planning is much more complicated and difficult than Inventory Management.

OH GOSH~! I don’t understand the concept of it, and I am still 3 topic away, who will help me~? Aggregate planning is more into resource planning, and allows managers to decide which strategy should he choose when it come to production. They are split into 4 different ways such as “Constant demand”, “chase demand”, “hiring and firing”, “sub contract”.

In Operation Management, one of these ways, will be the more economical way of doing the production. It can save company in terms of millions of dollars if it is studied closely.

I am very weird of the answers in the last few questions of the Inventory Management. Oh duh, have to look it up myself.

Sick on A Sunday
This is what I hate the most, but not to the extreme. Woke up with cough and fever. It must be the bed sheet or something that made me sick. Anyway, as a cold blooded animal, I am always immune to cold temperature one. But this morning, I woke up with a fever, must by the fact that the aircon in the office is not cold enough. Maybe tomorrow I will lower down the temperature further.

Fish tank corrupted.

What is every aquarium owner’s nightmare? It is the fact that the water chemistry have gone wrong, and bacteria multiply so fast, it became foul smell. Aiyoh, I have to take time out to wash the whole tank now. Actually, din know what causes it, but I have not feed the fish since last Monday. This is because I have ran out of fish food, and those fish will only eat krill, and nothing else. Krill are hard to find in fish shop, and they are mostly expensive type. The shop I usually buy from, is closed, and have no time to go to other place to buy. One of the well known place that sells dried krill will be in Qian Hu, in Choa Chu kang. And when will I have the time to buy it? After giving much consideration I am thinking of shutting down this fish aquarium once and for all, so that I have more time into my study and other things.

Rearing fish can be enjoyable, but must be giving them care, and watch them everyday. As the fish tank is in the study room, I seldom have the chance to take care of it. Even when there is no food for them, they somehow managed to survive until now. Hmm…. But then, something must have gone wrong, otherwise, the water chemistry doesn’t change one.

Part Time course

Lately, I realizes that part time courses is more than just taking time out to study. It requires a lot of thinking, and I just found out that a friend of mine is interested in learning this Japanese language. And walking further down, I found 2 more, who can actually speaks a little bit around the workplace. Looks like not only I have to brush up my Japanese, I also have to study for my part time courses.

Study Room revamp

After the fish tank is gone, maybe I would consider revamping my study room again, to make it more conducive for study. This is because the noise is really unbearable, with some people getting married on weekends, and in weekdays, the noise of the tv came into the room. Gotta soundproof the door further, and the windows. Getting fiberglass for me is easy……but transporting would be a problem. Anyway, with much thinking, all problem will be solved. But firt, I think I gotta get back to this topic called aggregate planning.


Friday, December 14, 2007

Energy Saving through water heater

Water Heater Timer
Water heater Timer
This is an old energy saving system but maybe I should highlight it for a while...

I uses storage water heater at home, cos it supplies heated water to 4 taps. if I can connect it to the washing machine, maybe I will.

Storage water heater acts in the way that it heat the water in a tank, and only heat up when too much water is used. I installed the timer to regulate the timing of the waterheater, so that in high demand, it will switch on. and in low demand, it will switch off, so that every small uses, it will reheat itself by latent heat. This is pure science, cos when the tank is heated, it conducts heat to the metal tank. And when a small amount of water is used, the heated metal tank will conduct heat bac to the water by conduction, So even when the thermostat is triggered, it will not heat the water. and when slowly he water is heated by conduction, it will un-trigger the thermostat, so no power is actually used to heat up the used water.

Of course, in high demand, the water heater have to be switched on, so that we will not run out of heated water.

For temperature setting, I setted it to be the lowest. and the recommanded temperature is actually 3/4 of the heater capacity. this is because if the heater is setted to above 3/4, the heat will conduct through the pipe and became wasted energy. this heat value is like a parabola gragh, where it will increase exponentially if setted to hgiher value, instead of constant value.

We do not uses instant water heater, cos we are so afraid of electrical shock. And it also depends on the pressure of the water. If the presure is high, the water will not get hot enough. if the water pressure is low, the water will be very hot. and to choose the instant water heater need to know the power rating, otherwise, it will not supply the water that we want. Another thing to note is if we use instant water heater, someone flush toilet, ot washing machine is using water, the watter pressure will be low, and int he end, the water will be sometime hot, some time cold.

For Storage water heater, the story is different. once there is a change in water presure, we can just turn the mixer a bit, and the water temperature will be corrected. yeah.

Internet PC up and running.
Just as I was checking this internet pc because it stalled while loading, I finally found out the problem that causes it to hang. After I repaired the motherboard, the pc is up and running, with everything running now. Lucky for me, it is a minor defect, that is easly solved. otherwise, I really dunno how to get a new pc.


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Internet PC stalled.

One of the most fearful nightmares faced by computer user, such as me: Computer cannot start up.

Yesterday, as I turn on the Internet PC, I got a new shock. The PC cannot start up. It is like an engine that cannot bring to life. Arr…gh. Now my internet usage is greatly reduced. And to add to my woes, a lot of downloaded files have not yet transferred to Master PC for storage.

This internet pc is just only 6 months old, and already it is stuch. Gotta take a day out to check the pc liao. Most probably it could be the hardware problem, from the way I sees it. Cos it cannot even pass the CMOS checksum. Hmm….. it would be more terrible if it is the BIOS fault, cos it requires very close check on the printed circuit board, to find the fault.

Anyway, I remember this pc is only a $200 second hand pc, and it is used solely for internet and nothing else. So if there is a problem, everything can just be flush out, and restore back with the use of Norton Ghost program.

Cold Weather
It is a cooling day these days. Could be because the cold weather have arrived, as the earth have moved further away from the sun. If you have not known, the earth is actually rotating the sun, off centered. So in the certain month, the weather will be very hot, because the earth is moving closer to the sun. and when the earth is further from the sun, we will have winter. Just imagine, how cold will the weather be, if it is in Pluto? And how hot will it be for venus.

30 minutes
Yesterday, I uses only 30 minutes, to redesign and construct a scrap material to bring it back to life. Yeah. I was very dishearten last week, because I really failed in my judgment, and cannot make a thing work. So yesterday, I take sometime out to check on my workmanship again. Hmm… I think I still can be an engineer, cos a simple looking raw mild steel material, I can redesign and construct it to a new form that is very useful in office. If only I can have the technique of electrolysis, maybe I can stop the thing from rusting also. But it is too sad there is no such equipment.

No mood for blogging
Hmm… not much of the mood for blogging these days. Maybe it is because with the study involved nowadays, I got no mood for blogging, as my life have became more busy with study, work and other things.


Sunday, December 09, 2007


Hand phones have revolutionized so rapidly these days, with the development advancement of the semiconductor technology. It has dramatically reduced the size to the size of a credit card, yet it perform so much function than the early generation of the hand phone. Can you still remember the “da ge da” of the hand phone? It is so huge, and cost over a thousand dollars for it. And it is heavy, that not many people holds it.

New Blue print
Ever since the day when someone developed the entire new blueprint of the hand phone for semi conductor, things really changed a lot, and many companies view it as a opportunity, and design their own product and add more function to win the competitors.

Nokia 6138
I remember the very first hand phone I own is a Nokia 6138. It is a GSM1800 dependent hand phone, where it have quite a lower reception quality than GSM. Life is harsh that time, so it is one of the cheapest phone I can get. This hand phone is a bit bulky and I have to put in my bag, cos it is darn too big.

Nokia 8250
The second hand phone is also a Nokia 8250. It is a smaller version of the hand phone, and the only first hand phone with blue Liquid Crystal Display. It is more ring tone, and is a replacement after the 6138 become out of service.

Nokia Service Center
Nokia phone, to me, is interactive ease of use, and s quite user friendly. The battery also last quite some time. Service center, is also easily located, instead of having go to one specialized place to repair the hand phone in case there is a problem.

Nokia 8310
The third hand phone is a Nokia 8310. It is also the first hand phone with white Liquid Crystal Display. The phone is quite smaller and handy. The function is more but it is the shortest period this phone has been with me.

Nokia 6510
The fourth phone is also Nokia 6510. It is the first music phone that I have. I like the function that it incorporated the music player and hand phone together. The only problem is that the memory is quite small amount. I bought this with my mum, who uses another same model, and then we can share the charger together, instead of having our own charger.

Nokia 6233
The fifth, and the current hand phone, is the Nokia 6233. It is the so reputed one of the best speaker phone. The two speakers are totally awesome. And after a bit of tuning up the power by ah beng hand phone shop. The music power is totally awesome. I really love this phone and I am also amazed myself for looking for this hand phone. My mum, seeing I have this phone, also upgrade to Nokia N73. It is the phone with also two speakers, and this time, her camera has flash light. Incorporate with a Bluetooth headset, I can listen to the music while on the go, and to pick up call whenever I want. The sad part is that the Bluetooth sometime self activate the voice command, and dial out. So sad for this flaw. My mum also like her hand phone, but she diesn’t uses the Bluetooth function often except transferring music files with friends.

So this is the experience that I have with my hand phone. I hope we can listen to radio Bluetooth in future as well, and even watch TV, clear reception TV.


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Funny Email

Yesterday, I was really in a very bad mood, because despite in a bad mood, I tries to cheer one of my friend up. In the end, it was backfired, and well, nothing to say today.

One of the most joyous thing is that I received an email from Amory, that he is actually a 55 years "young" man. Which I always thought to be in 80 or 90 plus. but thank you so much for dropping by. I really appreciate it.

This morning,I also got another email, which is quite a bit true. It can only be read in chinese, so......People who wants to know what it says better pick up chinese.


去年我把「男友5.0版」升級到「老公1.0版」之後,發現系統的整體效能變差了,尤其是「送花」及「 珠寶」功能,這兩個功能本來在「男友5.0」一點問題都沒有。除此之外,「老公1.0」也把原來好用的軟體殺掉了,例如「羅漫蒂克9.5」及「關懷 6.5」,取而代之的是「世界杯足球賽5.0」、「世界杯籃球賽3.0」和「高爾夫俱樂部 4.1」。「談心8.0」也無法執行,還有,每當我要執行「打掃屋子2.6」,整個系統就當機, 我試著用「嘮叨5.3」,但都沒辦法解決。請問我該怎麼辦?

From: 技術支援@伴侶軟體.com
Date: 2003/12/21 15:24:22
To: 心急人
主旨: Re:升級「老公1.0」


首先要提醒您的是,「男友5.0」是娛樂軟體套件,而「老公1.0」是作業系統。您可以在流覽器上方的網址列輸入:http://我以為你愛我.htm,試著下載「流淚6.2」,也別忘了下載「罪惡感3.0」的更新檔案。如果上述軟體可以執行的話,那麼「老公1.0」應該就會自動執行「 珠寶2.0」和「送花3.5」了。但要注意的是,過度使用上述功能,會造成「老公1.0」自動執行「發脾氣2.5」、「流連酒吧7.0」和「啤酒6.1」。「啤酒6.1」是個很不好用的軟體,它會自動上網去下載一個叫做「鼾聲如雷」的測試版。還有,無論如何,千萬別安裝「婆婆1.0」(它是一種病毒,發作時會佔用妳的作業系統全部資源)另外,不要嘗試重新安裝「男友5.0」,我們並不支援這套軟體,同時它和「老公1.0」不相容,會造成不可預期的錯誤訊息。總結來說,「老公1.0」是個非常棒的軟體,但受到記憶體的限制,它無法在短時內學習新的功能。您或許可以考慮購買另外一套外掛程式,以增加記憶體和增進系統功能。我們建議「美食3.0」或「性感內衣7.7」



Lastly, thank you GOD, for your answer in my prayer, today things are really going smoothly and assistance are rendered when needed.


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Emailing power

Chicken, all line up for a grill
One of the most successful and convenient information technology, is the emailing system. Email in today’s world, have become so popular, that not many company can survive without it. This is also the same as mine.

Emails can be a very great help, such that drawing, documents and pictures can reach around the world by a click of a button. It is so convenient and it takes seconds for message and evidence to reach the next party rather than slow mails.

Salmon headHowever, if email is used in the wrong event, it can be a lethal weapon. Virus and worms can migrate and spread through emails, and if there is no protection, the pc and all information are a gonna.

I remember of how my love relationship turns totally sour, because my emails are accessed without my attention. It leads to many misunderstanding, and finally, all hell broke loose, and communication shutdown occurred. It is such a tragic event, that I started to look at emails so seriously, that I log out every time I leave my desk. Even when it comes to commercial mailing, passwords are changed every months, so that it is kept strictly. When it comes to company emailing, careful thoughts are put in, to make sure the email do not go to the wrong place.

Emailing can be fun, but when I received chain emails, it can starts the beginning of a nightmare, because I do not know whether to do what it says, or just ignore it.

Of course, if it is a blessing, we should share around. I have two friends who sends me blessing everyday. And I am really grateful for them, because it never fails to remind me how loving and peace GOD is. Thanks to Amory and Joshua. It is a piy that you both are overseas, otherwise, I really hope we can have a cuppa and get to know each other. As far as I know, Amory is an 55 years old man(as of 2007), who is retired. I look so forward to meet you, because some of your emails really made me think in the positive way, and avoids many mistakes in my life. I could only wish so much to go to your country and meet you, just like a dream of mine.

Salmon HeadIn office politics, emails are a weapon of mass destruction. In many companies, people tries to curry favor, by using the Back carbon copy (BCC) to direct mail to higher authority, such as the big boss. And most of the time, the boss will keep quiet, and show the hardcopy when things went terrible wrong. Most of the time, when a person email without giving a second thought, thy leads to misunderstanding, and some scrap goat have to be found to take the firing. This is extremely totally abuse of the emailing system.


Sunday, December 02, 2007









Blogging comments

Priscilla's blessed weddingBlogging

When it comes to blogging, I can be a serious person in deciding where does my blogs goes to.

According to the dictionary, a blog means: an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page.

Friendsters vs blogspot

I do not blog in friendsters, because the exposure is too small, and only my friends know what I am doing, but not the outside world. And if I were to speak of some interesting places, maybe the problem will be that not many people knows about it.

And to add to one thing, it can be strictly only for friends one. >=P

That is why, I chooses blogspot, and another thing is I started blogspot earlier before friendsters introduce blogging, even thought I uses friendsters earlier.

MSN Space Vs Blogspot

MSN SpacesMany people have started using MSN spaces. For me, I really finds is really awesome in MSN space. Can you imagine? From my msn messenger, I can just click on one icon, and it will bring me to my MSN space, and it is a total command for all things, such as photos, emails, schedules, task, quotes, weather, totally everything. Yes, last year I thought of migrate to the msn space last time. This is because on the right panel, there is a small box saying about who have updated the blogs, and I can just click on it. This is like the command bar in games like that. Ha ha, when I plays RPG games, I always like the command bar to be on the right side, cos I prefer it there, and my left will be unobstructed, and I like actions on the left. Hee hee.
MSN space BlogAfter some days of using, there is one disadvantage in blogging in the Space. Hee hee. am merely pointing out my thoughts. Unlike blogspot, when it comes to graphic illustration, we cannot add photo to shows what we were doing. The font is forever small, and always left indented, unless I have not explore the full power of msn spaces. In blogspot however, if I know the javascript, I can arrange the fonts, elink(which is not yet used) and the justification.

Still, there is no denial that MSN space have more control than blogspot, maybe it is because it have more features, and blogspot is entirely dedicated to blogging only, and nothing else. But it is user-friendly, if I must admit.

Another main disadvantage is that…….MSN space blog addy is really a bit long. This is my blog, which is left alone, at Is it long? And how about this? Http:// Which one would you choose to type? hee hee

Xiaxue BlogMy most admired blog

One of my most admired blogger is Xiaxue, at Http://xiaxue.blogspot. If you have visited her blog, you can see the intro is really nice, with snows falling, and the right command bar is really neatly packed up, and not too long.

When photos are very clear, and the black imprint on a pink background matches up nicely.

And one more think is that the things she writes are sometime really, the emotion get along the way, and starts scolding people, which may brings some offenses. But if we were to not let frustration gets in our reading, sometime it does makes sense when we understand the feeling of the writer.


Saturday, December 01, 2007

Extraordinary Gifts

Alternatives Logo
I have this thought when I was in a shopping mall, and out of sudden, I realised that there is a shop in The HEEREN, worth speaking of.

It is in the top floor, fifth floor to be exact where this shop is located. It sells toys from all over the country. Some from France, from US, and some are from a country that I dreamt of going to; JAPAN.

Ants workThey sell gifts, and unlike from any gift shops, they sell gifts, that are less ordinary. Some like a make your own ice cream, a clock which retro feel, can be found there.

The most eye catching is a toy calls Antswork. It is a small little container, that have a type of gel nutritious for the ants to eat. And as they eat, they would burrow tunnels and people can see hot the tunnel goes about and observe how the ants work. The best number is more than 10 ants, and they will work faster in burrowing the tunnel.

 This is how alternatives shop looks likeOther than antswork, there are cups, chains, watches, and cute cute little sofas, that I feel very tempted to sits on. Besides that, there are hot magma display, and retro toys displays.

I find this shop quite attractive in term of the housekeeping. The things are arranged neatly, and most of the toys cannot be found anywhere in Singapore. As far as I know that is.

So if you are looking for “gifts that are not ordinary”, you can find in Alternatives, 5th floor Heeren Shops.


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