Monday, June 18, 2007

Audrey Hepburn: A Nun's Story

Harlow, It must have been a long long time since I ever made it online.

Nowadays, whenever I switch on the computer, I always came to work, and about transferring files, and read up on some of the email to keep myself update on some of the stuff going on in the building.

Just yesterday, I was watching one of the very old well, not so old. It is a classic movie called The Nun’s story. The main actress is a famous actress in 1959 called Audrey Hepburn.

She is one of a very outstanding actress at that time. This is because she is able to express herself out well, and act very nicely into the movie.

In the Nun’s story, it allows a lot of people to know what is it like in the nun’s life. It also allows knowing what goes around inside the building. In the old days. A nun’s duty is not only to be a nurse, she has to be discipline in herself in the spiritual life, and to obey the word of GOD. Occasionally, they have to repent on some of the sins and seek forgiveness.

I find it very sad, and very sad in the sense that after some years and hardship, the nun finally gave up, after losing everything she owns, and was unable to forgive herself.

It all started with the life of Gabi, who is determine to be a nun, and to be able to nurse people in the Congo. Congo is a very rural area, where there are many sick people in the area. Gabi have to go through many ordeals, only to find that she gets into a job that she does not want to be in. Her dream job is to nurse people in the forest, and instead, she was sent to a hospital, and work with a doctor. She works until she was sent back to England, and then to Holland, where the war erupted, and the Germany took over Holland. Gabi was later broke down because she was to nurse the enemy, and then the German killed her father. It is at this time, that Gabi found that she have lost everything, and in the end, she gave up being a nun. Irony, Gabi’s dream job is to be like Mother Theresa, who helps the poor in the forest area. But in the end, she found that it doesn’t goes as she had planned, and was never be able to perform the best. After some nights of serious thinking, she finally gives up, and leaves.

I find it quite sad, because she is a very talented nurse, whose father is a very well known surgeon. And because she was unable to forget the past life, she has to leave. And one thing that I finds it quite interesting is that whenever the bell rings five times, every nun have to stop everything, and offer prayers. It requires very strong discipline, but it do takes some time off.


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