Monday, June 29, 2009

Location in Island B, HR

This is the coordinate of the time capsule.

Locate Canbara number 19.

Option one

Locate the bunch of sugar cane.
locate the mangrove at eleven o clock.
Walk towards it.
locate metal rod and dig two o clock.
If metal rod is gone, locate two o clocl and move 1 .5 feet, and dig

Option 2
Move approximate 30 meters towards sea.
turn left, walk approximate 5 meters.
At a radius of 1 meter, the capsule is there.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Birthday with Neko chan and Kong kong.

19th June

Yippy, this day it is my birthday today, and this year is different from the rest of the year. This is because today, there is someone who celebrate with me.

Was thinking what to do on Friday, then neko chan said she have taken a day leave. Hmm… I also took a day leave off, and thus, she accompany me for the whole day there.

Have to thank Keith for the night before, because he accompanied me to go to Katong to buy a shoe which I need it a lot. And after that, treat me for dinner. Yum yum. After the dinner, I hop on the first bus that could bring me to the nearest MRT station. And realized that the bus that I took brought me to a very long journey. And this leads me to a place where there is this teochew porridge. Took a note of it, and thinking it reminds me of something. And after a few moment, found that neko chan like teochew porridge. Hmm…. I also like to eat porridge one. And then after a few distance, passed by another twochew porridge.

Next day, when neko chan was thinking what to eat for breakfast, I suggested to her to eat the porridge in this paya lebar. When reached paya pebar, found out that this entrance was closed, and thus, I have to go a big round, under the hot sun with Neko san to the twochew porridge. Hee hee. Quite worried about it, because did not see the signboard from after. But in the end, I still managed to find it. Hmm…. It is very the empty in the day time, totally different from the way I look at it at night.

When we went to the porridge shop, got the porridge with salt egg, kang kong, water cress, sting ray and my favorite asari. Hmm… it is not the Japanese asari, but it is normal one, perhaps there is somewhere where we can get a local asari here in Singapore.

Afetr the porridge, went to the Clarke quay for KTV. Hmm… it is quite fun and neko chan gave me a big surprise wo. It is the birthday gift, and it is really a big surprise, because she found the stuff that I have been looking for last time. And she never wanna tell me about it. All the while I thought she have no idea of what to get for my birthday. It is the cute little monkey that I found it in Melbourne. Hmm… The monkey is something that can sing and clap his hand. And it is my regret of not getting it in Melbourne wo.

Somehow Neko chan found the monkey and got it for me as a birthday present. Hmm… I enjoyed the whole KTV and with the monkey too. We name the monkey Kong Kong. Cos it is so cute name wo.

During the KTV, hmm…. My throat is not very good. So did not managed to sing much, ahem. Even the red sun was not so good.

After the KTV, brought her to a restaurant by the beach. And have a dinner there. The chocolate fondue cake, is something that is like a signature dish of the restaurant, and it is not even in the menu, unless special request for it. We have a nice dinner and a short chat, and then went home after that.

At first, thought of spending the whole night with neko chan, hmm… but was thinking that her parents might be worried, so did not stayed long. Well, I am very happy today, and just wanna say

"Neko chan, you are wonderful wo. *muack*. Thanks for the wonderful day and night and the cute little kong kong. Love ya!"

Thanks for the birthday wish from all my friends in Facebook today wo.

Two cakes this year

This year, there are two cakes wo. Hmm… one is all thanks to shu shu, who is my friend in my workplace. Hmm… She got me a birthday cake. And it is a mango cake wo. Hmm. Did not epect her to get me a cake, but all thanks to the fact that I overslept in the train on Thursday. And after that, got to the station late, and shu shu was there, and passed me the cake cake. Haih, if I know there is a cake, I would not have order the during cake few days ago.

This year’s father day cake is quite ex. Hmm… all because of the fact that I wanted a nice design, and only a huge 20cm cake can make a good design one. Hmm…. Next time, I gotta remind myself to get the durian cake form the four season cake. Looks cheap and simple. Haih.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Energy saving heart?

Collected my phone yesterday, and found that my Nokia 6233 which have been with me for many years, will never have the bluetooth function working again.

Hmm..... Sent it for repair after found out the bluetooth device fails to operate. and commented that it is beyond econimical repair wo.

Time to change a new HP? still 2 months away......

Heart stopped?

two days ago, while working halfway, suddenly felt giddy and weak, and after a short self check, I felt the heart seems to have stopped. but there is no pain feeling. Hmm.... went straight to check with a doctor in the afternoon immediately.

The doctor while checking it,suddenly look nervous amd put me down on the bed and do a check. later comment that there is a stop on certain occassion, and requires to do an ECG check on it.

As it is near lunch time, I have to return later, and for the next 40 minutes, I am very worried wo. hmm... what will happen to those around me if there is really something happen. Will I collapse if I do jogging halfway like those in the newspaper?

In the afternoon, when returned back for the ECG check, the machine never pick up anything. and the doctor check again, and find it is pumping as normal.

So it is an occassional stop which is hard to detect. She comment it is a symptom called skipped heart. It will occassionally stopped but it is normal.

When I met neko chan, she says the heart did stopped after 3 counts, and it resume back again. and sometime, I felt it can stop for 10 seconds before it resume back. hmm.... quite scary wo.

I call it an energy saving heart, cos hee hee, it seems to have stopped to conserve energy wo. but is it really normal?


Monday, June 15, 2009

T- less than 2 weeks

First vacation after 6 months of slavery~!

I am so looking forward to it. I am looking forward to Sunshine, beach, swimming pool, seafood cheap cheap, A & W rootbeer, romantic sun rise and sun shine......

I am very happy and looking forward to it.

I already have a draft plan to get something for neko chan when I go oversea. It is cheap, and certain may be free. hee hee. But hope there is the thing that I want over there.

Less than 2 weeks, and still clicking.

In less than 1 week, it is my birthday~!

Neko chan still do not know what to get for my birthday. hmm.... I also dunno what I want wo.

Ayumi CD? hmm.... seldom go for ayumi le ley. Only think I want ar. Sony netbook, 8.9 inch type. or nokia N86. hee hee. But it is only a joke ok.

As long as it is from you, anything will do fine.


13th June KTV

Went for a session of KTV on last saturday, and it is really great.

Hmm... met with a wrong judgement on the weather, and got delayed in time planning.

I planned the timing of leaving house, but then there is a huge storm brewing. and I do not bother about it, until it gets very dark. It rushes quick from the north, and before I could respond to it, it rained. and it is heavily raining one.

I quickly rush out of the house, and have no choice, but to grab a bus. and the bus is really slow de lor.

During the train ride, jean keep on sms me, and I respond saying I am not going to KTV. She seems disappointed and encourage me to go. At that moment, something reminded me of the few things she did recently. hmm... while thinking hard, feels that something is wrong wo. Why jean wants me to go to KTV whereas she is not going wo. I think and think and then feel that she might be going to the KTV as well. Well, I would never cancel a promised appointment unless something really urgent come up or a new priority set kicks in.


During the KTV, the organiser came in the room and ask about the cake cutting. And strangely to me, he go straight to jean and ask her. At first, I was thinking, huh, jean bought a cake for jon and they are planning a party for him. And thinking that no one in the KTV should have known my birthday day, I was surprised when the organiser told me to sit behind the cake wo. hmm...Later, I found out jean told the organiser that it is my birthday in june. and she bought me my favourite chocollate cake from sweet secret.

Got a present from paul, angela, and some other friend. thank guys for the wonderful gift. I managed to cut off more than 44 pieces of cakes from a 20cm cake this time round. This is after learning from jean's birthday experience or trying to cut her birthday cake last time.

During the singing, found out my throat is not very good, and singing hacken lee's red sun is not very good, as I forgot about the lyrics.

Anyway, it is a wonderful night, and jean is wonderful and I am really touched that despite she is sick with fever and stomachache, she still goes out to get a cake for me. So sweet and wonderful tonight wo. Next year I plan a bigger cake for you, ok. Love you all.

Aftermath: I really thank GOD that I met jean and these good friends and I am also thankful that GOD brought the rain and delayed the timing. Cos of the rain, it delayed my timing, and I never get to see the cake. hmm.... if it does not rain, I would have reached around 1845. And due to the rain, I got delayed, and even the bus driver drives slow wo. Reached at 1900 on the dot.

Jon and Michelle

It is Jonathon and Michelle Goh's birthday on sunday.

Happy birthdya to you both wo.


Went to junction 8. So nervous day and well, it is great relief it is over. 3 months......I hope they feel better now knowing who is the other guy.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Change of new theme song: Toque D Keda

Yup, it have finally changed. From Otsuka Amaenbo to this new spanish song,

Lamento Boliviano By Toque D Keda.

It is a rare song played in a lounge. And it is a favourite for my dear darling.

So this is for you. K.

I pieces it the lyrics and modified a few section of the music, so that you will not be able to find it anywhere else in this world.

Hope you like it, dear.


Toque D Keda Lamento Boliviano :

Me quieren agitar
me incitan a gritar
soy como una roca
palabras no me tocan
adentro hay un volcan
que pronto va a estallar
yo quiero estar tranquilo...

Es mi situación una desolación
soy como un lamento,
lamento boliviano
que un día empezo y
no va a terminar
y a nadie hace daño...

Y yo estoy aqui
borracho y loco
y mi corazon idiota
siempre brillará
y yo te amaré
te amaré por siempre
nena no te peines en la cama
que los viajantes se
van a atrasar

(Unknown verse section)

y yo te amaré
te amaré por siempre
nena no te peines en la cama
que los viajantes se
van a atrasar


Test on Project SS and project BA

Went for test on project Ss and project BA.

hmm.... major fault is still in timing on project SS.

For project SS

Met a few people today. hmm... too bad din managed to exchange details, but one who reminded me best is Alexis.

Alexis has been in the project SS for 5 years wo. and she is very good in it. Pointed out that I am not following the timing, and a bit stiff. hmm...But when she do project SS with other people, it is very quick, swift and professional. Hmm... when wqill I be able to become like Alexis or rather, like Mr Keith. haha

Aiko, she is a Japanese, and somehow, I think she is quite good in it wo. found out that she is good in project SS, because when she do it with other people, she is able to follow. and she is not into project BA, but managed to catch up with me too.

Neko chan is not in today, hmm... sad, cos I have made some planning last tuesday night, and well, the plan moves, but neko chan is not around. so sad......

Throughout the whole 1.5 hour project SS test, I feel that I have indeed a lot need to improve on it, and most particularly is the change style and timing. Must keep up with the timing wo.

Project BA

Done only one project BA, and that is with Aiko. hmm... I intended to do project BA with neko chan, but too bad. haih.

Today ends the second phase of Project BA. I am thinking should I join project BA phase 3 in another place or not. or self learn on it.

I have not seen yuki chan for the pas 6 days......where is she wo. hmm... I am thinking how to tell her about my experience on last saturday wo. anyway, probably meet yuki chan on monday bah.

14 days left

Woohoo, 2 more weeks, and it is something special day liao./ So really looking forward to it. It is a 3 days break, and I really hope I can give myself a good break out of it.

I have been working hard and without any leave for the past 6 months. and in 2 weeks time, it is the day to rest. haih

Working in MB is real tired sometime. and for the past 1 week, I have been thinking about that stupid fan on the roof top that doesn't move. I think and think, and manager is pressuring me on it. So in fit of anger, I remove the whole duct with the fan, and bring it back to HQ.

A lot of people was looking at me carrying this huge exhaust duct with the fan, and all that he want is just the fan. hmm...

In the afternoon, there is simply too many calls, and in 30 minutes time, I rushes to install the duct back, and s\tart the whole thing up.

Black listed

New restaurant blacklisted. Blue mist restaurant.
Why was it blacklisted wo. hmm.... It is because neko chan was sick after eating from there. Cannot detect which is the problem, but well, it is expensive as well, so might as well blacklist it. ok Blue mist, in Tanjong pagar, you are blacklisted by me because you made neko chan sick after eating your set dinner which consist of steak, salad and drink.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No Bluetooth again

Since Monday, the bluetooth of the Nokia 6233 have been having problem, and it stopped functioning. And this is a very bad news for a heavy bluetooth user for me, because without bluetooth, there is no more music for me to listen to while I work. And yesterday, working was like a drag, becasue there is nothing to listen to. Sp sianz.

I was trying to switch it on on monday, and the phone just went blank, and ever since then, the phone cannot activate the bluetooth after that.

This is so sad wo. work become meanlngless.

Just one more month, and I will be getting my new HP. This phone is a standby phone that I am using ever since I sold off the N81 because the buttons does not work when I need it the most.

Well, hope to get the new HP, is N96. Yup. This is a Nokia new model phone. I was searching for the Sony ericsson some time ago, but most of the sony ericsson does not use the 4.5mm pin headphone jack.

4.5mm pin headphone jack

This is a very useful function because with this feature, I can plug in any good earphone and listen it with an improved sound. Furthermore, if it is other type of headphone jack, the wire will become absolutely useless once I discarded the sony ericsson. Thus, only Nokia N series now use the 4.5mm head phone jack. so I decided on N96, because it have GPS, and all the features that I want.

Oops, I did it again

Woops, I knew, I should not have done it, but I really did it again.
Was taking dinner yesterday night in Chinatown, and while waiting for the food, there is this old lady came to throw the tissue on the table and tell me to buy it.

I took a look and found out that I saw her earlier at another table drinking beer. And since she have the money to buy the beer, I guess she have no problem with her living expenses at all. why is she still selling tissue given the chance that she have the ability to live by wo.

I say "No, I dun want" and she keeps on talking, and I repeatly told her I do not want it. And after the third time tlling her that and she refuse to leave. The fire rapidly coming up, and I speak slowly and clearly with a bit of fire and told her again. I guess she sense that I am going to rise on the 5th time, she quickly pick up the tissues and walk away. Lucky for her she did not stay on to ask again, else she is going to get it from me.

On the journey home, when I chilled, I then realised again. I let my emotion gets in my way again. Haih, how can I get rid of this bad habit wo. Am I destined to live with this on all my life? What will hapopen, if one day I mwet someone who is as short tempered as me, will we fight together or throw things all over the place?

I must learn to control it. But if I did not see her drinking beer at another corner, will I buy the tissue? hmm..... probably I would not.

Project SS


Basic : 94%
Mini Shine :82%
Cross body lead : 89%
Cross body lead turn : 89%
Cross step: 90%

Pose : 61%
Pose with turn : 44%
Shoulder turn : 36%
Slide step : 69%


Monday, June 08, 2009

Cascading Style Sheets

Hmm.... today was looking at a Flash FX notes, and come across this familiar name.


CSS in the programming world is known as Cascading Style Sheets.

It is a sorta style sheet language, written in markup language.
It is used in a part of the Cytronic program last time, in a sub program yo automatically arrange the colors, font and layout.

In some of the dynamic link library, the seperation can improve the accessibility of the content, and reduces complexity in the structural content.

In certain cases in the auto programming mode, CSS is a very useful tool, because it have the ability to set priority to determine the style rule if more than one rule matches on an element. Thus, with CSS, Cytronic is able to assign probability rule and determine which results are predictable and choose the most highest rule and append it into the webpage.

I always remember about this because CSS is one of the most difficult progarmming language to understand. But if it is set up properly, it is a very useful tool to allows the main program to do the decision in the judgement.

Of course, programming the library is a very ahrd and tedious work.


I have a chance to met a person on the street today. And immediately, something came to my mind, and I spoke to her.

After a long conversation, I realised that there is a misunderstanding last week on a Wednesday.

Met J on the street last tuesday, and I enquire about something on a last saturday. She mentioned that Huan is going to canada for her ACCA exam. Then somehow, I made a note that huan is going to canada on the thursday because of soemthing. So immediately, I went to Taka to change my laundry. and at the same time, get huan a present from there. It is a farewell gift bah.

I looks through many shops, and found this chocolate that is made in Japan. I got it and also a wraping paper to wrap it up.

On Wednesday afternoon, I went to find J and wanted to give huan a surprise. and to my astonishment, Huan left the house at 9 AM. Alamak~!

From the housekeeper, She said the flight is at noon, and huan is already off. I wanted to immediately hope on the taxi, but too bad not enough cash. and furthermore, huan is already gone.

I passed the box of chocolate to the housekeeper, and asked her to give to J and let her know I came, and perhaps send it by air. and that is the end of last wednesday.

Today, I met J on the street. Thus, I detected something is amess, so I ask her about the present whether was it sent off. And she was at first very blur, and later checked with the housekeeper. And when the housekeeper answered her, J and I was so shocked, because J thought the present is a gift from the working colleague,and she ate some. ALAMAK~!

Well, this is the third time Huan and I have no fate to meet.

First is the Saturday, when she is not home.
Second is she flew off before could give her a present
Third is she did not get the present. haha.

Anyway, if Huan is reading this,

I Stephen as a friend,
Wishes you the best of luck in your ACCA exam in Canada a flying colour.


Sunday, June 07, 2009

Project BA and SS trial run

Went for a trial run yesterday night for project BA and SS.

Went along without neko chan. Cos I wanna know my real assessment, and how it goes about after 2 months of practicing. Neko chan is also not feeling well, so did not ask her to go.

At 7, no one. at 8, no one. at 9, no one at 10. Full house wo~!

SS with some people, and found out one usual thing; timing. The timing is always wrong. then one person complain that I threw her off balancing.

Change style is slow, fixed and boring. One of them comment the change style is horrible. Hmm.... I am not taking it as a rejection, but a good pointers to improve on it. darn hard. I know what are my real problems, and perhaps, I can point this out when I practice with Yuki chan.

Project BA. Got with two people and one is really very noisy, but I know, the person who practice with me will never get a chance to find out about this in my blog here. Wow, she is probably exp 9,999 wo. whereas I am only exp 160. haha.

The person who I practice BA with, gave many comment, and then realise she is a very professional person who the organiser clear the space for her and another guy in one session. hmm...

The second comment the change style is too abrupt and disorientated. hmm....

Am I that lousy??

But I am glad that I met these people who will tell me my mistakes straight out. and I do not take it as a negative remark, but a honest opinion.

Looks like Yuki chan will be very busy on monday when I tell her my experience. haha.

Why the trial run

I did the trial run yesterday because I want to know the real performance rating of my progress. This is because I have been suspecting a lot in the change style and some moves. Then when one person whom I practice with told me my big mistake is in the timing on last tuesday, I want to know what else is my problem.

Main purpose: I wish to give a good leading to Neko chan =P (I am serious)

Project SS is much more difficult in Project BA, because the timing for Ss is harder to synchronise. somemore, after the turning, the orientation is confused, and have to reset the timing back. Which is harder to synchronise back with the girl side.


Friday, June 05, 2009

Timing not synchronized

Hmm... new fault, found that timing is not synchronized. I must try again next time

I found that learning project SA and BA, requires learning through higher exp point people. hmm...I assume I am exp 152. hee hee. Today is exp 152 vs 9,999. Bish.

Project BA

Basic: 81%
Right turn: 87%
Right turn (own): Not used
Quarter turn: 71%
Half turn: 51%

Cross turn: 65%
Cross turn reversal: 60%

Half turn pose: 41%
Hold position: 58%

New fault: Did not synchronise with timing.


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Sweet dream yesterday night.

Yippy, Today got a CD from one of my friend. It is one CD that I lack, and it is nice wo.

Thanks to Keith for that. I make sure it get into my database soon.

Date setted for something wonderful

Yesterday went out with my friend to check out on the price of the next vacation, and wow, it is within my budget wo. Hmm... can't wait to go there. The date have been setted, and will try to apply for leave next week, when the manager is around. Hmm.... He have been on one week leave.

Anyway, assistant manager took over and well, it is suppose to be a relief, but he seems to be trying to incharge of everything there. Duh. I really hate this kind of arrangement, where there are two commanders and they may spoilt the whole schedule. Dun even wanna bother about it.

Hmm.... well, some of the stuff have to backlog it, because the manager is on leave, and as the head, he will know what is going on. and it is the role of the assistant manager to do urgent arrangement should something mess up. Well, most of the mess have been averted because I hold the key now, and now, this assiatnt manager is trying to add more workload to us. Hmm.... feel like firing him sometime.

You think I am free in MB? think again loh.


I have a wonderful dream yesterday. And as soon as I woke up, I just couldn't resist to write it down first.

I was on vacation with neko chan. And we went to sun tan and Spa during the day, and then a dinner by the beach, and then, went to see people fishing. After a short stroll, I brought out a mat out of nowhere, and flip it on the sandy ground. We lie down and count the stars and chat under the orange moon by the horizon. So relaxing, and shiok.

Then, as we were about to kiss, STUPID Otsuka woke me up with her sweet voice. hmm....What a bad timing wo. just a few second later, it would have been wonderful. Wat a sweet dream it is wo. hmm.... I wish so much to go to a beach. where I can see the sun rise and sun set. Been bored watching sun rise every morning. Where is the rainbow???

Ishisaki San

Met Ishisaki san in the lift today. hmm... I seems to have met her lately often, and s she is good in English, Ishisaki san sometime teaches me some japanese, and I am so glad to learn from her. Apart from that, Nemoto san, Funabiki san, Fujimoto san also helped me a lot in improving my japanese. So blessed to met such nice people in MB.

I also met Mr Hugh, who is a really handsome looking guy, and he was rushing to work in the morning. As I enter the lift with him in the morning, I greeted him, and he greet me by name~! Wow, is my name really that easy to remember? I reply back, and have a short conversation before we went off. I think I should train myself to be like Mr Hugh. Young, tall, handsome, nice perfum smell and smile a lot. No wonder he got a very beautiful wife.

Nice song

I was listening to the radio during lunch, and came across this very nice love song. It is something I hear people sang in the KTV before, but I did not take down the name of the song. and in the radio, I realised it is a very nice song with two people singing. Wow. I recorded it down, and call up my friends, and ask them what this song is. And thanks to Drexler, I know the artist, and next time, I will search for it in the KTV. I am so glad I am still using the Nokia 6233. It is probably the best phone only the fact that it does not have wireless.

This phone may be old, stopped production, but I really like the functions and the speaker.

Yuki chan

I was practising dancing with yuki chan yesterday and today, and I realised that yuki chan seems to be dancing wrongly. hmm.... I think I seems to lost touch of it, because now, the dancing is split to gal style and guy style. As I usually learn the guy steps, I did not managed to catch how the gal steps are. Thus, sometime when I teaches Yuki chan and practising myself, I seels to have lost some steps, or messed it up. hmm....If only there is some gal expert who is here to guide me one day.

By the way, yuki chan is someone who is fictional and assist me in my dancing one. If I have perfected it, I will get these on someone who can follow my steps.

In dancing, timing are the essence.


Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Life is like a box of chocolate......You never know what you are going to get......

I wish my life is like a box of chocolate too, Hazelnut chocolate. yum yum. I love hazelnut chocolate. dunno why.

If my life is like a box of hazelnut chocolate, how good it will be.

But still, I would like to thank GOD for making my life as it is now, because I have been through these far, and I have been with good company all these while.

Working experience

I have noted today one thing......
My working experience halted. and new working style stalled.
I feel that my exposure here is darn limited. I apply more than I learn, and there are a lot of things I wish to try it out myself, but the management doesn't approve of iot. so too bad. Electrical troubleshooting. they are a small piece of bread to me. the systems are so easy to understand by hardwiring. Whereas in indiustrial, all electrical circuits are in softwiring. which is near invisible also.

Was doing this troubleshooting with this guy and got so heat up, because he cannot see the logic behind the whole circuit despite the fact he have been trained many time by other people. In the end, I have to do it myself, and it is such simple task that is excuted within 10 minutes.

Electrical are really a simple curcuit by hardwiring, because it operated on I/O. and through understanding of how the cuircuit goes, a mild malfunction can be detect easily with a meter at hand. a simple testpen is the most valuable tool too.

haih. Good help are hard to come by these days.

Project SA

Mini clip, 4 combo of bumkelp + side step + slide + right turn boot turn.
result: 44%
cross step 2: 87%
pose step: 23%
Side step: 93%
Bumkelp step: 91%
framework: 54%

Maximum combination step today: Cross body + cross body lead + right turn(self) + right turn + low turn + half turn (x2) + pose step, 7 combination maximum.


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