Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wireless DC sometime, It's a sign....

Wireless G RouterWireless Sot sot soon

Recently, I noticed that the wireless seems to be DC by itself or something. Dunno what is wrong wo.

I hate cables, so I uses wireless at home, so that I can move my laptop around the house. But most of the time, it is in the study room.

Anyway, I am using the orbit type Wireless G router. A router, is a device that makes sure the data it receives, goes to the designated PC. A Modem is one that convert analog signal from the telephone cable into digital signal, that is then transferred to the router, and the router will convert them into package, and transmit to the PC’s wireless device. And from there, the wireless device convert the signal into the digital signal that the CPU can read. The CPU, allocate the data to the RAM, and from the RAM, it is processed and then transferred to the Harddisk for storage if necessary.

I am looking into Wireless N device now, should the router kapuk. Wireless N is the next generation of the Wireless G. because it process faster and larger range bah. So far, I have not had the time to read up on it. But thinking aback, if I change to wireless N, all my network cards have to shift to wireless N version.
So the thinking is: should I convert to wireless N? Or should I switch back to the stone age, using LAN cable.


Friday, August 29, 2008






From: A cat lover....


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Matthew Chapter 16 verse 26

What good will it be for you to gain the whole world, yet forfeit your soul?
What can you give in exchange for your soul?
For the Son of Man is going to come in His Father's glory with his angels, and then he will reward everyone according to what they have done.

Never forget this verse when a Christian is very successful.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Toilet's impossible (almost) mission

Toilet mission

Today, I have the most satisifying mood today, because I have cleared the building's most difficult clog that no one have been able to clear ever since last year.

As I went in office today, one word caught my attention. "Level 3 toilet 3 out of 4 floor trap clogged". This note, was written since last week. but the problem have began last year. This brought back to 2 weeks ago.

When I open up the files, it stated that this problem have been since last year. Oh gosh~ is it that long? how come no one have informed me before? As I walk and interview the cleaner, she comment that it have been a long time, and she is having a hard time doing the moping, and sometime, water would flow out of the floow trap, and the toilet will be smelly. I asked her how come she did not voice out to the supervisor? She mention that a lot of technicians have came to pump, auger it, yet, it cannot solve the problem. I took a little measurement, check the drawings of how the pipeline goes, and arranged for the manpower. The most difficult pipeline, would be the 2.6 meter long metal pipe. so long~! is it able to be cleared?

Yup, today's the day for the most risky job. "High pressure injection". High pressure injection is a plumbing technique most dangerous being attempted by technician. It should only be used on metal pipeline, and not on thin PVC pipeline. The technique of high pressure injection, is to use a high pressure water of 200P.S.I and a high volume of water. Aiming is very important, because if the water hit the elbow, it can create pressure on the coupling, and cause dislodge. And thus, before this technique is used, the walkway below have to be condor off, and another person standing by.

When it starts, 2 floor trap immediately are cleared, left one last floor trap. It cannot be cleared off and in the midst of the operation, 2 technicians came, take a look, and say the choke cannot be cleared by this way. This word really make me very fed up. because he also was unable to clear this before, yet he is saying those sacastic word. I ignored him and keep pumping in the pipe with peserverence. After 15 minutes, the toilet was flooded to 0.5 inch deep, and flows to the other 3 floor traps. I keep on applying the pressure down, and suddenly, the water gets sucked in to the floor trap that is seriosuly choked. Checking with the people at the ground floor, and confirm there is no pipe dislodge, I was so filled with the sense of satisifaction. Finally, the choke have cleared. and on examine the debris, there are a lot of sands, and hair. now where are those sand came from? hmm.... Anyway, after the floor traps are cleared, we washed the toilet, and proved to the person that serious choke can be cleared this way, but it is really risky and dangerous.

Most difficult would be the under sink floor trap, 2.6 meter long. and the most ridiculous is that just less than 15 cm away, it is a electrical lighting. one wrong move, and it is bye bye.

IT is finally solved, Yippy!


Friday, August 22, 2008

Hip diner by Billy Bomber

Billy Bomber

I happen to go for lunch at billy bomber today. Went to find a friend and see another friend called jasmine.

Jasmine is the supervisor for the billy bomber in Cineleisure. She is quite a friendly and very hardworking person.

From the first day I met her, she is friendly, and sometime tries to keep the regular customer by entertaining the customer when she is free. Unlike other waitress who sits down and chatting among each other, Jasmine walks around, and help out, even though she is the supervisor.

I have the fish and chip, with oreo mint shake, and a nacho. Haha. No one can expect me to finish up all bah. I finished single one fo the item, and was quite full.
Took a photo graph with Jasmine, and later Bluetooth to her. Quite nicely taken. But cannot post online, because have not asked her permission to do so.

Anyway, I have been given some consideration. Hip diners, by Billy bomber is actually famous for the American dish, such as ribs, beer, and shakes. But ribs was taken out from the billybomber which is an outlet, serving no lard. But they do not have the halal cert. So sometime it is quite confusing to the muslim whether is the billy bomber outlet in cineleisure halal or not. But one thing for sure, the chef in the kitchen is a muslim. So not sure about it.

Anyway, I think because the rib is taken out, the restaurant seems to be short of a lot of customer.

Detox program

When I went home to take a look at the photo, I noticed something very strange about my look.

I seems to be getting whiter, and the skins seems to be fairer. I couldn’t help wondering is this the effect of the detox? One of the great benefits of the detox is to improve the complexion. And also to get into a new mood of life. If the detox program is good, I dun mind having it 4 times a year.

Makes me a bit vain. But nowadays, guys do go for facial treatment too. Now that I am single, I wun mind going for it too. Just waiting to see where can get a good good one. As far as I know, facial sinple treatment is just adding lotion, to make the black pores out, and to squeeze out the oil in the pores, so that the face will be free of clog, and the skin breathe easier. Then if the skin breathe easier, it can create a better complexion.

Seven month praying

This is the best time of the year, the seven month praying. I get to eat the roast pig, roast duck, and well, also get to have the hose well stocked for at least 3 days. Ha ha.

You know? The roast duck can eat the drumstick, wings, and the meat can be keep for later date and fry with veggies. As for the duck bone, it also can be keep and later cook with porridge. The roast meat can besliced and keep in the freezer, and waits for the next time to cook with soup or frying as well.

Seems like the food nicely planned out. So for the next few days, there is absolutely nothing to buy for dinner, just the rice only.

50 cents per use

This is the most ridiculous idea of a bicycle shop around my place. Out of the air pump, there is a notice, saying “thank you for your support, pump air, 50 cents per use.” Is this a new money earning technique from the bicycle shop? Is he that desperate in earning? His bicycle shop is just a small shop, rent out also to a clock shop and a video game shop. Yet he still wanna collect fee from air pump. So now when my tire air is low, I would have to cycle to a longer journey to get the air pump back.

I think no one will go there to pump air, especially the foreign worker. If my tire is flat, then I go there to have air pump, but most of the time, my tire is low in pressure. Perhaps I should start considering getting a portable air pump, to pump the tire now, instead of going to the bicycle shop.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ayumi Hamasaki

Vacation confirmed

Today I got an email from Collins, and Yippy~! The Collin side have confirmed~! I am so happy, so my vacation is now setted to go. Just a few days ago, I was worrying of not able to find a hotel in Collins, but today, I finally found one, and it really looks a bit high class de loh. According to the reception, it is a 3 star hotel. But it doesn’t matter, a hotel is just for a person to sleep and rest.

The only pity thing is that I will be travelling alone. This is so sad, because I can’t find someone who is willing to go with me on a quite expensive trip. Still a few months away form the vacation, but I have planned and arranged everything. From applying leave, to planning what to eat.

Ayumi Hamasaki

This is one singer I like. She is Ayumi Hamasaki. Well, it is because she have a lovely voice, and enchanted a lot of people bah. This Saturday, Eason Chan will be arriving in one of the shopping center for the autograph. And I have although heard of it, but no a single concern. But then, another scenario aroused. That is, If the person who come to do the autograph session is Ayumi, what would my respond be? Haha, immediately, I would take a leave off and queue up for it, and be the NUMBER 1~!

This blog now actually plays Ayumi Hamasaki, titled Rainbow. It is from the album Rainbow, very long ago released. I am thinking, Is it difficult to find someone who like Ayumi, because it is a japanese singer? Chinese Singers are a big hit. If there is a Chinese singer I like, it could probably be Zhang Shao Han. Why Zhang Shao han is because her voice is cute, and most of them are love songs. Perhaps I can learn a song or two and sing to the another person.

I will never forget the last time I joined a KTV with friends, and choosing SHE song. Ha ha, one of the song is actually a sad song, called hai bing gong yuan by SHE, which stands for Selena, Hebe, Ella. The song is sad, and gave people the impression that I am feeling sad, but heehee, I choosen the wrong song.

I used to have this wonderful Ayumi photo, large size, and hang it on the wall. Well,it is nice looking, but my previous GF doesn’t like her, because Ayumi is a Japanese, and she doesn’t like it. In one rage, I throw away the Ayumi poster, but later very regret over it. Is it a norm that girls dun like their BF to put another girls photo on the wall even thought it is his favourite singer? Hmmm…


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Parents makes sacrifices

Money no enough 2

Went to the Marina to catch the Money no enough 2 today. Seems like wat, 1 year since I went to the cinema to catch a movie.
This is a funny and touching movie yet again. The description of the EPR is very cute.

What really makes me touched to tears is the sacrifice of the old lady, to allow the grand daughter to have that one last packet of the rare blood. Everyone knows, every grandparents will make sacrifices to allow their children to live on. When the three sons ask her for money, she gave them all and then went to beg for money. But was caught. When the children quarrel over where is she going to stay, she put up sleeping next to the toilet, or alone in a room, rather than sleeping with the children.

This reminds me of my grandpa, Mr Koh Peng Lam. He is a very bright looking old man, who strive to lives alone, with my auntie, who is living with him. He used to have alter at home, then when he moves to a new flat with my auntie, my auntie specially sacrifice the space and make another room, so that she can supervise him, and stays with him. He gives up his alter because my auntie is a Christian. Then sometimes, he prefers not to trouble us, went out to buy food and cook for himself, and then go to temple to pray.

When he reached the state where he was unable to balance himself, he suggest to everyone he wants to go into an old folks home. He knew that if he is alone, everyone of us will be worried about him. Whereas, in old folks home, he have a lot of friends around, and nurses to watch him over. We take turns to visit him on weekends, and during the Chinese new year, we brought him out to celebrate it. He is quite happy there, until the day he fell down, and the nurse informed us. We quickly rush to the hospital, and keeps on talking to him, but he is very weak, and just pass away.

Everyone was very quiet when he was cremated, but we know his time is up for him, so was well prepared. What really breaks my heart is two things he did before he pass away. One, he is still in love with grandma, because even 20 over years have pass by, he still knows she loves the favourite number. He have brought a place for himself, and insist to choose to have grandma ‘s place reserved, so that he will have her placed on the favourite number when she is exhumed from the cemetery. That number was reserved before, but for some reason, the person who hold on to that place gave up, and let our grandpa to have it, so he is now resting in the number, beside the number which my grandma loves. And when she is exhumed, he can be side by side with her.
Second thing that breaks my heart is he have walk a long long path to get to the temple just to get a place reserved for himself. When we were going back through the road, we found that the road to the nearest bus stop is really really long. And he choosed that place, and went to get a place for himself. Can you imagine how painful it is for an old man to walk a long path, just to choose the place all by himself? We never knew about where he wants to go until the day he passes away, he actually wrote letter of what to do with his body and even have a photograph nicely taken. We all were very sad when we know how much he have to go through, so that the children do not have to worry much about his funeral.

Everytime, when I went to the temple to look at my grandpa behind the glass shelves of urns, I will always noticed another urn beside with no picture: Mdm Lin. when she is exhumed, she will be in the same temple, beside my grandpa. And the long long path that I could vividly se my grandpa, walking up the hill, with sweat all over.

Parents makes great sacrifice for children.
Treasure your parents, dun make them sad.


DVD arrived, after the exam, Yay~!

DVD arrived

Yup, as planned, the DVD have arrived just in time after the exam. It is the DVd that I ordered some times back. It have been a long long time since I get the DVD, because I was so busy with the study and stuff, so I thought of ordering the DVD, so when the exam finished, I can get to watch it.

You may ask why I order it, because there is this promotion that when you buy a second hand DVD, you get it for almost half price of what is in the market. The strategy used by the organization is also good, inb the sense that they do not need to set up shops, which will incur some retail expenses and electrical and labour expenses. Instead, they spread the words with their good service, and therefore, can sell DVDs without the need of setting up shops. All they have to do is from their warehouse and office, and it is enough. So I happen to bounce into one good service, and put some deposit in the account. And from the internet, browse through the pages, and select the DVD, and order it.

There is no postage charges, and the DVD though it is second hand, comes in quite ok one. Although there are some scratches, but the DVD can still be played.
AVP is one movie that I have been waiting for it since the screening starts, dunno is it good or not. Who knows. Then for the stardust, My cousin says it is very nice, so maybe I will watch it one of these days. Ha ha.

National treasure, was not sure about it, because there was no review from around the friends, but it seems it is a continuation. Anyway, with a portable DVD player, I can starts watching it even though I am on the move. Thank you Jesus for the anointing.

Exam finished~!

Finally~! The exam is finished~! It is one hard exam that may cost me my confident on it. It is actually a simple topic, only a lot of theory to memorize. Why are there so many complicated terms in engineering? Then again, lucky I am not taking medicine, else I would be even more difficult in memorize the bacteria terms.
Anyway, it seems that there is only a day break out of it, because a new term starts on Monday. OH GOSH~! It’s only a day break~! How to finish off the DVD? Maybe have to spread them out watching it on the move.

Ice skating

It have been since what, years since I went for ice skating. I can still remember the first time I play ice skating in 2003, which is what, 5 years ago? I was in the jurong entertainment, where there is this huge concourse, and a lot of people are skating. I was so tempted, and went out to have a try. Nope, in the end, have to skate on all 4.

Anyway, next week after next, will be going for an ice skating with some friends. Hmm, should I start practicing? Or on the day itself?

Think think.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

2 Days break.

Command and Conquer Kane's Wrath

After tonight, I will, of course, play the Comamnd and Conquer till dawn, perhaps, cos I have not been playing for a long long time. Oh well, 2 days break for me afetr tongiht.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Finally watched L changed the World~!

L change the worldTomorrow is the final day, one exam that has got everyone trembling. Anyway, I have been going through the topic again and again, and most of them are theory. Why are there so many theory de loh?

L Change the world

I got the movie called L changed the world, it is a third sequel of the Death notes. Apparently, L does not want to use the death note to create a “new world”. He burnt the death note, and the death God leaves him. Usually, it is watari who assist L in doing the outside work. But then, Watari is killed by Misa’s death God, so he have to solve the one last crime alone.

The last crime is about an engineered plague, being created, and the syndicate who feels that the earth is over populated, wants to kill the world, and then create another world.

Unfortunately to them, they do not have the antidote. So they cannot spread the disease. The professor who created the one and only antidote, destroy it, and kills himself. Only the professor’s daughter have the key to the antidote. The daughter went to find watari, and managed to get to L. L found out that one of his associate have turned against him, and runs away.

Through the journey, L and the evil doers fights by running from places to places, and finally, they found the doctor who have joined with the professor in a research. Together, they got the antidote, but the professor daughter was kidnapped.
The ending is really sad, because in the end, The professor daughter was left with the doctor, and he sent a gifted child to the orphanage. The child, who managed to give clue to the antidote, was never know of his fate, because L died peacefully, as what he wrote in the death note before he burns it.

This is very ironically, because L insisted not wanting the death note, but when they were chasing the bad guys towards the plane, L actually have the idea of using the death note, because it can kill them immediately. Since he is very furious at that time.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Impact of closing the manufacturing in china

Olympic Impact

It has arrived, the impact of closing the factories in China.
Today, the BBC have reported that in the global manufacturing industry, raw material price have gone up. Shortages of medication are also starting to grow.
Most factories have started using their buffer stocks, and they are sourcing the materials from other places such as india, America.

What causes this impact?

This is largely due to the closure of manufacturing plant in and around Beijing. As Beijing is trying to create a fog free environment for the Olympic, it have closed the factories in and around Beijing two weeks before hand, to reduce the smog, so that the athletics can have a cleaner air and perform well, as what the Olympic committee are complaining about.

According to the BBC, medication and some manufacturing parts, mostly made in china, are cheapest to make in china rather than from other country. With the closure of the lower end production line, the higher end production line are starting to feel the pain. Especially for the steel manufacturing plant. Once the Olympic is over there is still a certain days of lead time, this is for the furnace to get warm up. Some furnace can take 2 days to warm up, certain takes 2 weeks.

But this is also a good news, because although the factory bosses are feeling the pain in the wallet, but it is the best opportunity to shutdown the plant, and do some major uplifting and modification for the production line, so that the efficiency can be improved. It also creates a cleaner environment because less electricity is required.

So brace for higher price there.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

End of Detox tomorrow

End of detox program

Tommorrow is a special day, because it will ends the detox program. Yup It is a two weeks of no meat, no red meat, only veggies, just to cleanse the body of the toxic, and also to take fibers, laxatives to clear the food in the intestines and colons. It is said to improve the skin and health, and I think it is true. With the help of the detox program, the body will rid off the waste faster before it builds up. A perspn will feel better after it, and of course, I may feel weak a bit, but after it, maybe it will be better.

The most important is the use of the fibers, because the fibers will absorb the toxin to the fibers, and brings it to the colon, which discharge it out. The use of laxative is to enhance the bowel movement, so that toxic absorbed fiber can be discharge quickly and smoothly.

To add to it, I gotta eat veggies, to allows the normal diet to get the nutrients. Wow, three type of pills to take. Anyway, hope can get a better health there.
To add on to the detox program, milk thistle is also used to clean the liver and kidney, so that the toxin can be removed quickly.

Duh, the only day is on Saturday, cos there is this crab eating session, so dunno does it affect the detox or not.


Yesterday was National Day


Yup, the day before yesterday was the olympic day, and it really is a huge cheer in China. Everyone were talking about the bird nest. haha, but one great amazing about the bird nest is the large area of column free structure. it have no columns, and all were supported by the cantilever effect, allowing the roof to be supported by many steels. This roof, can provide shelter in case of raining. It must be a good study of the metal structure.

The only thing that is left to test, must be the endurance of the winter. You see, steel losses its ductiliy if exposed to the cold weather. and when ductility is lost, it will be come brittle. If the shear stress is calculate not enough, it can really lead to fracture, and the most stressful beam will be the bottom beam. Let hope and see if it was taken accounted for. But the bird nest is truly a good name, cos now whenever the people around the world were talking about the bird nest, they would immediately think of the China's bird nest. haha

Singapore NAtional Day

Yesterday was national day for singapore too. wow, 2 days ago is olympic day, yesterday national day, and it is the first time we will see the minister mentor Lee Kuan Yew not attending this year's national day. This is because he will be in China visiting the olympic.

I have not yet seen the telecast of the national day, so not know. Anyway, yesterday was in East coast eating seafood with some friends. It is really nice. It is in the jumbo seafood restaurant, and there are three crabs to share among a table of 9. It is in the aircon room, so too bad there is no sound of the firework if there is one. I am angry about the TV placed in the room, becaus eit is not playing the olympic or the national day parade. All it shows is a VCD playing of the food and even after asking the manager to play the TV, but they says that the signal is not very good. I think they have not given a good consideration of the event. If there is a soccer match, the people can also dine in and watch the soccer. yet, the TV only plays the food, which really get very bored.

Command and Conquer

I am puzzle by one mission in the game yesterday. It is the mission called "Tacitus interrupted". I was playing halfway, and out of sudden, the screen exits all the way and the program was shut down. what is wrong wo?

One accomondation stuck

I will be going oversea, and one of the accomondation is stuck. It is the one in collins. I was unable to get an accomondation on the Batman's Hill. Yup you heard it correctly, there is a hotel called Batman's hill, and coincidently, there is a place called Batman' Hill. So Batman's hill do not have a slot in the day that I am going to collins, so have to find another spot.

I am going to two places, one is Mawson Lake, another is Collins. Will be taking the train from mawson lakes because it is very far. So collins is the only place that I am stuck with the arrangement. So is the visa too.

Exam approaching~!

Oh NO~! exam is approaching, and it is on next saturday~! I was on a panic now, because it really is very near and I am still far away form the assignment. 7 more to go. Duh~! Anyway, think I have to take a few day's leave to clear it. Sometime, I really wish to convert to fulltime study. But the problem with it is that there will be no income, and will add some burden to my mum, so too bad, I still have to work.


Sunday, August 03, 2008

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Not a gaming optimised PC

Today, as I was playing the command and conquer on my PC, I found out it is true, my PC is not tuned to be a strong gaming device. What is wrong with the machine?
Hmm… Anyway, I don’t think I am going to invest much into my PC, because it is already running well and ok.

Steamboat Recount

I was in a steamboat feast yesterday, and I found out that I have a special skill that no one have. The ability to eat and eat in a steam boat.
I do not have a truly hearty food feast, because everyone is surrender after eating, and it is a bit malu if I continue on eating. Ha ha. I have been digging in on and on, eating and eating, but never seems to be full. Then, I realize that others have stopped eating and packing up, but I am still not full.

This reminds me of the incident when I was in the Poly life. I have been patronizing the steamboat in Sunset way every week, until the person there knows me, because of my unbelievable appetite. Then one day, without a notice, he moved. At first, I thought he have actually closed down, but then I found him in marina bay by chance And from that day on, I sometime went there to eat. Then before you know it, the whole steamboat restaurants there closed down for the building of the casino resort. Now, Cannot find it anymore. Next stop, will be chong pang steamboat. It is located in boon keng road, and One of these days, I am going there, because one of my friend recommend that it have free flow of the crab crab.

Terminator, Chronicle of Sarah Connor

This is the drama that have been showing every Wednesday on channel 5. I think this is very science fiction, because it speaks of the day between the terminator 2 and terminator 3.
Can anyone catch a small section of why John was telling the terminator what he have to do in the terminator 3? It is the scene where Catherine and John was trying to escape on the plane, and the TX have programmed the T1000 to terminate John. Throughout the fight, John shout at the terminator that e know what to do if he was to fail the mission. And in the respond, it shuts itself down. And this is probably taught by the terminator in the drama.

Cameron, the terminator who is sent to protect john connor, have been teaching john about how to control the terminator in the drama. It is there where John learn a lot, and how to avoid the karmati, who is another terminator sent by skynet to kill john.

The fight is very fierce, because each terminator fight in the opposite ways, and backed by Sarah Connor, she teaches John how to follow clues and fight like a real warrior.

Photo Source: Http://


Saturday, August 02, 2008

NATAS fair 2008

Master PC degraded??

Today I was in Cineleisure, and play the command and conquer at the deck, to have a feel of how the system works. AMAZING~! The soldiers and units everything runs faster than the one I am using at home~! Are they overclocked or upgraded to higher end??

Spped is fast, and the graphics are cool.
Too bad because money is precious, I din go and venture into how is the performance of the pc there.

I think maybe I can go home and lower some of the graphics performance and see if there is an increase in speed.

E-zone Shipped out~!

OH NO~! E zone is shipped out of cineleisure~! Well is it a blessing or a curse? The blessing is that the games that came in is better than E zone. Can you imagine how frustrated a person can be, if the buttons or joystick doesn’t respond?
The curse is that the price is up~!

IMAgine playing a game, for $1.50~! So expensive de loh, play two games, and I can use that to buy a chicken rice. And fill up the tank. So sad.

So one leisure is down, cos will not be going to cineleisure to play the arcade.
Is the arcade losing end in Orchard? So far, there are only three arcades I know of in orchard. Maybe one day I can go for a game of pool too.

2 Weeks restrain

I am into this program calls 2 weeks detox program. It is to avoid meat, especially red meat, eat more veggie, taking some pills to cleanse the body of toxic. It actually started last Monday, and so, my lunch variety are really limited. NO MEAT~! No OILY FOOD~! Plenty of water and veggies to clear the stomach, colons, kidney, and liver.

Why I go into this is because I wanna have a clean better health, and to be more alert. So far, I think, it is getting improving, and hopefully by the end of two weeks, I can have steamboat for 2 weeks. Haha. So Mr Keith, if you watch me eating veggies most of the time in steamboat, dun be surprise hoh.

NATAs fair

The natas fair started yesterday, and I dropped by yesterday to check on the cheapest fair there I really hate this habit of procrastinating, because it made me lose a big deal. I was sourcing for an air ticket in one of the booth, and the sales actually is gong gong, then quoted a price of 1218. Then I think it is a huge saving, but I would like to go for another round, and when I returned, the price is given by another girl who quote a higher price, after hearing, I try to work back the cost to find out why the first girl give me a lower price. Later found out it is because the first girl did not add in an extra tax, that’s why she gets a lower one. AH~! If I get hold of it the first time, I could actually gets it~! DUH~

Anyway, God’s blessing, I got hold of an air ticket, and now, it is time to look for the rail and accom in that country. As for which country I am going, I will post it AFTER I get there. Else everyone will look out for me there. But the tip is it is at the peak period I am going, so that’s why early planning is essential.

Free and Easy Booth

The Natas is really crowded, and the most longest queue will be the free and easy line. I noticed that more and more people are opting for the free and easy holiday because it could have given people more time in doing their shopping, rather than take bus from here to there, stay for 30 minutes and then move to another place. Anyway, I go for a holiday that is self planned, so meaning I will go there, to stay and venture out myself. Haih, if my mum goes with me, it would be better, but she is not interested in there. Else can have someone chop the seats for me there. I wonder does the “tissue booking technique” exit there. Ha ha, Singapore really have this tactic of using a tissue to chop the seats while the person goes and buy the food.


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