Thursday, June 01, 2006


Sewer Choked

Today is perhaps one of the dirty days. Early in the morning, there is an ambulance case, and one of the clinics have the man-hold choked. Yup. Can you imagine how dirty it is? Oh gosh, one of the water trap have water overflow, and it is choked quite badly, even 4 people cannot unclog the choke. It is only to the later part, where the engineer cannot do it himself, and he call up the agency to unclog the choke. As it is after the dumpling festival, we can assume that people wash the dumpling down the drain, and the sticky choked the water pipe. To make it worse, it stuck around a bend, where our poles cannot get to it.

Today, is the pay day, so feels a bit rich today. But still, I have to start saving up, for the big day in September. In September, there is a plan scheduled, to bring xiaolan home, and meet the parents. Maybe I should change my name to focker. Ha ha. Have you watched the movie meet the parents and meet the parents 2? It really is funny though.

White spot

After work, I was very astonished to find one of the clown loach have contact one of the easiest disease. The White Spot. On seeing it, I immediately put in the medication of white spot, and have to wait for few days, and observe how it goes about. The rest of the clown loaches are ok.

KFC promos
Today it is yet another chicken party today. As the KFC have a promotion, I took hold of it, and got 6 chickens and eat them all up. Yup. Yesterday was 8 pieces. Hmm….Can’t help it that I like to eat chicken. Even xiaolan is born in the year of chicken. No wonder I set my eyes on no one but xiao lan. Ha ha ha. For me, the thighs is the mose delicious, and juicy part of the KFC chicken. Should you get a crispy one, Thighs is best. Let me tell you, the chicken wing is the most unworthy part. The less meat, only fit for children. The drumlet is more meat, but dry. The mid joint, is juicy, but less meat. The wing tip is more bone. The rib, is hard to bite, and practically, there are more bones and crisp. So if you like crisp, the rib is for you. The breast is the dry part. Except for the nice biting of the cartridges, the rest is a lot of meat, and full of chilli. Dried. As for the thighs, it is juicy, and if you get the one in bugis, you can actually see the juice comes gushing down. Furthermore, that is when the chicken run and move a lot when it is alive. So when the chicken gets lots of exercise, it is very soft.

Somehow, I feels that only the KFC in bugis managed to get the chicken cooked to the best condition. The rest of the KFC cannot get to the standards. I would recommend you to go and try it out. As you tear the meat, the juicy chicken stock rush out of the chicken meat. Yum yum.


Sentosa with Xiao Lan

Time really flies

Well, it is already very long since I update this blog. So many things have happened, and I don’t have a single free time to write down.

It have been sleepless tonight, so I thought of getting up, and write something.

Job searching

I am searching for a new job now, cos this job, is not good for any learning of new skills. I am working as a maintenance technician in a local hospital. And well, they just “washed out the almost entire previous batch, leaving two people behind. The job is simple, just change bulb and some small cleaning and that is all. When things breaks down, and spare parts is required, the engineer simply don’t approve the funds, and we have to dig our head out to think of a way to solve it. In the end, we come up with a temporary solution for a permanent problem. For technical people, let’s say in the flushing system, the swing rod is corroded, and when you press the handle, it doesn’t respond. This is because the swing rod, is halfway corroded, and the only way to solve it is by putting a washer, between the flushing handle and the valve seat. This is deemed as a temporary solution, but should the swing rod give way, the assembly have to be removed, and replaced. This ends up to be a more job.

Even the escalator and lift contractors knew about the problem we face. They have complained about the technical fault, and have written recommended repairs and given the quotations. Yet, it is not approved, and should the things drag on, the entire escalator may one day give way.

Anyway, two of my colleagues have started to look for new job, and I am also starting to look for one.


I brought xiao lan to sentosa on the 6th May. I think this is the best memory for her, cos I did not spell a single word, until when we reached the cable car station. I like to take the cable car to sentosa. Cos it is very fun in it, and it goes straight all the way into the hot spot, where there are many amenities around. I have a resort reserved, and it is on the 3rd floor, with a sea view, and a swimming pool. It is a NTUC resort in sentosa. Should I spend 3 times more the price, I can get my butt into the Shangri-La hotel and enjoy the view fully.

Sentosa looks the same I visited some years ago, and the only thing that interests me is the beach. It is really clean. And swimming in it is certainly more better than the one in Sembawang Beach.

Somewhere in palawan beach, there are two wooden towers, where people can climb up, and enjoy the sea view. I like it but a pity it was dark and there is nothing to see except the ships.

Thank God for the free ride of trams and buses in sentosa. Because to get from one point to another point of sentosa, is really far away. And also, the operating hours of the trams, are extended to the wee hour of the night. Up to now, I still don’t understand. Why the teenagers who are spending the night, struggle to be awake, and playing things in the hall? Hmm….

If you ask me what is the best attraction, I like the Luge ride. Yup yup. Luge ride is really fun. It is a small car, that goes from top of the hill in sentosa, to the bottom. Hmm… it was the first time xiao lan playing, so she doesn’t get the hang of it. As for me, I got used o it the first time. A pity, it was an expensive ride.

I think Xiao Lan is very happy with the trip to sentosa, because she have never been before, and each time, she can sees it only, and now that she have seen it, she must be very happy.

4 more Clown loach

This is regret to say, that some of the cardinal tetra, somehow got their way into the sewer system of the fish tank, and got sucked up to the filter. Thus, the number of cardinal, got from 10 over fishes, until only 4. I don’t get anymore cardinal fish anymore. They always hide away, and refuses to be seen, or even seen feeding.

For clown loach, they like tow swim around,a nd really fast. And they are always hungry, and ready to feed the moment there is food.

Xiao lan fishes the clown loach up from the tank in the aquarium shop. And yup, it really is fun, and one of the clown loach is a small one. After they were let into the fish tank, they somehow hide away, probably they are unfamiliar with the environment.

Thankfully, two clown loaches in the tank went and look at the four new members and they followed the 2 master around the tank. Now, they are swimming in the new houses, and happily as they swim up and down, and the dory and algae eater doesn’t seems to care, and go about their own chores.


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