Tuesday, December 21, 2010


What was that? 6 months since I put up my last post? yup. I can finally find a bit of time to continue blogging now.

For my study, I am now in the last subject and there is a long interval in between. I stumbled on a very interesting quote yesterday. it is a quote from the Taiwan's most famous politician called Li Au. Does anyone knows who is Li Au? He is one who have verys trong insight into the society and able to bring a government down just with a word from his mouth. He was sued many time, but no government can successful convict him because he have hot hard figures to prove his facts.

Anyway, his saying is "What is a Iron Bowl?"

Most of us chinese would called it a 铁饭碗. Chinese says a iron bowl is that people who are able to hold on to a job from youth to old and stable. However, Li Au have a different saying that is really inspiring. He says that a iron bowl is not one you how to but wherever you go, you always have a rice to eat. In Chinese, 铁饭碗并不是说有饭吃, 而是走到哪都有饭吃。 That means if you have an iron bowl, no matter where you go, there will always be rice in it for you to eat. So an iron bowl he refers to is literally knowledge.

Food for thoughts

Ever since I returned from KL, I have a new thought in my mind when I was on a tour. People around me are really advance now, and here I am stuck in a place where people are stubborn sometime. When a reasoning is come out, the higher authority overturns it. When I reason out with the higher authority, the words is twisted and turns around back. Real fed up sometime. When I look into the channel Discovery, I was astonished about how slow-paced country is able to develop super structure using sophiscated machines. And when I turns and look at my job, paints, low tension power, bulbs, what am I doing sometime. There is nothing much to learn, need to advance now.


This is the second night, I had this same dream. a PR in Adelaide. Is GOD sending a sign? I dreamt that I was living in a house, near to Grenelg beach working. and in the weekends, I would move up to Mawson lakes and rest along the pond with me darling. Here we are in a place where we work from 9 to 6, sometime probably overtime. Whereas in Adelaide, work stops at 3, and employers ususally discourage Overtime. Employees have a good time spending quality time with the family. And each month, earning $6K approximately per month. This works out to be A$200 per day. a house cost aroun A$400,000. Calculated out it would be S$920,000.

When will this ultimate plan come true?


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