Sunday, May 25, 2008

Exam finished, but no yay. :(

Examination ends~!

Finally~! The exam is finished for PPC. So PP~! hmm…. Pipi reminds me of a friend’s doggie name, who is pipi as well.
Anyway, I have one day left to play with, before the other subject kicks in on Monday. Duh, why is it have to be on Monday?

Tomorrow is a heretic day. This is because, I gotta go and get a hair cut, take out one faulty hard drive for my desktop. This is because one of the hard drive have been stopped since dunno when, and well, have to get an transformer, to rewire it into the desktop.

I have observed that the desktop may have the chance of experiencing thermal shock, because the 8 cooling fan that is on top of the desktop stops immediately after the desktop stops. So I am thinking of adding on a separate power source for the 8 cooling fan, so that they will continue running even after the desktop is switches off. And it will go to the main supply.

Gotta do wiring for the laptop also, because the power supply for the laptop is way too far, and operates by so many switches. I am thinking of pulling one wire to the table, so that I don’t have to go so far to switch on and off the power.
Then, I gotta get some food for night dinner, and it is guess what, stone cooking again. I am so enthusiastic about this new cooking technique. Only my mum doesn’t like it, because it makes the room oily.

IT have been ages since I got a chance to read up on two books, and arrange one of the drawers. Looks like quite a busy day for me tomorrow.
Wish I have magic power, or a robot who can rearrange my stuff at home.

Mail box

This is a movie that I caught recently. it is called "xing xiang" in chinese. It is a movie made in China, and it is a love story, ghost story, mystery story and a investigating story.

Though not quite well made, but, the story require people to think into it, because the scene skips very fast, and have to connect them together in pieces, to know who is the real "Xiao Yue"

It started off about one guy and girl, walking in the grassland romantically. It is an event taken place 40 years ago, about two loving couple. Then, it became to the present day, where this guy called zheng chuan read the letter column in the magazine, and found out that the scene described by a writer called xiao yue is very familiar to his childhood friend.

He make calls to the editor, and foudn out that xiao yue is dead. Then, he also receives emails from the so called dead xiao yue, and was tramatised and went to search for her, and misses her so much.

After that, the man fall ill and landed in the hospital, who was nursed by a nurse, who have seen xiao yue died. She speak of it, and say that she is a teacher. When zheng chuan received email by xiao yue, he keeps on going to look for her, but xiao yue seems to be avoiding him.

Zheng chuan was so anxious, that he even rent the house, which xiao yue rented when she is alive. He sits by the table with the photo everyday.

As this is a mystery movie, I think I should not speak more into it. But the ending is in the end, a girl died, and zheng chuan became mad, and was lost in his mind. The secretary who is in love with zheng chuan, was devastated because zheng chuan ignores her and fall for a dead person.

The setting is quite dark sometime, because of the flash back. but the story will be reveal at the back. and it will also disclose who si the Xiao Yue in the movie, and why Xiao Yue is avoiding him in the past after one night.


Friday, May 23, 2008

Stone Cooking

Stone cooking prawns, Salmon and EggStone cooking

How many people have wondered about this cooking technique? This is a very ancient & natural method of cooking used by the Egyptians, Vikings and many other civilisations.
In the world of aluminium, stainless steel, gas of age, many people have forgotten about this cooking technique called stone cooking.
During a scavenge round, I chanced upon a granite stone. And this is a highly polished granite stone, which is thick. (and heavy)
It reminds me of stone cooking, and was very appeal to the idea. I brought it home, and try cooking on it. It really works quite well~!
As it is polished, cooking is very easy. I just put it on top of the hot stove, and heat it up for 10 minutes, and then, bring it to the dining table, then put the food to be cook. And it cooks very well!
Stone cooking is a very low fat technique, because there is no need of use for oil. Just put any food on it, it will first sizzle, and then cook constantly. As the temperature of the stone drop, the food is cooked evenly. This is because by the time it cools down, the food is done. As a first experiment, I cook with some prawns, egg and a salmon fish. Taste really nice.
Stone cooking prawns, Salmon and EggI am taking one suggest from a friend, who say to cook with bacon and prawn. Wonder how is it taste like. But I am still waiting for the next available opportunity.
Food cooked on your stone grill tastes fresh because it is cooked with no fat or oil and is healthier for you than other conventional methods of cooking. The heat of the stone sears the outside of the food locking in the taste and flavour. Meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, eggs, fruit or bread, in fact almost anything is suitable for cooking on the stone.
How ever, because of the hefty price of the stone, due to highly polish condition, this is quite expensive if it is to be sold in the market. Luckily for me, This is free.

Sick Season?

Recently, one of my close friend is sick. Wow, sick with a cough, shiver and a stomach-ache. A three hit combo. Wow. And two of my colleague is also down with cough. Is the coughing season arriving?
I am so afraid that I would get it. Gotta exercise around, so as to avoid getting these disease. Came to think of it, I am exercising everyday. Getting a stroll everyday, running and sometime, jumping. Hmm….

Warming up food tooWindows Office 2007

Just newly installed, the internet PC now have a program called Microsoft office 2007. It is a very expensive piece of software, but in term of doing work, it is really useful. Just click and drag. I was very impressed and sees it have a completely turnover from the previous office product. The first would be the menu. The menus are consist of a lot of drop out menus, and getting around the icons is hard. Looks like I have to get a time out to study how this software works.

Examination tomorrow~!

Tomorrow, 24th May, would be my second examination. Yet, here I am blogging away. Am I studying too hard to be crazy now?


Monday, May 19, 2008

A walk on the beach

Have anyone heard about the story about a guy, walking on a beach with GOD? hmm...

Once, a man was walking along a beach. they are walking back, because it describe the life a the man. He noticed that there are two footprints, his footprint, and God's footprint.

There are many times, one pair of footprint is missing. He turns to God and ask him:"Lord, why is it that when I faces trouble, you left me and leaving me behind?"

God turns to look at him, and says:" My Child, You are very precious to me, and I would never leave you alone."

The man wanted to ask again, God Speaks:"When you faces problems, I am the one, carrying you up and walks through those times."


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fire Protection at home

Fire Extinguisher ay homeHome Fire Protection

How many people have think of this thing at home called fire protection?

This is a very rare case, but it does happens. Accident do happens at home. Fire can be started anywhere. A lot of people tries to avoid talking about fire at work. So in the end, they do not do any fire protection at home.

For me, I got a smoke detector. It is a small detector that detects smoke. Because fire creates smoke. This is especially useful in putting it in the area near to the kitchen. So when there is smoke, big smoke, it will sound. And the way these smoke detector sounds is very loud one. Can even wake up the dead. Ha ha.

Yang Bing Qian Re, Yong Zai Yi Shi

The other is a fire extinguisher. As Chinese saying: “Yang Bing Qian Re, Yong Zai Yi Shi” It means you feed the soldier for a thousand days, but you uses them for a moment only. It is usually referring to preparing things everyday, but uses only in emergency.

Why Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher, is really useful in term of fire, because it creates a layer of powder, to stop the fire from growing. Because the powder will starve the fire of oxygen, and it will eventually dies out. Having a fire extinguisher is useful, because it stops fire before it spread. Some people may be thinking of using water to extinguish the fire, but do you know, that you cannot use water in two area. They are oil fire, and electrical fire. This is because if you uses water on oil fire, it will spread the fire instead to a larger area. It also explode if the oil is very hot, scalding people on the skin. A for electrical fire, it can electrocute a person if the water touches the human. So in the end, a fire extinguisher with class A, B and C is good enough.

As the fire extinguisher is a form of chemical, there is a requirement for sending the fire extinguisher to the factory to have a check on the pressure, and how is the condition. Occasionally, there is also a need to recharge the fire extinguisher.
In industrial area, fire extinguisher is a must to be around. This is because it is a more fire prone place, and insurance companies are very particular in checking these fire extinguisher and the fire alarm system. Usually if a place is under fire, after that, the first place the insurance company will search is the fire alarm system.

Expired fire extinguisherViolation

If there is a violation, the insurance may not pay.
I think fire protection is a great investment, because life is precious, and these can saves lives, it sure is good. Sometime, if there are neighbor whose house is on fire, can also save them. Although there are people who avoid talking about these, but it is inevitable.

Great mind thinkingAs a door stopper

These pictures is also a very interesting use of a fire extinguisher. It actually is being used as a door stopper. This is because the door with a door closer, automatically closes.

And since the fire extinguisher must be near to the entrance, so people would use the fire extinguisher and use it as a door stopper. Hmm… quite a dangerous stunt huh.
As for expired fire extinguisher. Hmm… it really is hard to image that there is a fire extinguisher expired, found in a very highly prone place that is expired for three years. Anyway, expired fire extinguisher is quickly changed, because if can void the insurance contract if it is expired for a long time.


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shocked till sot

Unshielded testpen

A very and most stupidest mistake. Using an unshielded testpen, and do wire connection. How many time do I have to be shocked, before I would believe that electricity are very dangerous?
Some people are so used to electric shock, that they treat it as a massage. As for me, I am still not reached that kinda stage.
Do you know, that testpen, a small one, are usually shielded tool? I have two test pen, one is a tap and test, and another is a broken, but still can be used to tighten screws, and poke poke poke. And in the event of great anger, I may use it for stabbing. Heehee.

Anyway, The testpen was damaged by the shield, and I uses it to do a small connection under the live wiring. DUH, stupid me go and accidentally touched the unshielded part, and shock again. Was on the ladder, and drop down. Luckily, there are people around, else, I may be fainted. And as usual, pick myself up and do another time, this time, with a insulation tape around the unshielded part. Never make the same mistake twice.

Mother’s Day

What do people do for mothers day wo? As for me, haih, father’s day is never a day will pass by again, so I treasure mother’s day with my mum. Did some arrangement today. So on the day itself, there is a plan in placed. And to make things even better, there is a backup plan. And DUH~! The mood is spoilt, because of some curious cat. MEOW you know what I am taking about hee hee


Today, I readjusted the aircon that is on top of me. Hee hee. This is because during the breakdown, many people panic, and adjust one damper that is optimised for the particular temperature. They just set it fully open, and thus, my area was so cold, I have to re-calibrate the aircon that is blowing towards me, and tune the small fan. My place have a small fan, as a matter of fact, 4 small fans to be precise. This is to make life easy for me, so that when I am hot, I can switch it on, and the fan will draw all the cold air to my place. Then, if I am cool enough, I would switch it off, and the temperature that come to my side, will not be cold to the chill. Well, this is if people understand the system, then they can do the adjustment, but calculation is very important, because one area may affect another place.


Sunday, May 04, 2008

SPA retreat......FAILED~!

Solo at entrance.Bu Neng Shuo De Mi Mi

This is a very touching movie that I catch up with recently. It is by Jay Chao, who direct the movie. It is a very sad story, but the ending is very abrupt.

It is a love story, between a couple, and a piano. It begins when Ye Xiang Lun, who is played by Jay Chao, met Lu Xiao Yu in a piano room. Xiao yu fall in love with Xiang Lun at first sight, and find him very impressive, and also, knows that he and her both like the same song.

Little did Xiang Lun knows that, Xiao Yu is from 20 years ago. She is traveling to the future because she chanced upon a musical piece by accident, and found out she can travel to the future. When they were together, Xiang lun and Xiao yu are both happy. But after that, Xiao Yu, found some unintentional things that xiang Lun did that made her sad. She decided not to go and find Xiang Lun anymore. When Xiang Lun became desperate, he began knocking on doors of the future Xiao Yu home, and found out the facts. He discovered even more when he approaches his dad, who is aos Xiao Yu’ teacher. In desperate to get back to Xiao Yu, Xiang Lun risk his life, and get back to the piano, and got back to find Xiao Yu.

It is unknown what happen to both of them, because the ending is very fast. This is really sad sad story, because when Xiao Yu is in the future, only when she opens and sees the first person, can only the person sees her. Other than that, no one else can see the person who came from the past.

It is a really sad and touching love story, I think this can be recommend to people around.

Motor burnout

How would people react, when they would see one motor, first emits smoke, and later burn away? This is what was witnessed, because one contractor recommend to change a 30 KW motor, to 20 KW, but the airflow is designed for a 35KW motor. This is what happens today, in one place, where a wire burnt black, and the motor is in smoke.

It is a really chaotic day today, because no one bother to go inside the air handling unit to check on the motor when electrical circuit devices trip off. Instead, they change the supply and everything, but everyone is reacting rushly, and thus, no one expect that the motor is actually the main culprit that causes all the things today. Duh~

Group Photo at the tableCrab Crab

On Labor day, I went to the east coast with my friends, to the east coast seafood center, to have the taste of the crabs. 3 crabs in total, and it is actually very tasty. It is a pity that I have to work on labour day, and thus. I cannot go and join the cycling and things like that. Anyway, It is quite fun just eating and get to know more friends. 3 crabs in total and everything amount to near to thousand. Wow. It really is quite expensive, but it is quite good to have a taste of more stuff little by little rather than eating in a small group.

Drug Lord stopped

I have stopped playing drug lord now, cos it is quite tiring playing it and waiting for the price to drop and stuff like that. I am now into Mob War, quite rich now, but still trying to get more money, and then, I will start buying weapons and start fighting around. Just wait there, to those who keeps on attacking me. I am the “ORCarrier” wo. Hee hee

SPA retreat

This is so sad, I travel all the way to the SPA center, and found out that the SPA is not open today. I am really in need of that, because throughout the week of hard work, the last thing that I have in mind a a good SPA retreat. Yet, when I reached there, it is closed for maintenance. If I have the tools on hand, I would get down and repair it myself, personally. But the technicians are not around. Anyway, without the SPA, I go for a swim, and swim a few round, and stay by to relax all my muscles. It is quite a hot hot day today, and thus, I went for the swim in the late afternoon. It is quite crowded today, probably because it is a hot day today, so everyone flock to the swimming pool to get into the dunk. Ha ha.

Xiao Lan

As I was relaxing today, I was suddenly thought of Xiao Lan. She is my ex-gf, and I taught her how to swim in that swimming pool. I couldn’t stop thinking how is she getting on, because this is perhaps some memories bah. Sometime, it is what all that matters, but I just couldn’t get her off my mind sometime bah. It have been more than six months since I last met her. Maybe she prefers to concentrate more into her study, and prefers not to meet me. But no matter what, I just wish her well in her study and work. Maybe with me aorund it would be the obstacle between Xiao Lan and her dream. For her, I would have to step back......


Friday, May 02, 2008

World Shut Down Day

World shut down Day

Tomorrow, Saturday, 3rd May 2008 is the World shut down day.
It is the day, where people stop their internet activity, and shut off their PC and network entirely, and take a day without the PC.

It is started by a small group of people who come up with this idea, because they think that with the world of the PC and the internet, the people are losing touch with the real world outside. Everyone communicates with Internet, Msn, Emails, not many people communicate among each other.

So how will ti go? I will take part in this, if there is no urgent stuff I need to do in the internet. Hmm… Came to think of it, maybe I think it could be impossible for me, because I have the Mobs war in the facebook to take care of it.

But still, I hope I can live a day without pc hee hee.


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