Sunday, May 31, 2009

Terminator Salvation

Finally, the end of the 5 days DJML project. So difficult wo. Anyway, I am glad I pulled through it. Now it is time for DPC project. To understand it.

Enlightening SMS

I got a sms some days ago, and it really made me wonder…… If I were to meet someone few years earlier, where would we be? Hmm…. We will not have to go through some hardship. And perhaps. Avoid the loss of time. And then again, even if we meet now, we should look at it that time is still not too late on our side……
Then, another thought came. If we were to look at the present now, and start working on it, wouldn’t it better to get on with our life, than spending the whole time pounding why doesn’t it happen earlier……

If the facebook was not invented, will we not meet together, or shall we be delayed or meet by other mean? Hmm… If MSN is not written, will we not know of each other number ever?

All things happens by fate of eventuality. Then again, now that it have come to past, better get on working to see how will it go.

Restaurant City

If you are on the facebook, look me up, I am now into restaurant City. It is a very fun and interesting game in the facebook, wher eyou can watch the money and space of the restaurant grow. I really find it fun, cos you can recruit your friend to work in the restaurant, and help out, and see people eating the meals. Some would demand for certain things, and if you do not have something that they want, they either give you a thumb down, or just walk away.
It is a hard game on one hand, cos you have to really optimize the cook, so that the patrons are happy about it. Making too much table, they will give you a thumbs down if you are not cooking it fast enough. Putting too less table, and you see the cook will have idle time, making a loss in the revenue.

I really thanks Veron a lot cos she showed me a mistake in my restaurant, and oh duh~! It is a irreversible mistake. Can’t really bring it back, unless I have to restart the whole game again, and my points and everything I work for will be back to zero. Anyway, after listening to her advice, I will continue on it, but avoid making that mistake again. And with this mistake, I really loses out a lot on an opportunity to make my money grow faster.


Finally, I got a chance to go spa today. Phew, it is a great relief, cos the spa treatment can really repair all the body ache, and regenerate all the muscles faster. Feel so relax now. And together with the hot water and the bubbles, some less than 40 minutes treatment is enough to cure all the aching around the body, and staying too long should be observed, cos the chlorine smell is toxic, but it is necessary to kill the bacteria in the spa pool.

If only there is oxygen tank in it, then I can breath through the oxygen tank and stay in it longer.

Blood drawn

Finally, after third week, I got the blood drawn out. Some 450cc of it. Now is having less blood now. But well, one step closer to the 50 point mark.

I have been going to the HAS since last month, cos somehow, the blood HBP is less than the requirement. It is caused by too little iron. Hmm…. If too much of binge drinking causing this? Maybe I should cut down. Anyway, on Sat, when I got there, I tried not to drink any caffeine drink, and also to drink more water. Guess what, it is exactly the lowest limit, but still pass, so I got through, and have the blood donation done. Hmm…. Did you know that one blood donation, you can save three people’s blood? Cos the blood will be separated, and well, the nurse said my blood is a rare blood, but a selfish blood also, cos it can only save a type of person, but many others can save me. Hmm….Can you guess what blood type I am? Hee hee.

Terminator Salvation

I have watched this terminator salvation, and I really watch it in hope that the machine war would end. Well, apparently, the machine still wins. Duh

The resistance are organizing a world wide skynet invasion, and all because of the guy Kyle Reese, is captured, and John Connor have no choice, but to go into the skynet to save Kyle from the skynet, or else, john will not be born. Hmm…. Speaking of terminator salvation, have anyone been following the Terminator, the Sarah Connor chronicle? Hmm…. Cameron is dead, because she was badly damaged in the rescue of Sarah Connor. She gave her chip to Cromarty, who dunno went to where. Then John went with Katherine to the future, in hope to find Cromarty, and kill it.

If there is a link between Terminator and the Sarah Connor chronicles, I think I will win the whole story telling, but too bad, there is no connection. I was puzzled, because in the terminator Salvation, John did not exercise the role of programming the terminators, or if he can reprogram the hunter killers, it will serve him well,. Instead, he have to blow that hunter killer away when he learnt to disable it.

And did you know that John did not know about the way of the reprogramming of the terminators. It is through Cameron, that John learnt how to disable the terminators, and take the chip out. Else, I think he may have to delayed his learning of reprogramming the terminators.

December Hokkaido abort

After given much thought, I have to give december hokkaido a miss. This is due to some factors, and one of them is that the capital will not reach enoguh by that day. and also, it is a winter, and there will be a need to spend more in buying the winter cloth, and this inturn, will add to the expense, and because winter cloth is used, there will be less space int he luggage. Thus, maybe I go in april instead.

Anyway, the nearest holiday. hee hee. a place near to Singapore, and it is on a $300 budget. yippy~!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

What happened to me in a room in the afternoon?

A Phone call

First of all, I just want to share a great enjoyment. I received a call from a friend, who is been disappeared since last year. Hmm… was working and near afternoon, he called and ask how am I. How thrill I was, and we chat and chat till I was asking him whether when can we meet up. But we couldn’t make up a good timing, cos Saturday I am working, but he is out of town. And so is Sunday. And next week, there is a 5 day project DJML. Of all the timing, why this timing wo. Anyway, we couldn’t conclude the timing, and thus, I say next time. Hmm…. I must remember to give him a call.

Cough and Cough

Duh, the cough is still on, and I got sick of coughing, and keep on coughing in the night. When I woke up in the morning, the diaphragm is weak and painful. It is that 4th rib again. I really hate that 4th rib. Cos it is one rib where the nerve is trapped and sometime causes extreme pain under pressure. When I woke up, I really hope someone could take a chopper and chop off the 4th rib, so it wouldn’t be so much painful.


This is a weird stuff that happens today, and I have always been thinking. I woke up in the vacant room, and with the phone’s ringing. I pick it up, and it have 5 missed call, and all is called by the security and the head office. On the wall is an exposed electrical circuit, and the tools are lying around.
Last thing I could remember is I was walking to the lobby, and everthing else is black, till the time I hear the phone ringing.

What actually happened inbetween? Was I electrocuted? How can it be wo? There is no tripping in the room. I walked around and saw the drill is in another room. And the window handle was just replaced. I know the task today have window handle replacement in it. So it must be happened after the window handle replacement.

At this time, I really wonder. If I was electrocuted to death, who would miss me the most? Will anyone remember about the white teddy bear. My precious white polar teddy bear. As I was moving around the places, who would be able to find that I was really missing in the building and who will be able to find me in it?
Real scary, but I am glad that I am back into this world again.

Nemoto san

Funny thing happens today, and I just wish I could laugh over it, cos it is a bit angry, but thinking back, I really should have trust my conscious.
Nemoto appear out of nowhere, and told me she wanted to change a lightbulb. As she was struggling with English, I speak to her in Japanese, so she could easily understand. Then, there is a sentence I really got totally weird, cos it was so long, I couldn’t piece them up.

When I go up, and do the one job she request, and later, found out that she remembered another thing, and I have to go down to take it. And after that, she remembered another thing, and I realized totally, it is the fault of the leasing dept that did not follow up on her previous promises. Thus, I am yet again, yo face the direct bombardment. Quickly made a call back. And once approval is given to change it, I wuickly went down and get the spare part and change it.

Hmm… At least we got rid of the problem. And sometime, I really cannot tolerate the way people break promises, and I have to face the firing squard. In this case, it is only the gun man. Haha

Anyway, as a token, I learnt a new word from Nemoto san. And it is the word Do-gu. Hee hee a very useful word. I learnt from watanabe san yesterday: O jamashimasu. A totally useful word, and I used it on Nemoto san, and she is quite polite and answered back.

Project BA
Basic Step : 89%
Front step : 84%
Chest move : 12%
Right turn(own) : 91%
3 combination turn : 26%
Quarter turn : 67%
Half turn : 72%
Change style : 49%


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Coughing days is here.

Cough Cough

Now is the season to get sick, I guess, a lot of people around me is getting sick. I got this bad cough, that never seems to end. Hmm... wonder where it comes from too.

Anyway, the Swine Flu nowadays is getting quite serious with lot of people getting infected. How is it that this kinda flu get mutated into such a state wo. Is someone not finishing the antibiotic and lead to this catastrophy?

Coporate Trust

Working in a company always have this politics, and stuff like that. I was observing and reviewing about this cycle that goes on, and realised of one word of caution by cynthia last year. hmm.... I think she is trying to tell me something about this company and I found out who and what is she refering to.

Working place is like a fighting warzone everyday, and people like to spread rumours around. In this kind of environment, it is very hard for the compnay to progress. and sometime, there will be black face all over the place. Say too much, and you get grilled by the very person you trust in the meeting.

And now, I can see a cycle now where there is this person alwyas enquire about stuff from other department, and he is quite nosey, to step his leg into everything. What is with him wo? Doesn't he have enough things to do? and the funny part is when there is credit, he just take it on himeself. and when there is trouble, you know the scrap goat have to be pulled in.

Just today, he enquired about the stuff in building MA, and I just tell him to check with my manager. And he is not happy. Well, it is another person affair, so without any head, why should I tell you the tail? Can see he is not happy wo. But the pattern is like this. Say too much, and there will be confusion everywhere.

Building MA seems to everyone that it have nothing to do. But there are quite a lot of things to do actually, just to see whether does anyone wants to look for it. Everyone think there is nothing to do over here, and it is only when they reached here, they would know there are a lot to do here wo. This is especially so when I am around here. kee kee

Jean's favorite song

Thia iS a favorite song of Jean, Lamento Boliviano, Toque De Keda.

Seems to be like a theme song. Was checking the move yesterday for 3 hours, and thought of using it for dancing. Was actually shy at first, when the australia feeling kick in, and I went up and ask for the song. Hmm.... the singer said just for me, they will play it. and I thought it is played in the middle, but did not expect them to play it on the first song.

When the song was played, I was at a total loss, cos a lot of planned moves are not ready ye. Duh. not quite the expectation, but it is fine. Some of the moves was actually forgotten. Duh

So glad Jean like it.

Allergic to Fancl sunguard

This is somethng that is confirmed I cannot use it. the Fancl sunguard. It was actually suspected at first, but after I ask for the sample and try it, It is confirmed that the skin is allergic to it. First, I will get this itchy feeling, and then, the sweat will keep on coming out, following by reddness. Quickly, I rinse it off with the mild cleansing oil, and use back the old sun screen.

Precious bear

Not many people got this right in one of my quiz in the facebook. And it says:

If stephen is dead, what would you bury him with?

And the answer is actually, a white teddy bear.

To think I am quite old, but I really love that bear a lot. Even reminded my cousins that if I die, please bury me with the whilte bear.

The white polar bear is the one thing that followed me through thick and skin. When I am sad, it is the only bear that I hug to. After the hug, everything would be better.

At one time, I was passing by a pasar malam, and when I walk through a store selling baby cloth, my cousin was pointing at a shirt and say maybe the bear can fit in it. I was at a daze for a while, and then thougt of the bear. Wow. I am a genius. I went up and choose a cloth for the 1 month old, and dound one that is nice with a head cover. From that day onward, the bear have a shirt to wear.

It is in 2007, the bear got a new cloth. a Maize looking cloth. And it is hand knitted. The bear looks very nice in it, can you imagine that the shirt for the bear actually was made in less than 2 weeks wo.

Love that white bear......which is now perhaps a bit black. but I sill love it.

Project SS

Glide turn: 51%
Cross lead turn + Cross lead + Slide turn: 52%
Right turn(own) + Right turn + Cross lead turn + Cross lead + slide turn +low hand turn: 42%

Project BA

Basic: 71%
Front: 80%
Quarter Turn: 51%
Half turn: 45%
Full turn: 0%
Right turn (own):81%
Right turn: 80%

Toque D Keda Lamento Boliviano :
Me quieren agitar
me incitan a gritar
soy como una roca
palabras no me tocan
adentro hay un volcan
que pronto va a estallar
yo quiero estar tranquilo...

Es mi situación una desolación
soy como un lamento,
lamento boliviano
que un día empezo y
no va a terminar
y a nadie hace daño...

Y yo estoy aquí
borracho y loco
y mi corazón idiota
siempre brillará
y yo te amaré
[ Find more Lyrics on ]
te amaré por siempre
nena no te peines en la cama
que los viajantes se
van a atrasar...

Y yo estoy aqui
borracho y loco
y mi corazon idiota
siempre brillará
y yo te amaré
te amaré por siempre
nena no te peines en la cama
que los viajantes se
van a atrasar

Y yo estoy aqui
borracho y loco
y mi corazon idiota
siempre brillará
y yo te amaré
te amaré por siempre
nena no te peines en la cama
que los viajantes se
van a atrasar


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Project BA, week 2


Basic: 92%
Front: 90%
Hip thrust: 52%
Frame lock: 71%

Frame isolation: 32%
Quarter turn: 11%
Half turn: 0%
Full turn : 0%

Change style: 31%

No improvement. hmm.... need more practice.

Chotto Matte

This word, it is only through Fujimoto san, that I realised that there is limitation in using it.

Bearing the meaning of "One moment please", the correct word that should be used is

Shosho machi kudasai.

The word Chotto matte is used for friends, and shosho machi is widely used in formal occassion and it is more polite.


There is a new plan formulating. hmm... looks like this year end I will not be going to Hokkaido. It is amazing that not many people I came across came form Hokkaido. How come wo?
I was intending to check out from them about the Hokkaido place, but most come from Kyoto, Tokyo. Basically they are big city bah. Fujimoto san was telling me that Hokkaido is famous for their seafood, and she have visited Hokkaido many time. A pity, most of the planning trip is done by goshujun. So did not managed to find out more from her.

Fujimoto san itsumo domo arigato.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Something changed

Hmm... today felt something has changed. so weird wo. Hmm... what could have caused it?

Anyway, at work was very disappointed in my skill in a leaking repair work. I think it is because I did not think out of the box, and let the trouble remain there for three days.

It is a leaking pipe, and no matter how I do it, it just keep on leaking. and this morning,t here is a contractor here to check on a house leaking problem, I put down my hat and ask for them to help.

When they came in, in less than 10 minutes, they managed to solve the problem with ease. and the solution is so simple. Just a change conversion of a pipeline, and it solve the problem entirely with ease. And the reason is that the old pipeline will not work once it is dismantled. acquired new skill. such a simple skill and I did not think of it for the past three days. Duh.

4 months on......

Been in MA for 4 months now. It is sure shiok, and I was so happy, cos everyone knows me by my name. hmm.... is that a good thing or bad thing??


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Project SS phase one completed

Got myself distracted during performance yesterday. Hmm... Is it because of something else?

Basic Step 94%
Bonkelp: 93%
Right turn (own): 93%
Right Turn: 79%
Side step: 97%
Cross body lead: 88%
Cross body lead turn: 65%
low turn: 77%
shoulder turn: 91%
2 hand turn + crossbody lead + low turn: 52%
change style: 61%

End of phase 1. Going for next phase next week. Intemediate 1. I must get the steps right by then. Seems there are so much to learn each day.

So far, seems to be able to do 3 hit combo. I am aiming for 7 hit combo before proceeding on. hmm....


This saturday, there will be a blood donation in Douby Ghaut MRT station. Been a long time overdue, maybe I should join them also. Wow, quite a packed schedule this Saturday. Every week, life for me sure is busy. Is there any time that I can be free?

How much do you know Stephen

Yup, I posted up a quiz in the facebook saying how much people know me. Duh, no one got 100%. Looks like I am hard to be understood. hee hee. But it is amazing, cos through the quiz, people can get to know another people better. provided the quiz is easy. Think there is one that is confusing. Cos the artist that I like is someone that people rarely heard of.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Visit to Liang Court

Liang Court in Clarke Quay

Yesterday, Went to Liang court. and It is really changed a lot wo. Must have been ages since I went to Liang Court. The last time I went is to go to Meidiya to get that Sazae.

The liang court now is so much spacious, but the signboard is really not helpful at all especially the one in the lift. I want to go to the Partyworld KTv, but don't know where wo.

Anyway, was interested in singing on that day, but the standard booking time slot is 4 hours. and it cost around $50++ Duh.

In the end, have to change plan with my friend to go to starbuck. Hmm... In the starbuck, there are a lot of Japanese there, perhaps because Liang court is near to the Japanese residence bah. with the supermarket like Meidi-ya.

The ambient is quite nice. And In one time, I saw Goto san walking in Meidi-ya too. but too bad, I cannot be certain for sure if it is her. And furthermore, she and her husband is very far away.

Sake Toro

I have not had this for a long time. And it really taste wonderful. Wow, the slicky oil of the Sake, and softness of the meat. Watashi Daisuki. The one who go with me, also like it. Basically, the Sake Toro is the most tasty of the whole Sake. That is why, it is highly priced at $108 per KG. but I still love it.


I was trying to access to a photo in internet, and suddenly realised that I have aso much photos lying in the internet wo. Furthermore they are spread around among 6 internet portal. Haih. I was trying to search for one naval open house, but never be able to find it...

Navy Exhibition

The person who went with me to the Navy exhibition have disappeared, but well, there is only one photo we took, which escaped deletion from the hard drive cleanout. I remember it was fun, but was angry then, because of soemthing she did. The most enjoyable is the one where we went into a ship and got onto a speed boat and sail out to the open sea and return back. And get to see a lot of Navy Ships too. Haih, it was May 2007...... 4 months later, we were no longer together.


Saturday, May 09, 2009

Project Ba

New project started

Yup, it started, a new project Ba. and it doesn't stands for project Baby ok, I am still single wo.

Project Ba is a new sport I taking up recently.

Here's the result

Basic: 35%
Hip thrust: 17%
Front step: 67%
Right turn (own): 89%
Right turn: 53%
Change style: 49%

Next round, I must get more improvement.

What are you saying

I have to thank Otaguro san for giving me the embarrassment in the lobby. I take it not as a shame, but as an opportunity to make an effort to find out more about what is it that she wants.

I was in the lobby when I met Otaguro san. She is very nervous and saying sometime in very soft voice.

Me: Nihongo ii desu yo, Otaguro san
Otaguro: Ano ne, doa......(shisper)
Me: Nani ka.
Otaguro: Doa ??????????Kagi, oroso warui desu te.

The word doa and kagi indicated there is sometime wrong with the door.

I tell her that I will check with the mangement and refer back to her.

Then, when I went down, I made a big mistake, cos it is not the problem with the key, but it is the lockset that is giving the problem because the word orosu is in the sentence, making the sentense a totally different meaning.

Anyway, thw word "Nani ka" is used in an impolite way, because the word is short and required some other words to support.

After that, I learnt two new word:

Nan dato
Nan desu te

These are the same meaning to "What did you say?"

Hmm... I must learn these two sentence. it could help in future when doing a japanese conversation.

Another new word is learnt from Ishisaki san.


These are new words because they are used in age related addressing to people.
From Ishisaki san, I now knoe when to use them.

So ne, Ishisaki san to Otaguro san. Domo Arigato

2nd May

Made a call to China yesterday. I was thinking how are you...and you are married off, on the 2nd May

I thought it was on the 8th, but found out that the 8th is the start of project Ba

I wish the new guy will treat you better than I can to you. Seen your wedding photo, and you have grown thin. Have you been eating well?

But still, wish you happiness.



Wednesday, May 06, 2009

New target: 7 hit combo

Today, I managed to do a 3 hit combo in the practice.

Hmm... next round, 7 hit combo, or 7 hit combination.

I love the new sport these days. hee hee

1) Basic step,
2) Boonkulp step,
3) X-step,
4) cross body lead,
5) cross body turn,
6) right turn
7) side step

new extra technique, hmm.... takes time.

next new project coming up this friday.

Must work hard.


Sunday, May 03, 2009

BENG 20 DFMA marked assignment.

Got a bad news when I switched on the laptop yesterday. It doesn't work~! oh no~!

It seems it has recently installed a patch of software updates, and it start behaving abnormally. Hmm....

Somemore there is a folder that simply doesn't seems to go away. It has registered itself in the windows registry.

As I look into the windows registry, WOW~! it really changed a lot loh. so many keys.

Anyway, managed to get the name of that, and delete it.

after many time trying to resuscite the laptop program, I was too tired and let the PC to repair the laptop automatically. Wireless is really slow at 10MBPS.

Let it run and go to sleep. Amazing, I observed that sometime the laptop goes online wo. hmm.... is some foreign program controlling the laptop?

When I woke up in the morning, the laptop is back to normal, and the PC have fully repaired and replace damaged files in the laptop. Darn I really love that PC.

That's why, the PC hardly goes online, cos there are really a lot of weird people trying to get into the system.


This is for those who taking DFMA with me, Have you noticed the weird marking in the recent marked assignment?

In question 7, the crank machining, the answer stated in the note is 20.85, and we did get the 20.85, yet, the marked assignment says the answer should be 17.1. Aiyah!

Actually we did get the 17.1 with the correct working, but in order to get the 20.85, we add in the overtravel in, and then can get, but in the end, from the marked assignment, he wants only 17.1 and not 20.85.

For the BENG20 batch of people onward, look at the answer for question 7. Is it 20.85 or 17.1 voice it out or do it infront of the lecturer, ok.


If this come out in exam, really faint loh, cos dunno what is the real answer wo.


Saturday, May 02, 2009

New Target within 6 months.

4K within 6 months

I am thinking of setting a new target. Yup, to get $4000 in 6 months. hmm... is that possible?

Bills to pay, food to eay, places to go to......gotta raise $670 per months. hmm....

This is because of the oversea project......and plus, another $700 required in 4 months time... We are controlled by the world of the money. hee hee

Anyway, $4000 is the cap. the last time went to australia, it cost me around $3500 wo. this time, it is a further place, but shorter time.

For the one who ask me the question whether am I serious or not hoh. yup. I am darn serious. Once I set the thing, I will keep it going. As Adam Khoo said, "no use planning something that doesn't move. When you made the decision, do it now."

Big project...One of my friend, recently bought a car. wow, I really envy him. but still, what can I do, but to watch only, cos I do not intend to get a car. it is like a slave to the car, rather than the car slave to me. But it is really convenient de lor.

Today, it is a hot hot really hot day. So darn wish to go to the swimming pool to dive in. and speaking of which, I finally got to the one enjoyment yesterday.


Wow, I finally got the time out of the busy slot to go to SPA yesterday. 45 minute dive in, and with the bubbles, the body finally get back to shape. yup. been a long long time since I went to the spa. Spa is really good, cos the hot water will release all the tension, and the bubbles massage the skin, making it more moisturise. when got out, really feel great. the steams are all over me. hee hee
And after a good night sleep, everything is feel great.

Plus a session of KTV after the SPA, life's like a heaven loh. Thank GOD for making it happen.


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