Monday, November 28, 2005

A French Hairstylish

This is an interesting conversation between my hairstylist and me. I would like to share with you.

??: bonsoir monsieur. It is good to see you again, my name is Anthanio Birate Bolita Baroque. You may call me Anthanio Birate Bolita Baroque in short, but many prefer to call me Anthanio Birate Bolita Baroque. Now it have been a long long time since I see you ever since you exclaimed that my price is étonnant and walk off that door.

Stephen: Yeah boy.

Anthanio Birate Bolita Baroque: How is that girl friend of yours? Did you take her to the place I told you about?

Stephen: the kranji reservoir? Yup. I took her last Thursday. Evening, and it was definitely great~!

Anthanio Birate Bolita Baroque: Great? Not épatant or somptueux or grandiose? How disappointing monsieur.

Stephen: ……As I was saying, the sun set is beautiful Or rather, Magnificent. We went to the Kranji reservoir park A, take a seat, and play at the playground. You can hardly imagine, how clear the sky was. Seeing the sky turns from blue, to yellow, orange, puple, and pink. And besides, the scenery is good. Praise God for the nice view, cool weather, and nice environment.

Anthanio Birate Bolita Baroque: Ah glorifier le dieux. Glorifier Jesus. And is it true there is only one transport going to Kranji? I hear most of my customer comments.

Stephen: Yup. 925, the only bus, operates till 1930. and Xiao Lan and I have to rush back. Otherwise, we would not have time to get back home.

Anthanio Birate Bolita Baroque: What did you have for diner?

Stephen: Bak Guk Teh, and steam prawn. Very sweet, and nice. Well, thanks to my maternel for cooking for us. I like it. And well, Xiao Lan help out to wash the dishes, and I clean the table. It is really nice. At night, we watch the DVD Mouse Hunt. It is about this two brothers, who got an estate, which is priced valuable. The only invader, is a mouse, who is believe to be a permanent tenant. The two brother tries to catch that mouse, because they think the mouse will spoilt the market, if the mouse is there, and will lower the value. So they try every means from getting a fierce cat, and pest exterminator. Well. Both of them failed to get that mouse out of the house.

Then, we watch the Helen of Troy. It is a very old show, about how a fortified fortress TROY, fallen, because of one couple’s true love. Paris and Helen.

I really enjoy having Xiao Lan’s company around.

Anthanio Birate Bolita Baroque: She must be a great amante, if so I must say. I also love my épouse. Hohoho. She bear me 15, 16……or 17 children, I ca’t remember, but we are continuing to achieve a football team. Wahahahaha.

Stephen: So much children? I don’t know how’d you keep up with feeding them. Well, I can’t feed myself, cos I am still out of job. I think a lot of companies, are calling for foreign workers, rather than the local people. So much resume I have sent, and none even give me a call. I m so sad. I wish to get enough money, to go back to China with Xiao Lan. Maybe I can explore around there, and look up of setting a business there. But before all this, I must get a job, before march 2006 or even april.

Anthanio Birate Bolita Baroque: Start a business? How about Chicken rice? Or even a français restaurant? Delectable.

Stephen: Chicken rice……I had that on Saturday. Ha ha. Cook whole chicken rice for us. I think I am not good in cooking chicken rice. To be precise, I stem, rather than boil the chicken. The temperature must be too high. But still, we are quite late, after going to the woodlands library. I can still see, that people still have the tendancy of chopping, or rather, reserving seats for themselves. They like to just leave their belongings there, and walk away. Oh Duh, where they learnt to be like that? I have to share with another person the table.

Anthanio Birate Bolita Baroque: si monsieur, very incroyable. I hope somebody take their things away. Well monsieur, Your hair is done now. I hope you enjoy your time here. And I will always wait for you. Her eis your bill.

Stephen: étonnant !!


Thursday, November 24, 2005

Chilling days are here!

Nguyen Case

As reported in Page 28 of the TODAY newspaper, 24th November 2005, Dr Chee was on the headline again. And this time, it is in Australia. Somehow, he is in Australia, calling for the Australian Nguyen’s case to be lifted.

Well, I do agree with Anthony Prakasam, that it is true, that the word drug trafficking is punishable by death is written in the disembarkation card when we go from country where it carries the death sentence. I wonder how will he be able to escape from it, if he is caught. It is even 4 times, the limit, where 100gramme is able to give you the death sentence, yet, he does it, and now, the Australia wants to save him.

Who is funding Dr Chee, I wonder. He seems to be the man, who is able to pay bills, and expenses to other country. Without working? That is what I assume. He speaks, and he gets the money, who is paying for his typically baseless rhetoric?

Our government is trying their very best, to make a name for Singapore, and even groom the Changi Airport up to the World Class Airport, an excellent accessible transport system, and abundance housing. Yet, one man, stand up, trying to destroying it with words.

We in Singapore have stopped listening to his baseless criticisms, and he moved on to other country and speaks in media. We certainly hope that no one will take his statement seriously and be severely dealt with when he returns to Singapore.

I hope the person who funds Dr Chee, stop doing it, as it is hurting our national interest among the world.

Still, the existance of Dr Chee, can also allow those who wants facts, to know more about Singapore by digging deep into understanding Singapore more, and they may find that the good side of Singapore is more than the bad side of Singapore. As said by a famous person, "Of every reaction, there is a positive and negative reaction. And what keeps an object going continously, is often the positive reaction that is more than the negative force." As quoted by Isaac Newton.

Algae Bloom

The nightmare of all aquarium people. Algae. It bloom, so uncontrollable, that I don’t even know what to do with it. Does marine aquarium have this problem too? I was in Suntec yesterday, and I saw three huge aquarium tank, featuring Marine aquarium, just beside the Koi Pond. It is really nice. With 3 television by aquarium media, it looks very artistic. As I look into it, it seems the glass are thick, as the refractory curve is very steep. Looks like a round glass on the other side. Really will prompt people to switch to marine aquarium.


Yup, it rains all days, for 2 days. I love the winter here, with 22 degree centigrade. It is brought about by the North East Monsoon, and rains continuously.
Hope this continues


Saturday, November 19, 2005

Out of Job, out of mind

Oh duh, retrenched. Yup. I am now retrenched, in an effort to help the company save some money.
How would you react if you are retrenched?

I feels sad, but nevertheless, feels that I am free from the 8 to 5 prison. Ha ha

Xiao Lan stays
Xiao lan is here staying in my home. Hmm….I like her company, os she is someone easy to make her laugh, and she cares a lot about me. I cook at home everyday, just for her, so that she will not be hungry, and gets the best out of a dish. In the hawker centerm you may never know how your food is prepared, and what is added in the food.

In our household, we never uses MSG. Everything about chicken is broiled. And every food is made with the minimum seasoning, so that we can taste the best out of a veggie or meat.

Qian Hu
We went to Qian Hu Aquarium today, simply because yesterday, Xiao Lan suggested about Dragon fish. Immediately, the name Qian Hu came to mind. I am glad that Qian Hu have a shutter bus service. Otherwise, to go there, is hard. Among all the fish farm, Qian Hu seems to be the only one that is left standing strong despite all years of turmoil. Most possibility is because of the fact that they know the fishes very well, and they can buy in sick fish, and nurse them to a better shape and sell off at higher price.

Their aquariums are all of simplest design. And the air pump, being centralized, can pump air at the most economical rate. I can see their cardinal tetra, though is very expensive, but they are in very good health. Xiao Lan and I went to have a look at all the fishes, and even go to the pond, and see those Koi. I see a lot of families, bringing their children to the Qian Hu, and play there. The turnout, is though small, but it can gives us some spaces. No good, if the crowd is too much, and everyone gets tight.

After that, we went to take the LRT for a ride, before returning home. It’ve been a long time since I took LRT.

Well, these few days, with Xiao Lan, the time really passes very quickly. And on Monday, I gotta go and find a work.


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Notebook fail again

Yup, it is official again… the laptop is sent for servicing again. This time round, it is the date and time keeps on reset itself.

Sending the laptop back to the service center is really troublesome. Especially when you lives in woodlands and you have to take the train and travel from north to south.

Yesterday, I met xiao lan again, and go and have the dindin together.
Yum yum. I have to thank the couple in food court two, for reserving a plate or rather, two plate of chicken rice. It really feels good and important to be loved by the people selling food.

Nowadays, there is less work and really feels bad to be sitting around, doing nothing……


Monday, November 14, 2005

Notebook fails every month

Yup, it is official, my notebook broke down again, and I have to send for servicing.
I just can’t believe the way notebook fails.

When I got a desktop of a particular brand, it actually lasted me for 8 years, and to this date, it continues to work. After 7 years of seeing how that brand computer last, I go and buy a notebook of that brand also. Just after 3 months of using, the notebook breaks down, and I gotta send it to the service center every month. Yup, every month. I hope I change to other brand. Perhaps after the warranty expired, then I go and buy new notebook. Well, gotta wait till next march.

Last Friday, I took a leave off, and join Xiao Lan, in her study. I also go a buy some electronic components to upgrade the bicycle.
And on Saturday, I brought Xiao Lan home, to meet my mum. Well, guess she like her , and that is fine now. I am just afraid that my mum dun like her.

On Sunday, I wanted to bring Xiao Lan to the Woodlands East Park and see the sunset. And after realize the time is not enough to go, we stop by causeway point to have a look at the sunset. Hmm….It really is beautiful, and it will be even more beautiful, when I watches it with someone I love to be with everyday.

Today, I gotta go back to service that notebook again, oh duh, when will the notebook stop playing me? This time, the clock keeps on reset itself back to the year 1980. hmm…

The cold storage sent a brochure to me regarding the Christmas food. Yum Yum, it looks very delicious, cos this year, there is more variety. I like the salmon fish. They have more variety, rather that just the whole baked salmon.


Monday, November 07, 2005

Mount Faber

A Day with Xiao Lan
Sunday, is perhaps a busy day for me. In the morning, I do the household chores, and then cook lunch for Xiao Lan. And we met in a place, and have lunch together.

The Gods must be crazy
After that, we watch the “The Gods must be crazy” part 1 and 2.
I like the part one, cos there are a lot of stun by Andrew Sten, who make a lot of funny move. And the Xi, always don’t know what is it about.

The gods must be crazy, is about a tribe in the Kalahari desert, Africa, came upon a coca cola bottle, and it creates disharmony among the family. Then, Xi, went away, and dispose the bottle. At the same time, a fugitive, Sam Boha, along with 7 others, kills and wounded the ministers, and make a run for their life. And a Miss Thompson, a teacher, is taken up a job to teach in a school.

The gods must be crazy 2, is about two of Xi’s children, came upon a truck by poachers, and it took them away. When Xi sees it, he is determine to go after the “Giant animal” and find his children.

Memories of Singapore
Then, we watch the DVD, Memories of Singapore. Guess what, when it came to Mount Faber, I tot it is a nice night for sightseeing. So I suggested to Xiao lan, we goes to mount faber. She agrees, and we just went home to lay down the stuff, and went. Memories of Singapore, is a 15 minutes DVD, showcasing popular saite like the Zoological Garden, Jurong bird park, and others.

Cable Car
We go by cable car, and believe me, the last time I ever took a cable car, is when I was 5 years old~! When I took the cable car, I can remember the time, when I was small, and my parents took me. To sentosa with the cable car. When I thought of my dad, my heart simply broke down. But this, of course, Xiao Lan did not sees it.

We bought a $12 ticket, and the cable car went to Sentosa, and back, and proceeds to the Mount Faber. The sight I really astounding. Nice look at the city, and the only sad thing is, you have to pay, and sit and enjoy.

Park, or not a park
One thing very disappointing, is that the park, is suppose to be romantic, but everywhere we went to, it is a bright light. And above every bench, stands a lamp post. We could find one without lamp post, and is is just right where the telescope can sees us~!

At the telescope point, stood a huge tree, and it is perhaps, the top of mount faber. There is a wall of all mould, telling story of Singapore. Till 2230, we went back by cable car to cable tower. Can you imagine how nice, that every cable car, have no person on board? And it is slower than the one in Hong Kong.

I like the sense of height, when the cable car leaves the tower. Cannot feel the sense of ground. And when it passes through a cruise, we can see on top. The cruise is named Amsterdam. Yup. Have a swimming pool, and some games on board. Xiao lan even said she wants to starts saving up for a cruise. Ho ho.

When it is time to leave, I just simply home, tomolow will be a holiday, and Xiao Lan can be in my arms all night in Mount Faber……


Thursday, November 03, 2005

30th Oct 2005 10 PM......

3 people are charged and convicted for racism
Wow, I was so frighten that the next blog I post, can send me to jail. That I took a long long break from posting a blog.

Yup, I am very much alive, and for the past few weeks, life is really tiring. Productions are rush, and to imagine, climbing a 3 storey building, that feels as if I am climbing a six storey building…..well, that is somehow true. You know? A cleanroom, may looks like small, but there are spaces for ventilation, and one cleanroom looks like 3 storey room.

Xiao Lan (My Love)
I am inspired by xiao lan, to post up my next blog. Yup. I have a companion now. She is Xiao Lan. Though she is not like those superstar, but I don’t go for external look, I like, rather, the inner beauty of a person. 30th October 2005. yup, this date, I mark down in my schedule. Only xiao lan and me knows what date is that.

I like to thank Shini also. Cos without her giving xiao lan my email, we may not be in touch. Thank you shini for your help.

Actually, I and xiao lan have known for around 2 years, and because of my former gf, I have no faith in love anymore, until I went with xiao lan, to the Chinese garden, during the mooncake festival, I found that special feeling back. I wish this feeling will never fades, and together with xiao lan. One thing for sure, my mums and relatives like her, and that is all that matters.

Creative Sound blaster Audigy.

I just got this pcmcia card for my laptop, hoping to enhance my audio outputs. Hmm… A bit disappointed, because this device is dedicated to use on Creative sound speakers, and not into home theatre system. And after I bought it, and try out, I realized that my laptop actually supports digital system and can integrate into the home theatre system, without the use of Audigy. Oh duh. Tomorrow, I am going to get a refund for this.
The sales representatives should have got the equipments ready at all time, so I can test the equipment on spot with my laptop. As fare as I know, he commented that the cables is taken to another place by another representatives. But well, I am not holding any grudge.

Just to let you know, that if you are trying to use Sound blaster Audigy and trying to integrate into the home theatre system via optical means, think again, or try on the spot before doing anything. I guess, even when I dun have creative speakers, Audigy works best with creative speakers.


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