Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nokia N81. Disappointing.

This is some photo so show people how the $250 dollars peach looks like. I think this peach must be very good because it is from japan, and people who holds special function can actually get this for the finction.

Then, there is a pair of melon, up for $88 as well. As the price tag indicated, it is from japan. It is available in Marketplace. And among these, there are some other fruits which bears unique price.

Last Friday, I also get this mussels for dinner as well. We are cooking pasta, so as I was walking, I noticed this packet of mussels, which is also bears a unique price. This is a pack of some fresh black lips mussels from Spring Bay. According to the label, it said these mussels are home grown in deep sea of tasmiania, which is in Australia. Feeling curious, I made up my mind to get this for the pasta. These mussels, cute and still alive when it is opened. They open and close their lips, and the fresh air of the sea can be smell upon the first opening.

The water inside seems to be the same sea water in Tasmania. It could be the reason why the mussel are still alive, because the water inside is still sea water. The mussels are de-bearded, and quite clean. The tray is also very tough. No wonder it cost so high.

Cooking them in the same sea water, the mussels are cooked, and then cooked with the tomato sauce, and put on the plate. It have a lot of mussels, which I didn’t count them. Can use it for 4 servings of pasta.
The taste? It is really tender and fresh. There is a salty taste, as if it was really eating in Tasmania. Yum yum. Together with the pasta, it is with the spinach, mushroom.

Nokia N81

Yup, I got this nokia phone at last. It is the N81, and it is a sliding phone. This is probably the new type of phone with new menu screen. I couldn’t seems to get in touch with the menu instantly because it really is a great leap from the nokia 6233. The speaker is lo9ud, but my 6233 is still the best speaker. The only dismay is that it failed to detect my jabra headset. Dunno what causes it. Anyway, The music player is really difficult for me to navigate. Imagine, I classify my songs into folders, and withing the sub folders there are sone songs by the same artist. But the music player only recognize the title, author and album, and others. So if I want to open a songs in the folder with a lot of other singers mixed, and not the other folder, this cannot be done. Cos it only recognize the singers.

Anyway, The other disappointment is that it can only be cable connect with the pc. No memory card, no Bluetooth connection with the N81. So if I lost the cable, that’s the end. And when connected to PC, moving of photo files will takes a long time, because it copies slowly. Unlike the other phone, after the images are saved in the memory card, it can be removed and connect to PC, and edit the image is rapidly moved and copied, rather than using cables.
Did I mention that the memory of N81 is 8GB embedded? So with embedded, only can transfer the files through cable connection only.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

A trip to Marketplace

Today was in the Marketplace today, and got a shock at a price. Would you believe it?
One water melon, just one water melon, which is square in shape, cost $89.00. And one dozen of peach from Japan cost $250.00~!

This is so unbelievable. The peach must be super tasty de loh. But came to think of it, if the peach is too ripe, what would the marketplace do with it?

As I go to the razor section, it cost $19.30 for a Gillette good type of razor. The Razor fusion. I am glad I got the shaver last time. Yup. I don’t use razor. I uses shaver, because it is smooth, and doesn’t cause hurt, and doesn’t cut the skin. I am using braun shaver, 8000 series. It is a rechargeable shaver with cleaning kit. That means after shaving, I can just put it into the cleaning kit, and it will automatically clean, dry and recharge by itself. And the only thing that needs is a new cutter after certain number of hours and liquid for the cleaning kit.

Anyway, As I walk around, I noticed this mussel that is selling today. It is a LIVE mussel, black lip, and is very good pack the beard is removed. I wanna eat that one day, cos it looks cool, and can cook pasta with it. Yum Yum. Maybe tmr I get it and cook with pasta. The seafood offered by the small sushi shop is also very tempting, because they looks fresh and big.

How I wish I can eat every seafood it sells, and among the seafood he seels I only get to eat this Sazae. Yum Yum. It is a type of shell, and you cook it with the shell under the heat fire for 6 minutes, and can dig it up and eat. And can also drink the sauce, because it is the best.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

First time facial treatment.

Today is quite a busy day. Hmm… I was wondering why is it that with no girlfriend, no family, yet I am still always busy. Perhaps it is because of the study stuff.
I think I am becoming a nerd or something, cos I am facing with the books everyday, and I really have no choice, cos there is just so much things to do, and the schedules are quite packed up. I even wish to take time out to play the command and conquer.
I am into playing this game in a site, called Viwawa. It is Http:// In Viwawa, you can get to play with a lot of games with a lot of people online. Thus, polishing some skills. All thank to Ivan who introduce this to me, Viwawa is very cute game with Mahjong, Numeroid, Sushido, and some other games that I hardly know of. I am into mahjong, cos it is quite challenging, and really test skills de.

Facial treatment

I got a free ear candling last week, cos I spent a targeted amount of money in hair cutting. And Amy, who is my usual hairstylist, introduced me to their skin care center which is just beside the hair studio.
Conveniently located in Marsiling MRT station, it is just beside the toilet, where the rent is cheap, resulting in cheap hair cut. As I went for ear candling today, Syndi who is the person in charge, asked whether would I want to consider for a facial treatment. I have not done before, so I would like to take an opportunity to give it a try.
There are some cleaning, cleansing and refreshing, that really makes me feel much better. And the ear after the free ear candling, feels better, cos it is actually a treatment that clears the ear wax in the ear.
The facial treatment is to get rid of the black head and to clean deep in the pores of any impurity.
The beauty center is quite cheap, cos it charges a usual $38 for normal face treatment, and for a limited time period, they offers a half price of $19 per treatment.
It is conveniently locate in marsiling MRT station, and toilet is just near by.
It is called Sun May, and there are 2 branch one at Viata Point, and another in MArsiling MRT station.

Another assignment down~!

Once again, another assignment is completed. And next is the project assignment. How is it possible to finish the project report in 5 days? Hmm…


Saturday, July 19, 2008

The emptying

Seen the picture here? It is quite funny picture about a dog caught by a trap. And when he is struggling to get free of the trap, and suddenly, another fox which is a tradegy came and made his life more difficult.
This reminds me that sometime, things that seems real difficult are never at its worst. There is a potential that it can get worse, but the difficulty that you are in right now, is much better than the worse. Therefore, keep calm, and there must be a way to get out of the trouble before it get worse.

My pouchesEmptying pocket

I do an inventory check on my pouches today, and open up everything and check on the stuff for the condition. Itook a photo of it, and these are the things that I carries everyday as I walk around. Quite a lot of stuff, cos I am keen in getting ready all the time, to solve all technical difficulties. Most of them are unforeseen.
There are things like: Spanner, plier, big or long nose pliers, goggle, water level, multi meter, allen key metric and imperial, pen knife, fuses, standart spanner, ratchet spanner, ratchet screw driver, measuring tape, scrapper, chisel, wire cutter, face mask, screw drives, standard, secondary torchlights, brush, ear plug, hose clip, fluke voltage locator, permanent marker, paint marker, insulation tapes, white tape, torchlight etc. all the things that is necessary to get things done.
Sometime I may grumble about carrying so many things, but when the needs arrive, it really is useful to have the tool at hand.

Taxi fare is really going up

Sometime, I really dun understand why the fare transportation fares keep on going up and up. for taxi especially. I thought the use fo taxi is to stop poeople from buying more cars, but it seems that now the public transport is not the taxi, but buses and mrt. Normally I do not take taxi, cos I have the train always, but it is always very veyr crowded. can you imagine the tiredness of standing and squeezing in the train? hmm...


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hot day + Hot day = (Hot day)^2

New phone has arrived

This is so cool, I am getting a new phone, because my phone contract is expiring soon.
Hmm… well, if you are asking me what phone am I getting, It is definitely be a Nokia. Hee hee.
This is because I am very familiar with the Nokia functions. And also, The speaker is quite loud, which is what I hope. I may still continue to use the Nokia 6233 anyway, cos it is number 1, still functioning, and number 2, it can connects and startup the camera fast, and last but not least, I love the speaker, which is loud and clear.
It is a pity it is no longer manufactured, cos I will definitely buy the new 6233. Heehee.

House project

I am into revising the light switches in my house soon, cos I finds the switches are old, and I am thinking of changing them, so it can be safe, and reliable. Afterall, after some years, there is a need to change the device, otherwise, it can break or cause short circuit.

Hot hot day

34 degree today~! That is what the thermometer says. Wow, is the greenhouse effect returning? Why the hot day ar? Is someone burning things again? Anyway, car exhaust really contributes quite a lot to the environment. I have even seen the smoke emits by just one cars, and just imagine, millions of millions of cars are on the roads around the world, and it really adds a lot of carbon dioxide to the world.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Poor little finger

Stupid metal piece

Today is really not my day. First in the morning, the computer that controls lighting broke down, and have to walk around, and then the video line signal suddenly went missing, and in the last, while helping a person pulling a wall plug, one small metal splinter went into my small little finger and refuse to bulge out.
The metal piece would be the one that takes the most time, cos I have to go to the clinic, which could not take it out, and have to go to another clinic and do surgery to remove it.

Duh, I hate going to the clinic, cos it is a very long wait.
From 1400, I waited in the first clinic till 1500, and then was advised to go to another clinic, because they do not have the facility to do the surgery.
Then after that, have to go to another clinic, and it took another 1 hour of wait, for my turn, and I really dozed off, until the phone woke me up.
It is a pity I did not managed to get a picture of the metal piece, because it went missing in the surgery. A small little metal, pierced deep in the flesh, can cause great pain.
I din know that it was that serious, that I have to go to the surgery room, just to remove one small little metal, and it is really hard to get it out, since it is deep in it. After that, the doctor have no choice but to cut a part of the skin off, to reach the metal piece, which is about 2 mm long.
This is so sad.

Weibull analysis

I was going through the lecture notes, and do not understand about one topic. It is the Weibull Analysis. It seems that this topic is quite difficult to understand, because the weibull analysis is about taking statistics, and make it into a bathtub curve. Hmm….


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Change your lifestyle to rechargable batteries~

Taking a break

Today I take a break out form my study, because it really is tiring, so better take a rest for today, and go straight home. For the first time for a long time, I actually reached home around 1830. Yup. Usually I reached home around 2300, because of study, and then, now today, it is 1830.
The train is really REALLY packed~! And despite the promise of 2 minutes interval for the train, the train is still packed, and full. I do not wish to waste another time of detour, so I have to stand all the way home. This is SO so sad.


I am starting to load the ranma movie into my PDA, so that I can watch it, if I am standing up. You know? If there is something to watch thile standing, it doesn’t feel that much bad. So I was watching, and duh, the eposide is so messy, because of some disorganization. So I guess, I have to organize them a bit, before loading it back to the PC.

Ranma is a manga of a boy, who turns into a girl when he is splashed with cold water, and then turns back if splashed with hot water. They are being cursed, and his father have promised marriage of his son to his best friend’s daughter, who is Akane. Last time I thought Akane is pronounced as A-Kane. But through the show, it is actually called A-Ka-Ne.

Rainy season

It is raining season nowadays. And sometime, I really don’t understand the mentality of technicians. Despite training them to switch off the chiller to save energy, they are afraid of complains, and not confident enough to shut it down, I feels I am the only one who dares to shut down the chiller during sufficient coolness of the building. And the worse part is, the things are all talks and no action. If approval is given to proceed, I will go all the way, and there is no stopping to it.

Upgrading batteries

I am now into the phase of upgrading all the batteries in my home, to rechargeable batteries. This is because the new generation of battery eneloop, is able to be charged 1000 times, and stays longer.
I think this is great news. Let’s say for example,

one pack of 4 energizer battery cost $9.20,
that makes $3.20 per piece.
1000 piece would cose $2300.

One pack of rechargeable cost $26.50(65.3 % higher than normal battery) per pack, making $6.60 per piece.

Charger cost $37.50 for the initial investment, with 1000 charges,
it cost 37.50 + 26.50 = $64 per 1000 charges.
This is a saving of 2300 – 64 = 2238!

Power charges

If electricity charges is to be accounted into it, one pair of charge of 4 batteries is 5W, 1000 charges = 250 times, so is 250*5 = 1250W, = 1.25 KWH.

Each charging time is 8 hours so is 1.25KWH * 8 = 10KWH.
Given that electricity rate is $0.228/KWH,

1000 charges of Rechargable batteries only cost $2.28,
taking into account of total cost,
it cost 2238-2.28 = 2235.72 in saving if I switch to rechargeable batteries.

Although the initial investment is quite high, but the returns is really fast.
So switch to rechargeable batteries today~!

It helps to protect the environment too, because used batteries if it is not sent back to the appropriate recycling plant, it can cause harm to the environment, and there are power charges needed to manufacture and dispose the batteries.


Tuesday, July 08, 2008

New game learned: Hai, Sushido~!


This is a new game I learnt today~! It is called sushido in Viwawa.

All thanks to Mr Drexler, I got to know a new game in Viwawa called Sushido.
Just as I was thnking Wahjong is boring, I found out the way of playing Sushido, and is very fun, haha

So the playing method of sushido is to wait for the owner to start, then the game will start. The ruke of playing is to swap one item, so that three sushi will be the same, and points will be given.

If you managed to get a combo hit, it will worth more.
I am currently in Level 1, so not much to explore.
There are some special skills one, but maybe next time bah.

Although Viwawa is an online game, but...I cannot play it from the office, cos no time to play it. Duh.

Anyway, basically I uses the PC in the office to do my paperwork, so din really go much into it.

Yesterday was florence's birthday, hmm...I was wondering what is her birthday date actually, cos it seems the friendster called to say it is the 7th July, but my info was some weeks back. hmm...


Monday, July 07, 2008

1 Assignment FINISHED~!

1 Down

Finally~! One assignment is completed~! I am so happy today~!
This is one assignment that really made me scratch my tiny little so hard, that I almost become bald.

What’s next? 9 more topics to go, and two of them is the most headache, and it is still a long way to go. I feel like crying sometime.
Why is it that I cannot have a life like anyone else? After work, go home, bath, talk to people, playing games, and then sleep. Why am I still studying wo?

Usefulness of PC with Printer and scanner

It is at this time, I found out how useful it is to have both printer and scanner combined PC. Both the printer and scanner are connected to the master PC, and printer today seems to be maximized the performance when I need it the most. And it is Jesus who gave me that printer last time. It was the free, but not totally free Epson C43UX. Why is it free is because I found this printer disposed by some people, and brought home to nurse it and repair it back to good health. Then, I get the ink tank for that printer. At first, it is not printing well, but today, it seems to be getting a clearer print, something that never happened before, because last time when it prints, some of the words are blur one. Thank You Jesus once again~!
Scanner will be that Scanjet, and it is a very faithful scanner. Though it is large and bulky, but it sure still survive from the generation of the pavilion. Would you believe this scanner is more than 10 years old? I remembered my $6000 investment, and this scanner is part of the $6000 PC investment 10 years ago. It is the only survival since the Pavilion age.


Pavilion is my first “decent” PC, and it is from the HP. The desktop is quite good, until the age caught up with it, and became slow. Before the pavilion PC, the PC before then are salvaged PC and have to put up with the slow slow 40286 speed.

Command and Conquered~!

Yet once again, I have completed the Command and Conquer Kane’s Wrath. Yippy, so happy yet again. This is now clearer as I watch the ending for the second time. It seems there is a continuation of the command and conquer again, because in the ending, Kane have seized the tacitus from the GDI, and downloaded it to the computer mainframe. So it expanded the mainframe’s intelligence, and goes into the alien world. Hmm…. But It is really realistic, and I believe there must be a lot of programming involved. And Nope, I still don’t like the global conquest which is the sub of the game.


All thanks to Ivan, I found another site, that can enhance my internet use again. This web site is called Viwawa. It seems to be a game, that you can groom up a character, and also win money. It have some games, that you can participate in it, and then, win some gold out of it to buy decent clothing and doll it up.
The site is Http:// Have to register for it.


Sunday, July 06, 2008

Nokia BP-6M battery

Battery that risk exploding

Do you still remember the battery that expands that I showed in the previous post? I came across the newspaper article few days later from the Xin ming newspaper, and foudn out that I am not the only one who discovered this "ingenious" discovery about the changes in size.
According to the newspaper, this is a defect from a batch of the battery production after the first person discovered it in hong kong.

So I am one of the bad luck person who is holding on to the faulted battery. As I called up the nokia center again, the counter staff is not aware of the situation, and DO NOT BELIEVE that this is happening, and wants me to queue up at the customer service center and show them the newspaper article.

EXCUSE ME~! this is the age of information flow fast. How is it that the phone operator do not know a thing about this battery things, since it is already on the newspaper? And the most stupid thing that he says is that if the battery is out of warranty, we have to bear the cost of replacing it. How are they going to know that I got the faulted battery? This is quite stupid answer that I received. I have quoted to you the date and the newspaper, and yet, he just say he doesn't know a thing about it after asking all his colleague. Is the information in the Nokia center having a problem?

What if, I spend my time to queue up at the customer service center for 1 hour, and the person tells me there is nothing wrong with this battery, what is to be done?

Anyway, It is not the money that counts, but the safety. What if I was using the Nokia phone halfway and the battery explode, after the warranty period? or worse, in the warranty period? who is going to take the blame for the faulted battery??


Saturday, July 05, 2008

Electricity Up up up

Bill for the month of JuneHave you noticed this in your electricity bill?

Is something really wrong with our electricity Meter?
This is something that caught my attention in the newspaper lately. It is saying that electricity bills for the electricity is getting almost two fold for the month of electricity.

But given the same rate from May and June, The electricity should be kept the same if the lifestyle of the electricity is not changed. Moreover, there is this power saving campaign going on as well.
As I read the article, I go to my Bill, and found out true enough~! The electricity clocked almost TWO FOLD~!

What actually is wrong? I did not uses the Aircon lately, the water heater is still controlled by the timer, the TV is seldom on, the PC is also only on in the weekend as always, HOW DID THE ELECTRICITY GO UP~??
I went to check on my meter, and it is only two weeks it have already clocked near to 300KWH~!

When the spokeman for the Forum in TODAY say it is because there is a change in lifestyle of the people in the month of JUNE, I DON'T BELIEVE IT~!

How can a regular usage that fluctuate around 350 goes up to 568KW? That is a 38% increase~!

No aircon, timer controlled water heater, same lifestyle, 300KWH in two weeks~!
I reall think something is very wrong here. I think perhaps a logging device should be placed on my power supply, to find out which equipment is it that causes it, and compare it next month~!

If there is some cheating going on, I also would like to know how is it DONE~!
IS this a scheme of getting us to install a Solar panel or what?


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