Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Out of Job, Out of mind

Out of Job
Yup, that’s the facts folks, I am out of job.
UNBELIEVABLE~! I have been working for 1 year, and it is really like a short time. I can say bye bye to Chinatown, the beautiful river, the food, and most important of all, the Air con……

I don’t like to work in office, actually, it really can bored me to sleep.
Anyway, I gotta take the remaining time, to do all my stuff, my bank, and everything that I cannot do because those place opens only on weekdays, and same timing as my office hours.

Now that I have no income, gotta start saving. Do you know how hard the pinch is, when I fork out $2 to buy a chicken rice??

Anyway, my fish tank project can rest for a while also, since I do not have budget anymore.

Nature Call

Nowadays, the weather is really very very hot, I wonder what the world have became. Could it be the effect of the mankind? Where they burn and burn, creating a lot of carbon dioxide?

Some days ago it is also reported that the rainforest is decreasing, and showing a satellite photo taken 10 years ago and the present days as a proof.

I wish that the government should harness the power of planting trees on the roof of flats, or even the grass, and set them to their destiny. At least, it would convert the sun ray to sugar, and block out the excess heat.

I read from a book before that said that the USA scientist are exploring the ways of harnessing solar power by putting a satellite in space, and convert it into microwave, and then, they send to earth as microwave, where a receiver will convert microwave back to electricity.

Is it what the US always interested in?? energy? I think they should follow the example of Japan, where they look for ways to simplify products, so that they uses less materials for optimum performance, and also save the raw material. They also look for ways in doing planting on rooftop.

Black Angus
Black Angus is a western concept restaurant. It serve really good food. I went there for my birthday, and really is nice to sit outside, watching the ships pass by. It is in Fullerton. Try the lamb rib. Really is soft, and the prawns also, very cheesy. Oh the phone number is really hard to get. It is 62201191. This is put in here, just incase I forgets about it.

Yup, the womad for 2005 is here. It is a abbreviate for World Of Music And Dance.
It is where all people from other continent comes together and perform a concert for 3 days consecutive. The ticket is really expensive for me, cos for one day, it costs $33 per person per night.

Last year, I attends the WOMAD, because I was curious of it, and went for the third night. It really is crowded, and everyone was involved in it. I really like to go, but, someone must accompany me, and I may even have to pay more for it! Duh.

WOMAD! Give me free ticket!! Tolong tolong.


Saturday, June 25, 2005

A time with The LORD

I ws filtering and cleaning up files in my desktop, and find this file, which contain my thoughts.
I would like to share around, but this thing is really like written 2 years ago.

Once, I have a problem with a design of a component specification. It is not able to work and I do not know what to do, after I consulted my group member.

The problem have been pestering me because I sees it as a challenge. But in my most stressful time, I turned to the bible for answer.

For hour after hour, I have been praying for god’s answer, what is the next step I should do. And guess what, I suddenly have a vision. I will remember it as long as I will because it’s an answer.

There is this man, who have a wife, a son and a daughter –in-law. The daughter-in-law is not happy with the mother-in-law daily, and complains to her husband, who is the man’s son. The man’s son, siding with his wife, argue with his mother, who is the man’s wife.

Everyday when he went home, they were quarrel so much that the man complains everyday.
One day, he goes to the church, and share his problem with a pastor.
After the pastor have went to his house, he told the man.:” If you want to cease the problem, you are to bring in a cow, goat, chicken, dogs and cat into your house and share the house with them,. Together with your family.

The man did, and he faced with very noisy environment with the dogs barking, the cat purring, the cow moo, , the goat maah and the chicken crows daily. He lives with it for two weeks as the pastor have recommended.

After 2 weeks, the pastor visit him, the man complains to the pastor about the animals. The pastor at once told him to get rid of the chicken, and he commanded him to live with the rest of the animals for another week.

At the end of the week, the pastor came and took all the rest of the animals away, leaving his daughter-in-law, son and wife, who are still not in good term, quarreling everyday..

However, the man sigh a relief. “It’s so much better now”

Can you see a moral in this story?

Every time, when we complain to god, we did not looks intot he worse case of the trouble. Sometime, you may came across a difficult problem, there is a more difficult problem, but god and not let you see it until you ask for it. And if you are faced with a most difficult problem, you are glad when some of which, is taken away.

I have to admit to the LORD, I never joined any cell group gathering, despite the fact I have been with the Cell Group for many months, and I have even finished 10 lessons of the Getting started in our Church. Yet, I was constantly giving excuses to my CG leader that I have to study. And after my study have gone, I was faced with more tedious project after the examination have finished.

Sometime, I grumbled that I do not have any time in quiet time with LORD. Little did I realized, today, that most of my free time, I have been engrossed in reading up story of Jesus and his parables.

I grumbled that I do not have time in fellowship with my CG when they asked me out, little did I know, I was spending time in the library, reading up my favorite books.

After the service today, I felt lost, totally lost ! Many things are waiting to be done. I have put god’s word at the last of the list. Why am I doing that, when most of the trouble time, God showed me visions, that make me realize, he is always by my side?

For Jesus said, I will wait at the door, knocking. And whoever opens the door, I will go in and fellowship with him…


Sunday, June 12, 2005

Powderful massage

Not to be rejected
This is something new discussed in the church today, and I find it should be a point to note it down.

2 weeks ago, a Muslim lady, came to visit the church, and attended in one of the miracle service.

As she walked in, she was rejected by one of the lighters, that it is not the place for her. And as she walked further, another lighter also approached her and tell her the same thing.

It later came to one of the pastor’s attention, and he announce on today, that a person, no matter what faith he or she is in, we should never reject them out from the Lighthouse Evangelism. He made and declares again and again, that all religions, are welcome, to the Lighthouse Evangelism, if they come in need of help and in peace. Of course, even if it is Osama Bin Laden, wanted to come to church, we should not reject him out of the door, because Jesus have emphasized to the disciples in one teaching, that we should not cast the children out of the circle, for they are pure, and can be refined.

So if you are a person, of other religion, and you wanted to know Christ our LORD, and other churches rejected you out their door, come to Lighthouse Evangelism. We welcome you in peace and in need.

Choose a Leader
Pastor Rony made a nice point today. We should have a purpose driven fact. Why is it so? Try not taking side in soccer match, and try to enjoy it. Without a team to support, you will never be able to enjoy a good soccer match. Same thing with Following Christ and Lucifer. If you are not taking any side, you will not progress in the walk of faith.

So if you want to follow the Good cause, you should throw off all the sinful stuff at home, and for good.

If you want to follow Lucifer’s way……Just throw the good things, and you may find that when you are in need of help, NO help is coming your way, except from the devil.

3rd generation filter.
I am designing a new second stage filter for my fish tank. Well, the new design, will have 6 water crush, and removable filter chamber. And also, an improved biological filter and nitrate removal. Well, really out of budget now, so din get to be able to get it done.


Saturday, June 11, 2005

Split Personality

Split Personality
Do you know what is a split personality?
I was watching this twilight Zone, and it say this guy, who woke up, and does not remember the event for the past 2 days.

He called his fiancée and was suppose to be in a wedding in few days time. As he tried to drive home, his vision zapped, and he was in a deal, buying arms.

Doll House
His one side, is a peaceful, and the other side, is an assassin, planning to kill the president’s daughter.

At night, the SCV was showing mad house. It is rumored, that a young boy, plans to escape from the mad house. His outcome was never revealed. Mysteries fallen on every part, where the doctors are killed one by one. A doctor Clark, decides to find the bottom of the mystery on who is walking around on a killing spree……

Doctor Clark, later starts seeing a boy, who was said to be looking for his way home, but never succeeds. He later visited the basement, where they keeps all the most dangerous patient in it. In a room, Clark saw this man, who claims his name is Ben London, speaks to him, and he is able to know what is happening outside, without leaving the cells.

When everything began to go wrong, He went and tells Ben that he is free to go. At that moment, Doctor Clark realized that he is Ben London himself. He kills everyone who knows he is Ben, and get another job after killing all who knows the secret.

After watching these two, I have been wondering myself sometime……do I have split personality too??

Do I have it??
I have been given thoughts a lot you know? In my first 20 years, I have been living a life, without LORD’s guidance. And I have not given any care about the studies. I lay most of time, playing around, and praying to pagans. And is very interest in sinful stuff.

After that, life seems to change around. I indulge myself into studies, and wanted to know more and more about the way things work, and moved away from pagan worship, and starts to follow LORD’s guidance, and developing a fear for GOD. Christians starts coming to me, and slowly, I feels that why didn’t that happens in the first 20 years? And after 40 years, will my other personality returns to claim this mind? I can feel the other one, keeping telling me to do the sinful things. That is why, I have not yet have a stable relationship. Hoho. I really don’t know.

I remember a story, from a book called God’s little Devotional Book. In it, it said a certin man, was in Sodom. Sodom is a town, full of sinners, and does not listen to GOD’s instruction. This man, goes to the town, telling people to repent. After a few weeks, He began to shout loudly and hanged a banner on his neck, “REPENT! DO NOT FOLLOW THE WORK OF THE SIN!” He shouts for many days, and a man asked him:”You know no one will hear you, why did you still shouting all these?” The man replied:”I know, The first 2 weeks, I haven been trying to tell them to repent. Now I am shouting to remind myself not to become one of them.”

Does this sounds good? I remember that for a few weeks, I have not been attending churches, and then, my left ear was deaf when I woke up one morning. I was really worried. I attended church 2 weeks later, and it starts to heals. Hm…. The mind is strong, but sometime, the mind have to listen to the body.

A person, may be pretty on the outside will never last longer than the person who is pretty in the inside.


Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Zion Bookstore
Zion bookstore, have you seen this bookshop? I went to the one in Somerset MRT station. Well, on weekdays, office hour, I can see very rarely people stepped into the shop. And on weekend, it sure is fully packed with people.

2 church, 2 CDs collection

I wanted to point out this thing I noticed. In the Audio CD sermon, you can see only 2 pastor, from 2 church, coming out with CDs. And with more than a hundred churches, it really is UNBELIEVABLE, only two church founder, made it a point to take down their sermon in CDs and writings. One is Rev Kong Hee from the City Harvest Church, and the other is Rony Tan. And they both even have a special rotating display rack specially for their Cds. It really is good, that they moved their titles out to the stores, Perhaps, a non Christian office manager was deeply trouble, passed by the shop, and noticed this incredible Cd, and turned to Jesus? Wow……

Attitude in Church

How impolite, do you think, when you are in a Sunday service, and you leave, halfway through the sermon, what does this reflect? Does it reflect, you think what he talking is not fit for your ear, or you are impolite, as not to seat till the end, or just make a short wave before leaving for nature call?

Annoying Girl

I dislike seeing people, leaving halfway in the sermon, and worse still, talking to each other or sleeping. I remember once, a girl who sits besides me, constantly kicking the seat in front. Besides that, she open the purse, took out a sweet, and then put back, then open the purse, take out HP and start SMS, and put back, what is she there for?? I wonder really.
Well, in the end, after the service, guess what, the person who sits in front of her, is a pastor as well. Oh gosh, and he reprimanded her about it.

Heart of Worship
HEART OF WORSHIP, volume 1 to 5. This, I personally recommend this. Get this. So far, I only know the cheapest price you can get, is from the Lighthouse Evangelism. Yup, I dun tell you how much it is, but amount those shop I came across, this is the lowest price you can get. Ha ha . Drop by for service if you do, and you may see for yourself, why pastor Rony’s CD ought to be in the store.

Da Vinci, Fact or fiction?

The real Da Vinci Code by Dan brown. Do you really believe what this guy is writing?? It was even up on the Channelnewsasia as a documentary of the week. It really is strange, of every action, there is always an equal and opposite reaction. Some will try to come up theory that overthrow the church. Do you know, GOD is perfect in doing things, but it always the human, who bring the things down. Have you ever trace back the time to the age of the old testament?? If you are a bible student, can you trace to the fact, that the date we are living now, is wrong from the bible?? It is because, if our date is put into the scripture, we have a lost of a few numbers of years, and it is eventually traced back to the 6th century, a monk, who made a discrepancy in the calendar system. In the documentary, Dan Brown, never made an appearance. Perhaps, he was worried, that he would be stoned by Christians. It is always the co-author, who is interviewed.


Thursday, June 02, 2005

Australia Issue

Australia and Indonesia
According to Straits Times these days, there is a case regarding an Australian being accused of smuggling drugs, and sentences to 20 years jail.

Guilty as charged
While the woman involved claimed that she is innocent, but the court still finds her guilty. Since then, a lot of Australians starts to boycott Indonesia. People who gives generously to Indonesia tsunami red cross calls up and wants their donation be refunded. And when blood donation is required, they wants a document stating that their blood will not be given to Indonesia.

Who planted the drugs?
Although the Australian authority are trying to find out who is the one involved in planting the drugs, this will not help as the woman was jailed. It seems that everytime, things have to go really nasty, and then someone will step up to plug those gaps.

Pack it Up
Now whenever people goes for overseas holiday, they not only lock up, and even using plastics to wrap up the entire baggage, and attach a seal.

Are we over-reacting or playing cautions?

Singapore Transport
Let’s talk about Singapore. This case is getting serious in the MRT and bus interchange. As the train stops, people would stand right in front of the door, and try to squeeze into the train before the commuters can get out. And strangely, those who squeeze in, stopped at the door. How weird can a person be?? I heard people rush in for a seat, but to rush in, and stand at the door inside the cabins?? And even though, from the windows of the train, we can see that there is no seats, yet there are people rushing in. Well, even though you rushed in, you still have to wait for the door to close, before the train starts moving, right?

Bus interchange
I also noticed bus interchange are also the same. Before the bus came, noone is queueing up in the waiting lane. And when the bus came, people rush from all corners, and try to squeeze into the bus or compete with each other to get into the bus. I mean, the waiting land is there, all you have to do use queue up, and when the bus came, all can go up orderly. And with those squeezing, the time have to be extending, cos it is taking more time getting up the bus.

Star war eposide 3
Have you watched the Starwar eposide 3? The revenge of the sith is really awesome. Some commenter said the story is boring… but I teling you, it is more than that. You have to put yourself into the Vadar’s shoe, and understand how he feels. And we have to watch the 4,5 and 6 episode, and then, we can understand how is it.

A lot of Computer Graphic Animation(CGA) are really up to the very detail, and artistic. I really like that table lamp. It I make it out, it would sure sell it out for sure. Providing there is no patent. Ha ha

The humorous is in the beginning, Anakin and Obiwan were trapped in the elevator with the droids, and one droid assuming the leader, said “drop your weapons” and the rest of the droids drop their weapons. Then, one droid said “Uh oh” and the leader said “not you!”. And they are slaughtered. This is how obedient droids can be, but sometime, so obedient, that they forgot to ……compute.

The ending is really very fast. Maybe cos they run out of cash or something.

President's Challenge
Today is the last day, for the application for president election. If noone challenge President Nathan, he will be a winner!


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