Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Little white box original function

I was looking through at some of the photos, when I finally found the photos about the little white box’s original function.

It is actually used last time to house a transformer, but then, it is later no longer in use. So I picked it up, and modify it into a control box, that controls the devices that is around my table.

At home, it is later re-design the circuit to control parts of the PC system. It is protected by the circuit breaker, so that if it is overload, the circuit breaker will cut off the power before it hits the fuses.

This is about the functions of the original design for the little white box in my office.
First Row Function

The first row, it is a master over ride control. It over rides the sensor, by cutting off the power in the citcuit instead of waiting for the sensor timer to cut off. The green button is to power up the circuit without the need to wait for the sensor to power on.

The function is to cut on and off the main control circuit by listen to the retro reflective sensor that is on top of the table. When it sense the human presence after 5 seconds, it would power up the air cleaner, standby the power for spotlight, aircon, and lighting.

Once the user is not detected for a period of 30 minutes, it automatically cut off the supply for the air cleaner, spotlight, and change the aircon speed from high to low, if it is activated.

The light is to indicate that the timer control have cut in. it indicates whether if the drawer that I uses is locked or unlock. If it is green, it means it is unlocked. And if it is red, it means it is locked.

Second Row Function

Second row control is to control the spot light. This is used to dry up any wet equipment, so that the rust corrosion is not active. It also is a spotlight, to do very delicate troubleshooting.

Third Row Function

Third row is the ceiling light over ride control. When it is on, it will switch off the ceiling light that is on top of my head, so that it can save some electricity.

Fourth row function

Fourth row is the changeover of the aircon. A booster is installed on the aircon, and if I returned hot, I can switch this on, and over ride the aircon, by changing from low speed to high speed. And after the control ircuit is cut off, it will automatically change from high speed back to low speed. It can also be controlled manually by pushing the button.

It took three days, to modify the circuit and integrate into the whole thing. But it really is disappointed, because people accuse this little control box of short circuit the office supply. I have taken it out and rechecked 5 times and find no trouble, but nevertheless, I took it down, so as to stop people’s accusation. Anyway, after taking down, no one can blame me anymore. Yup. I believe it is human nature that people tells you to take something down, instead of encouraging you to improve on it, or troubleshooting on it. But it is really greater gain, by using it at home, so always look to stumbling stone as a stepping stone.

At home, it is using fairly well, because it relieves me of having the trouble to decides which switches is required to switch on and off. And the use of the push button is quite fun too.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Power distribution device

Power modification

As some of my friend know, I have been modifying the power supply in my home, because sometime, it really can get me on my nerves, that switching on switches one by one, is very tedious.

Imagine the days, when you have to switch on 4 switches, because you need to switch on the laptop, the laptop fan, the wireless router, and the ADSL modem. Then the last thing, the power button for the laptop.

Everyday, it is the same thing, when one day, I recovered a box, which I uses in my workplace last time.

This is a box, which I made myself for my office table, to control the lights, fan, powerpoint on my desk. It is later removed, because people claim that my gizmo is causing the power trip in the office. In fit of anger, I took it out to stop the accusation. I took it out and check the circuit one by one, and still cannot find any problem with it. Well, the short circuit in the office is proven wrong, because even after the box is removed, there is still short circuit in the office. But with the box gone, no one can push anymore blame. 

When it is home, I take one whole day, to remodify the circuit, to control the powerline in my home. It also have indication, to show which device is active. Now, this box is used to control most of the PC related equipment. So it also saves the electric, when it is not in use.

As you see, there are 8 buttons, 4 red, 4 green. Red shows that it is in the off position. And the green shows that it is in use.

The first set controls the sound system of the desktop. So when there is no need for sound, this is switched off. It is used to power up a booster also, which is constantly setted to high volume. It also controls the power supply for the external DVD drive, Scanner, Printer, and external backup device. These except the sound system, is usually off when it is not in use. While the sound system will be switch on when this set is switched on.

The second set controls the desktop PC. As we normally needs to switch on 2 switches, this is made easy by having only to push one button.

The third set controls the laptop pc, ADSL modem, the wireless router and the laptop cooling fan. So instead of switch on 4 switches, I only need to push one button.

The fourth is a spare unit.

I normally dun like the switches, cos sometime, it can create arcing if there is carbon on the contact, or the spring fails. So instead of using switches, I uses control relay to do the job, in an environment inside the plastic case of the relay. So even if it blows, there is still the metal casing protecting the user.

This box, is controlled by a contactor, which is not shown. Draws power from the miniature circuit breaker, which is setted to a low setting. If the current drawn is too high, it would just cut off the power. The contactor is a second device, that controls the switching of the power inside the box. It serves as a function of switching on and off as a master contactor, so that when the power is tripped, the contactor immediately cut off the power without and arcing inside the circuit. As a standby expansion, the contactor can allows the box to be control by another holding circuit, which is still waiting for upgrading.

Fancl HTC tense up

I am trying this product called fancl HTC collagen drink. It is to improve the inner skin and to assist me in repairing the skin recovery faster. This is because of the rashes that happens some week ago. Currenly, it is fully recovered, but I am still left with some bottles left.

The collagen drink are quite tasty also. I think this is quite good, but the price is a bit high wo.

Bowling in East coast

Recently, I went to bowling with some friends, and came to realize that my scores dropped, even when I am using my own ball. Looks like need more practice for me. I think bowling is quite tiring sometime, because it requires the orientation of all the body parts, from the eye to the toe. Any wrong move, and the ball can swing out of control.

So far, I am still in 5 step rule, which is quite disorientated. Hmm… anyway, I am glad I still hit over 100. as the last line score of 101.


As the last line says, it is N. the N stands for Navigator. Navigator is the name used in the bowling lane. This is because it is hard to spell, and rarely people would uses it. But still, it would even weird, if it is ORCarrier, cos no one knows how to pronounce it.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Red Alert 3 Intro

Red Alert 3 - Super Weapons - These bloopers are hilariousRed Alert 3

Command And Conquer Red Alert 3 Hell March 3 Trailer - Click here for more blooper videos

Red Alert 3 Full Motion Video Trailer (HD) - The top video clips of the week are hereThis is a video intro to the red alert 3. It looks very tempting de lor. 27th OCT is the release date. but looks like gotta wait till the price drop......


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tragedy in IMS Exam

What can I say wo,

First, was very confident, then later the mind just went blank, and a lot of things don’t know what to do. WHY IS THAT WO.

Feels very disappointed in myself.

How is it that I got my mind went black all out of a sudden, and couldn’t remember those formula one?

There are a total of 6 questions, two of them are something that I never seen before, and one is so filled with formula, and don’t actually know how to start with.

Like one question, is suppose to multiply by 36, but I uses 20 to multiply, and this, the difference is so much, it affects the entire question that I might get a zero for that. And upon broad estimation, there is a low range of possibility I may fail. This is so scary~!

Is it stress? Or something else that hinder me? Maybe tired? Hmm… Anyway, Gotta look at one bright side of it. GET OUT IMS~! Heehee. IMS is the subject for this exam, by the way.

I am very puzzled of two other questions, because I rarely sees it, and never thought it would come out in the exam. But it DID~! And those short question that I memorized so well that I can read it backward, NEVER COME OUT~! Why wo?

Guess it would be a very gloomy bad start for me this term. Feels very disappointed. But still, life’s gonna move on.

Like a soldier......badly whacked. Must stand up.


Yippy, this game is finally out. Red Alert 3. It is a series of the command and conquer, released by electronic arts. It is one of the game that I so engross in it, because it is about command an army and conquer the land. This will be out on the 27th Oct. The only thing I am not happy is why they need to include the keyboard wo? It made it so expensive, and $217 for CD, keyboard and the bag. I actually only want the game, but they don’t sell it separately before the release. So gotta wait probably 2 months later.

I was looking into the requirement and I was wondering whether is my PC able to support this game. This is because it is asking for higher graphic card. As for me, I am still using the AGP instead of the PCI express, so think one day I gotta upgrade and change the whole unit again. But I doubt, cos I have invested quite a lot for it. Don’t think I am going to upgrade the PC anytime soon.

Fancl HTC collagen

How many people actually take note of this health supplement by fancl? I was reading up on it recently, because I have this rashes and wants to get rid of it fast, so was looking at collagen supplement, because it is a type of collagen proteins helps in repairing the skin fast. Hmm…. Does it really work?


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Skin recovering.

Shed new skins

Thursday, Today, the skins are finally recovered from the burns, and starts peeling off. This is such a good relief, cos the black marks are really very ugly. Like the snake skin, it peels off now, and gets itchy all over. Skin is turning white again.

I was reading a bit of how to get the skin back, and found out, skin repair can be done faster if there is sufficient amount of collegian. Maybe can try this fancl collegian if I can.

Central at Clarke Quay.

I went to central yesterday, and seems that it is awfully quiet on the weekdays. And hmm…. Dun mind me, it seems the atrium is split into two or three session, where it is sometime difficult to navigate within the building without the sign. And some of the restaurants are really very like alienated in one small little corner and nothing attracts one. The only good thing is that some units are let out, and put cushion chairs in it, and let people to rest or get together. And one innovative ways is that in an open space, the fan coil units, do not have ducting one. They only have return filter and on the other side, there is no ducting one. I think it really saves a lot in washing it. Cos sometime, to wash this stuff, have to remove the ducting one.

Sanyo charger

I have finally finished up one pair of battery energy, and found out the charger can’t seems to recharge my batteries. Dunno what happen, but the battery is very hot after laying there fore 8 hours. Anyway, emailed to the sanyo today, and check out what is the next step.

New tech discovered

I just discovered one stuff that the Nokia N81 have, and I didn’t realized all the time. It is the ability to use a normal headphone jack for it. I thought it uses those mini headphone jack, and just recently, I tried using the headphone jack on it, found that it fits. Wow. So now, I have absolutely no reason to get a Mp3 player now. Cos It have the functions of the Mp3 player.

Tiberium War in E2Max

I was just curious of how it feels to play tiberium in the cyber café, and tried it out tday for one hour.

It is really the fast one. The sound maybe it a bit low, cos the people who is besides me is playing counter strike. And the speed is fast. I can finish 4 missions in 1 hour. Wow. Anyway, I feels it is better effect playing at home, but can’t seems to wonder why my PC is still slower than the one in the arcade. Aiyah, forgot to check the configuration of the PC there when I got the chance.


Monday, October 13, 2008


Burnt by diesel

Last Saturday, I think the reaction of the diesel that I have been carrying started reacting with my skin wo. Can say so that the diesel practically burns my hand and leg. Duh. Saturday is really very pain, that I couldn’t walk. Today gotta take MC and rest.

Can you imagine how hard it is to sleep at night, with the burning sensation? Haih, now my hands are all red like bloody hand. And real bloody de lor.
Anyway, It is recovering soon, guess the diesel have run out of fuel to burn. Looks like cannot be a Rig man or Oil man anymore.

Aussie Dollars

Sometime, TV news and newspaper can be a troublesome stuff at time. You see, last week, I have noted that the aussie dollars have dropped from $1.26 to $0.97. Then, the stupid news report about it, and alas, the aussie dollars are snapped up, and some of the money changer raise their rate, and is going up a bit, just like this Indian shop I see. It was selling at 0.97 last week, before the news, and after the news broke out, it raise to 1.09. This is like playing the game Be a Tycoon. Haha, buy more when the rate is low, and then sell when the rate is high.

Currently, the US dollar rate is also considered low now, at 1.42. This is because, it is undergoing the president selection rate. After that, I am sure, the rate will raise back to 1.5 to 1.6.


I love steamboat, especially when it is those boiled in water type. Not so keen into the BBQ style. This is because BBQ style often ended up in char, or else it is filled in oil, like frying instead of BBQ. Those normal steamboat is quite nice. Still can remember the time when I went with my cousin to this stall in the bugis, and it is real nice. When can I go again wo? When when? Eating food in steamboat is nice, and in the end of it, remember to eat some veggie, else, the whole night there will be this meaty feeling often a sign of indigestion.


If this is something green like, it would be spinach. Yum yum. There are two type of spinach. Round spinach, and just spinach. Spinach in Chinese is called puay leng. Dunno why they name it this way, but I love spinach because it is soft, and juicy. The only problem is, not many supermarket sells spinach. They either sells round spinach or chye sim. Is it because spinach spoils faster?


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Waraku Steamboat


Last week, there is an accident happen, and the power is actually cut off for us, because of the power is unable to be transmitted down from the switch room. Thus, we have to move in a generator, and this generators are one hungry machine for diesel. At first, the supplier of the generator claims that the generator can supply for three days on a full tank, but by the afternoon the next day, the tank is almost empty. We have to quickly go and buy diesel, and to top it up, with human labor. When the manager asked who will be in charge of looking after the generator, no one actually came forward. Thus, I get to be the look out for the generator, and ensure it doesn’t stop. Else, we will have another problem starting up.

This is so absurd that the generator supplied, does not have a working fuel gauge. Thus, have to rely on the sight glass to gauge the amount of fuel on the generator. The most stupid thing is even with the sight glass, the level is hard to see, cos the rust of the tank is in the sight glass, and making it near impossible to see the level of the fuel. And thankfully, one of the guys suggested a very ancient, but not commonly practiced way of finding and confirm the level, that is by using a dip stick. Duh, with a high level of education, no one actually thought of the primitive way. And also, it is a sure waty to find the type of fuel. Ths is because on the generator itself, it indicate that it uses petrol oil. Hmm….

Anyway, a lot of hard work is spent into repairing the damaged powerline, and divertion, so that a permanent way can be found.

IT is quite a relief that the generator is now gone, because it really is hard pouring the diesel into the tank.

Oil Man

Yup, that is one of the person calling me, cos the shirt is spilled with diesel, and it is hard to wash with water. So wherever I goes to, the smell of diesel follows me. But when the time is up, someone have to carry that 200L barrel of diesel and fill up the tank. For me, I can carry 100KG, so have to find another person who can carry 100KG to make the barrel of diesel goes to the tank. It is only after the generator is collected back, we found out, there is actually a pump beside the generator engine, that pump the diesel into the tank. Duh. Why no one open it up before wo.

Waraku Steamboat

Today went to this waraku to eat, and since I have this $50 voucher that I won in a draw some days back, I went to eat the most expensive item there. Crab steamboat. It cost at $48, and it is some crab claws, and veggies. And a steamboat. Quite nice to eat, and the meat is fresh, firm and salty, like the ocean catch on spot. And to top up to is, also get garlic fried rice. The Garlic is crisp, and taste is good.

Bicycle damaged

Few days ago, as I was cycling, and was cycling when one of the drain cover that I cycle on it, collapsed, and the back wheel hit the floor, and fell off, it is a very stupid because the cover can sink in the drain, and upon examination, the back wheel was bent and became uneven. This is a very disappointing stuff. Why does the drain cover, which is suppose to let people walk on it, sink down wo? Made me fell and have to went to the bicycle shop to have a check. The repair may take some time, because the whole wheel is dent, and requires some time to repair it. But still, without the bicycle, I will be very unhappy walking everyday then.


Sunday, October 05, 2008

Dinner and bowling in E! hub

E! hub

Yesterday went to this place calls the E! hub. It is located in Pasir ris, and a bus away. Went there for dinner and bowling, and well, it is very huge, but most of the floors are charter for the small kids. And to get to know that the bowling center opens till 0500 on Saturdays and Sundays. So hee hee, next time got for the chalet there, can play bowling till night le.

Hmm… was using the house ball, and finds it hard to throw. But the lanes are good, probably it is because it is from the Qubica bah. Anyway, plays until the finger nail broke, because the stupid ball doesn’t fits me. Then have to throw a straight ball for the rest of the games, which is not shiok de. Got a lousy mark also.

Anyway, E! hub have this giant ferry wheel, and also a cinema, arcade and a huge space for the kids to play in. People living in pasir ris must be quite lucky to have this.

Peter and Steven Agency

Who knows where is this agency now? It is an agency in International plaza selling locks. Which is 2 years ago. And their locks are lifetime warranty. So if there is a fault, you can call them, and they will come and repair or replace the lock free of charge. But yesterday, I was trying to look for this agency, but it cannot be found anymore in the international plaza, and also cannot find in the yellowpages and greenbooks.

So what use is a lifetime warranty when the agency went missing, and we are stucked with a door that cannot lock.

Luckily I know how to dismantle the locks, cos we were trapped inside the house when the door refuses to open. Like something was broken inside. Used a big drill, and a hammer to dismantle the lock into tiny pieces. Then we are safe. And thankfully, I also have a spare abloy lock, to lock up the gate even without the normal door lock.

I did not realized until yesterday that deadbolt locks are very expensive. For a better quality lock, it cost around $200 for one piece, and goes to over thousand for a lock that is very secure and cannot be picked easily. But one thing for sure, if there is a need for a lock that cost over a thousand, the door must be very safe. It must cost a lot also, else even a million dollar lock can fail if the door can be brought down with an axe.


Friday, October 03, 2008

Urgent, Last Minutes

Urgent jobs

How many time have you heard of this at work. Why do people always gives a last minute job, and labeled it urgent, and it is something big and requires time. This is a big disruptive to people’s planning for the entire day.

If jobs can be planned, and gives an advance notice, it can be move on smoothly. Just yesterday, there is a call to say there is an urgent job to be complete by Saturday. And to add to it, there are other repairs going on, and this requires time and manpower is below optimum level. Which is in simple English, shortage. Yet, it is to cover up a huge area flooring, adding lights to a totally empty room without any electrical protection, and no supportive equipment. A person who requires perfection doing a rag job.

Even before it is completed, another team came and notify of erection of power supply, which is due by 2300 hours with only 5 hours. Waters are burst on the other side, and pump faulty on the far end, with people mobilized to repair it. Heart attack wo.

Sometime, I am thinking, are we losing control? Is the job controlling us now, whereas we should be controlling the work? Hate last minute notice……especially every Friday.

If top level were able to work together, will it be better for the one below? As the saying goes, if the top is shaky, the bottom will be crooked.

So totally angry. Luckily, found Ai Otsuka at just the day before. Else, will be drinking and sleeping early.

Thank you Jesus.


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ai Otsuka~

Ai Otsuka

Today I finally found it. Ai Otsuka songs. Well only 12 of them, but still feeling happy about it. It is a pity that I did not add in the titles, so I do not know which song is which songs, otherwise, next time I can sing it in the KTV. Ha ha.

Ai Otsuka is actually hidden in my desktop. It was missing many years ago, but I did not realize that it is actually hidden in my PC. As you know, I always keeps many backup. Only a handful, was gone when the previous hard drive breaksdown. I din realize that Ai Otsuka songs are still in one of my hard drive, so happy. So now, I put it back to the music bank, and keep a copy as well, just in case.

Ai Otsuka is one of the songs, that I like to listen to when I am sad de. Her songs are cute, sweet and slow type, so can really learn quite a lot. But then, it have been over many years now, so wondering whether does she still sings in Japan wo. It is a real torture, to like someone and you cannot get a hold of it. Someone like Ayumi as well.

Hari Raya Puasa

Today is Hari Raya, so managed to get a time and stay at home. Quite nice to stay at home, cos away from crowds, watch movies and occasionally, can check into the internet. Was seeing some people are online, but seldom chat de.

Anyway, went to an old neighbour house to pay a visit, and was really shocked, because all the children have grown up, and I totally don’t recognize them at all. I really thought I was in the wrong house. But then, lucky they still recognize me, else really malu de lor.

The place have really changed a lot, quite fast building, there are also a lot of shelters added to it. But still it is the size of the room that is still smaller than the one I am living now.


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