Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Shunji Matsuo Hair salon

Pardon the long time of not coming to blog. It have been a very busy day as it is always, but it somehow gets more busy, and tiring.

Lately, I have to personally oversee one of the major projects in the company, and one of them, is a hair salon, Shunji Matsuo.

This hair studio is very unique, because just by name itself, people know it is a salon setted up by a Japanese. I personally think this hair salon must be popular, because although it is situated in a blindspot of the busy Orchard Road, it still managed to get the customers going non-stop. And when I mean non-stop, It really is nonstop from opening to closing time. Sometime, I get the honour to see the famed Shunji San the man himself, in the salon, doing hair cut.

Here is a brief description of the hair salon:
Shunji Matsuo Pte Ltd was incorporated in the Republic of Singapore on 14 November 1998. Celebrity hairstylist, Shunji Matsuo, founded it. Shunji brings with him more than 20 years of international hairstyling experience gained from working in the major fashion capitals of New York, London and Tokyo. (Extract taken from the website

As for the work, it is strictly confidential, but the environment is really great, and comfortable. I think I should go there for a hair cut too.

As for Shunji san, he is a very and if I can put it, an extremely very friendly man. Whenever he comes into the store, he would greet everyone of us, and smile. After that, he would take out his tools, which is scissors and some of the gadget that I know nothing of, and clean it sparkling clean.

One of the sad part in my work is that…I don’t know why my friends cannot pick up skills from me. I have 4 friends, and 2 of them totally dependent on each other, one new to the field, and one who always want to avoid job whenever possible. When it comes to checking on 14 equipments, no one is able to pick up, or be patient in checking the equipment. In the end, 4 equipments broke down in the line of operation, and I could just shake my head. This is because the equipment required regular maintenance, and nobody dare to open up the unit, and clean the internal part. They would only clean the outside, and let go of it. Eventually, it breaks down, and we have to tear the whole thing down.


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