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Heat Shock and its effect on laptop

Drug LordsDrug Lords

Near to the end of the tournament, I have achieved out of the unranked, to the 448 of the ranking. This is still not into the top 100. What are the people in the 100 do? Do they plays very often? I plays everyday, yet I still cannot get to the top 100.

Heat shock

Thermal shock, are a phenomenon caused by heat and cooling. They are an underlying danger to computers. Computers nowadays are getting smaller and smaller, and the size of the silicone are getting more compact. With this, they will produces more heat, because the clocking are running faster and causes a lot fo switching and small pico arcing during switching.

In laptop, when it is switched on, the ventilation will run, and cools the processor down. And this is what is normally doing. Try not to switch from one place to another often, because rapid changes in temperature can causes thermal shock to the semiconductors. When the chips are heating up, the material will expand, and if it is suddenly cooled, it will contract, and if the rate of cooling is too fast, it will create a crack. Cracks in semiconductor are a nightmare to people who do troubleshooting. This is because just a small crack of 1 micron, there will be no link between one processor to another processor, render the communication fail. In this case, it will create faults, and reduces the speed as the processor automatically have to switch the error from one destination to another.

My fruit of intensive care~!For laptop, thermal shock will occurs in this scenario. When you switches off the laptop. Did you know that once you switches off the laptop, the ventilation fan will stopped running, and internally, the heat temperature continues to rise, because of resident heat? Where resident heat continues to say in the laptop, temperature continues to rises after the laptop is switched off. Thus, the material will continue to expand, and after some time, when heat is dissipated into the surrounding environment, it will contract again.

This is one theory that I derive from this principle. Create another offline from laptop power supply, and run a small fan square type fan low voltage, with an adaptor. I uses a 12VDC miniature fan, and plug it to the power-point. And put at the exhaust outlet of the ventilation. As the Laptop ventilation fan blows, the small fan will draws the air out of the ventilation slot, and push it to the environment out fast, so that even when the ventilation fan of the laptop ceased working, there is still another fan running.

After switching off the laptop, allows the small fan to run at least 10 minutes after switching off. This is to ensure that the small ventilation fan continues to run, and remove the resident heat. This also helps to reduces greatly the chance of thermal shock occurring.

If you are using laptop cooler, those platform type of fan cooler in any computer shop, the chance of the laptop getting a thermal shock is even greater. Picture this, you are running in an aircon room, running hard. And after running, instead of hitting the shower, you quickly change to your normal attire, and leaves, and walk into the street in summer. How would you feel? Would you prefer to change immediately to the attire and walk into the street, or you stay in the aircon room and leaves after you have cooled down?

Not one, but two of my fruit of labor~!This is the same principle for thermal shock faced by the laptop. When you run the laptop under a laptop cooler, and because it is USB powered, the moment you switches off the laptop, the heat will still continue to generate because of resident heat in the processors and the chips. Although they are small, but because the ventilation fan is also stopped, the heat will build up in the RAM, and internal part of the laptop. Overtime, it may expand up to cracking.

So one way, is to uses another small fan running external power, to cools down the fan, just as a jogger cools himself down after a hard work of training.

This ia an extract from It explains about thermal shock in the material.

Thermal shock is the name given to cracking as a result of rapid temperature change. Glass and ceramic objects are particularly vulnerable to this form of failure, due to their low toughness, low thermal conductivity, and high thermal expansion coefficients. However, they are used in many high temperature applications due to their high melting point.

Thermal shock occurs when a thermal gradient causes different parts of an object to expand by different amounts. This differential expansion can be understood in terms of stress or of strain, equivalently. At some point, this stress overcomes the strength of the material, causing a crack to form. If nothing stops this crack from propagating through the material, it will cause the object's structure to fail


Friday, March 28, 2008

SGD 21.50 Chicken Rice~!

Chatterbox Chicken RiceMardarin Hotel Chicken Rice

How many people have heard of the most expensive chicken rice in Orchard? Answer, it is the chatterbox in mardarin hotel.

I would like to highlight what this hotel is so famouse about. Firstly, it is a very high class of 5 star hotel. And eating a 5 star chicken rice is what makes it so special. It is established in 1971, and they even breed their own chicken, to ensure that the chicken they serves, gives the best quality taste.

Price for it: SGD 21.50++ hmm….it is now served in the 38th storey, rotating gallery. Unfortunately, when I went there, they are not rotating it. So too bad.

From the top of 38th storey, we can see the whole of noneother than, Singapore. Can even see the Indonesia from here as well. It is a pity, when I reached there, it is raining in the north and west. So ca’t see clearly.

Thank Jerry for accompany me to eat in the chatterbox. 

Twinkle before OPSTwinkle

According to my Ka Chen, twinkle, the small little doggie is going through a minor operation. Hmm…. I can see it that twinkle must be very pain, and she is in deep pain indeed. But well, look at the bright side, after all this is over, there will be few cancer left to haunt the live of that cute little doggie. This is the photo of twinkle, taken before she goes for it. Hehehehehe looks like she do not know what is instore for her before this is taken. But I do like this one, because Twinkle is a camera shy dog. To get this photo, I really spend quite a lot of trial shot for it.

Muva lamp

This is something I have discovered about Muva lamp. This is something to hightlight, and perhaps to all other sellers of the Muva lamp.

I find that the muva lamp, is best suited to be used in an air-conditioned room, specifically, a 21 degree celcius and below. This is because for a 30W light, once the wax are heated up, without cooling, The wax will just stay on top longer. And before long, you realized that the room became bright orange, because all the wax have left on the top. In an Air-conditioned room, the wax in Muva lamp, will continue to circulate, because eof heating and cooling effects. So it is better sight for it. Looks pleasing for the eye.

Can see Heeren from here. In shopping mall, you can observe that the wax will flow up and down, is because they are in air-conditioned places. Have you seen those non air-conditioned shop selling Muva lamp? When you bought it home, and you switch it on, you can observe that the wax will keep on staying on top. And they dun drop until long time have passed.

Now I got two, a red in pink water, and a yellow in blue water. As epected, the yellow in blue water, can gives off a third color, a green color.

Hotel to sleep no GO
I am very disappointed with a part of my schedule for next week. Hmm…. Next week, I have worked out a plan, where I will be in study till late night for everyday. And to counter the tiredness, I plan to get a hotel, that gives a cheap rate, so that I can stay in at 2300 after my class, and then check out at 7 in the morning. I have contacted some of the hotel available around the place, but they all do not offer such a service…..Will Ritz Carlton do that for me? Hmm….. but Ritz Carlton is a bit too far, so too bad. Anyway, I think it is also due to the low budget, because for less than $70, who will give such an offer of lettiner a person to sleep for a few hours?

So a new plan have to work out again, to counter this difficulty.


Sunday, March 23, 2008




This is a very long series of show that I have just recently finished watching. It is a 45 series long show, and I only watches when, on occasion when I cannot get a seat in the train when I go to or return from work.

This show, 喬家大院 is a very long story about love, affection, and mostly business and the strategy. The first few eposide, speaks about how the qi jia have started to fallen, where they incurred a big debt, and how the second owner is called back from Beijing to back home, and to settle all the problem. With huge amount of debts owed, and the investors are asking everyday at the door for their money back.

喬致庸, the second master of the house, have to be the owner, and break the promise with his childhood friend, 江雪瑛. This is because they have stood in front of a Buddha, and promise to marry each other. But it was later not to be, because his sister in law, who is like his mum, promised his marriage to another girl from a rich family, so they can get money from the girl family, and help to save the family business.

喬致庸was later became like a zombie, and misses his childhood friend so much. And his wife, tried ways to win his heart. And in the end, she did win his heart, and they work together to get the family business back.

Meanwhile, 江雪瑛 when she hears about this, she become determine to marry into the 何家 because her family also ran into debt. She is at first, unwilling to the marriage, because the何家 is a family running opium shop, and the young master was so addicted to the opium, he developed the lung disease, and was at the dying stage. When 喬致庸 learns about it, He ran to 江雪瑛 and tell her not to marry him. But she refuses to listen to it, and marry into the 何家. True enough, few months later, the young master die, and She became a widow. The old master later died too, and she inherit all of the 何家 fortune, which is a mountain of silvers. When she sees it, her heart was so broken, her mind become a zombie. She keeps on blaming that it was 喬致庸 who made her into the state where she is now. From there, She sever ties with her family by speaking about the trader's term and condition.

Meanwhile, 喬致庸 was trying to regain back control of the business and the investor’s confidence, he tries many ways to get money. He team up with 孙茂才 to come up with strategy. Later, they discovered a very old map of an ancient trader who have traveled the whole of china, and recorded the route he took. It have all the route of the merchant supplies, and some were medicine, tea, silk. 喬致庸 sees that the path of the tea have been broken because of 太平军 war. 太平军 were people who are not happy with the current emperor and strive to overthrow the emperor. Seeing that because eof the war, the path of many trader’s route were broken. And 喬致庸 sees it as an opportunity to open up the path again, and bring the tea back.

喬致庸 have engaged many warriors, who are faithful. One of them, was a bandit 劉黑七, but this bandit speaks of loyalty and promises. 劉黑七 made use of 喬致庸 ‘s expenditure as a way to join the 太平军. He made it, and when 喬致庸 found out that he is being made us of, he becomes very very sad, because he thought that the warrior who he treasure so much, is very skillful, and he is determined to get him back to the right path. But sadly, it was rejected, and 劉黑七 became the leader of the 太平军.

喬致庸 later resume his expenditure, and goes to a mountain, and become sworn brother with a landlord, and buy all his tea. leaving his trusted man 鐵信石, he goes to the next destination, Mongolia, and exchange the tea, with some of the magnolia merchandise. From there, he proceed to another capital, and found out the wonderful use of a remittance in China. In that place, the shop come up with an idea of coding a paper to become a trusted item, to exchange for cash in another capital. With this, the business world do not need to carry huge amount of silvers around, and meet up with bandit.

When 喬致庸 find this system so useful, he now not only wants to fulfill the dream of 货通天下,he also wants to fufill the dream of 汇通天下. When 孙茂才 knows about his idea, he strongly object to it. This is because this is a job only assigned by the emperor himself, and he will draw his attention to 喬致庸 if he became too rich.

喬致庸 was so determined, he go with the idea. In the process, he made many enemies, and when 江雪瑛 knows about one of his weakness regarding 劉黑七 and 喬致庸, she scheme on it, and report to the emperor. The emperor who is also jealous about 喬致庸, grab the chance of chaining him up, and keep him in the imperial prison. 喬致庸 faces all the tortures and hardship, but he insist he is not a part of the 太平军.

Meanwhile, the managers of the 大德通 gather together and think of ways to get 喬致庸 out of the imperial prison.

When got him out, 喬致庸 was very furious when he knows that his business shops have to be mortgage in order to get him out. 喬致庸 later sees failure in his business, because he have to pay installment to the emperor every year to settle the debt that he owned to the emperor through an agreement of paying 八百万两银子.

Some time later, 喬致庸 found out that 孙茂才 was in love with 大奶奶, and knows that 孙茂才 was interested into the 喬家企业,孙茂才 also want to make use of 大奶奶, in order to get the control of 喬家企业. 喬致庸 get him together and later, found out it is the truth, he together with some of managers, throw him out of the 喬家.

After few years later, the war was over, but the emperor is still interested in his money, and continue to get money from him through the imperial edict. 喬致庸 became sick, and later, was confined to bed, and cannot walk around like he used to. Later, the war between the emperor and the foreign country begins, the emperor was left with no choice of leaving Beijing. They stopped by 喬致庸 house, and through some mental fight, 老佛爷 lifted up the restriction, and allows 喬致庸 to continue his dream of 汇通天下. After that, the business of 大德通 begin to pick up, and earn a lot of profit, so huge, that when he became old, he looks into the vault, saw all his fortunes. He became very angry with it, because he have earned so much, yet, the silvers and gold are staying motionless in his vault.

He later grow old, and became so rich, that all he have to do is to stay at home, and let his business grow. Sometime, he have dreams, and then speaks about some meaning to it, The ending seems quite fast, because it ends within two episode. At nearly the end, 江雪瑛 who also grew old, came to visit 喬致庸. Although 喬致庸 was framed last time in Beijing, and landed him in the imperial prison, he forgives her, and later died. The ending is so sad, because all throughout the story, 江雪瑛, who even though inherited a lot of silver, was never happy. She is alone, and her only close friend, 翠儿joined the 齐家 because she have fallen in love with 长栓, one of the喬家 member. 江雪瑛 was at that time, very heartbroken, because she have not only loses喬致庸, sever ties with her parents, and now she loses her only friend. She cries, and was left alone in a very big house. She do continue with her business, but it was never said what the business is doing. When she returns, she was alone, and only speak a few words to him before going off. And after she left, 喬致庸 was so relieved that what he wanted to said to 江雪瑛 was spoken, he died in peace.

This show is throughout sad, and exciting, because it depict of how business world turn about, because of the traders strategy. They sometime become friends, but back, they are plotting schemes, to overthrow business, and wanted to buy the other person’s business. It speaks of the real family, but maybe because eI have not gone through with the china history bah,

• 喬致庸-陳建斌飾
• 陸玉菡─蔣勤勤飾
• 江雪瑛─馬伊琍飾
• 孫茂才─倪大宏飾
• 陸大可─雷恪生飾
• 鐵信石─宋凱飾
• 長栓─馬勇飾
• 馬荀─張洪睿飾
• 劉黑七─朱德承飾
• 翠兒─龔潔飾
• 明珠─高斯飾
• 杏兒─蔡昕窈飾
• 大嫂─娟子飾


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Man arrested for stealing 22 laptops worth S$42,000

Man arrested for stealing 22 laptops worth S$42,000
Posted: 19 March 2008 0004 hrs
SINGAPORE: A 31-year-old man has been arrested for stealing 22 laptops worth S$42,000.

Police said he had broken into an office unit at an industrial building off MacPherson Road on 14 March.

Following investigations, he was identified and arrested three days later in the same area. All 22 laptops were recovered in a house located off Upper Weld Road.

The accused will be charged in court on Wednesday with the offence of housebreaking and theft by night.

If convicted, he could be sentenced to a jail term of 14 years.

After I have read this article, what would come to your mind?

My first thinking is: What would a man, wanna do with 22 laptops, which is totally useless, if it is sent for sale, and they take up a lot of space at home, and also, it is hard to maintain?

I have a hard time managing 2 cpus, yet, he is taking 22 laptops. Hmm….I have one laptop, and it is already enough for me. This is because, this laptop serves as a internet gateway.

How does IT engineers managed to handle so many many CPUs? Not to include those that is in wireless range.

In IT term, Wireless CPUs are much harder to maintain, because they can add on or “disappear” at will. And security is the least because there are a lot of broadcast and receive occurring between states.

I myself, finds it hard to establish network at home. And well, now that everything is stable, I do not wish to do any more adjustment or changes to it. Wireless is good and convienent, but because security is an issue, therefore, I have to set up some parameters, to ensure that people outside my flat, cannot read my wireless broadcast.

Each CPUs motherboard is also registered to the router, to ensure that only these two PCs are allowed permission to use the wireless. Otherwise, there may have some people hijack the wireless signal.

Although this person managed to steal 22 laptops, I guess he did not consider what would he do with 22 laptops. Hmm… even if you uses PC so fast, you no need 22 laptop bah. Heehee

New Skill

Today, I learnt a new skill in breaking tiles hmm… tomorrow, I will research into how to do it systematcally.

Newsapaper source:


Cash Converter

This is a tip, for those who wants to sell their PC.

The cash converter does not accept PC, thst do not come with a monitor. Aiyah! They should have said so mah. Saya carry that heavy PC like hell like that, yet, they don’t take. In the end, I have to carry it back myself.

That PC, is just been with me for 9 months, but it is sold at $200 to my friend. Hmm… same price as I bought it in ebay. Ha ha. Some may wonder why didn’t I sell it to the Ebay, is because selling through Ebay requires a credit card, and I do not have a credit card. So too bad.

Credit Card Vs Debit Card

Credit Card are a type of transaction that is so call, a credit. Like when you go to a shop, if they allows, the money that you couldn’t foot, you put in into your credit, or so call tab. To me, it is view in a way that this is a way of spending your future money. So it is like you are happy now, but when the month end come, you have to pay up the bill, or it would accumulate in interest. I am not a person who spend wisely, so credit card is definitely not the thing for me. Ha ha, if I have a million dollars, I would spend it right away. But it is a pity I do not have it.

Debit Card

Debit card, is like a card, that have a stored value. It is like a cash card, whatever amount you bump in, it is the top. Any more than what is inside the card, it will be bounced back. For people who have no planning or control over the money, This should be the card.

Master in the old building.

When I was in building A, things is so complicated sometime, because the system are customized in every floor, so they are different. Controlling it is also difficult, because there are many people doing it. Sometime when I do troubleshooting, I faces this big issue, because be it electrical, plumbing, piping, it is all running all over the place.

Working in building B, is so much easy than building A. The electrical , plumbing, are simple, and standard. Once said it goes to this place, it is. And it have been there for many many years, so sometime troubleshooting it is easy. The only problem is that not much thing can be learnt from it. It is all application.


Sunday, March 16, 2008



As I open the classified today, Hmm… I felt very very tempted to find a new job, preferably in Woodlands. This is because of everyday I have to spend 2 hours in traveling to and fro the workplace, and I gotta wake up early in the morning. Although the days start slow, but if it is in the workplace, I can save an hour of train to the workplace.

Anyway, I opens up the classified is to look for a job for a friend. But the look of the engineer job is really very tempting. Some are in woodlands, some in city area, and some is even closer to my school.

The newspaper has a lot of jobs looking for engineers and most of them are in woodlands. I live near woodlands, so feel really tempted. If there is a job placement for Seagate 3, I would definitely not waste time and go for it. Ha ha. But too bad, there isn’t.

Anyway, engineer vacancy seems to be quite close to the accountancy job. Hmm….. does that means that accounts work closely with engineers?


For anyone who knows me in the facebook, I am no longer playing the Knighthood. This is because the application knighthood is very time consuming, and very difficult to play. Novices sees it quite fun, but watching the building grow, and the requirement to go out, kill and rescue people from the enemy, just makes the games very difficult, and boring. I just throw my things and building there.

But I do still play the slayer, green patches, and most importantly, Drug Lords. I am into the march tournament, and hmm… got intot he position of the top 400, so gotta try again and again. It seems that after getting into the top 300 once, I find it hard to get into the top 100. Is it because those who are above, are very serious gamers?

Mouse: Laser or optical

I am now considering into getting a mouse. Now I have one mouse, shared between one pc and a laptop. Although the touchpad of the laptop is still working, but having a mouse may be faster in using the cursor.

I saw this laser mouse, that is selling in the PC show some time ago, and duh, why didn’t I buy the mouse in that place. Maybe I can get a free mouse pad as well.

Anyway, a laser mouse is not cheap, as compare to the optical mouse. Optical mouse are more preferable than the wheel mouse, because it uses optical, and doesn’t requires any mechanical parts. As for the wheel mouse, sometime, it is not accurate because the sensors and the roller may be jammed.

As for the laser mouse, it have smaller resolution, making small movement noticeable, and the mouse will zoom to the exact spot instantly.


200th POST!

200th post~!

With this post, I am formally, and officially, 200th post published today! Yeah.
Looks like it is a hard hard time to come by to reach this stage.
That means I must be blogging for a long time. I think I ams till a small small little fly, because I just turn on blogging often, because of the fun of it.

I actually started long ago, but din have the mood. That is, until I saw an article of how people writes their blogs, so I decided to give it a try.

Home Network fully established

Yay, it is finally donw. I have fully established the wireless networking and now both PC can talk to each other now. Yup.

Windows Vista is really an almost overhaul of the windows XP. A lot of terms used is different, and I really have to go in depth into how the programs works. The most torture thing is to how to make the windows XP and windows VISTA to communicate with each other. And that is the difficult part of it.

It is really a hot hot hot day yesterday. And in the night, it is a cold cold cold night. What have the world going to?

El Nina

According to the Singapore Weather Station, the recent climate changes is due to the phenomena called El Nina. It is a change in the wind current from the south to the north. Normally, this is not noticeable, but the climate changes by the human, have escalate the phenomena and make it noticeable. How to counter? Plant more trees.

Lappy out~

I brought my laptop out last Friday, and well, was testing on some hotspot. IT turns out that certain area, is so weird. I managed to connect to the access point, but the wireless manager comment that it cannot established the network to the internet. So I am trapped in the access point. So weird, I went to other floor and check it out. It turns out that only level 2 of the building can established network to the internet, and as to where is the broadcast device, it must be some distance away. As time is limited, I don’t even bother to find the strongest signal with my wireless detector.

This is so angry also, because two hours ago, I uses my wireless detector to look out to where is the strongest strength. But then, after I uses my laptop, I realized that the wireless detector can detect the wireless signal strength, but it cannot detect whether the access point is connected to the internet, unless the laptop came in.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

PC and Laptop fully established~!

Master PC and Internet (NEW!) laptop fully configured

Ohm this is so happy today, in the morning that is, it is because I have fully re-configured the Master PC and the new Internet laptop to the complete and stable set. They both with the help of the new Seagate hard drive, are fully protected against any computer crash that may happen, or any lost files. With the help of the Norton Internet security, most of the system are protected against any new virus and security lapse.

As per normal, the Master PC is usually offline mode, but data is highly protected. Only one problem left is the lack of one mouse, and the absence of networking in the house.

I am trying to setup the wireless network in the home, so that both PCs can communicate with each other, and files can share among each other. The only think lack off, is the thumbdrive which is at home.


Work nowadays, seems to be quite exhausting. This is because there are so many flaws, that are not seen by people, but they are part of the system. A failure of one system can eventually cause the fault of another. This is so true. Sometime, I really do not know what do the superior officers wants. Three people, giving commands, and I flare at one the day before, because he is suppose to be in another department, yet, he is putting a foot into my department. I flare at him, and he even counter back. Everyone immediately were confused who is to be in charge now.

In building B, there is a major fault in the system, and from the observation, this fault have been exist for a long time, only thing is no one can detect it. When I saw this stains, which exist on every floor, I took some sample of it, and studied the floor plan, and then retrace it back, to locate the source. In the end, during one of the tracing back, I found an access panel, and there are winds coming out of it. Armed with screwdriver, which is a common unit, I open the access panel, and found out that one of the pipeline is actually dislodged, and waters are splashing inside the hallow wall. Locating this leak is extremely difficult, so I went back and think of ways to locate it. All thanks for the mirror in my office, because it lead me to think of reflection. One of the characteristic of water is the reflection. I went back again, and this time, with a spot light, I shine from the bottom, and find anther access panel, 4 floor up, and observe. True enough, with the reflection of the water, I managed to pinpoint on the exact point of leaking, and return to ask for help. When I return with reinforcement, without spotlight, I found out true enough, without the reflection of the water, no one can possibility locate the exact point of leak. Because everyone cannot sees it. As I have already know where is it, I get them to focus on the spot, and they saw it.

Every defects leaves a trail

This is very true, because a building system, once setup, never go away from the system unless someone change it, or something breakdown, and create a chain reaction.

Although many defects, which are merely small, but after a long time of undetection, it can lead to failure. This can be said for a belting system. When belt cracks, it will create a slip, and the rotation will be slow. A very sensitive person, can detect a change in airflow, and return to the Air Handling Unit, and check on it. If it is left undetected, the belt will break, and the bearing will be under a instantaneous high peak stress and damage a portion of the racewheel. And if the racewheel is left running in the damaged racewheel, it can cause more damage, and cause misalignment to bother driven and driver pulley, and in serious case, misalignment can cause the rotor to hit against the housing. In the end, the whole motor can just change a new one at a higher cost.

As for the defect, if left undetected, people may just scrap off and repaint, leaving the defect there. And in few months time, the stains will return, and the whole thing have to recycle again.

No mood to work on improvement.

Sometime, I just feel this way. I think I should just leave the building as it is, and not change a thing. When I found this problem, the arrow comes to me. And I am the only one doing it. When I ask for manpower, initially, it is agreed on, and after that, it is taken away because of some urgent job. When trying to teach people on ways of doing it, someone higher will counter it back, and seeing not to cause any argument, I gotta back off, and allow the other to guide them. And when I did not guide them, they would say I do not know a thing about it. Hmm…. Working in technician line seems not to be my bowl of soup…Will I be able to make it till 2010?

Oversea jobs

Some of my friends, are engaged in overseas jobs, and I really feel wanna go oversea and try the meaning of offshore jobs. Such are like Fiona, who is in Hong Kong, Kenichiro who is in Taiwan, Hemant, who is in England, Ban Tiong, Who is in China, Jan, who is in Japan. I really feel like working oversea. But here I am, stuck here. DUH~


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

PC show 2008

Have you been to the PC show? And it is about time soon, because it came at a time when I was very angry about my internet PC, and now that it is here, I go for it,

Afterall, it is only during the pc show where you can bargain for it. Searching for a good PC is not hard. Just need to study the market price, work out the budget, search for review, go into technical data, and got the the PC show and look for the selected PC.

As for me, I actually intended to buy a pc instead, but later, I found out that there are currently no pc that can outmatch my master PC. My main PC is an obsolete 3.0 Ghz, with Geforce T6???, 2 GB memory with cooler master plate. IT have three hard drives, couple with wireless G adaptor, 8 top exhaust fan, one bottom exhaust fan, and a 450 W power supply.

After studying the market price in courts, and Best denki (these are two stores that sells the cheapest available), I work out the money, and found out that the price of the laptop nearly breakeven with the PC, by merely $200.

After receiving some reviews, I move on to either Acer, and Compaq. All thanks to MR Keith and Jerry. I never came across the Acer brand, because I have some bad review before, but still, Keith was highly recommend for it, and since I am using it only for internet, I put it into consideration.

On the first day, I actually was thinking about going for it in the last day, on Sunday, to buy the laptop. But I went instead on the first day, because my colleagues are going as well, and there is a free transport, I go with them to go and take a look.

In the exhibition, I went ahead to study all the brands, and locked on to 13.0 inch and 12.2 inch models. This is because in my view, they are small and handy, and can be kept easily in my drawer.

After looking around, I found out that in contrary to my PC, Lenovo is more expensive when they are selling laptop. But when they sell pc, it is cheapest. My master PC is the LEnovo brand, with the casing modified to add in 8 more fans.

I did not put in HP into my list, all because of… that HP 15.4 inch incident. That laptop always hangs, and the sales insist that I continue to use it, After the HP customer service officer changed the PC over one for one, the problem still persist, but it doesn’t exist in my fujitsu laptop. So I sold it off, at a very big loss of more that $1K. I was so angry about the service, because I go down to the service center in Alexandra every month because of the problem that doesn’t go away. Now that I am going to buy a new laptop, I never consider it anymore, because eof this incident.

I went and selected two brand, Toshiba 13,3 inch, or Acer 12.2 inch. I study the specs, and consider the price as well, and finally, rested on a 12.2 inch laptop. I get the laptop straight, and expand it to 3 GB memory. IT is a 2.oGhz It won the selection because it have a 800Mhz FSB, while the rest have lower FSB value.

I later go and buy another Seagate portable hard drive, to backup my datas in the master pc, and also if possible, for the laptop.

After these two, I also grab a Norton Internet security premier edition to install it into my master pc and laptop.


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

This is how they make Fur?

I found this website by a member from Swiss Animal Protection/EAST International short form for Animal rights group.

They took this video from Hebei, a part of china, showing how furs are made, while the animals are alive, and kicking.

It is quite horrid, because you can actually see how frighten the animals are, yet, they cannot do a thing about it.

Pledge to go fur-free at

So if you wanna buy a fur, animal, geninue fur, think again.

Swiss Animal Protection/EAST International website:


Sunday, March 02, 2008

Fugitive in Singapore~! Are You Ready to fight him if you see him?

See these pictures? This is the man; every singaporean is keeping a lookout for…..Even his accompliance. Well, he is quite dangerous in a way, that he is plotting means to do terror work. News of his escaped reached the Interpol as well, and even my friends in China have come to know about this. Oh gosh, I hope this will not tarnish Singapore as a high security country. But it has proven that no security system is 100% perfect. There may be some flaws that need to be checked. And how the detainees escaped, is also weird, cos he managed to escape during a toilet break. I would pity the officers who are in the detention center, because everyone will be busy writing reports, and to answer to their superior officers of how it happened. And one thing that came to my mind is how come it have been such a long time since he was deported to Singapore, he is not yet sentenced and sent to changi prison? Is he so dangerous that even change prison don’t want to keep him?

Out to a bigger cage
He is out on the street, a not so free man, only changed his cage into a bigger cage, and everyone is out looking for it. Some parents, for fear of their family, took leave to look after their children. As for me, well, he better not come to me, cos I carry weapons everyday and night while walking on the street. And that would be the spirit of GOD. I pray that he would come to his senses and surrender, and then, serve his punishment, instead of running here and there, suffering all day and night, out in the open, forest, with the rains. Yeah. I guess GOD is helping us now, because of all those days it doesn’t rain, it have to be now, when he is out running. It is as if GOD is raining to him, to make him cold, so he would suffer more and come to his senses soon.

Anyway, to escape to Indonesia, may not be simple, because everyone is patrolling the sea for him, and searching any small boats and ships. As my cousin said, everyone is looking out for him in the south; will he be running to Malaysia through the north, because everyone is concentrating on the south? Hmm…. That really makes me wonders.

No matter what, if you see this man, you can either:
1. Pin him down
2. Fight with him,
3. K.O. him,
4. Punch him faint
5. Preach to him,

And lastly, call the Police.

In case you don’t know what the number is, it is 999. Of course there is no "999" on the telephone button, but you punch the number 9 three times.

By the way, his name is Mas Selemat Kastari. If you find hit hard to pronaunce, just say he is the man everyone is looking for, from the detention center.

Photo source: Channelnewsasia


Gold Miner

This is a very funny game. Try it. hmm... I personally think it can be addictive, and spend your money wisely in buying things, cos you need that money to get on the the next satage of the game.


Saturday, March 01, 2008

Purple Flowers.

Top 400 in Drug LordHmm… This is so weird. The Drug Lord is suppose to end on the first of march, yet, now, the tournament is still ongoing, so dunno what time does it ends. Anyway, I made it to the top 400 today.

Nothing much today, I was suppose to go to this place in Whampoa, to get my Bluetooth replacement, but somehow, I woke up late, and missed the timing. Anyway, it rains big this morning, and really very lazy to go out.

Purple flowers.In this special place, I have a negotiation with a cleaner, to join hand in hand and make a plot of land, small plot of land to grow some flowers. This small plot of land is at first, deserted, and not cared for many years. So while looking at it, I found this cleaner, and found out she is keen in the gardening, and the only problem she faces is the fact that the soil are very hard. So we agreed that she will tend to the garden, and I loosen up the soil for her.

Therefore, in one day, I went to loosen up the soil, and change it to a better type of soil. After that, she will put in her plants, and watch it grows. After some days later, she called to say there are many ants in the plot. Thus, I get some medication for the plant, and water the soil with it, to kill the ants. Otherwise, they would eat up the plant.

This time, the flowers come out, and it is really nice. Hmm… I wonder….



This is a very interesting blog I read in Amanda's blog today. hmm... I wonder where she gets the idea. Anyway, this is what was said.

Tasty Treats for today!
Something thats different

Remember to take your vitamins every day!

Anxious? Take Vitamin A.
"All things work together for good for those
who love God, who are called according to his purpose." (Romans 8:28)

Blue? Take Vitamin B. "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is
within me, bless his holy name." (Psalm 103:1)

Crushed? Take Vitamin C. "Cast all your anxiety on him, because he
cares for you." (1 Peter 5:7)

Depressed? Take Vitamin D. "Draw near to God, and he will draw near to
you." (James 4:8)

Empty? Take Vitamin E. "Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his
courts with praise. Give thanks to him, bless his name." (Psalm 100:4)

Fearful? Take Vitamin F. "Fear not, for I am with you, do not be
afraid, for I am your God." (Isaiah 41:10)

Greedy? Take Vitamin G. "Give, and it will be given to you. A good
measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put unto
your lap; for the measure you give will be the measure you get back."
(Luke 6:38)

Hesitant? Take Vitamin H. "How beautiful upon the mountains are the
feet of the messenger who announces peace, who brings good news, who
announces salvation, who says to Zion, 'Your God reigns.'" (Isaiah 52:7)

Insecure? Take Vitamin I. "I can do all things through Christ who
strengthens me." (Philippians 4:13)

Jittery? Take Vitamin J. "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today
and forever." (Hebrews 13:8)

Know nothing? Take Vitamin K. "Know this that the Lord is God, it is
He that made us and not we ourselves. (Psalm 100:3)

Lonely? Take Vitamin L. "Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of
the age." (Matthew 28:20)

Mortgaged? Take Vitamin M. "My grace is sufficient for you, for power
is made perfect in weakness." (2 Corinthians 12:9)

Nervous? Take Vitamin N. "Never, no never will I leave you nor forsake
you." (Hebrews 13:5)

Overwhelmed? Take Vitamin O. "Overcome evil with good." (Romans 12:21)

Perplexed or puzzled? Take Vitamin P.
"Peace I leave with you; my
peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not
let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid." (John

Quitting? Take Vitamin Q. "Quit you like men and women, be strong." (1
Corinthians 16:13)

Restless? Take Vitamin R.
"Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for
him." (Psalm 37:7)

Scared? Take Vitamin S. "Stay with me, and do not be afraid; for the
one who seeks my life seeks your life; you will be safe with me." (1
Samuel 22:23)

Tired? Take Vitamin T. "Those who wait for the Lord shall renew their
strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and
not be weary, they shall walk and not faint." (Isaiah 40:31)

Uncertain? Take Vitamin U. "Understand that I am (the Lord). Before
me no god was formed, nor shall there be any after me." (Isaiah 43:10)

Vain? Take Vitamin V. "Vexed with unclean spirits: and they were
healed every one. (Acts 5:16)

Wondering what to do? Take Vitamin W. "What does the Lord require of
you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with
your God?" (Micah 6:8)

Xhausted? Take Vitamin X. "Exercise thyself rather unto godliness."
(1 Timothy 4:7)

Yearning for hope? Take Vitamin Y. "Yea, though I walk through the
valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for you art with me;
your rod and your staff, they comfort me." (Psalm 23:4)

Zapped? Take Vitamin Z. "Zealous for good deeds." (Titus 2:14)

-- Author Unknown

Source: Amanda Val's Beautiful Life


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