Thursday, December 28, 2006

Shop and Shop

Broken Water Tank

I was doing some reading at home today, and I saw the broken water fountain, that is on a shelf. Hmm.... It saddens me, because it was broken last week. All because I lay the sprout on the table, and when I was trying to use the binocular, I shaked the table, and the sprout fell over and broke the fountain base. Well, it is beyond economical repair, and have to be discarded.

I remember it was contructed so many years back, and it cost me really a lot of money. This is because I do not know how to assemble, or cut glass at that time.


In work, our boss has caught 2 of our friends, shopping during the working hours. It is really busy enough, and they even can go and shop. I just don't believe the attitude of some workers. Sometime, I just hope two guy got the boot, because they are the leader of this bad incident. And some of the tools even got missing. Now to mention of it, my umbrella which I kept in the workplace, was missing as well. What would a person want to do with an umbrella that leaks? Oh yes, it is lucky the umbrella I owns are leaking. ha ha. It is a long dark blue umbrella, which I kept in the workplace, so that someone can use it, just in case. Not that it is gone, I better get a small one and keep in my locker. Alternatively, I could just grab a cab and go on straight home.

And finally, that dreadful cough is gone. ha ha ha. Finally, I got to eat the KFC. Yum yum. For 3 weeks, I have such a bad cough, I could not eat chicken for a long time. Now that I have recovered, I bought the KFC family feast 1, to enjoy. The smell is really touching, and when the chicken touches my mouth, I could just feel that tender and juicy meat, taking a cut through my teeth. The next moment, it is the chewing, and down into the stomach. It really is soothing, and delicious.


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry christmas~! 2006

My only regret for Christmas is that I did not managed to wake up early on Christmas and attend a Christmas show organised by the church. It was entitled "GOD's Present". I have seen the short introduction, and I think I should go with Xiao Lan. It is a pity I did not managed to get up on time. This is my only regret.

For this year's decoration, some may say the Tanglin's Christmas is grand, and huge with more snows. Some says it is the life-sized sweet house in Orchard Hotel. This sweet house, you can actually peel off the parts, and eat it. If you remember the story of Hansel and Gradle, the two children who were lost in the forest, and found a house made entire out of sweet and cookies, and cream. And this house is created by a evil witch, who preys on young children.

Then again, Some says it is the quarter million Christmas outside the Heeren Building, and others says it is the diamond tree in Bugis.

I think this year, the best, and the most creative decoration is the cross road outside Crown hotel.

YES sir, it is that road junction, and if you remembered well, every half hour, there will be different light setting projected on the road, and all vehicles have to be stopped for one minute. During this one minute, pedestrian can cross the road in any direction and clear the road by one minute.

This is the best and the most creative way, because it have to be synchronised every detail out of it. All thanks to the ingenious Japanese who first came up with this idea. Did you know, in Japan, this scheme is used in some of the most busiest road junction in Tokyo? The organiser must be taken this idea from the Japan concept. In addition, he added 4 projections of scenery on the road during the 1 minute of time. It really is beautiful

On Christmas Eve, we went from Tanglin, all the way to the National Museum. Along the way, we took the rare opportunity to take photos in this 35 million dollars tunnel (It is not a hole). Whenever I passes this tunnel, I would remember the funny conversation between Mr Brown and Ruby in the Mr Brown Show, about the tunnel. It is a very funny joke, because they were asking how is the trees going to pay for the tunnel.
We took quite a lot of photos, because it really is a rare opportunity. Well, I missed out a chance of jogging in the tunnel of the SMRT in Expo before it opens.

When we went there, there was no marking, and it really is a short tunnel, which Mr Brown claimed it can be cleared within 18 seconds.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rainy Season

Raining season for singapore is here.

Just when you ask for rain during the hazy days, GOD provides with the rain, to wash away the haze. and now, man are saying they do not want the rain, but the sun shine.

Yup, this year, the rain is extremely strong, and heavy, especially after the earthquake of 5.7 on the richter scale in Indonesia, it made people wonders whether has the earthquake affected the weather.

There are plots of land flooded so heavily, that flowers are ruined, and cars are stuck, some even overturned. People are complaining that trains are slower, neglecting the safety, but grumble to get to their workplace faster. Many failed to wake up because the weather is simply too great for hibernating. This proves that bears are smarter than man, because they know when to rest, and when to work. How I wish I was a bear myself sometime, cos I like to sleep.

These pictures are taken in the morning. It shows how a ever smooth Woodlands road can become fully congested to a standstill, because there is a flood up fron all the way in Senoko. This road is inevitable, because in Senoko, it is where all the rivers meets.

Raining, is especially GREAT for buildings, you know? especially the air conditioning. For the first time ever, I saw the chiller reached 4 degree celcius. Normally, the chillers are 11 degrees celcius, but yesterday, it reached so low. Perhaps the cooling tower is working at a better efficiency.

During rainy day, I came across this small bird, on the floor, shivering. After observed for a while, I noticed that it must be one of the chick, fallen from the nest on the tree. Not knowing what to do with it, I hold it up, and hug it. It seems to be very comfortable, and sleep. I continue to walk to my workplace, and when I wanted to put it on a heater, I realised that it was dead. Well, I am glad that it died with warmth. I feels extremely sad, because there is nothing I can do about it.

Anyway, this is a picture taken at 0030 in Orchard road, one of the taxi stand. I really feels disgust about the cab drivers sometime, because there are a lot of cab, with the vacant light on, but does not stop in the taxi stand. and even if I see one, it is always a on call sign on top. This really will spoilt our Singapore image. If only the taxi companies will look into it, or spot check on those who put thenselves on vacant, but doesn't stops. Believe me, even after 0100, the queue is still longer than what is shown in the picture.

Thank GOD there is a night rider that I can count on in weekends.

Anyway, Rainy season is here, so gotta get an unbrella by the said all the time. especially Xiao Lan. HUH~! Everytime no take unbrella, up to the day that I have to spend 1000 dollars to buy an unbrella. Really want to thank the Hang Ten, because of their scheme of the Rent the umbrella. You know? if you go to hang ten, and pay $10 for it, and within 90 days, you cabn return back the umbrella back to the shop, in good condition and receive the money back.

One think I like about raining is it is cooling, and I really like it. especially, after the morning rain, I see the sky is really clear, and watch the sun rise.


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Overnight Work

Yesterday is a night work, which requires a total shutdown of a air conditioning plant, to complete an installation.
Nightwork, to me, is quite tiring a bit, and I sometime wonders how the night shift people are able to work in the night. As it is supposed to scheduled to finish around 1 in the morning, which I have hope for it, some problem came up, and we have to troubleshoot it for 3 or 4 hours. After it is finished, and I recheck on my time of schedule, I only have one hour of sleep if I go home. So, instead of going home, I stayed in the workplace, and when a person is really tired, he can sleep anywhere. and that anywhere is on the table, with the door opens.

This is what I observed one thing in Orchard. You can hardly get a cab, before 12, and EVEN AFTER 12!! Amazing~!
Before 12, I went out and say this long queue of people at the taxi stand, and it is like 30 or more people ( I have snapped a photo to prove it) Around 1230, I look down again, the queue is even longer, and can reach around 40 people waiting for the cab. What disgust me is that where are alot of cab with the yellow sign, but they continue to speed away. I mean. it is a taxi stand, but the drivers are skipping it, and it is not a case of one or two. It seems that it have became a prominent sign in Singapore.

Why do the taxi drivers chooses passengers? it really is frustrating. I was trying to get a cab before, and the moment I stepped into it, the driver told me to get off. MIND YOU, IT is a COMFORT DELGRO CAB~! I did not managed to get the license down. I mean, I was walking to the taxi stand, and I got on the cab, and then, the driver told me he just accepted a booking, and sped off. IF you are going to accept booking, and you saw me running towards the taxi, why are you in the taxi stand?

The second taxi came, ask me where I am going, but refuses me when I told him my destination. I am in Cineleisure, and I wishes to go to Woodlands, what is the big deal? It is a pity for the driver that I failed to tell him I am going to Woodlands Sector, where it is a high demand for taxi during after office hour.

When a Silver cab came, I finally got a taxi after 2 minutes of wait in the taxi stand. The driver took me when I told him I wanted to go to woodlands. After some distance, I told him I wanted to go to woodlands Sector, he smiled, and I can see he is happy about it. I later told him my story, and he said it is normal nowadays for drivers in orchard. They wants to fetch those short distance people, and stay within the orchard road. Mainly because it offers higher pay or something.

Coming back now, afetr I reviewed my schedule, I decided to stay int he workplace, and sleep, so I can have 4 hours sleep. On this night, I learnt that the Kopitiam opposite Cineleisure doesn't opens beyond 4 am. Yup. It opens at night, and into the wee hour of the morning. I went to the Long John Silver and eat that sandwich. and then proceed to buy my breakfast, which is a bowl noodle from the cheers.

In the morning, I woke up with the first person arrived. I went out to buy a cuppa coffee, and saw this sight. A whole stretch fo road, laid with the civil defense vehicles. It is as though there is an exercise or something.

After 4 hours of sleep, and a cuppa coffee, I am geared up for another round of repairing. After my work, I am really very beat, and wishes to go home to sleep.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

One Man spoilt the schedule of everyone

Today, I wish to make a confession that I did not heed a voice whispering to my ear this morning to get up. And instead of eating in Orchard, I went up to the bridge to buy food. Yup. and the price I paid, an hour of my time, and some cash loss. I feel ashame of myself this morning, because I did not listen to the voice speaking.

This morning, I woke up at 4 in the morning. I was prompted to read the bible, since I am up early. I did not, and fall back to sleep. Then, I was woken up again around 5, to get up and take the train. I slug and slug until 0630, and rush to the MRT station. After that, I was feeling hungry, and feels like going to the bridge to buy my breakfast. I hear a calling telling me not to go. I went.

When I was on the train, the train screech to a standstill in Yishun station. I hear people screaming outside, and then, I feel my hair standing. I have not this feeling ever since my dad passed away. I can feel the presence of a death angel came and go. After that, I knew. I should have take the train earlier, because I am stuck at a station, where taking a taxi is like waging a war with all people on the roads. I have to get out of the train, and there are many policeman around, with the civil defense personnal. I did not see what was going on, but after I have this feeling, I knew, someone had died, and I am there.

I go out to the road, and tried to take the taxi, but, it is really difficult to catch a cab during the peak hour in Yishun MRT station. If you are talking about admirality, I think it is easier. There was no announcement about the shuttle bus, so I went to the bus interchange, and board the 851. It is an alternative, and this alternative route, I have planned even before I took up the job in the city.

I take the bus, and the bus driver is very understanding about our situation. She pack up the bus to the fullest, and then step on the pedal. I am very impressed about her skill. Her braking technique is very smooth, and When she steps on the pedal, it is very smooth, that we can balance ourselves even without the grab pole.

I got out at Novena, and rush to work. Many people have alighted at yio Chu Kang, but for me, I stop at novena. The logic is very simple. If Yio Chu Kang is the first stop that offers the train ride, many people would be boarding it. There will not be much space to sit on. and since I am sitting on the bus, I might as well sit to novena.

Once again, I think this person, whoever it is, if he is committing a sucide, I think he or she is very inconsiderate to people like us. We should hate them all the more. If it is an accident, it is unstandable. if it is deliberate, we should not take a pity on it, because of him, I am late for work, and there are thousands of people having appointment with clients, what image would they give, if they turn up late. We all have a schedule to keep. I overheard there are pleople doing performance somewhere too. If millions of dollars is involved, and it is lost, who is gonna pay?

If you wanna die, by train, please jump after peak hour. Thank You.

By the way, Committing Sucide, is against the law. This is because, GOD have gave everyone life. We should treasure it, and bear in mind that the breath we are breathing, belongs to GOD. The moment we took it away ourselves, we are rejecting GOD, and withers away.


Monday, December 04, 2006

A Penny Wise, a Pound Foolish

On Saturday, I came across this article, about this man, who stopped his car on the expressway.

And the reason? The ERP is due to off at 2000, but he reaches at 1950. And then, he forgot his cashcard, and stopped his car immediately. On the extreme right lane. The car behind him have to stop immediately, but not so the motocyclist, who slammed right on the second car.

The cost of the feee, is 50 cents. If he pass it without a cashcard, He gets a fine of over $10. But for stopping at the extreme right lane, he have put the lives of a potential successful person's live in the Intensive care unit.

This is such an inconsiderate act for a man who is in his forties. He does not bother to check what is behind him, and I am sure that he must be feeling extremely guilty, which the victim's parents scolding him for stopping, just to save a 10 dollar fine.

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