Thursday, January 31, 2008

Network off: 1st to 3rd Feb 2008

Japanese Rice
This morning, I went to this food court to eat this chicken rice. Hmm… How should I describe it? Am I used to eating Japanese rice? I have ben eating Japanese rice, and when I come to this stall, I do not know what rice is he using, but it really taste like……hollow to me. Japanese rice are QQ, and round, and a bit of moist. But this rice, is oily, hollow feeling, and hard and long. Don’t really appeal to it. anyway, I like the taste of the Japanese rice, and it was a curiousity one day, when I was in Isetan, and was thinking how it taste like, so I bought one packet home, and cook it. It is really tasty. The grains is soft, and nice. Hmm…. But my mum taste no difference. Duh~

I went to this blog, made by one of my cousin, about dogs. Well……my photography is a total wipe out……I cannot compare to her photography skills anymore. She is a very talented and outstanding photographer, taking picture of the plants, dogs, scenery. What can I say? Change my camera?

Raising Price of lunch
Next week, I will be bringing up my budget for my lunch. From $4 to $7. This is because after much consideration, I wish to raise it up, so I can have more choices. What can I say? If my budget remains to be low, I could be losing out a lot of good food in town. A lot of food in town is very expensive, and I actually raised before from $2.50 to $4. now I am bringing up again, so can have more choices. Sometime, can say eat veggie and rice until sian le, must eat more. Many people have commented that I am quite thin. So maybe, by raising it, I can eat more and be a bigger size. Otherwise, I would have really gone with the wind.

My breakfast will still remains the same though, $2 per day, minus the coffee. Pathetic it is, but it is sufficient. And still, it is veggie and rice. I try to avoid chicken wing, though they look tempting, in the morning. I don’t like oily food in the morning. But to me, a coffee a day in the morning is a must. And it must be strong. Hohoho, that is why, I brew my own coffee everyday. And if it doesn’t work, a trip to starbuck or spinelli will do the trick. But most often, I go for the spinelli coffee, because it is very thick. So thick, it can last probably the whole day. But the price is a high class price, so I usually brew my own coffee in the office.

Blog close for 3 days.

I will be busy for the next three days, which means Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Yes, sir. The blog will not be update during these three days.



I'm looking up at the stained sky
so my tears don't well up and fall.
Why can't people live as they wish
I don't want a weak heart that can't cry
or the strength not to cry.
I'll search for a shooting
star to cast my wishes on, but
dawn is coming too soon
and I won't be able to find one.

*There's never a day that I have
to remember you because
I never for a moment forgot you.

Whenever I'm sad I have
a habit of saying I'm ok.
After something stopped
that day, no matter
how much I pray,
I can't see a single star.

I want to see you, I want to see you.
Your smiling face in my memory is
just too kind.

-Specially dedicated to a mouse-


Doraemon and the magical world.

This is a movie review on a very long movie. It is called Doraemon and the magical world.

There are some related scenes, twist and turn over the story, but it is a really well made anime, which last more than an hour or maybe two.

The beginning of the story may be a bit confusing, but in the middle of the story, they will reveal how the statue of Doraemon and nobita came in the beginning, like the statue of doraemon fell into the house, and how statue of nobita fell into the field.

It all begins when nobita wanted a magical world, and keeps thiking about how he would be able to impress someone with magic. So he asked doraemon for the “What If” telephone booth. Over the booth, he ask for a magical world, and he got it, but he was unable to perform any magic, because he is, of course, bad in it also. (Nothing I can say)

Then the demon world arise, and wants to take over the world, but the moon shine prevent the demon from taking over, because the moon have magical power that repells all evil spell. When nobita knows how serious things are, he quickly rush home with doraemon to ask the “what if” telephone booth to restore everything back. But nobita, as usual, usually throw things around the house, and his mum threw the booth away. They went, but found the booth, totally gone.

Nobita and doraemon and everyone have to fight with the demon king, but they lost. Until when nobita and doraemon is left, doraemon thought of the time machine, to get back to the world before nobita uses the “what if” telephone booth.

Coincidently, the demon king learns about it, and summon medusa, to stop them, or the demon king will be defeated. Thus, medusa follows doraemon through the time portal and caught up with them, and turn them into stone.

At this stage, two ending came. As doraemon in the beginning, returned to the 22nd century, doraemi, which is doraemon’s sister, went back, and found doraemon and nobita in the stoned condition, and uses the “time cloth” and restore them back. Doraemi took out her “what if” telephone booth, and it ended. Another ending, is when nobita thought about it, returns, and suggest to save everyone before using the telephone booth. They went back, and kills the demon king, and returns everything back to normal.

The show is quite nice, because the anime is very fast, and there are many magical items, like how a statue protects the house, how a carpet become a room. And there is even some tall tale sign about how things are related, and you have to watch closely. Cos somewhere in the movie, one of the team member turned against everyone, and took the scroll that can imprison the demon king.

Overall, I would like to give four and a half popcorns out of five. You have to be a close fan of doraemon to understand some of the gadgets of doraemon. This is because, at one scene, doraemon and nobita ended up in doraemon's "fourth dimensional" pocket. Inside this pocket is a huge space, and a lot of gadgets are floating around. Doraemon in order to use the "Werewolf torch", accidentally hit something, that cause the chain reaction, and in the end, coincidentally activated the "werewolf touch" and return doraemon and nobita back to normal for a while, before they returned back to statue again.

The bouncing is really fast, and I didn't get a good look at the bouncing gadgets. but there are some, I recognised though. And in the movie, there are a lot of gadgets in use. like "Four season pendant", "Anywhere Door", "Opposite reacting lotion" etc etc.

I am more of a great fan of Doraemon. :)


Cinema Price up again. DUH~

Another increase

Yup, yet another, an increase in the price, of the none other than…the cinema ticket price. Nowadays, living standards are really rising. Flour price rise, sugar rise, taxi rise, now, even the cinema ticket also rise, with cathay leading in the way, with $10.50 for block buster movie on weekends. I remember the last time ticket is only $5.50 for weekend show. And now, they raised the price to $10.50. It is actually reaching the breakeven point of the DVD price soon. In the past, $5.50 is far away form the price of the DVD, and now, with the price of $10.50, it is yet even closer to the price of a DVD. As a matter of fact, the price is even higher than the pirated DVD price. UNBELIEVABLE~!

One person watches the movie, $10.50. Two people watching will cost $21.00. This price has already breakeven with the price of a DVD, which cost $18.00. So why pay for the price of one, watch once, where you can buy a DVD, and watch with whoever you want, and you get to watch again and again? And in the comfort of your home, without interruption of the handphone, people talking to each other, people “rocking” your chair with their leg. To some people, it is to endure the freezing cold of the air-conditioning.

At World’s End

Yahoo, the third sequel, Pirates of the Caribbean, at world’s end has delivered. I am going to watch it tonight. It is quite a nice show. There are a lot of fights and jokes around. I only dun like the ending, where Will turner can only meet his love, Elizabeth, once every 10 years. This is very very sad~! Why everyone wants to produce a show like the final fantasy one, no happy ending at the end. There is only sad ending. Even the Death note, Matrix, Terminator all end in sad story. Is the world of fairy tale over? No more living happily ever after?

Boat Quay

I was in Boat Quay today, resting my soul and my mind. This is so odd, I think something is kept on confusing my mind, and I have decided to choose the step, but my mind just couldn’t go directly to it. My logics are going another way which I do not wants them to go to. Something is really amassed. Just couldn’t put my finger to it. It have been some ages since I been to Boat Quay. Ever since that Mirana Cake visit, I have not been to the Boat Quay ever since. So today, I was there, watching the sea, boat, and reading this book. Occasionally, I look up, and watch the birds. How carefree they are, and they are forever in competition in looking for food. Don’t they ever get full?

Again, I went to Mirana Cake and get the chocolate cake. It is very nice. The taste is still as best as ever. How I wish, there is this someone who would be here to eat with me. But…… This is all I can say.

Primary Braking System failed

This is so weird. Today, I found out the braking cannot released. This is so weird de. Cos I just serviced the brake yesterday, and today, after it braked, it wouldn’t release automatically. I have to bend over and release it, and then try again. And again, it doesn’t release. This is so sad. I have to use my secondary braking to stop. As for the other brake, I have to stop using it until I went for checkup on the bicycle shop again. I don’t like the secondary braking, because it should work with the normal braking. IT is usually used as an emergency brake, and it applied the wrong pressure, the whole bicycle can topple over. Hmm…. Hope I can get it check as soon as possible.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just want to be ALONE~!

Reaching SOON~!Oversleep
This morning, I was actually sleep till late, hmm… think sleep half of the morning away. It is nice, cos for the first time, there is no noise outside, and there is a bird chipping, like very peaceful outside. . . . Reminds me of the scene from the Will Smith movie “I am legend” Everything is so quiet, because the zombie are hiding away form the sun. Speaking of the movie, I really hate the ending where Will Smith dies. He should be the hero, cos he found the cure, yet, because of the small lady’s ignorant about the blood, leads to the zombie following Will’s bloodstain back to the house. Hmm….

Cai Shen Dao~!Woodlands Sector
Anyway, In the afternoon, I set off to the factory to first get my fresh supply of new set of tools, and then, to dump the scrap materials that I found in my store room, and change that pathetic worn out brake pad.

Along the way, I passes by this Cai Shen Miao. And ha ha, reminds me that the Chinese new year is getting close soon. Hmm…thought of taking a photo of it down. For your info this miao is a mixture of Taoist and Buddist de, so as to how those people pray to it, seems to have a lot of ritual to it. There are a lot of statue inside, and of course, it is quite huge and popular among Sembawang.

Ban Lek Scrap IronTechlink
After passing by Woodlands, I go next to Admiralty, Tech link. It is another place where there are a lot of machine centers and hardware store. Personally, I don’t buy from there, cos I know a shop which sells cheap tools in woodlands. And I merely go there for scrap material, and the screws. Speaking of the screws, I actually forgot to bring a sample to the shop, So din buy screws today. And then, I went to dump those scrapped materials. Seems it is really strict selling hardware these days, there are a lot of things to register down de.

Bicycle shopNext, I went to Service the bicycle. And it is just a routine check on the rim, braking system, bearings, tyres, Suspension. And speaking of the suspension, the oil is actually running low for that suspension. So no wonder the suspension sometime doesn’t come up. But after the guy top up the oil, it looks just like the day it first leaves the shop. My bicycle looks like a drag, but what no one knows is the bearings and braking system is the solid part, and does not need to be good looking, otherwise, there will be many people eyeing on it. Yup, there are scratches all over, but it still runs. The brake pad is upgraded to a higher quality brake pad, and I do not even know which brand is that. But after a new brake pad is installed, the bicycle can now better than before.

Sun Plaza
After that, I went to the Sun plaza to get my dinner, and hmm… today’s fish is not so tempting as before. I went to have a look around, and finds nothing tempting to buy. As I leave Sun Plaza, the storm is coming, and catching up on me. Gotta race with the storm back to my house. And this storm seems to be playing with me, cos it doesn’t rain after I got home. This is so sad.

Doraemon: No man’s land Medicine.
Yay~! a New Bridge coming up~! and it's about time~!Last Sunday, the Doraemon’s topic, “No man’s land Medicine”, leads me to a thinking. When we are pushed by people who wants this and wants that, facing those who we hate, don’t we have a thinking that we wish to be alone? I do have this feeling often, just wish that I am alone, and no one else is around. Well, Doraemon came up with a medicine that nobita drink it, everyone disappears, and he has to live all by himself. No matter where he goes, no matter what he do, there will be situation that leads people away from nobita. For the whole day, he was looking for Giant, and the rest of the people, he sees no one. Even when he got back home, the home is dark and quiet, cos his parent went for a movie. After that, nobita cry and sleep off. Are we not able to live in this world alone? I wish to be alone sometime, just me, by the seaside, nothing disturb me, only the sound of the sea waves brushing up the sand. On everyday. And a house just next to it. Or if better still, get a pent houe, stay on top of the world, and enjoying the sun and breeze.

Isn’t that wonderful?


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Monday, January 28, 2008

Conned by "OLD" lady~!

My Titanium SpectaclePerfect Eyesight

My eyesights, are a perfect vision, no colour blind, no short sighted, no far sighted. Thank GOD for that. How I wanted to sing out loud, for such a good vision. But, still, I do have a spectacle, and it is a clear specs. But this spec have one functions. And this functions can make me feels better.

My eyes are sensitive to sunlight. When exposed to sunlight environment, my eye will feel discomfort. In my room, the windows are coated with UV reduction and a darker shade, not only to protect me, and also to reduce the heating load.

When I goes out, I usually put it on, cos it can block out the UV, and on pc, it can reflect the some electronic beam from the screen de. Anyway, it is a very good spec, cos it is lightweight, and together with the lens, it has cost me half of my monthly salary. Duh. Anyway, why it cost so much is partly cos the frame is quite expensive, and cannot find easily anywhere else. A very lightweight material, yet it is hard and rigid.

Woodlands Factory Postpone

What a sad morning that greets me……A rainstorm that ruin my plan to go to woodlands factory. That really caught me unprepared, cos I was thinking of going to eat that chicken rice, but because of the rain, I can’t go. And to add scar to the wound, the sky doesn’t look favorable with a lot of cloud around, so can’t actually go out to do the things that I want. Maybe I will go tomorrow then.

Wet Market

This is so outrageous. I was conned by an “old” woman when I was buying sea cucumber. Oh duh. She charges me $35/KG for sea cucumber, and after realizing something is weird about the price, I went to the Fairprice, and check out the price, and to my astonishment, it only cost $16.90/KG. she charges me double for it. I think she never knew I can be calculative person. Well, since she earned me big amount this time, then I just let it go, because she will never earn another single cent from me ever again. I added her stall in my “Stephen’s black book list” And she will never earn another cents. EVER~!

I actually thought of buying duck, since I have not had one for a long time le. But to my dismay, there was not a single duck on sale. And the pork, what can I say, try buying pork on a Monday is a fool’s job. And yours truly is a fool trying to buy pork rib on a Monday, in the wet market.

I think I have not been to a wet market for a long time now, cos I do not know the current market price, and the condition trend of the vegetables and meat. Are we spoiled by the Giant supermarket such as Fairprice, Cold Storage? But if you were to look more closely, nowadays the price in wet market indeed went up, because the Chinese new year is coming soon. And thus, most people try to jack up the price, so they can have a fat new year. So in matter like this, I think I would go to Giant supermarket to buy in the mean time. Well, I do still feel the pain, cos of the sea cucumber incident.

Tonight’s dinner really is costly.


Suharto Passes away

27th Jan 2008 Suharto pass away

Today, at 1310, the former prime minister, Suharto passes away, to multiple organ failure. Perhaps, this is ok for a man of 86 years of age.

Many Indonesian sees him as a corrupted man, who took a lot of money, and give special treatment to his relatives when he was the prime minister of Indonesia, but if we were to read up on the history books, Suharto had contributed a lot a lot for the people of Indonesia. He have sketched out and made Jakarta a very flourish capital, and made some charitable visits to poor homes. And at that time, there were peace. It is only because that Indonesia is made up of many other country, it may takes a lot of time to organize them. 1 Man, with all his means, maintained the peace, and country Indonesia unite. But then, when the economy took a turn, everyone were panic, and they all put the blame on Suharto. But what no one realized is that it is happening everywhere around the world. It is only perhaps unlucky that Indonesia lose out more because there is not enough strategy to keep the fallen economy stable. Thus, everyone panic and overthrow Suharto. He gave in willingly, and his son, Tommy, was also hunt down after he run away. But in the end, he was caught up, and sentenced to jail.

After he was brought down, many people wants to be the top of the Indonesia, but they may find it unable to keep the peace, and everyone revolt, and one after another they were brought down.

Suharto have visited Singapore many time, and is a close friend to the Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew. There is even once, when Mr Lee went on a unofficial visit, specially to look for his old friend, and it also created an uproar. What is wrong, if people is paying a visit? Hmm…. But even though Suharto is a corrupt man, but his good deed have outdone his wrong deed. In the business, there is no such rule as a forward and straight rule. He just bend it a bit to make a small sacrifice, for a larger changes. He may have the habit of storing wealth for himself, but who knows, in the event of greater financial difficulty, he may be willingly give it up, and store is again, because a very responsible man, would keep all wealth to himself, because he knows other than himself to safe guard his own things, no one can.

Maybe it is because most of the things he did is not recorded down, Remember Chee Soon Juan? When he talks about the billions of dollar borrowed by the Indonesia, which is untrue, Suharto did not even take a single cents because he believe he can make it through the difficulty. Thus, Indonesia never borrow any money from the republic, even when Singapore offers it.


This is the restaurant I eats for dinner tonight. Wow, it seems it is a halal restaurant, and I got a salmon for it. It is very nice, but the portion may be a bit small…For $11, I can get a triple size of that salmon, ha ha, but the veggies are very nice~ Maybe I should try this some day.

Breeks restaurant have only one defect, the light. I believe the owner did not realizes that his halogen lights are too strong, because it is creating a glaring to our eyes. To me, I would not hesitate to take it down, because I really hate this type of thing. Maybe, I would ask the manager to change to the 20W type. Anyway, I think I should drop a note to them.

Breek have this tower something, as a dessert, which is very nice, ad sweet. Yum yum. And to our surprise, there is milo powder at the bottom, and well, gotta stir it up. Quite nice, but a bit sweet. Maybe it is the ice cream. Next round, I am going for the half spring chicken, looks real tempting, and the half mussel. Hmm…. I think this habit of forward forecasting can really get me into it. I usually plans what I eat in the next visit de.

Web Cam Tested

Today, I have tested this web cam that I bought with a friend. Oh duh, dunno is it the network, or some hardware, dunno where is the problem, the MSN always drop dead halfway de. But this web cam is quite nice looking, small, and it is from Microsoft. It added an additional features, that we can put in some icon next to the picture, and makes it look really cute de.

I thought it is my network, so I have to shut down certain programs, and divert the network to the MSN. After all divertion of the network to the MSN, it is using only 0.7% of the network resources. As it is not even 1% of the full power, I think the network lack should be from the other side. But this also leads me to wonder……is the 0.7% refers to the full power of 100MBPS or 3MBPS? If, it is 100MBPS, by right, it should be set 3% as the maximum, because 3MBPS is 3% of 100MBPS. And if 3% is the maximum power, it should goes to 100%. But since it fluctuate between 0 and 3%, I take it that the maximum power is 100MBPS. Yup, as you, if it is the IT gizmo guessed it, my network speed is 3MBPS, and I think this is enough for me. If you calculate and break them up, You will find that 3MBPS is the most economical internet rate offered by Singtel Broadband.

Then, I also thought it is the sound, because there is some echos around, so I change the speaker to headphone, to prevent speaker sound from returning back to the microphone, but it still can’t work out. In the end, I have to give up on it.

The Camera I uses is Microsoft Lifecam VX-1000.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

L Change the world

L change the worldL change the world

This is the movie I am so looking forward to. It is a Japanese L change the world. IT is the third sequel to the Death Notes. I hope it is very worth it, after reading review about the cloverfield.

I look forward for more actions, rather than words. In the Death note 2:The last name, I think practically, mostly the movie is into talking, and describing of how L and Yagami fight in the duel of mind over mind. But the ending is really really sad, cos Misa lose her love, and cannot be returned. It really is a very sad ending, I bet everyone who watches it weeps over it. Oh gosh. Can you imagine, how terrible sad a girl is, who lights up candle on the departed boyfriend’s birthday, every year, while your fans are anticipating outside? And She would cry and cry, with photo of Yagami.

For Kenichiro: The Yagami refer here is Yagami Light, Not Iori Yagami, ok, don’t be confuse with this Light and Iori. Hee hee

Death note is also very nice. Thought it is the first, but it is also the battle between Yagami and L, where Yagami owns the book, and wanted to kill L. But L has outsmart yagami, because he uses fake name. Thus, Yagami cannot learnt his real name. And it is only when Yagami traded half of his life for the “eye of the death”, he can learnt his name, and just kill him straight away. But yagami never do that. He need his lifespan.

It is also exciting in the battle of the mind, because it is just like playing chess, one wrong move, whether Yagami face the jail, or L face the death.

1 hours on the top of Singapore.

Today, I went to a place, where I can see the whole of Singapore. On top, I took a tea, and sits there, doing some soul searching. I have sort out certain part, and to find out what is wrong with me. There are certain things that I do have to let go. I should not keep on hang to it. Instead, letting go would be a better option. Part of me, don’t bear to let go certain things, but I find it harder to let go than to hold on. But I chooses to let go of it. Thus, I have decided to let go, so that it would not stay around.

I like to stay on a place, where it is so high up, and take a look around it. It will makes me relax. Another will be sitting by the seaside. Just listening to the waves, and just think aloud what goes inside my mind. I used to go to the Sky Lobby in United Oversea Bank in raffles place to take a look around. It is only after that Sept 11 incident, they close the lobby. Thus, I have to find another place, an enjoy view. Not even my ex-gf knows where I goes to when I am sad.

But usually, when I am angry or sad, I avoid talking to people, because I am very aggressive when I am in that mood. But it is not very often. I avoid them, so that I will not offend them, and in the end, paid up with the friendship, and add some scars to it.

Lin Junjie

“你要的不是我” This song is what I hear closely today. It is a sad song….Well obviously, it is a song, but when it starts, it really is sad tone. And the lyric is really quite sad also.

The second song would be…..”Now that she’s gone” Yeah. This is something I have been holding on, since last year. This song, reminds me of one person. She is Xiao Lan…After she is gone since last year, I only know now, what was left, is our song. We have a song……and I used to put it up in my blog. But when relationship turns sour since the computer trashing incident, I took it out. And after some time, we were never meant to be. . . . well, if it is something that we cannot get along, I think, there are things that are never meant to be, and we should just let it go.

Woodlands factory

Yup, it is in my schedule now, woodlands factory, will be going there on Monday. It is to replenish some tools, and also, to sell some items, and to get my bicycle tune up for better performance. I enjoy going ther,e because there is this chicken rice that is very the nice, and quite worth the value de. Because the owner and the helpers are friendly, it really makes going there very enjoyable. And the food is really nice.
Woodlands factory is the place, where the mechanical tools are cheap and durable. Another place I know will be in Ubi Ave 1, Block 1. very easy to remember de.

Other than getting new tools to replace the missing one, there is a bicycle shop some distance away, and I can get some parts, or ask them to check my rim, and to pump up the tyre. And I would also take a look at the rest of the bicycle, to see whether is there any bicycle that I like.

Over there, there is also a scrap shop buying scrap materials, and buying at a higher price. I just go there to take a look, cos sometime, a spoilt item, can be re-engineered to be a better or working product de. But sadly, I have not reached that stage yet, but seeing the scrap material can also update myself.

And in this place, there is a shop selling nothing but screws. Yup, imperial, metrics, fine thread, extra fine thread, rough thread, shoulder, full thread…All kind of screws.


Friday, January 25, 2008

Second day of block leave


Today, is the second day of my isolation from the rest of the world. Yesterday was the first, hmm…. Feels kinda relax and carefree. No more thought of any job status, as long as I don’t look at the building, I think the thoughts will never come to me.

Second day is to catch up with my study, and to get to learn the new topic, Project Planning and control.


My apologies to all the rest of my friends in my workplace. It seems no one know about my long leave break, except my immediate superior. I was out yesterday whole day, until at night, when I got home, I saw the MSN message, I found out one of my friend was very angry over the fact that he got a email bounced because of the auto reply in my email system. How odd, I thought the news always spread fast about me de. Anyway, one person was very angry over it, and I feel so sorry over it. But nonetheless, I feel great today already. Looks like my method of de-stress is working well. Most probably it could be better once I settled my heart down.


Feels like going to Australia, after hearing one of my friends describing how wonderful it is. But well, it is in my planning, and waiting to execute it at the end of the year. How many people have went to Australia and find it nice? The only think I know about the Australia, is the koala bear and the fish and chips. As for this time of block leave, I will be going to those places that I cannot go because of my work. And the end of the schedule, it is to go to KL, and have fun there. Yup. In my most happiest moment, I can be fun doing things de.


Today, finally, the song of Ayumi has lifted me up now. Her song, “Honey”, have made part of my mind focus again. I do hope more of it will be assisting me to clear my thoughts of all the rest of the troubles that I am going through. So……I think I can skip that Ai Otsuka CDs now. Think forever, Ayumi will be the best singer in my head de.

Jay Chao

This singer……what can I say, It doesn’t appeal to me. Most probably is because

1) It is a male singer:

Most of people who knows me, especially my cousins, knows that I do not listen to male singer de. Maybe cos of the brain hardwire that appeals more into female singers, such as Sammi, and Ayumi, or any other female singer.

2) It is Chinese

I seldom listen to Chinese songs, cos I prefer more into English songs. This is because , there is a time, I find certain English songs quite good, so I keeps on listen to it, until Nokia Bluetooth come into my life.

3) The rhythm

of Jay Chao to me is too fast, and I just couldn’t catch up sometime. But the most important is the words he is saying is like what the Taiwan host Wu Zhong Xian says: very fast.

One of my friend says she like Jay chao songs. So I actually don’t know how to reply back……and because of this, we may have this big gap between us le. So…..Nothing much I can say.

Source Code Modification

Today, I have again modified my source code yet again. Yup. I discovered a big gap in my blog, and investigate on it, and found out that one of the banner ceased working. And that us why, it is leaving a big gap in my blog. Thus, in order to cover that space, which I do not know which script is pinpointing that, I substitute it with a banner of my own. Yup., If you noticed, it is a banner of a Sarduakar, and the ORCarrier logo. Cool, right?


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Movie Review: Cloverfield

This is a movie review by someone regarding the movie Cloverfield. I think it is sux, cos it scores a high percentage of 75% in the rotten tomatoes movie review. so it means it must have been sucked out.

It seems that this show have not lived up to her expectation, so maybe I just add it here and see whether is it real that this movie is not up to the standards. Anyway, I prefers to listen and find out the movie review from friends, and then I go get the DVD if it is really nice.


It sucks big time, though there's a satisfactory storyline, but the whole filming sucks.

I am still suffering from the aftermath of the show.
Almost puked during the movie.
It's so bad I was closing my eyes at scenes when the man holding the videocamera is turning around,or zooming in and out...*PUKES*


When Jax warned me about the movie, I thought it was the story.
So I went with Huishan to watch, despite the bad reviews that Simin and Jax mentioned.

And I think we totally regretted that decision.

It's like a whole 85 mins of watching a stupid guy with the cam glued to his hands.
Wherever he goes, whatever he does, he's holding the cam.

Oh, and I would like to correct.
It's not a thriller. It should be a MYSTERY.
Throughout the whole movie, you see the MONSTER like less than 5 times.
And you cant even get a clear image of it.
So the biggest mystery of the whole movie is...HOW EXACTLY DOES THAT MONSTER LOOK LIKE?

I really would want to know the brand of the videocamera used to film the show.
It's damn durable.

Got attacked by the little creatures - SURVIVED.
Fell together with a falling helicopter - SURVIVED.
Got bitten by the monster - SURVIVED.
Got crashed by all the stones when the US Army bombed Manhanttan city - SURVIVED(and that's why we got this stupid movie).



Why do you need a director when it's just some stupid guy holding the HAND HELD videocamera throughout with no editing done (Yup, except for the ocassional flashbacks which are damn irritating).


Source: Elmo and Twinkle's Days Blog


Origin of ORCarrier

Many people might have wonder why is this ORCarrier. What does it mean, and where it come from.

ORCarrier, the full name is Omni-Rail Carrier.
Before then, it used to be SORcarrier, Shiar Omni-Rail Carrier.


Shiar is a highly intelligent being in other galaxy, ruled by a very high tech habitat. Protected by Gladiator, the Princess won the people's trust and living in harmony. They are excel in Space travel and can fold space.
Shiar word was later omitted, because of feedback that this makes me sounds like a Arabic person. But I am a Chinese, ok.


The word omnirail, is originated from Lucasarts game called “Afterlife” It is the Ultimate Rail transport for the souls to reach the Karma Portal after they have finish their punishment in hell.
OmniRail nick was used from 1996 to 1998 in the Internet Relay Channel, commonly named IRC, and ICQ.
OmniRail is later changed, because of a copyright problem with a group band, who miraculously have the same name.


Inspired by Frank Herbert's Novel, Dune, the whole universe that Frank describes depends on a navigator, to fold space and teleport guild in order for time travel. Each guild, operated by CHOAM, can house tremendous space shuttles and Carriers.
Other than that, Blizzard's Starcraft helps to add in the word Carrier, because it is a huge Battle Cruiser and house numerous Protoss Interceptors that attacks to clear the way for Protoss Carrier.


Thus, ORCarrier, is fully adapted in July 1998, as a nick for irc, icq, hotmail, yahoo, tripodasia, google, ebay and every means. This is because of the unique name and no one have yet to derive it.
Of course, ORCarrier is sometime mistaken as ORC, the barbarous being in Blizzard's warcraft. But HEY! This is no way! Ok. I am a kind and gentle person. And this if for you to know, for you to find out

ORCarrier Versus Sarduakar

Sarduakar is a secondary nick below ORCarrier. On certain occasion, the nick ORCarrier cannot be used, because of some network problem, something like sudden disconnect from the network, but the nick still remains, and then, the nick Sarduakar is later used until the network reset their own database. As I do not go to IRC now, so this nick Sarduakar is later abandoned, since it have no uses for it.
But Sarduakar, is also inspired by the same novel book by Frank Herbert. It describes that the Sarduakars are the elite troopers of the Emperor Saddam the fourth. His house is the most powerful, and own this elite troopers, who kills without a single mercy. According to his novel, no matter how powerful Sarduakars are, they are annihilated by the Atreides Sandworm and sonic weapons. For the science fiction fans, this book is quite good, cos the way he describes the sand dun environment is really hard to imagine, but it is quite descriptive.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Together we make traffic

“10 Mins TeamWork Success Campaign” By

1. An Interesting Blog by BloggerOfTheWeb

2. All About Lifestyle by OrCarrier

3. Excellent Photography by SilverSpikes




I can’t believe it, someone uses one of my nick and chopped my place in one of the email service provider. No matter, I have discarded this nick, and use my usual nick to apply for another email.

Now, a total of 8 emails address I owned. But only 2 is commonly used. Hmm….and of course, my website still remains the same.

This is something new about blogging, and ,aybe, you can try it out. Just go to this web site, and read the explanation and do what it tells you. It can help to promote your blog de.

And these blogging community, is indeed, more to it than meet the eyes. It seems there are a lot of potentials in getting more traffic into the blog. But it’s a start wo.

Cut on my cute little finger.

Today, I got a cut on my finger. And it is quite deep, cos it is cut by a shear cutter. One of my powerful tool. GOD~ I really should hav obeyed your message when I feels the tempting to use the proper wire cutter. Haih. But somehow, I got the shear cutter instead. And due to not concentrating hard enough, I cut my own finger. Luckily, it can be attached back. The blood dripped all the way, and thank GOD I got my first aid with me all around. I open my first aid pouch and try to stop the bleeding, and immediately go to the clinic for a proper dressing.

You know? If a wound is not properly dressed, it can get an infection and leave a mark on it de. So I gotta go and get this treatment. And… a day of MC for it. I dun want…… I got tons of things waiting for me to do. And 3 in particular, I wanted to do it myself, because everyone is doing it wrong. But I was left with no choice when my manager insists I take a day off. I was not in my proper mind.

Source code modification again

I have modified my source code yet again. This time, it is for my convenience. This new appended source code, is to add on the font and alignment automatically, instead of I have to key in manually. That is to say, whenever before I type a blog entry, I must specify the alignment and font and the size. And these formats are indeed long and tedious, and every closing must be specified.

But today, I thought of this new idea, of appending this format to my blog format, and tada~! It works, even without specifying in the blog entry. I am so proud of it. Now I can just type the entry without specifying the format.

Other than changing the format, I also alter the sound to another source: My friendster music. This is because the blog cannot find the music “You carried me” since the friendter music have taken over the place. Actually that few days, the blog can do without it one, but just recently, it stopped. So I have to direct the blog to fetch the file from the friendster database. Hmm…. If Ayumi’s song is not copyright, I would put it up. But since it is……too bad.

My Mind

I know. It has gone overboard. I have started my leave earlier, all thanks to my mc loh, thank you. I am at home now, and well, I will start to go to other place and clear my mind, and to get some peace and quiet, out of the world’s affair.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Monday, January 21, 2008

Train Disruption

Disruption to train services

How many people, were disrupted by the train today? It really cause a really big out roar, because the delay is 7 hours, and ironically, the train that broke down, is a work maintenance train. Luckily, I was not affected, but can you imagine how huge the rsh hour crowds are? It is very HUGE~!

I once experienced it once, and I had it with it. I now leave for work 3 hours in advance, and will escape these kinda situation. Remember the train was disrupted, but I was out of the line, and was not affected by it.

I went out early, because I want to start things up slowly. And apparently, nowadays, it seems a drag.


It is confirmed, I have lose my entire foothold in my work. Everything has overloaded, and information is over-flooded. Communication has totally breakdown among me and 2 fellow officers, and I am very serious when I approach to them today to ask for a meeting. Basically, the work among us is clashed with each other, and we have to set out a map, to check on the delegation. I have lost control, and I will and will not give up getting that control back.

My mood is not used to what it was. Short tempered easily nowadays, and impatient in getting things done. I am very particular about many things. I am a perfectionist, and I want it done soon, or I may not return to the spot. But….no one is able to achieve the standard that I want. 3 more days, I will be free of these. 3 more days, I will be left with nothing else in this working world. 3 more days……I must endure it.

“Get your mood right~!” That is what one of my friend said. I am trying to, but I tend to let emotion rules my life. I went to the highest spot, and I give it a shout of my life. No bird came, no one heard me, and I shouted for some minutes. But the emotion returns again. It must be my perception. My perception has changed. I am looking at thing different from others. I can feel it. How can an engineer think like a technician? How would an engineer communicate with technicians in industry? I want answer. I know now how my engineer feels when he is talking to me previously. Mr Tan, He is my first boss. He is an engineer, and has lectured me many times. He is seeing things totally different from mine. And now, I am looking at thing different from others. How can I bring them back? This building mapping has been mould into my mind. I am seeing things totally different from them now. I wish, there is someone else like me, who sees what I sees, who is competent to do what I requires of them. How can I train them up?

My mood is very confused. I am so totally confused. I really must pick myself up, and establish another stronger foothold. I have the best headquarter in my office, but my outpost…..they are a rag. Totally rag.

What would Jesus do?


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hot Hot Hot Day~

Chinatown CNY 2008 Firework, by Felicia KuangMusic Junction

I was in Music Junction today, and I came to see that the japanese calalog is getting lesser and lesser. And I got to learnt that Ai Otsuka is not there, this is so sad de. How come they don’t sell Ai Otsuka CD? It is really cute de loh. But never mind, I think I will do without it.

I was also staying around, and see that Music Junction seems to be selling more on DVDs and VCDs. Looks like they are moving ahead to selling Visual products, rather than concentrating on audio products. But one thing I don’t understand is how come they are selling a lot of Transformer the movie, the cartoon movie. You know, the one about the matrix and unicorn one. They are selling in three different cover, but the story is all the same. This may lead to confusion, because what if the consumer bought three different cover, and realizes that it is all the same show, how would he feel and respond to it? As for me, I already got the movie, and it is the first time issue one.

Web Cam

I also wanted to buy a Web cam, because I wanted to talk to another person I the MSN at home. But this courts seems to be great in business these days, always a long queue de. So I gave up. Can you imagine, the queue is so long, yet they only open up 2 cashiers, and the rest of the salesperson are standing around chatting? I like Best Denki better. They have this Japanese concept, that they will follow you all the way, and will answer to any enquire that you have. If you step out of their area, another will come and take over. IT really makes a person feel important. And When I was asking about this DVD player, and wanted to test it out, he gets another person who knows better, and they bring to the testing station and test it out. It is quite thorough. And the conclusion, I got a DVD player.

Hot Hot Hot

Nowadays, it is really hot hot hot. Luckily I am working in an air conditioned environment, otherwise, I sure melt. As I look at my room thermometer, it shows 32 degree Celsius. It is really that hot, that I gotta activate my air conditioner in my study room. I seldom switch it on de. But today have no choice, otherwise, I will melt. I like cold environment, rather than hot environment, and luckily, my body can withstand cold temperature, so I always tune it down, and even my aircon in my work station is the most powerful in among the office, cos it gives off a constant air temperature of 15 to 17 degree. Even my two partners cannot take it. Bu it will be very useful to them, if they have finished hot work and rest. I thought of adding a small air curtain, to contain this air, but the boss don’t allows because it looks quite messy, so too bad.


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Door Advertising

Potential home vacant
Door to Door Advertising

One of the least preferable ways of advertising to me is Door to door brochures.

To the advertisers, this is a good way of promoting, because on the streets, the people will not take it, for the sake of the earth, so some advertisers will try sending through door to door method brochures as if force feeding info to the owners of the house.

Little did they realized, that their way of method of doing, have a very dangerous way of putting the owner’s house in danger. I have voiced this out many times, but there is really no channel to go to. So after long time of decision, I think I might as well post it on my blog. Hopefully, the authorities will look into it.

Owner at risk

Some owners, such as one particular owner, often go home and stay with their parents, and are seldom at home. Little did they know, advertisers post their brochures on their door step, and they could be out for a week, or perhaps the weekend? And these are telling everyone, “There is no one in this house at the moment, please come with an cold bar.”

I really hate these people. They force feeding, and some owners just throw them on the floor, “creating jobs” for the cleaner to do the sweeping. And some even throw the brochures out of the corridor, and landed somewhere else. How many would pick up and read it?

AC Nielson Research

According to AC Nielson surveys, the least effective way of advertising is through door to door advertising. And the most effective way of advertising, is nonetheless, mouth to mouth advertising. This is because if the product is really good, people will introduce the item to their friends and families, and later stage, correspondence, colleague, and clients. This constitute to 78 percent of the consumers, because consumers trust another consumers.

In Singapore, according to October 2007 research, 54 percents of consumers trust advertising. And if we assume door to door advertising as text ad in phone(which is practically true), 18 percents of the consumers will trust it. so if 54 adds 18, and divide by 2, we see that door to door advertising is only 38 percents effective in advertising. If take mouth to mouth which is 78 percents, we get 66 percents, which is more than half of it. So why do people still persist n door to door brochures? It really hurt the environment, by printing a lot, and burning a lot of natural resources.

No one's home

These photos are taken in two house units, whose owner is out. One of them is the owner is out visiting their parents and staying there, and another is out on vacation. So by the look of these two doors, we can see that there is no one in the house, and this really pose a very dangerous sign for the burglar to attack.

I hope someone will take considerate actions against this method of advertisers, or do they have to wait for something to happen, before action is taken?

As for me, I never look at them. I just take and chuck it into the piles of newspaper in my home. Basically, I think by words of mouth method is quite effective.

But of course, I do research intenively when looking for something that I want.


Friday, January 18, 2008

Going oversea soon.

Vacation booked.
No matter what happens, I have already planned out a short short vacation that will happens within 2 weeks time. All thanks to the help of a friend. It's a He, and nope I am not a gay, ok. Sometime, guys can talk better among each other de, but there are people who view them as gay, don't really understand.

Did you know that Gay and Lesbian are establish right from birth,because it is a fault on chemistry called chromosome error?

I really thank GOD who answered my prayer, and sent him with his msg. He was looking for people to go with him, so yours truly, is going soon. I have rescheduled all my entire year leave, and redistributed it again. So should be no problem now. But there will be a problem in future, because there will be a default in the number of leave, that I gotta take some unpaid leave in future. oh Duh.

A lot of work and worries have stockpiled up so high, I am trying to clear them all. And nope I wun be going to china. Because it is too far. I am going somewhere nearer, so it will be cheap budget have been setted, and accomondation have been set too. Anyway, it all settles then. Now all that is needed is to submit the leave form. haih. How I wish I can get all these things out of my mind and out of my life. but there is only 1 thing left that cannot be removed, unless the person agrees with it. But no matter. one day I will resolve it. It just need to get to the right timing.

Not knowing
Sometime, not knowing things, is actually better than knowing. Ever since I came into this new department, I have seen a lot of defects that have been defaulted by so many generations away. And just merely 2 weeks on the job, I have aready established a list of more than 20 defects, waiting for clearing and improvemnets. What are the previous people doing? How long does it take to finish them all? Luckily I am not in charge of building B anymore. I am fully concentrate on building A. otherwise, I will really go berserk.

Hmm.... Is it because people are turning a blind eye to the defects, so they can escape it? I am not a person who will turn my back to it.
I face it front. and the front is really scary, but I must be determine to face all the difficulty. Sometime I really wish to give someone a very good scolding, because he is really nagging, as though I do not know what to do, Please lah, this building system is like a map in my mind liao lah. Some even smoke me, but I just pretend I do not know, and see how it backfired, before I go up and do it myself.

I am really tired. So much things to do. no time for SPA, need to study part time course, no time to study jap, no time to renovate my study room, no time to watch my favourite show, and tonnes of questions in my mind about everything that I know of, and they are personnal stuff.

Morning show
Every morning, I would wake up and turn on the TV, and watch this HK drama serial in TV8. It is about some rich people's affair. And now, it is no more, and what they show is "My Fair Princess" hmm.... to me, this show is not something I like. Because the story is not good in my [point of view. I would prefer some other show, like some HK serial. but no "kinderd spirit" hoh, cos this show is damn long, think like 3 or 4 years, with thousands of eposide. And the story is very meaningless to me, unlike the previous drama shown every weekdays morning. If possible, put Doraemon, at 0530. then I can watch while eating my breakfast. wahahaha. And even best, if TV5 shows garfield. ha ha. sounds like I have not grown up. but most of the time, I eat my breakfast at 0530, unless I have nothing to eat at home.

On drama I like, would be frasier. A drama, dunno from australia or america one. Quite nice, and funny the way they speaks about the daily life. I specially like Neils, because he speaks very fast, and I have to catch up with his joke sometime.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I want a vacation~!

My adorable bears"If one day you were left with one day of breathe, what would you do?"

This is what I suddenly pop out this question when I was on the way back from work. It is a very simple question, yet, I was stuck with it. What would I do if I have 1 day left in this world……

I was quite worried of how I get this concept out of a sudden. Is the Death Angel speaking this through my thoughts? Is my days coming to an end soon?

There are many things I would like to do, but one of them is that I wish to have KFC chicken before I kick the bucket. And before that, I would like to tell someone that I would want to be in the coffin with my bear bear. My dear little cousins, better take note of this statement, ok? My white color bear…… and then, before that, I wish to meet a person and ……. Hmm…. But I would definitely not let anyone knows about it before then, cos I work like a ghost, like what my colleague always says. Silent, and unknowing.

Actually, many people may thing I would wanna die, but I am ok, don’t be misunderstood. Anyway, I will never leave my mum alone in this world de. I know how badly hurt she is when my dad passed away, so I must strive to live with GOD’s guidance. But if I were to die one day, remember about the bear, and leave the maize clothing on. There is a meaning for that.

Working style

My working style, maybe I should say a few things about my working style. I am a very fast paced person, who is very determined to get things done, one way or another. I always walks around, and sometime, even into deep and strange places that no one goes to. I am a person who gets red eye easily, meaning that I see something that I think it is wrong, I would want to get it fix or corrected fast. And I need help. Basically, most of the time, no one can help me, and no one can keep pace with me. I especially do not like people to override my instruction, or objectives. This is because when faced a problem, my way of correction is all planned and simulate in my mind, before it is speak out. Occasionally, there are people who would argue over it, and I would listen to it, and either take his way of method, or return him to my method back. If he still argue over it, I would let him do his style, and I watch. But if it is a one shot job, I would rather do it myself.

How I wish there are some more better help, so at least I can get things fixed earlier. I know, today I offended someone today, because he wants to throw something, that I think can be used. He insist that he wants to throw it away, and I flare at him, that he left me alone. Deep down I know, these things are new, and unused, yet they can be put into use. If they were to be thrown away, it would be a definitely waste. I do not like wastage. I can re-engineer certain broken items, into another uses. I think I am good at these things, but I only have 2 pair of hand. No one have the ability to see what I am seeing. Maybe it is because my way of thinking is totally different from others. I like to work, and I enjoy of it. I would go early in the morning, and leaving late in the evening. Partly it is because of the fact that my office table have been re-constructed to be very home feeling, and cosy. Last time, the office table is really a drag, that I takes two hours out daily after work, to re-construct everything in my area, to make it spacious and cosy. In the end, it leads to jealous eyes, and they want me to do for them. The most tedious task of it, is to fix up a air con diffuser right on top of my head. And to make thing difficult, I am doing it alone, and it is doing “live”, meaning the Air handling unit is switched on. So a lot of dust are flying around the ceiling.

Really, If I were to be left with one day, I would like to meet up a person, and say out the things that are kept in me. Right now, all I wish for, is for a good vacation to anywhere in the world. Anywhere. France, Italy, Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Japan, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, anywhere. Hmm… but……it could not come to pass……perhaps this year, it will not come to pass.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Time will heals all wound.

One giant Pooh bear ever known.Problems Problems Problems
I got an email, and actually read it today. Hmm…. It actually reminded me that I am an optimistic person before. But that is before everything fall apart as it is now. I do not know how to describe it, but I really do wish I could get a time out and go to two places to visit my friend who is having trouble with relationship, and another who is having trouble with staying in a foreign place. As for the rest of the problem, it will takes time to resolve by themselves.

How I wish I can go out to the world and perhaps try to settle things for them. CASH? No problem de, I got it ready anytime. It is the number of Annual leave that counts, cos I am not left with any left after that Australia trip. Yup, I am planning to go to Australia in the near future, so that 3 weeks leave is very precious to me. Otherwise, it is hard to apply for unpaid leave. I also wish to take some time out, to relax myself, cos I can't seems to adapt to the new change here and then.

After one week, Ayumi songs still cannot motivate me to get my mood right. I think the feeling that I am having now is really very devastated. It is like the end of the world. But I will never take my own life out of it, because this life belongs to GOD, and I must live it through, no matter how hard life is. Actually, another artist perhaps can get my mood back, She is Ai Otsuka. Dunno does anyone know her or not. She is a cute girl, who sings cute songs. The only problem is she is singing in very fast pace, sometime, I find it difficult to catch up. Ai chan is actually introduced to me by one of my friend in my first job, Ken Fay. He got the CD from a promoter, and then passes it to me after hearing the first few songs, I kinda like the way she sings it, quite cute de. As for Ayumi, her songs is heard nice from the Tower Record, while I was looking for Aikawa Nanase’s CD. Anyway, the reason why I didn't get to listen to Ai chan, is that I have already sold her CDs, and I gotta buy a new set if I need to listen to it. . . . Maybe I should get it soon, or maybe I should give myself some time to cool it off.

Working now
After the department changes, working for me seems to be a struggle, because I have got to see a lot of trails left by the rest of the ancestor. To improve it really takes quite some time, because there are a lot of problems, and usually things doesn’t work out the way it seems. How am I going to face the meeting board every month from now on? And then, there is this renovation work going on, and the contractors really made a mess out of everything, I have a lot of problem to raise to the foreman, but the foreman have to report to another person, so practically, I cannot touch him. I think my boss is also having this problem. Sometime, I really think, close supervision is really important when contractor is doing work, because you know the system, electrical and plumbing system, but they do not know the way of the system.

Brake Shoe near empty
Today, as I was cycling home, I realised that my brake shoe is exhausted soon. Hmm... finally, cos I was about to think when will it finish. This bicycle brake is quite long lasting, I think it have been 2 years, since I changed it. and it really is quite expensive. Well, most likely this saturday, I will be going to Techlink to change the brake shoe. I like going there, because they sells better quality bicycle parts. For my bicycle, it is always the good quality that count, but it must worth the value too. Cos if I can take good care of my bicycle, I am sure it will take me safely on the road.

Today, I went to meet my hair stylist, Amy, and have a chat. She is my dedicated hair stylist, and she is good in the sense that she knows what I want, and she really knows how to give a good hair wash. After all, if you don’t trust your hair stylist, who else can you trust? You are putting your most important head to them, so must really trust them. So far, she has been cutting for me for 2 years, if I am not wrong. And her cutting skill is quite good. Even her own hair also have style one. At a time when I was left with no fixed hair stylist, I hop around, and was later introduced by Joanne, another hairstylist to Amy. Then from that day on, after finding Amy’s cut is very good, I always approach her whenever I need a hair cut. Thanks Amy.


Pablo, from extreme poor, to extreme rich.

This is one of the meaningful blog entry that I would like to share.

It is originated from October 2006

I specially like the picture of this, because it have this feel that the kid is enjoying playing the tyre, but he looks very helpless like somethng is bothering him. The picture colour also make sit looks old.

I had just have a inspirational dream, that after I woke up, I would like to share with you.

Pablo's starting life
This is about a boy, perhaps, about his life. Although in the dream, he had no name, but when I prayed for a name, the word 'pablo', came to my mind.

Pablo is a black african, who is from the third world country. Ever since he was birth, he follows his parents, and work non-stop. When he was young, where everyone's kid went to school, pablo was helping out in his uncle's shop, which I don't know what he sells.

Pablo's teens
When pablo was in his teens, I saw his uncle talked to his parents, and they were crying. It seems that pablo's uncle had a plan for him, and it would cost pablo to leave his parents, to go to america, somewhere in the surburb. Pablo, since small, did not know what was going on around the world. And then, it zapped to the day, where pablo's parents and him were in a jeep, driving to a place. The jeep was driven by their uncle, and then, they set off from their home, to a house, by the sea. When they nearly reached the place, pablo's parents told him he have reached, and advise him to work hard, and stay with the american family.

First visit
Pablo went to a door, and knocked on it, and after he said his name, the american let him in, and show him the place around. He was shown to a room, which is the size of his whole house. (Can you imagine the size of the house of pablo?) It seems that pablo's uncle have a plan for him to be adopted by the americans.

Later, Pablo was shown to a restaurant which is on the streets level. It is a house, by the seaside, where the top is the house, and the first floor is the restaurant. While every regular kids are studying colleage, pablo is busy working in daytime, and night time. before sleep, he share his quiet time, and studying books that is on the shelves of the americans. It was never know who are the americans in the dream.

Pablo's Adulthood

When Pablo reached his 20s, he have an urge to go visit his family. He took a short break, and went back to his home, which he remembered. When he reached there, the house, which is thought to be there, was no longer there. The place have gone through mordernisation, and was no longer there. Pablo, with his tears non-stop, returned home. He was very sad that he have lost his root. The next day, he pursues on sharpening his cooking skills through strong determination. The american couple supports him very well.

Then, the american couple died, not knowing how they died, but they were childless. The american man had made a will, that his estate be willed to pablo. And a contract between him and pablo's parents came to light. He was an adopted child, planned by his uncle. His uncle had observed that he have a keen interest in cooking, and that is why, he was sent to this family.

After the funeral, Pablo became the boss, and starts on reading books that aids him to expand his restaurant. He became very successful man, and married a lady. He continues to stays in the restaurant by the beach, waiting for one day, his parents would return.

Pablo thinks about his root

One night, while Pablo was looking out the sea, he cried. His wife came out to see him, and was also sad. Then his wife gave a recommandation to him, to advertise on the newspaper, looking out for his parent.

Pablo published for 1 week straight, and many people came to make the claim that they were Pablo's family. But he knew, they were not his parent. Weeks went by, and the con man were still coming up. But as it gets lesser, his hope of meeting his parent were getting dimmer and dimmer. One night, a car stopped by, and a man came to knock on the door. Pablo answered it, and immediately the man ask about the house pablo was living in. Pablo answered by a railway, and a rotten one. And the man continued describing the house, and then give a short brief about a shop, but saying it is their shop. Pablo dismissed that it was his uncle's shop, and not his own shop. Pablo then question by saying on the last day he leaves, the parent sent him to the door. the man dismissed that he was not sent to the door. The two man stopped for a while, and tears splashes out, and they hug each other. He was pablo's brother.

Pablo meet his brother

Pablo's brother was also sent to another family by his uncle as well. He found a letter about his uncle's plan for them to have a better life, and their parents have to let them go, so they would be successful. They were united, and Pablo knew he was no longer alone, as he have his brother. They never met their parent, nor their uncle anymore.

Pablo's brother is a student studying law, and he lives on the other side of the town. Occassionally, Pablo's brother would came to drop by, and they would stare out the sea sometime, thinking about their life, and about their future life.

Woke up~!

After that, I woke up.
I was feeling very sad over the dream, because it seems so real, it was like watching a life of a man in 3 hours. I slept at 2300, and woke up at 0200.

Some may think that poverty is a bad thing, but poverty, can drive a strong determination out of a man. Rich kids are rebellious, and they think the world revolve around them. They do not study, given a comfort home, with a life with their parents. But in a world, without schools and parents, a kid would be driven to drive the best potential out of them.

It is ironic, that poverty, can drive a person closer to GOD, and the non-poverty, was lead away from GOD. That is why, GOD prefers to choose the weak, to be strong, as he picks on David, to fight the Goliath in the times of David.


Death Note: L changed the world.

The Line
Lately, I was not myself, cos there are things happening aorund me. After much thoughts, I think I should not have left the blog alone. I should draw a line between the reality and the virtual.

Death Note 3: L change the world.
Yeah, Sometime, I really wonder how L knows about the death note and how to control it. I think he must have some link to it when I sat him in the first part of “Death Note”

I was passing by orchard, and I noticed the movie advertisement of Death note 3. So looking forward to it. In “Death Note”, Yagami Light fight with L mentally, and in the second part “Death note: The last name”, Yagami combine with another girl, Misa Amane to fight L, but both Yagami and Misa lost. But L later is lost to the death note. All because of the fact that L need the cooperation of a detective, to expose Yagami.

“L change the world” is speaking about the last 23 days of his life. I can see some of the characters, and well, so looking forward to it.

Death note is originate from Japanese Anime, an it is put into the show. It have quite a lot of series, because there are a lot of Death God. The death note that Yagami got is actually a stolen death note by Ryuk, another death God from another death God. But Misa’s death note is a sacrifice made by a death God. But before this death God died, He passes his notebook to another death God, to make sure it is delivered to Misa, for her use. I only read a bit of the comic because the story is really quite long.

Bealieu House
How many people have been to a restaurant called Bealieu House? It is a small restaurant, stand alone type facing the beach. I have been there since I was young. And few days ago, I been there, and feel total sadness in me. I remembered my dad. He is the one who brought me and my mum to the place for my birthday. It is a very nice ambient, with the sound of the beach, and the sight of people doing BBQ and swimming in the sea. My dad is no longer with us, but his memories does stay. Sometime, I just wish he is still alive now so my mum will not be so lonely, and goes out every weekend. His death is so sudden, we really have no preparation for it. one morning he is alive, doing the normal stuff, and in the evening when my mum went home, she found him dead on the floor. He is a home staying person, doing a lot of effort to renovate the house, build the best sound system, and likes to sings. Every weekend, he would bring my mum out to somewhere, whereas I goes out till the wee hour of the morning. I enjoy night life in weekends de. Cos I can get to see things at night, and my mind is so active, I can cycle all night in the empty street with the top speed the bicycle can go. At night , it is cooling, and I actually dun like sun light de. So this lifestyle fits me. But now, my dad is not around, and my mum always fear that I would met with accident should I cycle at night, I have to sleep at home. I remember my dad used to be a heavy smoker in the house. And both my mum and I have to keep on persuade and add pressure on him, that he quit smoking, and take up drinking beer instead. Then we have to pressure him to quit the beer drinking habit. In the end, he cut it down to one can per day. What is so great about drinking beer de? I wonder sometime. I prefer wine better than beer. Beer is too gassy. My dad also picks up Jap and sometime, he teaches me some of the vocabulary, when I have trouble with it. The most burnt hard word is "Okaane". It means money. He often tell me "Okaane arimasen". It means "No money". And during that time, because I have someone to talk Jap with, I progress fast. But ever since he is gone, I think, it is hard to find someone to speak with. Most of my friends are quite low level, so most of the time, I ended up teaching them instead of learning from them.

I brought my mum to Bealieu, because it is her birthday, and I want it special place for her, and she suggested Bealieu house, because we have not been there for a long long time. But during halfway of eating, I recalls the moment when my dad was around, and there is this two dish that he would always order, because it is his favorite food. But that night, I did not order those, because I was worried that my mum would be sad.

Muva Lamp
How many people have heard of Muva Lamp? I got it at a special price from a friend, who owns a shop. He is very pleased that I am interested in it, because it is something that can hardly find de. It is a type of a mood changing lamp, where people like to watch it. I find it cute and adorable, so I ended up buying it. It works quite nicely, and looks nice on my office table. The web says this is a type of lamp that can change the mood of individuals, and also amplify the environment especially dark places. I thought of getting two of it, maybe one for the left, and another for the right. But the left side of the PC got a telephone, and a plant, so din get two.


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Time Break

Pablo, From extreme poor to extreme richSad Sad
Lately, a lot of sad things happens around me. I really dunno what to say. These things really devastate me quite badly, I really do not know what to do now.

Anyway, I proposed a break from the blog and all my emails, and take a vacation to calm myself before it really affect my entire life. I hope I can get over it soon. Some of these things are very complicated, and hard to find a suitable person to talk with.

I hope I can get away from Singapore and go to anywhere for vacation. I could only HOPE.

Only GOD can help me now. He is the way, the truth and the life.


Sunday, January 06, 2008

Extract from November 2006 post

This is an extract from one of the earlier blog, about this book Dropsie Avenue by Wll Eisner. Pardon me, my prevous post about dropsie is a bit vivid, cos it's over a year since I read the book.

Hmm... I have nothing much happens to me, cos I am actually doing spring Cleaning These few days, but I read up on another book, by Will Eisner, and I would like to share it with you.

Will EisnerTitle: Dropsie Avenue: the neighborhood
Author: Eisner, Will.
Publisher: New York, NY : DC Comics, c2001.
Physical Description: 170 p. : chiefly ill. ; 26 cm.
Series Title: The Will Eisner library
Notes: Originally published: 1995.

One of the longest story, Dropsie Avenue displays a very constructive and pleasant environment, with stories of the resident in Dropsie Avenue for a hundred years.

He describe neighborhood as if it is like a person, who have the life span. It grow, mature and decay. This is exactly what happens to, to South Bronx, a majoy part of New York City, USA.

Dropsie Avenue was birth when it is a farming land. It grow, when people starts moving in, and it starts to grow. At that time, there are dispute between Irish and English. The Irish starts to moves into Dropsie Avenue, beside Skidmore and though the Irish O’brien invites them to their party, They declines. When Coleen O’Brien goes to become a prostitute, and was caught, the Irish have no courage to face the neighbours. The parent died of shock, and Coleen was forced to moved out to Canada. Her brother however, left behind, and continue the story.

Clara Brown enters into the picture, and married to Neil O’brien. They moved out, when industrial period have taken place, transforming the neighbourhood, from farming, to resident to industrial. It then turns to the conflict between the Germans and the English, where English chase away Germans, or refuses to co-operate with them. Danny Smith come into the next story, and refuses to built the railway, because it will have a devastating effect on the neighborhood. Danny was later cheated, blackmailed by an construction boss, to put the station into dropsie Avenue, so he can build tenements. Tenements starts to be erected, and more lives are featured into the picture, where even the black move into the neighbourhood, so is the Italians, and the black market.

Abie Gold, Izzy Cash and Svenson are some of the featured important people. They work and lives in Dropsie Avenue, in order to keep it going. All of the buildings starts to decays, as it reaches the life span. Svenson lost his building, which he bought from Izzy Cash, because he couldn’t afford the taxes. Izzy Cash lost all his building to developers, and Abie Gold, is the council, and a lawyer. Her spend all his life, trying to save Dropsie Avenue from other developers, so he could keep his childhood dream alive, by defending it. The black market overrun the entire neighbourhood, and eventually, all the buildings are scrapped, and the land bare waste. Abie Gold and Ruby, the first black girl, and a city developer are left. This is the chapter where the story starts to be affection, when Ruby and Abie shares the memories of the neighborhood. And enters Rowena, one of the most wealthiest woman, who bought the entire neighborhood. She wants the whole stretch to be constructed like her home she shared with her grandma. She was pity not to live long to see it. As the coporation left Abie a note, telling him of her feeling for the neighborhood, he strive hard to make it happens, with Izzy Cash and Rowena’s investment. Abie was later no longer seen, so I may never know, whether Abie gets to see his neighborhood. This is because Abie was portrayed as a very old man, when the Rowena Coporation gives the deposit to Abie. The story ends, when the neighbourhood was born, with new buildings meant for the resident.

The life portrayed about Rowena’s life really sadden me, because as she was building her empire, Dropsie Avenue was dying. And when she returns to Dropsie Avenue, her husband was no longer with her, and she speaks of her life in Dropsie, with her grandma, and how she knows her husband.


Test your internet skill~

Learn about Ultrasound technicians

Changi Terminal 3 Flower GardenModified Source Code

I changed a small portion of the source code this morning to my blog. I do not know whether did anyone see any changes, but it doesn’t matter. I really have to transfer some wordings from my friendster profile, and append it into my blog web. And it is successful, so ha ha, if you can find the changes good for you, you have been observant. The next to change is to make that crazy clock to move with the scroll bar. Haih. I have not found any guide for that java script yet, so do not know how to make it scroll with the scroll bar.

Amanda Val Ng
I was looking at my MSN, and I notice Amanda have a blog, so out of curiosity, I just click on it, and realized she is from the City Harvest Church. Hmm…. It have been quite a long time. I don’t even know how her contact did gets into my MSN, and only after that, I realizes from her, that I got her contact through the Internet Relay Chat. Oh gosh, is it that long? 3 years? I have discarded IRC since donkey years ago. It must be from the channel #chc that I got to know her. Well, after reading a small portion of it, I thought it is nice to listen to the thought of hers, and put it up in my blog as well. Maybe I can start collecting interesting blog site and post it to my blog. Ha ha. So Cheers to you, Amanda~! May the Spirit of GOD be with you always.

Precious Moment, by precious moments.comFIR
I am now into FIR music now. Well, maybe I should change the song once in a while. I just bought a new album, called Ai Ge Ju. Dunno how to translate that Chinese word, but it is close, I think. Anyway, I find “The Tenth star” is quite good. FIR consist of Fay, Ian, and Ryan, I think, and correct me if I am wrong. They are good in the sense that one plays the guitar, one sings, and one plays the piano. They are a good team, and the first album is quite nice. I love it.

Precious Moment, by precious moments.comAyumi
I was reading the newspaper yesterday, and I am amazed I still got time to read the newspaper. And I came across this news that Ayumi is deaf from one side of the ear, think it is the left ear. She cannot hear anything out of her left ear, and it is irreversible. This is so sad, but she insist that she will continue with her right ear. Is it because of the music? Or some kind of genetic disorder? I listen to Bluetooth from my right ear, will I go deaf through my right ear? Hmm….My hearing is also a bit hard of hear, because of the fact that I listen to music loud when I was in my secondary school days. Why didn’t I listen when people advise against it? Aiyah. Anyway, I am now into using speaker. And at home, haha, it is the loud speaker. No more headphone, unless it is from the Bluetooth ear piece. So there.

Internet quiz.
Here’s something for you, it is to test your internet skill. I actually encourage you to take it and see how well is your knowledge about the internet. Er… one thing I guess is about the google and the valid ip address question. But I do not know is it right of wrong. Try this quiz, simply click on it, it will bring you to the site to test your internet skill. Good Luck~


Saturday, January 05, 2008

2 More Days~

Are They Ready?
2 More days...I will be free of this prison. 2 More days... for 3 weeks, I have been looking so forward for it. And soon, it is coming soon. It is the massacre begins. I will be free of keeping strict diet and massacre all the favourite food that I so desire. Perhaps, that would cheer me up a bit. I hope it will work. Otherwise, I would really have pyschological problem.

How many people, knows about Facebook? This is the latest trend in the internet, where people can get to know each other, and playing games, giving hugs, gift, and sometime, to earn money to buy things virtually. I am one member of the Facebook.And after a few rounds, I found out one thing. Is this a form of a computer games, or online games, where people have to add this feature, and play around, and after playing for sometime, it is discarded? I am really amused by some of my friends who are able to play to certain top ranking. How did they find the time? Haih. For me, I have to take care of a lot of things, a lot of reports to write, or type, and study to take care of, family and my pathetic room. I really wish I have insomnia so that I can do the things at night, and my eyes are not sleepy, perhaps for 3 months, to catch up with my stuff. Should I add this in my prayer list?

Discard hobby.
I was having conversation with a friend, and realized one thing about computer games. When I was small, I used to hang out in arcades, where playing games are my favorite hobby. I would spend a lot of time and money there, until I am either broke, or no time left. Most of the time, it is not enough money to continue. After sometime, I got tired of playing arcade, and switch to computers. I would spend a lot of time in it, and playing computer games, most of them are RPG and strategy games. As for racing, it is not my style. I like strategy games, especially Starcraft, Dune, Command and Conquer. And I would spend a lot of time learning on computer electronics, that my mum wanted me to take up IT courses. At first, I was quite interested in the IT courses, but after learning about the generation changes, I switch to Mechanical instead. This is because mechanical is my favorite interest. Both mechanical and IT work almost the same, it is like dismantling material and reassemble, reconstruction. For IT, it is also writing program, bridging network, create software. But I am more into mechanical, so here I am. But sometime, I do hope I can go to IT field as well.

Anyway, after seeing my friend’s respond, I think, I should not play anymore computer games. Cos I wanted to concentrate on something else. I am so looking forward to Starcraft 2, but for the sake of time, I think I should concentrate more on my study. Of course, I do post some blogs, so there.

Sometime, I do regret certain things about playing games, because it really can pass time very fast, but because it really takes most of the concentration away. Like how to kill this, how to get over enemies defenses, which tactical building or weapon to destroy. And when it fail, we start over again. The longest game I ever play, is the Command and Conquer, Zero Hour. Where there is a challenge campaign. You can get to choose which general to be, between the United State, China or Global Liberation Army. Each of the 9 generals have their own special ability and super weapon. When chosen 1 choice, you get to challenge the other 8 generals, and defeat them in many challenging maps and environment. After completed using that general, I choose another general, and challenge the other 8 again. The battle is very long, because there are some restrictions in building certain vehicles.

I think I should not be playing these computer games anymore, instead, I would stick more into my study. If time wuld go back, I wish I would not invest so heavily in games. And especially arcades. Hmm…….


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