Monday, January 23, 2006


Xiaxue Have you visited this blog? It really have a lot of exposure to the media. And Thoguh she was reported to be a celebrity, I never see her before. But anyway, this is not the point.

The point of mentioning xiaxue, is because of some comments I read from her blog. Some were really like telling other people how to grow up or something. But I think Xiaxue really stand up to her right. We can read, and just see what is it that we learnt, and should not have as she quotes: Asking a porn star to wear he cloth. As a blogger myself, I won’t want people to leave nasty remarks as well. Jokes are acceptable, and should be taken lightly. The comments are like trying to get the law enforcer to get into the site, and arrwst her. Oh duh. I hope she will turn up alright. And I do like her blog sometime, because it speaks of a person’s life, and have lots of interesting topics to talk about.

I got a job now. It is working in the service sector. Oh boy Oh boy, I hope I can keep this job stable. You know, the previous two company I work in, simply ran out of job for me to do. Oh duh.

The Feet and Jesus
As I was bathing, I would just simply, remembers a work that Jesus did to the disciples. He washes the apostle’s feet. This is really meaningful. When you are given massage, which part of the body is the most relaxing?

It’s the Feet. Somehow, the feet, when you apply massage to it, it is the most sensational part of the body, when compared to head or back, or any other part. Jesus knew, even before the establishment of massage parlor. And there is also, another catch. You cannot give a better massage than yourself. You cannot get the sensation feeling, if you apply the massage on yourself. You have to let others do it. And there is a medical point in it.

It is the Brain. In the lower part of the brain, near to the spine, is a fail-safe mechanism. It stops the muscle from applying too much pressure, when it feels the pain. It is like a feedback, stopping the muscle from applying more force. And there it is, you cannot have the massage feeling no matter how hard you try it. Well, when a second party does it, just like Jesus did it, there is no feedback signal. Well, I hope the brainac will do an experiment on it as well.


Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dropsie Avenue.

Hmm... I have nothing much happens to me, cos I am actually doing spring Cleaning These few days, but I read up on another book, by Will Eisner, and I would like to share it with you.

Title: Dropsie Avenue: the neighborhood
Author: Eisner, Will.
Publisher: New York, NY : DC Comics, c2001.
Physical Description: 170 p. : chiefly ill. ; 26 cm.
Series Title: The Will Eisner library
Notes: Originally published: 1995.

One of the longest story, Dropsie Avenue displays a very constructive and pleasant environment, with stories of the resident in Dropsie Avenue for a hundred years.

He describe neighborhood as if it is like a person, who have the life span. It grow, mature and decay. This is exactly what happens to, to South Bronx, a majoy part of New York City, USA.

Dropsie Avenue was birth when it is a farming land. It grow, when people starts moving in, and it starts to grow. At that time, there are dispute between Irish and English. The Irish starts to moves into Dropsie Avenue, beside Skidmore and though the Irish O’brien invites them to their party, They declines. When Coleen O’Brien goes to become a prostitute, and was caught, the Irish have no courage to face the neighbours. The parent died of shock, and Coleen was forced to moved out to Canada. Her brother however, left behind, and continue the story.

Clara Brown enters into the picture, and married to Neil O’brien. They moved out, when industrial period have taken place, transforming the neighbourhood, from farming, to resident to industrial. It then turns to the conflict between the Germans and the English, where English chase away Germans, or refuses to co-operate with them. Danny Smith come into the next story, and refuses to built the railway, because it will have a devastating effect on the neighborhood. Danny was later cheated, blackmailed by an construction boss, to put the station into dropsie Avenue, so he can build tenements. Tenements starts to be erected, and more lives are featured into the picture, where even the black move into the neighbourhood, so is the Italians, and the black market.

Abie Gold, Izzy Cash and Svenson are some of the featured important people. They work and lives in Dropsie Avenue, in order to keep it going. All of the buildings starts to decays, as it reaches the life span. Svenson lost his building, which he bought from Izzy Cash, because he couldn’t afford the taxes. Izzy Cash lost all his building to developers, and Abie Gold, is the council, and a lawyer. Her spend all his life, trying to save Dropsie Avenue from other developers, so he could keep his childhood dream alive, by defending it. The black market overrun the entire neighbourhood, and eventually, all the buildings are scrapped, and the land bare waste. Abie Gold and Ruby, the first black girl, and a city developer are left. This is the chapter where the story starts to be affection, when Ruby and Abie shares the memories of the neighborhood. And enters Rowena, one of the most wealthiest woman, who bought the entire neighborhood. She wants the whole stretch to be constructed like her home she shared with her grandma. She was pity not to live long to see it. As the coporation left Abie a note, telling him of her feeling for the neighborhood, he strive hard to make it happens, with Izzy Cash and Rowena’s investment. Abie was later no longer seen, so I may never know, whether Abie gets to see his neighborhood. This is because Abie was portrayed as a very old man, when the Rowena Coporation gives the deposit to Abie. The story ends, when the neighbourhood was born, with new buildings meant for the resident.

The life portrayed about Rowena’s life really sadden me, because as she was building her empire, Dropsie Avenue was dying. And when she returns to Dropsie Avenue, her husband was no longer with her, and she speaks of her life in Dropsie, with her grandma, and how she knows her husband.


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New $2 Currency

New Notes
Last week, I was going to the market to buy some food for dinner at night, when I heard from the 938 Live, that the banks are exchanging new currency for the two dollars note. I went to the bank to change the money, to the new $2 notes.


After I have changed it, I can feel that the pressure of having so much money in my pocket. It is like you can be robbed any time. As for my dressing, I was dressing in ragged form, so no one may be able to see that I am any of those people who do a large bills in the bank. I asked for an envelope, and was told to put in the money myself. Hmm…. This may be for a security reason.

Anyway, everyone have to be careful, and take note of anyone who follow them. Did you know? There is a kind of dung organization, who actually stands outside the bnk, and then spread the dung at the back, then another would come and snatch the bag away. This happens in KL, according to The Straits Times, and now, they are moving to Singapore, where there is the similar incident in the 16th December, 2005 outside a bank in shenton way. One way to note, is to know who is following, and avoid small alley, or alone.

Hershey Chocolate Bar

I just went to NTUC, and bought a chocolate. A Hershey Milk Chocolate with cookie. Did you know that there is a lot of work made into produce a Hershey? I watched a documentary before, about how the chocolate is made. And it really is smooth, thin and tasty. Not many shops sells Hershey. Maybe it is because it is expensive. But Hershey, to me, is really most tasty, and it could be because it is thin. And since it is thin, yet it is strong.

Woodlands Spectrum
Last Sunday, I went with Xiao Lan to Woodlands Spectrum. It is an industrial building, and I can tell you that in the 6th storey, you can see many things, as far as to the Johor Bahru. We spent some time admiring the view. It is sad that I did not bring the binocular to watch the entire scenery. Woodlands Spectrum is a huge building owned by Jurong Town Council, and it is specialize in renting buildings to those company dealing with machinery. As for the labor source, the housing is just next to it. There is the housing quarters for all the foreigners, and it is very tightly secured. Anyway, I just went there for a view.

Title: The building
Author: Eisner, Will.
Publisher: New York : DC Comics, [2000].
Physical Description: 80 p. : chiefly ill. ; 28 cm.
Series Title: The Will Eisner library
Notes: Originally published: Princeton, Wis. : Kitchen Sink, 1987.
"A graphic novel about the life and death of a city building"--Cover.

This is a book review for The Building, by Will Eisner. Well, I like to read his book, because, if you pause to think about the stuff he is trying to say, it can be really meaningful. It speaks of the current situation we are in, somehow or rather.

Every buildings, have a lifespan, just like a human being. Man makes it happens, and add live into it, without our presence, either outside the building, or inside the building. This building, before it is demolished, 4 people have devoted their life into this building. Will Eisner, out of genius, illustrate how these 4 people made an impact to it. They are: Monroe Mensh, Gilda Greene, Antonio Tonatti and P.J. Hammond.

Monroe is a man, who minds his own business. One of the “Invisible” The kind of a person, who shut his mind out of the outside world. Not a care in the world. One day, a small kid died in front of him. He starts to wake up, and devotes his life into charity, and wanted to save children away from harm. He died saving one of the kid, who is in need of blood transfusion.

Gilda is a beauty, who looks up to a poet. They met outside the building every week on Wednesday and have lunch. Then, Gilda broke the news, that she is going to marry Irving, a dentist whom she met in the workplace. When Benny the poet, knows of the news of Gilda’s marriage, he continue to see her, and so does Gilda. It is like a love which cannot be fulfilled. When Gilda dies, Benny did not know. He starts confronting Irving, and confesses his love for Gilda. Sadly, Gilda has died because of illness. Benny, is so devastated, and remains to be in love with Gilda, and eats his lunch alone every Wednesday outside the building.

Antonio is a violin player, who lives in pension, after an accident rendered him a handicapped. Antonio is not a man of musical professional, but he plays outside the building everyday. He even played for Gilda and Benny, though they never communicate. When there is a quarrel exist outside the building, Antonio plays his violin in a way, that restores love. And his music can turn the weak into a strong and confident person. In one way, Antonio developed a connection with the building, and when the building is dying, so is Antonio’s health. When the building is tore down and a new building erected, Antonio is no longer be seen.

P.J. is a very successful real estate owner to the. He learns to be like his father in the real estate, and starts gaining power in an aim to be a Hammond Center. When he got the strip, he have one problem. He cannot get the building at the intersection. He is reminded of the life he had before, with his father at the building. He was refused by Etons. Etons owned that building, and it is the last building they have. Therefore, they refuse to sell the building. P.J. tries many ways to get the building, and when he got it, he is too obsessed in it, and forgets about his aim to be a Hammond center. When he lost grip of all his other estate, he was left with one building left. It is too old, that it have to be tear down. P.J. have no choice, but to sell this building, and jump off from it. When the building is rebuilt, it is named after P.J. The Hammond Building. And so it starts a new life


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Review on film: The Rising

Mangal Pandey – The Rising

This is the show, I watched last week, and I am telling you this is a very inspiring show, that speaks about friendship, betrayal, greed and love.

It is an Indian show, so unless you know their language, you can understand what is it all about. And if you are not fluent, no worry. Some part of the shows, they speak in English. And in the show, you can see how the English are made to learn the India language.

I thank GOD that there is a English subtitles in the movie, shown in Arts central.

This show, speaks about a part of India history, and a part explaining how the East India Company lost it’s grip in India, and as a result, lost the huge capable of battle with the assistant of sepoys.

The start of the show, may be confusing to some viewers, because it is a zip pass, about Mangal, lead to the gallow, ready to be hang. And then, the show slip to the was in Afghanistan. He earned the respect of British officer William Gordon (Toby Stephens). In the past, the officer is often higher ranking in the company. So Gordon gave him a gun, for his friendship.

The show also look into depth, where Indian woman, having needs of earning, feed the child of the English lady, with her own milk, leaving no milk for her own child. The child have to be fed on opium in order to keep quiet. When the East India company found out there are private trade in opium, they dispatch the sepoy, to demolish all opium villages, who rebels them. The sepoy, feeling helpless, still shoot the villagers down.

Mangal Pandey is one of the many sepoys of the 5th company, 34th Native Infantry Regiment, Barrackpore.He is a man who was loyal his superiors in the army of British East India company. A man with exceptional skills and bravery at the battlefield.

New Ammunition
One day, the East India company introduced new kind of ammunition and rifle. These new kind of rifles, are better than the old rifles, only with one defect. The Company does not have enough capital to finance better lubricants, so they use pig’s and cow’s fat as grease, so the barrel will be smooth. IT was rumor at first, spread by one outcaste.

Outcaste are people without caste. Because they have tasted forbidden animal oil, No one is to sit with them, talk with them, or walk with them.

The cartridge of the new ammunition required the firers to bite the cartridge, and pour in the ammunition into the gun barrel. And because cow and pig, are forbidden by muslim and hindus, no one is suppose to bite it. But the company assures that they are not made with animal fats.

When Officer Gordon assures that the cartridges are safe, Mangal bites and fire it. Then, one of the outcaste led Mangal into the factory, which manufactures the cartridges. Mangal was astonished to see the factory, together with other witnesses. He went to Gordon, and sever his friendship tie with him, and starts planning for a rebellion. When Gordon knows the truth, He brought this issue up to his commanding officers. In obsessed with greed and arrogance, They ignores Gordon’s recommendation and persist to use the new cartridges. They did not know, that this small religious issue, is going to lead to the downfall of the East India Company. At this time, there is a small war between the East India and China, because China used to trade with East India for Opium. And then, when China found new source of Opium, they wanted to withdraw. The East India, seeing they are rich in sepoy, boosted about it, and wanted to dispatch the sepoys to China, together with some British.

There is one problem, the Sepoys do not want to use the new cartridges. The Commanding officer, brought the sepoy together, and wanted someone to walk up and fire the rifle. No one bulged this time. And then, the commanding officer offers to fire a cannon at them, to force them. When Gordon see the seriousness of the situation, he tries to stop the commanding officer by saying there is no order from the general for this action. Mangal, step up to the cannon, and tell the artillery to fire, with him standing in front of the mouth of the cannon. The whole regiment cheers, and starts to loot the East India Company.

The Commanding officer then issue order back to England, and ask for a British Battalion to handle the rebels.

MAngal, together with the help of another man, hold a siege against them, and waits for the 31st May, to lead the whole India for rebellion. But there was some hasten and the british warship arrived in 1st April. When Mangal ask for the date to be moved to 30th March, it is hard to be done because of lack of preparation. Mangal, was so pressed on to his faith, he lead a small rebel with the whole battalion single-handedly. He became seriously injured, and was court martial. Gordon, voice out in the court, that the court should find out the cause of the rebellion and not hang mangal. He persist to tell the jury about the seriousness of the situation and the danger that the company may fall because of the death of Mangal. As usual, it falls to deaf ears.

Mangal was due to executed, and in front of the public. Little known to the English people, the india have made the date of Mangal's execution, the date for rebellion. Mangal shout the last word, and he was executed. In that instance, the whole of India rebel against the East India Company, and led the downfall. The East India then realized that there is a great need for sepoys, because they were at war with China. But because of one simple cheap cost of Cartridges, The whole India rebels, and the entire East India company was falls apart.


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Selemat Hari Raya Haji

Hari Raya Haji
Today is Hari Raya Haji. Oh duh, I thought it is Hari Raya Puasa today. Anyway, I went to visit some of my Malay neighbors today. My former neighbor, actually. Well, I went back to the flat where I once lived, and I see that the place is really very quiet. It is like a crypt. And after knowing that my flat was sold to the bank, I feel sad, cos I can’t get to go in and take a look at it again. After the bank bought the flat, no one has ever bought it. Must be something that makes it unable to be sold.

Time really fly fast and it have been many years since I moved into the place where I am living in now. But if given a choice, I would still choose this place. Ha ha.

New fishes
After that, I went to an aquarium, and get a company for my clown loach, and cardinal. When the clown loach is released, and my clown loach sees it, they swim together and enjoying themselves. As for the Cardinal, they cluster into a group, and swim together. The number of fishes exceeds 20, and the fish tank really look crowded. Maybe one day, I will be able to post the picture of it up online. Right after I settled with the pictures in my web.

The weather here is still cooling, and I still love it. Ho ho.


Monsoon have arrived

North East Monsoon
The North East Monsoon has finally arrived. This is the kind of weather I love the most. It can be very chilling, and it rains nonstop. This also comes at the right moment, when I was doing overhaul for my fish tank. As you know, the best water available for aquarium is rain water. Temperature can go as low as 22 degree, and I simply love it.

Forth Generation Fish Tank.
The Fish tank fabrication has finally completed. In order to put it in use, I do an overhaul for the complete fish tank, so I can redesign the water flow, and add some new water features into the tank. Must thank Xiaolan, She helps me to wash the stones, and well, until my mom tells her not to wash. Oh duh.

The first day, It is observed that the water are all cloudy. And though Carbon is added, but it doesn’t improve. A quick check with the bubbles found the water have became soft, and created bubbles, which doesn’t blow away. I have to wash the whole tank away, to get rid of whatever is causing the water to be cloudy. At this moment, it starts to rain cats and dogs. So I went down, with two large pail, and start collect the water.

After the water is added, the fishies, are very happily swimming without grasping for air like before. Right now, I am waiting for the bacteria to fully establish the colony. Until then, the fish tank is turned on full power.

Sprayed, Clearing, Groped
This starts getting serious. It is the foam spray. As reported by the Straits Times on Sunday, 8th Jan 2006, The foam spray have starts to become the weapon of the molesters. A very popular local blog, “xiaxue” at
Http:// , have commented that she is one of the victims, and have started a petition for the foam to be banned. In protection for my xiaolan, I think I sign up too. Hohoho. And can you believe how hot selling these things can be? It can be brought in at 40 cents, and sold at 2 dollars.

Even comments from doctor’s states that the foam, if sprayed at the eyes, can cause irritation and even some eye disease.

I did not buy any of the foam spray, but you can really imagine how the street is filled with the empty cans. If these can be recycled, I am sure all the people who are keen in recycling will be very happy to collect them.

Lighthouse Evangelism

If you are attending lighthouse, or keen in attending Lighthouse, I would like to advise you to attend now, and regularly. This is because the Pastor, Rony, will be teaching deep into the book of revelation. And it can even go as long as one year. Hmmm…. The book of revelation is a very complicated one, because it speaks of things that is not yet to past. Well, if you are interested, you can visit either the woodlands or the tampines Lighthouse. The web site is


Thursday, January 05, 2006

New year, 2006

New technique using blog
I have learnt to use the blog, to control one of my website. Well, I intend to show you all, my fish tank past development. To let you know my fish tank more, since I have been dribble all about it. This is the zero versions. The very beginning, before the large fish tank came into place. The zero version is just a small tank, which does not evolve with the clean-room technology. It is the beginning of my fish keeping hobby.

Zero Version
This version, consist of two tank. The larger is the main tank, and the smaller, is only the small cichlid This is because that fish is very vicious, and will chase other fish. And to make the two tank shares the same filtration, a pipeline, carries polluted water into the filtration bottle, where water is filtered. And then, it is discharged into the small tank. And from the small tank, two pipeline, using natural negative pressure technique, suck the water out from the small tank, and into the large tank. In this wat, I only have to switch one 1 pump, and saves money on pump. The blue lights, are the cooling fan. They mimic the cooling tower, to cool down the temperature. In the first version, this fan will be taken out, because improvement is been taken to cool down the water by cool tower, the electronic way.
Reading on fishies
I am now into reading books for fishie. This is called Practical Fish-keeping(PFK) and Tropical Fish.

Basically, I am reading PFK for stuff like how to maintain the tank water. It seems that there is a trend where, there are dyed fish coming out into the market. Some of them are the dyed glass fish or dyed Cory. I personally owned some dyed glassfish, but after read how the colors are added to the glassfish, I think I will give dyed glass fish a skip next round.

One of the thing pointed out by PFK is that in proportion to the size of fish, and if we take a human as an example, the size of the needle is equivalent to the size of a pencil, which is used to inject the dye into you. I feel really sad for the fish. And so is the PFK, and they are setting up a petition for all shop owner, to refrain from importing dyed fish. As an owner for few glass fish, I was at first, curious, when I saw the colors in the glassfish dropped. Initially, I thought the colors are a natural to them, but after 2 weeks or so, the colors faded, and I went to the fish shop to ask why does the color fades, and is there anyway to put the colors back. I actually thought the fish was sick or something, that is why, the colors fades. And to think I took a sample of the water and have a check to see what is wrong. It is only after I read from the PFK, that I realized that the fish have to undergo an injection, in order to get the colors. After reading that article, I think it would be wise not to get colored fish. This is because the colors will fade, and secondly, it is not natural. It is sad, to see that it would appeal to kids, where they think the colored fish, is cute to look at, but not knowing how the fish feels.

The two magazines, Tropical fish and PFK, are very informative either on the species of the tropical aquarium and marine aquarium. As for marine aquarium, I can just see how beautiful it is, but I am more into tropical fish.

Upcoming terrorist exercise
I was reading up on the Straits Times, and I find one post by a person writing to the forum, very strange. It appears that anytime now, in somewhere of Singapore, there will be an explosion, a large scale terrorist exercise. And because the public are only advised not to panic, and they did not mention the date and time, this lady wrote to the press, and asking what should they do, if the real terrorist happens?

The obvious answer to that is in that event, we should treat it as real terrorist attack then. It is like an exercise turned real, in that event. After all, we are putting this anti-terrorist exercise into act, because we want to be prepared, and the government wants to see how the public would react to it. It really is no use telling the time and date, and everyone shuns the area, when that happens. This has happened before. The government set up emergency water ration exercise, they notify the public, and everyone shuns from it, and goes into long trip, and stays in the coffee shop center. In the end, the exercise seems to be a waste of money, and the time of the civil servants. In the event when we are shortage of water, and there is a ration around, everyone will sure come out, and the civil defense will have not prepared for that reaction.

Police Police
One civil servant who will be the most busy is the Police force manning the phones. I am very sure, on that very moment when there is a terrorist exercise going on, there will be many many members of the public, starts dialing 999 and tell the police about it. And everyone around that area, will not be able to use the phone, as the telephone network was clogged.

Foam Spray
This is a not a new item, but there are member who points this out in the Straits Times and TODAY newspaper. During the new year, many party goers starts spraying the foam. And one of the member commented that the guys will gather at a group, and sprays at a girl, and molest her. And after she had her eyes cleared, the guys would be mingled and disappeared into the crowd. I have personally foreseen this. And that is why, I went to the esplanade Park, 3 hours before hand, to get the front spot. Firstly, Xiaolan can get to see the firework, first hand, and secondly, there won’t be any distraction, because the people will spray the foam, and disrupt the view. And thirdly, I don’t have to lift my fist at the one who molest xiaolan.

I personally sees it after leaving, that a group of youngsters, spraying foam at the face and eye of a foreigner, who was in the esplanade. The poor foreigner is not able to fight back, because he can’t create trouble, and it is a new year celebration. But what the youngster did, is really like a racism act. I could only shake my head…


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Blair Witch Project, 2

Hmm… today, I got the chance to get into the internet, and finds a new email from a guy in US. Hmm… can’t get his name, but he works in a Ranger Park. Ha ha, this is the first time I see a person like juicy fruits. maybe because there are a lot of fruits in the park. I do hope you have durian as well, Cos I don't like juicy fruit, but I like durian instead. Yum Yum.

Anyway, I was watching the Blair witch last weekend, and it is the second part, Book of Shadows. This is a continuing part for the Blair witch project 1, where movie obsessed fans, are trying to trace the path that the students took in the first film. They wanted to be in the place where the film is shot, and basically, not one person is able to find it, because they have absolutely no idea, which path they took.

In the first part, it shows 3 teenagers goes in deep of the wood, to find the legendary blair witch, whom the villagers drag out and burn her, because she is the witch. They were later trapped in a cursed forest, where they cannot go out of it. Some years later, their video tapes are found, and they are the footage that they took with either the video, or the film tapes. When these were screened in the theatre, a lot of people who are obsessed with witchcraft, starts to go out to the town, and set off. They also try to go and search for the legendary house, which is featured in the film, where the old woman lived. However, noone so far, is able to get to it.

The Blair witch project is about a group of 4 teenagers, who are obsessed with witchcraft, starts worshipping demons, and hate angels. Ironically, when they run into trouble, they would shout “Jesus”. That, we may never know why they do that. One of the team, is so white, and wore black, like to practice witchcraft, sleep in cemetery.

Inside the forest, they were trying to find the path, was stopped by the river. They talked, and then, fall asleep. When they woke up, they found their manuscript torn, and video recorders were trashed. After they found the tapes, they went to one members house, and look at the tape. In the tape, they just screen the scene, when they were sleeping. The time displayed, however, skipped, and they were wondering what is happening those missing time.

Since then, they started to see vision, and hear unbearable noise. One girl thought they brought something back with them, and starts to become hysterical. When they found out way to look into those missing events, they were shocked, and wanted to know who drugged them, which cause them to do destructive stuff. They starts to accuse each other, and in the end, one of the girl hangs, and one was imprisoned in an asylum.

They could not defend what they did, because there is a video, which shows that they are on the guilty side, although they have no idea of how it happens.

Anyway, this is how it is done. When you are on Satan’s side, you are bound to be forever in suspicious, and no matter how strong bond you are, you will sow discord, because that is what Satan is best at. He tries to separates you. I like to be on Jesus side. This is because he can gives you a peace of mind, and you will never be alone.

This week, I will be doing a book review on yet another Will Eisner’s book

Author: Eisner, Will
Title: The plot : the secret story of The protocols of the Elders of Zion / by Will Eisner.
Imprint: New York : W.W. Norton, c2005.1stEdition
Descript: vii, 148 p. : chiefly ill. ; 26 cm..
Bibliog. Includes bibliographical references (p. 133-139) and index.
ISBN: 0393060454

Will Eisner died on 3rd January 2005, but his last book, the Plot, attempts to reach out to the world that the most destructive literary book since 1905 “The Protocols” is a fraud. It is used to cause worldwide disharmony even to this day.The Protocols, is a very powerful anti-Semitic book that is, quote "An old vampire that will not die in spite of all absolute proof of fraudulence”.
It has influenced well-known politician such as Tsar Nicholas II and Adolf Hitler.It is a modification by Mathieu Golovinski, who dislikes JEWS.He modified the book from The “Dialogue in Hell between Machiavelli and Montesquieu" by Maurice Joly.
This book was illegally published in 1864 to overthrow Louis Napoleon III, the emperor of France. The protocols was used by anti semitics because it contained strong “fake” evidence that the Jews are planning a revolt. Although being certified as a fraud some politicians are still using it to run a country.


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