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Ned Kelly story, from Wikipedia

John "Red" Kelly, the father of Ned Kelly, was born and raised in Ireland, where he was convicted of criminal acts sometime during his adulthood. There is uncertainty surrounding the exact nature of his crime as most of Ireland's court records were destroyed during the Irish Civil War. Ian Jones claims that Red Kelly stole two pigs and was an informer, but the claim is contested in Kenneally who said 'Red' was a patriot.[2] Red Kelly was sentenced to seven years of penal servitude and transported to Van Diemen's Land (now Tasmania) and arrived in 1843.

After his release in 1848, Red Kelly moved to Victoria Australia and found work in Beveridge at the farm of James Quinn. At the age of 30 he married Quinn's daughter Ellen, then 18. Their first child died early, but Ellen then gave birth to a daughter, Annie, in 1853. Seven of their children survived past infancy.

Their first son, Edward (Ned), was born in Beveridge, Victoria just north of Melbourne in June 1855.

Ned was baptised by an Augustinian priest, Charles O'Hea. As a boy, he obtained some basic schooling and once risked his life to save another boy, Richard Shelton, from drowning. As a reward he was given a green sash by the boy's family, which he wore under his armour during his final showdown with police in 1880.[3]

The Kellys were suspected many times of cattle or horse stealing, though never convicted. Red Kelly was arrested when he killed and skinned a calf claimed to be the property of his neighbour. He was found innocent of theft, but guilty of removing the brand from the skin and given the option of a twenty-five pound fine or a sentence of six months with hard labour. Without money to pay the fine Red served his sentence in Kilmore gaol, with the sentence having an ultimately fatal effect on his health. The saga surrounding Red, and his treatment by the police, made a strong impression on his son Ned.

Red Kelly died at Avenel, Victoria on 27 December 1866 when Ned was eleven and a half years old. It was at this time that the Kelly family acquired land and moved to the Greta area of Victoria, which to this day is known as "Kelly Country".

In all, eighteen charges were brought against members of Ned's immediate family before he was declared an outlaw, while only half that number resulted in guilty verdicts. This is a highly unusual ratio for the time, and is one of the reasons that has caused many to posit that Ned's family was unfairly targeted from the time they moved to North-East Victoria. Perhaps the move was necessary because of Ellen's squabbles with family members and her appearances in court over family disputes.[4] Antony O'Brien however argued that Victoria's colonial policing had nothing to do with winning a conviction, rather the determinant of one's criminality was the arrest.[5] Further, O'Brien argued, using the "Statistics of Victoria" crime figures that the region's or family's or national criminality was determined not by individual arrests, but rather by the total number of arrests.[6]

In 1869, the 14-year-old Ned Kelly was arrested for assaulting a Chinese pig farmer named Ah Fook.[7] Ah Fook claimed that he had been robbed by Ned, who stated that Ah Fook had a row with his sister Annie. Kelly spent ten days in custody before the charges were dismissed. From then on the police regarded him as a "juvenile bushranger".

The following year, he was arrested and accused of being an accomplice of bushranger Harry Power. No evidence was produced in court and he was released after a month. Historians tend to disagree over this episode: some see it as evidence of police harassment; others believe that Kelly’s relatives intimidated the witnesses, making them reluctant to give evidence. Ned's grandfather, James Quinn, owned a huge piece of land at the headwaters of the King River known as Glenmore Station, where Power was ultimately arrested.

In October 1870, Kelly was arrested again for assaulting a hawker, Jeremiah McCormack, and for his part in sending McCormack's childless wife an indecent note that had calves' testicles enclosed. This was a result of a row earlier that day caused when McCormack accused a friend of the Kellys, Ben Gould, of using his horse without permission. Gould wrote the note, and Kelly passed it on to one of his cousins to give to the woman. He was sentenced to three months' hard labour on each charge.

Upon his release Kelly returned home. There he met Isaiah "Wild" Wright who had arrived in the area on a chestnut mare. The mare had gone missing and since Wright needed to go back to Mansfield he asked Kelly to find and keep it until his return. Kelly found the mare and used it to go to town. He always maintained that he had no idea that the mare actually belonged to the Mansfield postmaster and that Wright had stolen it. While riding through Greta, Ned was approached by police constable Hall who, from the description of the animal, knew the horse was stolen property. When his attempt to arrest Kelly turned into a fight, Hall drew his gun and tried to shoot him, but Kelly overpowered the policeman and humiliated him by riding him like a horse.[8] Hall later struck Kelly several times with his revolver after he had been arrested. After just three weeks of freedom, the 16-year-old Kelly was sentenced to three years imprisonment along with his brother-in-law Alex Gunn. "Wild" Wright got only eighteen months.

While Kelly was in prison, his brothers Jim (aged 12) and Dan (aged 10) were arrested by Constable Flood for riding a horse that did not belong to them. The horse had been lent to them by a farmer for whom they had been doing some work, but the boys spent a night in the cells before the matter was cleared.

Two years later, Jim Kelly was arrested for cattle-rustling. He and his family claimed that he did not know that some of the cattle did not belong to his employer and cousin Tom Lloyd. Jim was given a five-year sentence, but as O'Brien pointed out the receiver of the 'stolen stock' James Dixon was not prosecuted as he was 'a gentleman' [9]

In October 1877, Gustav and William Baumgarten were arrested for supplying stolen horses to Ned Kelly and were later sentenced in 1878. William served time in Pentridge Prison, Melbourne.

The Fitzpatrick Incident
Following Red Kelly's death, Ned's mother, Ellen, married a Californian named George King, with whom she had three children. He, Ned and Dan became involved in a cattle rustling operation.

On the 15 April 1878, Constable Alexander Fitzpatrick arrived at Benalla suffering from wounds to his left wrist. He claimed that he had been attacked by Ned, Dan, Ellen, their associate Bricky Williamson and Ned's brother-in-law, Bill Skilling. Fitzpatrick claimed that all except Ellen had been armed with revolvers. Williamson and Skilling were arrested for their part in the affair. Ned and Dan were nowhere to be found, but Ellen was taken into custody along with her baby, Alice. She was still in prison at the time of Ned's execution. (Ellen would outlive her most famous son by several decades and died on 27 March 1923).

The Kellys claimed that Fitzpatrick came into their house to question Dan over a cattle duffing incident. While there, he made a pass at Ellen's daughter Kate. Her mother hit his hand with a coal shovel and the men knocked Fitzpatrick to the floor. They then bandaged his injured wrist, and he had left saying that no real harm had been done. No guns, they claimed, were used during the incident, and Ned was not involved since he had been away in New South Wales. The belief that Ned was in New South Wales is still disputed, although Fitzpatrick's testimony of events is coloured by the fact that he was later dismissed from the force for drunkenness and perjury.

The trial at Beechworth

Ellen Kelly, Skillon and Williamson appeared on 9 October 1878 before Judge Redmond Barry charged with attempted murder and were convicted on Fitzpatrick's unsupported evidence. Barry stated that if Ned were present he would 'give him 15 years'[10

Dan and Ned Kelly doubted they could convince the police of their story. Instead they went into hiding, where they were later joined by friends Joe Byrne and Steve Hart.

On 25 October 1878, Sergeant Kennedy set off to search for the Kellys, accompanied by Constables McIntyre, Lonigan, and Scanlon. The wanted men were suspected of being in the Wombat Ranges north of Mansfield, Victoria. The police set up a camp near two shepherd huts at Stringybark Creek in a heavily timbered area. A second police party had set off from Greata near the Wangaratta end, with the intention of closing in on Ned in a pincer movement.

The Mansfield team of police under Kennedy on arrival at Stringybark split into two groups: Kennedy and Scanlon went in search of the Kellys, while the others, Lonigan and McIntyre remained to guard their camp. Brown suggested in, Australian Son (1948) that Sgt. Kennedy was tipped off as to the whereabouts of the Kellys. O'Brien (1999) drew attention to the 1881 Royal Commission's questioning of McIntyre, which explored a possibility that Kennedy and Scanlon may have searched for the Kellys to gain a reward for themselves. Jones stated (p. 131) that Kennedy and Scanlon had once split a reward for the arrest of 'Wild Wright'. O'Brien's research focus on the practice of splitting rewards highlighting that it was known as 'going whacks'.

The Mansfield police team (Lonigan and McIntyre) remaining in the base camp fired at parrots, unaware they were only a mile away from the Kelly camp. Alerted by the shooting, the Kellys searched and discovered the well-armed police camped near the "shingle hut" at Stringybark Creek. Although the police were disguised as prospectors, they had pack horses with leather strap arrangements suitable for carrying out bodies.

Ned Kelly and his brother Dan considered their chances of survival against the well-armed party and decided to overpower the two officers, then wait for the two others to return. According to Jones (p. 132) the Kellys knew that that a police member (Strahan), from Greta team boasted he would shoot Ned 'like a dog' and Kelly believed these police were that Greta party. He was unaware of the Mansfield group. Ned's plan was for the police to surrender, allowing the Kellys to take their arms and horses. Ned and Dan advanced to the police camp, ordering them to surrender. Constable McIntyre threw his arms up. Lonigan drew his revolver and Ned shot him. Lonigan staggered some distance, and collapsed dead.

When the other two police returned to camp, Constable McIntyre, at Ned's direction, called on them to surrender. Scanlon went for his pistol; Ned fired. Scanlon was killed. Kennedy ran, firing as he sought cover moving from tree to tree. In an exchange of gunfire, Kennedy was mortally shot. Ned fired a fatal shot into Kennedy. McIntyre, in the confusion, escaped on horseback uninjured.

The exact place at Germans Creek where this occurred has only recently been identified.[11] On leaving the scene Ned stole Sergeant Kennedy's handwritten note for his wife and his gold fob watch. Asked later why he stole the watch, Ned replied, "What's the use of a watch to a dead man?" Kennedy's watch was returned to his kin many years later.

In response to these killings the Victorian parliament passed the Felons' Apprehension Act which outlawed the gang and made it possible for anyone to shoot them. There was no need for the outlaws to be arrested and for there to be a trial. The Act was based on the 1865 Act passed in New South Wales which declared Ben Hall and his gang outlaws.[12][13]

Following the killings at Stringybark, the gang committed two major robberies, at Euroa, Victoria and Jerilderie, New South Wales. Their strategy involved the taking of hostages and robbing the bank safes.

On the 10 December 1878, the gang raided the National Bank at Euroa. They had already taken a number of hostages at Faithful Creek station and went to the bank claiming to be delivering a message from McCauley, the station manager. They got into the bank and held up the manager, Scott, and his two tellers. After obtaining all the money available, the outlaws ordered Scott, along with his wife, family, maids and tellers to accompany them to Faithful Creek where they were locked up with the other hostages, who included the station's staff and some passing hawkers and sportsmen.

It is claimed that Ned, posing as a policeman, took one of the men prisoner on the grounds of being the "notorious Ned Kelly". The man was locked up in the storeroom saying that he would report the "officer" to his superiors. It was only then that he was told who his captor was.

The outlaws gave an exhibition of horsemanship which entertained and surprised their hostages. After having supper, and telling the hostages not to raise the alarm for another three hours, they left. The entire crime was carried out without injury and the gang netted £2000, a large sum in those days.

The raid on Jerilderie is particularly noteworthy for its boldness and cunning. The gang arrived in the town on Saturday 8 February 1879. They broke into the local police station and imprisoned police officers Richards and Devine in their own cell. The outlaws then changed into the police uniforms and mixed with the locals, claiming to be reinforcements from Sydney.

On Monday the gang rounded up various people and forced them into the back parlour of the Royal Mail Hotel. While Dan Kelly and Steve Hart kept the hostages busy with "drinks on the house" [14], Ned Kelly and Joe Byrne robbed the local bank of about two thousand pounds. Kelly also burned all the townspeople's mortgage deeds in the bank.

Months prior to arriving in Jerilderie, and with help from Joe Byrne, Ned Kelly dictated a lengthy letter for publication describing his view of his activities and the treatment of his family and, more generally, the treatment of Irish Catholics by the police and the English and Irish Protestant squatters.

The Jerilderie Letter, as it is called, is a document of 7,391 words and has become a famous piece of Australian literature. Kelly had written a previous letter (14 December 1878) to a member of Parliament stating his grievances, but the correspondence had been suppressed from the public. The letter highlights the various incidents that led to him becoming an outlaw (see Rise to notoriety).

The letter was never published and was concealed until re-discovered in 1930. It was then published by the Melbourne Herald.

The handwritten document was donated anonymously to the State Library of Victoria in 2000. Historian Alex McDermott says of the Letter, "... even now it's hard to defy his voice. With this letter Kelly inserts himself into history, on his own terms, with his own voice...We hear the living speaker in a way that no other document in our history achieves..." Kelly's language is colorful, rough and full of metaphors; it is "one of the most extraordinary documents in Australian history".

The gang discovered that Aaron Sherritt, Joe Byrne's erstwhile best friend, was a police informer. On the 26 June 1880 Dan Kelly and Joe Byrne went to Sherritt's house and killed him. (Ian Jones, authority on the Kelly Gang, has made a compelling case in his book, The Fatal Friendship that the police manipulated events so that Sherritt appeared a traitor and to provoke the gang into emerging from hiding to dispose of him.) The four policemen who were living openly with him at the time hid under the bed and did not report the murder until late the following morning. This delay was to prove crucial since it upset Ned's timing for another ambush.

The Kelly Gang arrived in Glenrowan on 27 June forcibly taking about seventy hostages at the Glenrowan Inn. They knew that a train loaded with police was on its way and ordered the rail tracks pulled up in order to cause a derailment.

The gang members donned their now-famous armour. It is not known exactly who made the armour, although it was likely forged from stolen and donated plow parts. Each man's armour weighed about 96 pounds (44 kg); all four had helmets, and Byrne's was said to be the most well done, with the brow reaching down to the nose piece, almost forming two eye slits.

While holed up in the Glenrowan Inn, the Kelly gang's attempt to derail the police train failed due to the actions of a released hostage, schoolmaster Thomas Curnow. Curnow convinced Ned to let him go and then as soon as he was released he alerted the authorities by standing on the railway line near sunrise and waving a lantern wrapped in his red scarf. The police then stopped the train before it would have been derailed and laid siege to the inn.

At about dawn on Monday 28 June, Ned Kelly emerged from the inn in his suit of armour. He marched towards the police, firing his gun at them, while their bullets bounced off his armour. His lower limbs, however, were unprotected and he was shot repeatedly in the legs. The other Kelly Gang members died in the hotel; Joe Byrne allegedly perished due to loss of blood due to a gunshot wound that severed his femoral artery, and Dan Kelly and Steve Hart committed suicide (according to witness Matthew Gibney). The police suffered only one minor injury: Superintendent Francis Hare, the senior officer on the scene, received a slight wound to his wrist, then fled the battle. For his cowardice the Royal Commission later suspended Hare from the Victorian Police Force.[15] Several hostages were also shot, two fatally.

Ned Kelly survived to stand trial, and was sentenced to death by the Irish-born judge Sir Redmond Barry. This case was extraordinary in that there were exchanges between the prisoner Kelly and the judge, and the case has been the subject of attention by historians and lawyers. When the judge uttered the customary words "May God have mercy on your soul", Kelly replied "I will go a little further than that, and say I will see you there when I go".[16] He was hanged on 11 November 1880 at the Melbourne Gaol for the murder of Constable Lonigan. Although two newspapers (The Age and The Herald) reported Kelly's last words as "Such is life", another source, Kelly's gaol warden, wrote in his diary that when Kelly was prompted to say his last words, the prisoner opened his mouth and mumbled something that he couldn't hear. Sir Redmond Barry died of the effects of a carbuncle on his neck on 23 November 1880, twelve days after Kelly.

Although the exact number is unknown, it is estimated that a petition to spare Kelly's life attracted over 30,000 signatures.[17]

On 9 March 2008 it was announced that Australian archaeologists believed they had found Kelly's grave on the site of an abandoned prison.[18] The bones were uncovered at a mass grave, and Kelly's are among those of thirty-two felons who had been executed by hanging. Historians had discovered records which suggested that Kelly's remains were buried at Pentridge prison after having been removed from the Old Melbourne Gaol when it closed in 1929. Jeremy Smith, a senior archaeologist with Heritage Victoria said, "We believe we have conclusively found the burial site but that is very different from finding the remains."

Forensic pathologists have examined the bones, which are much decayed and jumbled with the remains of others, making identification difficult. However, Kelly's remains were identified by an old wrist injury and by the fact that his head was removed for phrenological study. Mrs. Ellen Hollow, Kelly's 62-year old great-niece, offered to supply her own DNA to help identify Kelly's bones.[19]

Some dismiss the Kelly Outbreak as simply a spate of criminality. These included: Boxhall, The Story of Australian Bushrangers (1899), Henry Giles Turner, History of the Colony of Victoria (1904) and several police writers of the time like Hare and more modern writers like Penzig (1988) who wrote legitimizing narratives about law and order and moral justification.

Others, commencing with Kenneally (1929), and McQuilton (1979) and Jones (1995), perceived the Kelly Outbreak and the problems of Victoria's Land Selection Acts post-1860s as interlinked. McQuilton identified Kelly as the "social bandit" who was caught up in unresolved social contradictions - that is, the selector-squatter conflicts over land - and that Kelly gave the selectors the leadership they so lacked. O'Brien (1999) identified a leaderless rural malaise in Northeastern Victoria as early as 1872-73, around land, policing and the Impounding Act.

After Ned Kelly's death, the Victorian Royal Commission (1881-83) into the Victorian Police Force led to many changes to the nature of policing in the colony.

Though the Kelly Gang was destroyed in 1880, for almost seven years a serious threat of a second outbreak existed because of major problems around land settlement and selection (McQuilton, Ch. 10).

McQuilton suggested two police officers involved in the pursuit of the Kelly Gang — namely, Superintendent John Sadleir (1833-1919),[5] author of Recollections of a Victorian Police Officer, and Inspector W.B. Montford — averted the Second Outbreak by coming to understand that the unresolved social contradiction in Northeastern Victoria was around land, not crime, and by their good work in aiding small selectors.

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This is a funny video that is taken in Grenelg beach. So funny seeing the sea galls fighting over the food
This is a video shot on board of an express train straight to Adelaide Railway Station.


22nd November 2008, Saturday

Final Day in Melbourne

Today, is the last day, I am going back. Oh gosh, it is just like a blinking of any eye, It is time for me to get back now. I started packing up, and found I have some bread back in the fridge. Thus, I brought the out and find birds to feel. When I wake up in the morning, It is really very chilling outside.Looks like it is raining yesterday night. There are so many dark clouds today. And the weather is very unpredictable.

Buffet Breakfast

I went to the Alice restaurant, and try out the buffet breakfast. It is a $16 meal, and you can get to choose all you want from range of bacons, eggs, bread, pancake, roast tomato. And some other choice of food. It I simply a lot, peobably because I am eating pancake, that’s why fill up so fast. As I go out of the hotel, it is drizzling. And suddenly, it turn up so heavy, and there are ice falling from the sky wo. Got a few knocks on the head before I reached the shelter. I ended up in the State library, and there are some seagulls there. I feed them with the rest of the bread, cos I could not finish it. And there are sparrows too. Hmm… looks like sparrows exist here too.

At 1230, I walk back to the hotel and wait for the skybus which will bring use to the airport for the price of $15 per head. During the journey, the sky is raining, and I was wondering when will it stop, and will it delay the flight or not. The bus went around to pick up more people. And then when it is full, it goes straight to the airport. The Melbourne airport has three terminals. One for domestics, one for international and another is for domestic also. And guess what, the hotel Hilton is just outside the Melbourne airport. Perhaps this is for those who is in transit to another airplane.

Luggage damaged~!

When I got my luggage, I found that the porter must have thrown my luggage onto the bus, and it is damaged, and cracked. I went and want to get a trolley, but found out that it cost $4 to get a trolley out. Oh gosh~! Need money to get trolley one wo~! In dismay, I carried the handle broken luggage around the airport. And then, saw this temporary storage for luggage at a fee. It cos $8 to keep it for half hour. I decide to carry it around. Later, I found a trolley that someone left behind. I get it and use it. Now I am better. I walk around the airport, and look out for more souvenir to bring back home. Then passes by a donut called kristy crème donut. Hmm…. Get a couple of donut to try it. And Mr Xiao Lao Shu eat it for the last time, the last food to eat in Australia.

At 1730, it is time to get on the plane. It is really sad for me, cos it is a great place to travel. And there are some stuff I have not visited. And one of them, is the Great Ocean Road and Philips island. Perhaps next time, I go for it again.

Good Bye Melbourne.


21st November 2008, Friday

Smoked Salmon for breakfast

I woke up today late again, then go to this café just opposite of the hotel. It is a small café, and I think they really have a wide range of wine. But I settled for a cup of Mocha. I prefer Mocha. Yum yum. Then get a smoked salmon, and there you have it, I have Smoked Salmon for breakfast.

To St Kilda Beach

As I was thinking yesterday, how does the beach looks like. Thus, I walk to the street, and was walking to the tram stop. I pass by some shops, selling outdoor camp stuff. Wow, their outdoor camping stuff is really very equip. Got cookery, fly trap, Bunsen burner also. I was looking at the sleeping bag. But guess it would be very bulky if I were to get that back on the plane. But the sleeping bag is really look nice. If I got OT in work, that sleeping bag will definitely come in handy.

I got on a bus, and was in the wrong bus. But it does get to the beach. It is a very very long distance. I should have get the other bus. Remember. If you are going to the beach, be sure to get on bus number 96 wo. Anyway, I did get to the beach, and it is called St Kilda Beach. Wow. It is quite huge, just like east coast park. And that beach, is a man made, and there are some restaurant there too. It would definitely be a romantic place to bring someone special to. Because it is very windy, and the sea wave is strong. The sun is just nice. With the cool wind blowing.

I walk till the St Kilda Pier, and walked to the pier side. Where there is a restaurant too. But I did not go in, cos I am not hungry yet. Beyond the restaurant, is the breakwater. And I walked to the very end, and it was locked up. After reading a sign board, I learnt that beyond the locked gate, is the penguin’s resting ground. This is because it does not want the penguin to migrate, so that lock it up, so that the human will not disturb the penguins.


I move down to the wooden bridge that is nearby, and hear a bird’s calling. I follow it, and found a Penguin. Oh, it is so cute. And there is only one penguin, looking at me. Mr Xiao Lao Shu is so excited, I take a photo with Mr Xiao Lao Shu. After that, I stayed around, and see the algae, and seaweed. There are a lot of seaweed, but it is for the animals there to eat one.

South Melbourne Market

I later take the tram, to a place which I also have in mind. South Melbourne Market. It is a market, yes, and I wanted to see how the Melbourne market looks like. Well, it sells food, some kangaroo meat are on sale here too. Eating Roo meat seems to be like eating pork. There are chicken too. And then, some household stuff, and there are massage here too. I tried one, and it is ok, and it is only for half an hour one. I get myself some T shirt there too. For a very cheap price of $6.


Then, I passes by one shop that I like most: Oysters shop. Wow~! The oysters are so tempting. Really feel like gobble them all. It is selling at $22 for 2 dozen pieces, Aiyah~! Why din I go in the first place wo. Else I really can get them and gobble them all. Anyway, I get to eat 5 pieces of oysters on the spot. It is really fresh. If I got smart enough, I would come in the first day and get them. But it is too late. Tomorrow, I will be going back. Sad.

It is 1600, and some shops are starting to close. I also make the next move to the next destination: Melbourne Convention Center. Why I go there, is because I wanted to go and tak a look at the current exhibition: Sexpo. It is an exhibition that Singapore did not give permission to, when Sexpo wants to exhibit it. Hmm… I was quite curious of what sexpo offers. I make the move there by tram, and got off at the convention center. I was shocked by the price. $42 for the entrance fee one. Oh gosh, but there are a lot of people going to it, and queuing up to go in. I am a bit low on budget, so guess gotta skip it.

Novotel Hotel

I walk along the street back, and pass by this place called Novotel. Hmm… this is a very unforgettable name. because Novotel exist in Singapore too. It is in Clarke quay. Why is it so unforgettable is because Meidiya is there also. And meidiya is one supermarket where I once tried to look for the seafood Akagai. But the thing that I look for is actually Sazae. Well, it goes like this, one day, I was in Ginza and saw this nice looking shell. I asked the people that what is it, and they told me it is Akagai. So in orchard, I tried to look for Akagai. But not many place got Akagai. And when I found out that meidiya have it, I went, and saw it is a different thing. And it is later found out that the food that I saw in Ginza is actually Sazae. Sazae is a kind of shell that looks like snail. It is a very delicious meat. And the juice is a very tasty drink.

Anyway, saw this chocolate shop in Novotel. Well, you know, I love chocolate, so I pop in and got two chocolates. One of then is a Snail, and the other is a chocolate bucket. The chocolate bucket after eating, there is a macadamia nut in it. Yum yum. But the snail taste better, because it is soft and nice to eat. The hotel is quite huge, but I assume it is more expensive than Victoria hotel.

Japanese Hot Stone

Tonight’s last dinner in Melbourne, is A Japanese hot stone restaurant. Yum yum. It is a stone cooking, and I come here is to learn the real tactic of cooking with stone. Cos this is something that I wanna learnt how to cook with the stone, since I got a stone myself at home. Anyway, found out that the stone, have to be heated to 400 degree, and then can use it to cook. Yum yum.

And they got oysters here too, so tried a few. And when everyone is drinking wine here, I get myself a green tea. Hmm…. Feels that I am traditional. But I find the wine bitter if I drink it with the food.

After I went back, I go for the final session of the Spa, and went back to pack up my bag for tomorrow.

Tomorrow, is the last day….Happy time really flies very fast.


20th November 2008 Thursday

This is a cute little monkey that I saw in teddy bear shop in melbourne. It is very cute. I regret din get it, cos it is very very cute. it will clap his hand when he says the word clap your hand
This is a video I got from taking it on the tram. this shows how the streets of melbourne looks like. A lot of people in it.


20th November 2008 Thursday

Victoria Market

Sleep late again. And I woke up around 1100. Hmm…. Can sense the housekeeper around the vicinity. So get cracking. Well, really thought I wanted to go to Victoria Market today, but well, looks like the rain is glooming.

I was walking along the street when I passes by a café, and noticed that they have American big breakfast. Thinking of a friend’s comment about the American big breakfast, I step in, to see how it is taste like. Well, it havce two steaky bacon, 2 back bacan, one hot dog, fried egg, a bit of salad and pair of toast. Yum yum. I got quite a complete feast with a cup of mocha. It was so totally charged up and it really is a common sight, that the working class bids the waitress farewell by saying “Thanks ya, see ya later” hmm…. Do we get this in other place??

Bicycle Shop in Melbourne

As I pass by a bicycle shop, I step in, and noticed how popular race bike is in Australia. There are quite a lot of race bike here, and most of them have thin wheel. Unlike my bicycle, which is a big fat wheel, Australia bicycle are also light, and the price is cheap too. Met with a lot of bicycle tools, that we cannot find at home.

Then saw this toilet entrance that is quite interesting. It is a toilet, that is along the street, and it is like there is this stair, and there is the sign of the toilet. I went down, and realizes that it is a small toilet, and very well maintained, because there is no smell. Hmm…. It is easy to find toilet here. So as I was still on the way to the Victoria Market, I noted that there is a big storm brewing. In a rush, gotta cancel the trip, and take the city circle free tram to the Malbourne Aquarium.

Melbourne Aquarium

Melbourne Aquarium is a bit expensive, cos it is a AUD$20++. I stepped in, and was greeted by some crabs, jelly fish, and there are some cultivated jelly fish, where you can see the egg to the adule jelly fish. Then the star fish, and last but not least, the huge aquarium, where there are lotta fish that is estimated to feed a family of four, for an entire year. Yummy yummy.

The most eye catching is that there are a lotta sharks and sting ray. Remember how the Australia crocodile was sting by the sting ray and died? Well, it is observed that sting ray are actually not fierce, unless people tries to catch, or ride on it. And although when the victim is sting, the venom actually don’t kill person, except by letting a person feel extreme pain. And thus, the way to reduce the pain, is to pour warm water over the affect part, and in 30 minutes, it will neutralize the venom, and have to rush the patient to the hospital. This is because the sting that attached to the skin, is like a hook that will rip the whole muscle off. Thus, only the hospital have the tools to remove a sting ray’s sting.

After leaving the Melbourne aquarium, I make a move on to crown entertainment center. Inside, I was greeted by the world’s famous Crown casino. Wow~! A casino wo. A sneak peek into the future Singapore casino. As I step in, I realized that there is no need to pay any price. Just walk around, and you will see a lotta jackpots inside. Then the roulette table. Most of them are a minimum bet of $5. And people put their bets like it is nothing to them. Wow. Really rich de lor. And most of the time, when the number came out, chips goes by the tens are sweep off the table and into the hole for sorting and back to the table. At certain table, there are groups of people gathering there, and cheers as the player wins. Sometime, the player will be angry, but they are cleared off later, and continue the game again.

I did not managed to place any bet, because I needed the money to continue my journey. So much for planned budget.

European Dinner

After leaving the casino, I went to look around for dinner food. And when I caught two, I needed some time to decide, and since I am not hungry, I make my way cross the Yaara river, and into Ratiol Tower. Ratiol tower, is a 55 storey building with 360 degree to look around Melbourne. Wow. Although we have UOB in the CBD, but the top floor is not opened to public like the ratiol tower. So sad. And then, there are places where you can get out of the glass door, and feels the wind. The wind is really very strong, and they sometime stop, and blow out of the sudden. Free binoculars are everywhere, for people to take a look, and see the surrounding. And AMAZINGLY, I can see the window of the hotel that I am staying in. and the most amazing is I can also see ratiol tower from my window too.

After the tower, I feel hungry now, and went out back to the crown casino .

Went to this restaurant called Geco Dining. It is an European cuisine and it offers huge slice of cake. Wow. And I got myself a whole snapper. It is a wooden roasted, and bears the smell of the burnt wood. And beneath the fish, are some potatos, and my favourite veggie, Spinach. Yum yum. I gobble them all up, and the fish is quite enough. It is a baby snapper, so it is not so huge. Later, have the chocolate cheese cake, and a cup of hot chocolate. I guess the restaurant seems to be lack of waitress because the food come out, and no one bring them to the table. And then, one customer beside me, was so frustrated that he told the manager to pack up the bill and leave, without the meal coming.

Melbourne Night View

After the fabulous meal, I took the walk back to the Ratiol tower for another view: the Night view.

WOW~! The night scene of Melbourne is so beautiful. With the orange and white lights, and you could see the lights, blinking on the sea like the lights guiding the ships in like the airport guiding the airplane back. I noticed that Brisbane is only 60KM away from Melbourne, and the rough estimation indicates that Brisbane is within sight. Pity, cannot see clearly. And then there is another indication, that Adelaide is 650 KM away from Melbourne.

Quantum Solace

Can even see the dark cloud, that brews rain on far sight wo. After leaving, I suddenly have another idea, go to Melbourne central, to catch the show. I take the tram, which is two transfer, and great thing, the train is waiting for me at Swanston street, and I quickly hop on, and went to Melbourne Central. From there, I noticed another entrance, that went straight up to the cinema central. I caught the Quantum Solace at 2245. And it is 30 minutes away. Found an internet café nearby, and it is a self serviced. Quickly settle some of the stuff, and went to catch the show. When it began, it is quite exciting, because there are car chase, boat chase, airplan chase, and bashing here and there, all because of Bond’s vengeance. Lastly, he kills those in the organization, to get rid of them. And Lastly, it says there is another continuation of the James Bond. Wow. The fights are like real, and the chase is very quick.

When I leave the cinema, it is quite freezing cold, and the strong wind continues to blow. Seeing there is no tram, I quickly walk back. And ends the day.

One place that I have in mind.....What is the sea of Melbourne looks like...


19th November 2008, Wednesday

Third day in Melbourne. It is quite nice morning, cos it is a cooling morning today, again.

Well, It sure is great to sleep. Oversleep today, again.

Donut King~, second outlet

Oh, when I woke up, I found that the strawberries have changed colours. Oh No~! is the strawberries turning bad? Time to consider to finish up all the strawberries.
Went to Chinatown in the other direction, found that there is a shop calls “Chatterbox” cuisine. It have chicken rice as well, but dunno is it nice or not. Passes by the Donut King~. Another outlet, I guess. Hmm…. Think it must be a famous donut in Mebourne.

As I was walking, I passes by a Vietnam restaurant. Thinking that I have never tried before, I step in, to order chicken with liver noodle, and the rice ball. Hmm… looks like I cannot get a Vietnam wife. The food is not my type. :P
Walk and walk, ended up in Melbourne Train Station again. Got lost again, but later, I ended up in Victoria Market today. Hmm… It is very huge market, but it is not opened today. Think it only opens on certain days.

Melbourne Museum

The next place, is the National museum. Hmm… it is a very long journey, but I did made it there, and it is very very huge it is a combination of Discovery center, Museum, and Imax. The discovery center houses a lot of stone specimen, Insects, minerals. And it is quite educational. I found one thing called Australia Wood duck. Heehee. It is a very very common sight in Adelaide.

The next place to go, is the Museum. It ia very huge, because have a lot of exhibition, and there is even exhibition, that is like the body world. Specimens of human bodies, that were once alive.
Melbourne Imax

Museum closes early, and get the free circle tram, and it travels around the Melbourne city twice. And then I drop off in Imax, and catch the movie called Dark Knight. It is although a very old movie now, but watching it on Imax, with the 8 storey high screen, it truly is a breath taking experience.

After the Imax, I found out that it is raining heavily. And the rain is so beautiful, because the cloud is covering some of the tall building. And it is really really cold, that I have to use the scarf, and the glove.

Took the tram back to Russell street, and walk to the china town. As I was walking to look for shop to eat, found out there is this Korean shop, that I saw in the day time, closed. And not much fo the restaurant is open. Got the lamb chop from another shop, and found that this shop have more food than the one I went to on the first day dinner.



18th November 2008, Tuesday


Woke up quite late today, probably because it is comfortable to sleep, after yesterday’s tiring train ride. And secondly, the bed in Victoria Hotel is simply too comfortable. When I woke up, I went to the hotel lobby, and look for a Melbourne Map. And looking for a place to sit down for breakfast, I caught sight of a restaurant called “Alice Restaurant”.

It is a restaurant selling thai food. Yup, I ordered one favourite stuff. The Lamb Cutlet. It is a great cutlet, but a bit small in portion. And after the tank is full, I went to the nearest place, The State Library of Victoria. It is a common name for a street or name called Victoria, because it is the time, when Queen Victoria rules, and she help to develop the Australia to the day it is today. The state library is a totally different environment in the library. On every section, right in the middle, is the place where a librarian will be sitting in, and if there is a noise too loud, she would go over and remind the person to be quiet.

State Library of Victoria

No one talk loudly, and there is no noisy kids. On the first floor, one section is for everyone to use the internet, and the internet is limited to 30 minutes per use. Another section is totally for reading purposes. On the second floor, are some paintings, and there is a section for the chess room. It is a place with 4 or 5 chess tables, and anyone can sits on it, and challenge the person for a game of chess. Well, if there is a conflict, why not settle on the chess table? Haha. This section also have some shelves, having only books related to chess.

Ned Kelly Exhibition

At that time, there are some exhibition, and there is even a Ned Kelly exhibition, describing how Ned Kelly became the legend of Australia in the yeat of the 1800s. One of the exhibition that really caught my attention, is the diary of May Stewart. She write a diary in the year 1906. At that time, she is a 18 years old lady, who lives in the 1906. Her diary was acquired by the State library from a book store, and the library finds it interesting and motivating, and is very curious of her life. During her life, she describes the things in her life, and some of her thoughts. And some occasion, she adds postcards, to describe about her travel around certain places in Australia. The library is very keen to get to know her, because despite the much information, no photograph of her was ever found. Library is very curious of her look, and appeals for the next of kin, or whoever know of May Steward to send a photograph of her so tha the missing puzzle can be completed. The only thing the library know is that they acquired the diary from 43 Mc Kean Street North Fitzroy. Sadly, she dies in 1976 in her last entry. . . It is very sad. Well, if she have a descendent, they could send a photograph of her, or proof that they are the descendent of May Steward.


After the walking through the library, I went to look at RMIT. It is a very popular and famous university in Melbourne. It stands for Royal Melbourne Institution of Technology. And it is actually using the old building of the prison. Just next to it, is the building called Gaol. It is an old prison in Melbourne, used to keep the prisoners, and even have execution there.

Gaol is actually a much bigger building, but through the time and ages, a lot of places are torn down to make way for development. The only place that is left standing is the old gaol, which is a three storey building filled with prison cell, and there is even an execution stand on the second floor.

I take few picture with Mr Xiao Lao Shu, and it is quite fun. But it is a bit errie inside also, cos you will think of the days when it is actually used.. In the prison, there is no sanitary utilities. Everyday, there will be a pail of shit in the prison cell, and can you imagine how smelly the prison can be if there is a pail of shit just beside you of where you sleep? Aiyoh. And then, when it gets to winter, it sure is very cold, because there is no insulation material in the building. I go to walk around, and seeing other cells, nd on the third floor, most of the cells are locked, because I assume they are used for office stuff for the gaol management.


On the second floor, there is an execution stand, and around it, is the history of the most famous legend, Ned Kelly. And on the first floor, there is a Ned Kelly’s famous metal armour for the public to try it out. I put it on and have some difficulty to move around. I was wonder how did he manage to move around, and with that weight of the steel, how can he run away.

But that metal suit of steel have saved Ned Kelly for a number of time, because there are some bullet holes on it.

After leaving Gaol, I walk down south, to look at other things, and along the way, I saw this huge crowd, all walking toward one direction. I follows them, thinking of where are they going. Along the way, I say the crowd is getting more and more. Is there a protest going on? After walking for a few blocks, They all went down the escalator, and I was curious of where are they going, and then, they reached a place, a split off. Can you guess where they go to? And after I found out where they go, I returned back, and found out two things. One bad thing is: I am lost~!and one good thing is : I found donut king. I promised a friend that I would take a photo of the donut King in Melbourne, to show. hee hee, I got it finally, with Mr Xiao Lao Shu. Too bad, I gobbled up the donut before I thought of the need to take a photograph with the donuts.

Eureka Tower

I went to the next place. Eureka Tower. I take the tram across the yarra river, and passes by this concert hall. Seems there is a performance that day, because there are a lot of people there. I look for the place, and it is called Eureka Tower. Hee hee, this reminds me of Albert Einstein, because he like to say the word Eureka, when he found the solution to a problem. Eureka tower is a 89 storey high building, overlooking Melbourne. And It is a tragic sad thing, because I forgot to bring out the spare battery, and it is low in power. And after taking a few shots, it ran out of power, this is so sad. But still, I got to see the city. It is a but cloudy, and there is not much to see. I think I go there at the wrong time where the sky is not clear. It is quite high price, perhaps it is the running cost of the lift. It is a lift that goes straign to 89 storey. There is even a place where you can go out to a glass chamber, and the city is below you, and you can take photo there. Running out of the day’s budget, I can’t go for that. Sad.

Anyway, there are two corners where people can go out of the glass door and into the outside and faces the wind. The wind is so cold and strong on top wo.
After a few walk around, I went to the hotel nearby, and try another lamb chop, right next to the one where I eat on the first day, to compare the different. It seems that this new stall, is offering a much better taste, and the lamb chop is a bigger slice. Hmm…. I should have go for that. But still, I went back to the hotel.

Swimming and Spa

When I reached, first thing that come to mind, is a good swim. The hotel have an indoor swimming pool and the indoor spa. I The pool is a heated pool, and it is quite nice. But I enjoy the spa more. As it have bubbles, and the temperature is quite nice. Too bad, the battery is flat, else I can take a few shots. It is only after I finished swimming, I realized that I do have a spare battery that I should have load it up first and take some photo of the swimming pool and spa room. Duh.

As I watched the news I saw this news about the crime scene in Adelaide. It seems that a few days ago, a street was condoned off. This is because of a murder scene. A 16 years old youngster murdered someone, and that is why they condoned off the area to the public to gather evidence. Hmm…. Why do people kill each other one?

By the way, before I end, let me tell you, the place where everyone goes to after going down the escalator, is to the train station. It is the Melbourne Central undergroun subway.


Saturday, November 29, 2008

17th November 2008, Monday

Trip to Melbourne

Yippy, Moving to another city now~! After two weeks of staying in Adelaide, today’s the day to move to another city: Melbourne. Yesterday night is really very cold in the middle of the night wo. I thought I can do without the aircon, but was cold till wake up, and drag my lazy bum to find that remote control and turn on the heater. Hmm…. In Australia, you can find reversible aircon one. This is like an aircon, that can blow either hot or cold air. Have not stumble to see how they work, but I just turn on the heater, and sleep with it on.

When I wake up, and find that outside is very chilling wo. But the sky is really lovely in the morning. And I have to wake up early in the morning 0400, to pack up fully, and squeeze a lot of things into the suit case. Also, to prepare to transport the chocolates and strawberries, becasue they have to be kept cold.

At the same time, I switch on the TV, and there are some America news showing, Selling commercial. And the best part is, there is sermon showing on one or two channels. At 0550, I have to bid farewell to the things inside, such as the chair, table, microwave oven, etc. And move on out to the gate. The taxi really come at 0600 as requested, and we packed up to go to weswick station to take the interstate railway.

By Railway Reason

I chooses the railway to go to Melbourne, because I wanted to see the land of Australia passing me, instead of just whizz by from the sky. It is a 12 hour trip. From 0700 to 1900 train ride. I got the Red premium service cabin, which cost me $159. And there is a Red service cabin too, and it is $79

The difference is that there is a bigger seat space, and the cabin does not shake that much. I really did not regret getting the red premium service. Because through the journey, it is very smooth. And I find only old folks inside the cabin, and I am the only young guy in it.

Hmm…. Feel so weird. Then, the seats on my row is totally empty. I was so overjoyed because I can get the whole row of three seas for myself. So sometime, I see the right scenery nice, I shift there. And sometime the left scenery is nice, I shift back. Took a picture of Mr Xiao Lao shu, sitting by the window, wondering what is he thinking.

I went to the café often, because only the café have the AC outlet. I proceed to the café, and recharge the phone once it is low on power. There is a DVD rental too at the café. My lunch, is the Chicken salad. It is a huge portion that I become full after eating that, with a glass of water. Hmm…. Looks like I amd drinking a lot of water.


Then we passes by some farms, and they grow wheats, oats, and there are sheeps and cows roaming around the fence, eating the grass. Some farmlands are grown only for the grass, so the animals have something to eat on. Pass by this place, where it have wind mills. Or wind generator. These wind mills are huge, and they are turned by the wind to generate power.

It is the harvest season, some wheas are harvested in the weekends, and they are placed in the field, to wait for the transport to carry them.

Unnamed hill that changes colours at different angle

Then somewhere on the 8th hour, I saw this huge hill, that is green at the bottom, but brown on top. And I quickly flip the map to see what hill is that. But I have no bearings, so can’t actually make out where is it. But as the train goes, the green area slowly turns to brown, and then, it is the whole brown hill, and after sometime, it become yellows. Hmm… what hill is that wo. Next time I must bring a compass, but when will that next time be……

Approaching Melbourne After 10 hours, we approaches the city. And the first thing is saw a different kind of the train, that carry passengers. They are the train called V-train. Hmm…. We were in the Overland, and actually were running along side with the V-train. And our train won, because it is travelling faster than them.

It is a non stop service to Melbourne, but it does stop at certain station for the people to get off and get on the train. As the city is approaches, some railway tracks appears and joins to the other track one by one, and I can faintly catch the sight of the Melbourne City. I am first greeted by the industrial area od the Melbourne. And caught sight of a lot of sprayed graffiti. A lot of them are quite creative one. And some of them might be a signature of a group of people who do the spraying.

Southern Cross Station

The train starts going slow as it approach the station. And this is the station I reached in Melbourne: Southern Cross. There ae two huge stations in Melbourne city. One of then is the Southern Cross, and another is the Flinder Station.

As I was looking for my luggage, I found out that the Red premium luggages are distributed in a different place from the Red service passenger. I think they first draw out luggage for the red premium services first, before the Red service passengers. Cos when I got to the luggage cabin, they are still drawing out the luggage for them.

Oh yeah, My first step that I landed, is the left foot. Hee hee. I was so anticipated that I stood for some time at the door, and slowly bring out my left foot and touch the ground, first time in my life wo. And then the right foot follows.

First Priority to hotel first

I took the luggage, and was very quickly rushing to look for the hotel: Victoria Hotel. Hmm…. It is a cheap hotel, but I just need an accommodation for the next 1 week. It is hard to find the road at first, because I was looking for Little Collins and there is no sign board showing. I made a call and was told it is 5 building “street” away. I thought it is 5 buildings away, so was very lost after I got pass 10 buildings. Then I look to the map that is on the walkway, and found out, it is 5 building streets away.

Oh Gosh~! So far~! When I exit the station, I was looking at Batman’s hill Hotel. Duh, this is the very first hotel that I approached when I was planning for this vacation, and they apparently do not haveany room when I called them up, 3 months away.

Where wo?

Anyway, It is chilling too, and I walk and walk, and was amazed that there are a lot of tram roaming around, and they come from different direction. Rarely I see buses here. And the night is very bright in Melbourne one. A lot and a lot of people are walking on the street. Although I am hungry, but I just wanna find the hotel first.

And when I finally found it, I was very relieve, but was shocked, because the Hotel is in Little Collin street, and it is a small street, and not the main street one. I actually passes the small street once. I did not turn my head to see it. No wonder I thought I was completely lost. But anyway, if I were desperate to the end, I would call the cab for it. But just want to have the fun of looking for hotel. Hee hee.

When I settled everything and got to the hotel, one thing I do is to unpack the strawberries and chocolates into the fridge fast before they are melt. And I was so glad the size of the fridge was fit nicely. Cos the fridge is totally full after the strawberries goes in. I walk down the street, with glove and scarf on, because it is very cold de loh. And looking for my dinner too. Then passes by this café, and it says Lamb chops for $9.50. hmm. Dropped by, and find that the lamb chop is juicy and nice.

I passes by a abalone shop, and was amazed to see how huge the abalones are wo. So huge~! I wish I can gobble it up, but I do not have enough budget for it. So sad. Take a slow walk, and was puzzle dof seeing a lot of Chinese here one. Most are probably studying, and there are some speaking Koreans, and other country. Melbourne must be a good place to study here one. Hmm… But after walking a few streets, I make my way back to the hotel, and explore the facilities. It have indoor swimming pool, a gym, and a roof garden that the door seems to be closed one. First day of my life in Melbourne alone. . . but not totally Alone, cos I got Mr Xiao Lao Shu too.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

16th November 2008, Sunday


I woke up early today, and the first thing that comes to my mind is: Strawberry~! I was thinking of the thrill of seeing a strawberry farm. Yup. It exist here in Adelaide, in the hill region.

Gotta wake up early, but first, go and get a breakfast. Before moving off, I spotted a nice rose bush. And decided to take a picture. It is just outside the Gurny Lodge, the self contained apartment that I lives in. It have no huge sign,just a small one, and quite simple. So perhaps it is because it is simple, that’s why it is cheap one.

As I pass by one café, I step in, because there are no other café open. Got a Aussie big breakfast. It have sausage, Bacan, toasted tomato, toast, two eggs and mushroom. With a tea to go with too. It cost only $12.50 for that. Wow, try order something like that for $12.50 in Sg and see what you get. Hee hee

The tea is called earl gray. And it is in this small metal netting, to prevent the tea leave from dropping out. Wow, this is the first time to see such a thing. And it is quite useful, cos you no need to use a bag, which can create more wastage one.

Went to the city, to catch a bus. Well, I actually missed the bus, but on detect a faint sign of the next bus stop sign, and the probability of catching the bus in the next stop is quite high, I immediately spring to it. Luckily for me I am wearing a track shoe. So haha, can run fast. If I am wearing workshop boot, sure cannot one, cos workshop boots have metal, and can be very heavy one.

When I got on the bus, phew, I was so glad, cos the next bus have to wait for one hour. And I really dun want loh. 1 hour will be wasted wo.

Along the way, there are some vineyard. When I reached the stop, remember wo, if you wanna go to the Strawberry farm, it is bus 57 wo. I got down, and went to the shop and look around. For a small amount of money, you get a small basket and go in, and guess what, you get to pick your own strawberries~! I though strawberry grows on bushes but they are growing on the ground one. Wow, This is something new to me wo. I search and search for the good strawberries, and even take some photo and video of Mr Xiao Lao Shu. Quite cute video one. I found that small strawberries are usually sweeter than the big one. But the big one are usually juicy. And think again, it is harvest time. I pluck and pluck, until it is overflow, and have no choice but to stop.

I am picking strawberries for those folks at home. Wow. So much wo. And to get back home, I will still be in Australia for another 1 week, but I still pluck.

German Town

After that, I take a short walk, to a small german down. Hadnkof. It is a small town established in 1839. I went and check it out all the stores, well, almost all. They are all like town one, and there is a town hall too, like the western movie. There are some restaurants that have very good dish. But I settle for one outstanding shop. Zorro restaurant. It is like the restaurant is dedicated to Zorro, the man, who wears a mask. Wonder have you heard of zorro before? I only watched the drama last time. Another reason why I choose that shop is because when I pass by the restaurant, I was attracted by this roasting smell, and it is getting stronger every moment I get closer to the restaurant. I get to try something that I have never tried before. Roasted Quail bird. Yum yum. But the bird is very very small wo. Hmm…. If only it is fried, perhaps can just eat it whole, with the bones inside.

Then there is this main event. Kangaroo meat. It is a roasted meat, and it is so much nicer than the one I eat in the previous hotel. Contrary to the previous roo meat, this is juicy, and tender. And the sauce is great and there is no smell whatsoever. After a long time of thinking, I asked one of the waitress, to borrow a zorro suit, that lays on one of the display. The waitress went to the owner, and ask for it. Wow, I didn’t know that wo, the guy who is very young, is the owner of the Zorro restaurant, and he is wearing a chef shirt, and sitting among the table. Hmm….Anyway, I got a chance, and wears it and take a photo for that. And it is great. It is hard to get such a costume.

Zorro Restaurant

Aftet the zorro restaurant, I take a short walk around, and pass by this stone house, and it looks like an art museum. In it, there are a lot of artifact of German family. There are a lot of photos, showing a family, and the organ piano, chair, and how they worship. It is very historical looking one. And it is free, and if you think it is good, you can drop some cash in, to help continue to keep it going.

Along the way, I spotted this doggie, which is so huge wo. Australian are really lucky, they can get to keep big doggie. As for us, we can only keep small doggie like Maltese.

Went back by bus, and it is a ten minutes wait. But I feel lucky, cos I was worried whether there is any bus to bring me down the hill one.

When I got back, I quickly keep the strawberries in the fridge. And let it cool. This is so that it will not spoilt fast. And at night, when I called back home, my folks comment that it will not last long. Duh, and I have to try to eat them. Well, I tried, but cannot finish it off, cos the strawberries are too many. But I still love it. It is the freshest strawberries wo. Straight from the plant. As evening approaches, I take a look at the sunsetclosely, becuase it is my last night to see the sunset in Adelaide...

IT is Sunday today, and I will be going to Melbourne, tomorrow early in the morning. I called up the Cab company, to get a cab. so that tomorrow morning, I can get the cab to the train station. There is no train that goes to the train station so early, so have to call for it. Anyway, must reach there early, cos trains wait for no man wo.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

15th November 2008, Saturday

Check out Mawson Lake Hotel

Today is the day, to check out. To check out Mawson lake hotel. Yup, I have been staying in Mawson lake, and now, I am moving to another location. Staying at a place long, can really bore a person one. I am moving in t North Adelaide. It is 5 bus stops away from the city. North Adelaide is nearer to the city than Mawson lake, because Mawson lake is 34 stops away, whereas North Adelaide is only 5 stops away. I am staying in

190 Gover street, in an apartment called Gurny Lodge.

It is quite a peaceful town, because it is a few distance away from the main road. It is cheaper than MAwson lake. Probably because it is a bit isolated. And it is closed when I got ther.e but I found the note of the key, so I grab it and went in. Wow, it I really small, but it is very accessible to everything. The kitchen, Sink, bath room everywhere is near. And the stuff prepared are adequate.
Now I really feels like cooking the turkey drumstick again.

As I checked in, I immediately take the Haigh’s Chocolate out, and keep it in the fridge. Yup, scared that it would melt.So those who got chocolate from me, you should think of my loving tender care when you eat that chocolate.

After a short night nap, I get down to rundle mall, to have a short walk. Today was realized that Rundle mall is like Sg orchard road. It have a lot of shops, and as Australian lifestyle, all the shops starts closing at 1700. And by the time I finished the street and turn around, everyone are scrumbling to close the shop. I hurried down to Woolworth, and found that the shop does not have any turkey drumstick. Oh NO~! no turkey drumstick. I really love the drumstick.

Piggy Restaurnt, The pink pig

While I was walking down the street, I caught sight of a piggy. Haha, it is a restaurant called the pink pig. The pig is really cute one.

As I look through the menu, and walking down O'connell street, I caught sign of one restaurant. It is called Ned Kelly restaurant. Hmm.... This is the first time I come to this kind of shop, and the outing is really attractive. and and I look through the menu,

One thing it attracts me is lamb chops. yum yum, and checking out the oysters, found that the price is reasonable enough for that amount of oysters. and As I look inside, the layout seems to be australian style. So curiously, I went in, and found that it is empty, and it was 1800 sharp, when I enter, and they are opened at 1800. So I ordered a lamp chop, and while waiting, I look around, and find a lot of this stuff surrounds Ned Kelly. Who is he wo. and I caught sight of one sentence.

"You can kill a man, but you cannot kill a legend"

Wow, is he some famous man in Australia? I really really loves that lamb chop. It is simply fabulous. With that juice out of the meat, and the right mixing of the baked potato, and that salad. It is gorgeous. I am telling you, if you go to North Adelaide, MAke Sure Make Sure you give Ned Kelly Restaurant a try. It is along the main road O'Cornell Street. I did not managed to take the beef, but I am sure, it must be great. I am really really glad I have stepped into this restaurant.

Honto ni honto Daisuki desu yo.


14th November 2008, Friday

Central Market

Friday……What am I gonna do on Friday? Hmm…. Go to some place where there are more happening. And one of the place is: Chinatown.

Yup. In Adelaide, Chinatown is called Central market. It is a place, where it is like Chinatown, because a lot of things that is sold there are for the Chinese. And inevitably, in any country you visit, sure there is one small little place that have China town. And you know, in Chinatown, you definitely can find……Chinese. Somehow it feels more comfortable here, because you get to see a lot of Chinese here, and speaking in Chinese is easy, and in some cases, Cantonese is well understood. Too bad, I dun understand Cantonese, this is because when ordering the food, one of the waitress suddenly talk to me in Cantonese. So I blur blur.

Anyway, in Central market , there are a lot of stalls selling souvenirs, meat, veggies. And not forgetting, some Chinese restaurants, There is Chinese hardware shop around the corner too. Then there is one hair salon, and internet café.

One of my favourite stalls is no doubt, OYSTERS SHOP~! Yummy yummy yum yum. There are only two shops in the Central market that I came across selling oysters. and you know, the oysters actually can move de wo. wow~! If I eat the oysters, sure hug the shells to sleep, cos I really feel like eating all of them. but I may have to stay in hotel for the rest of the trip if I do that.

I went to the same restaurant that I arrived before, East Taste Café. Got this time, the claypot seafood, Ee fried rice, and shark fin soup. Yum yum. The shark fin soup cost $12.50, with a small bowl, but the soup is really fantastics. It have the taste. And the claypot seafood, I was tempted so much by the prawns and squid. Yum yum. The Squid is really big and chewy. Yippy.

Purple mysterious trees

Along the way, Saw this street, full of trees with purple flowers. I was so thrilled that I take a numberous shot of the trees, and some is the tree and Mr Xiao Lao Shu. Xiao Lao Shu love purple, cos he seems like very happy one. I was wondering how come the flowers bloom in winter wo? But it is very nice. Wish to see Sakura flower……haha, good thing, I did not have that temptation to get a straw mat and sits under the purple tree.

As I walk along the road, I came by one Adelaide Gun Shop. Hmm…. It was moved, and to another place, which is down a street. Along the street, I found the new place of the shop, Adelaide Gun Shop. It have a lot of guns in it, and the bullets is of course, behind the counter. There is some revolver, and shot guns are plenty and cheap looking. I guess shot gun is more popular, because there are some people who do hunting. So is it the rabbit season or duck season? If only we have rat season, then there will not no more rat to bully Mr Xiao Lao Shu.

As I was walking back to Central market, Came across another university. It is called Flinders university. Hmm….. flinders. Sounds familiar wo.

On the way home, one of my eyeball noticed a beetle. And it is a huge beetle. Hee hee. The beetle is a blue colour beetle. I fetch Xiao Lao Shu out, and take photo for him. He looks happy. Beetle is the very first car that my grandfather got before the Mazda. Really missed my grandfather, but what to do……

As I walk along the road back, noticed this beautiful sunset. I guess, the most beautiful sunsets, are not easily taken, and only for those who are there……So wish there is someone to watch with……maybe the day when I return.

In the hotel......Sadly, I am eating the chocolate alone......the milk chocolate teddy bear......with Mr Xiao Lao Shu. Good thing I got a Xiao Lao Shu, else, sure very very sad. Thank you for the company, Mr Xiao Lao Shu. And thank GOD for giving such great weather for the past few days or cold wind. I really loves it.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

13th November 2008, Thursday

National Motor Museum

When I woke up, I saw this nice brochure that introduce National Motor museum. Hmm… It looks interesting but it is very far far away, in the hill side. Hmm….. Nevertheless, I was thinking of how the motor museum would look like.

It is a very lovely Sunny day today, and when I reached there, I saw this stone house. Wow, it is a stone house wo. So rare to see it one. Cos stone house are usually hard to make one. There is also a tall tall chimney. And the best part is, the stone house is just beside the National Motor Museum. When I went in, I was totally lost, because there are so many many cars. And I mean old cars. Well, it is a museum. There are cars since the age of henry Ford too. Henry Ford, is the man who made the very first car in the world. Then, gasoline engine come, and cars starts to be more advance to the day today.

If not for henry Ford, maybe we still be in the horse carriage age. ‘
I saw this car, which is the one made into the car that goes back to the future, as in the show Back to the future. Wow, It is a totally steel casing, and it must be very heavy. But I dun seems to see that on the road nowadays.

Then Say another car, that looks like the one that Get Smart uses one. Or is it the ghost machine called Christine……

In here, there re a lot of cars, build from the 50s, 60s, and some other age that I did not have enough time to take a good look at it.

There are some solar cars too. Then after the cars, it is the motor cycles, wow, and there are really a lot of Harley Davidson bike, and one bike that is very very old, because they found it in a war zone or something, and put a notice that no cleaning is required on the display, because they want the motor bike to slowly corrode.

Toy Toy Factory

After the National Motor Museum, Went to this place called Toy Factory. Maybe people would think that toy factory is a place full of toys. But one thing to note……IT IS~!
Inside the toy factory, are a lot of wood toy. They even have the own manufacturing machine inside. The toy factory outside is a big wooden house, noted to be the world’s biggest wooden horse, made of wood and steel.

For $2, you can get the ticket of proof, and climb up the horse. It is very beautiful wo. All the greenery, and when I reached down, I noticed this crossroad board, that have the name of all the states of Australia, and how far are they from the toy factory. Hmm…. Darwin, 2608KM from the Toy factory, and the Melbourne is only 650 KM from the toy factory. Wow.

After that, it is lunch. Got this Chicken Cutlet. The very first chicken cutlet wo. Hmm…. All because there is no lamb chops there. So have to gobble up the chicken cutlet instead. Eeee…. After that, found it is not filling, I get one hamburger. And I thought it is a small one like Singapore macdonald, and it turns up to be one gigantic chicken burger. Wow~! Eat till full.

I really like Australia, the food all in big portion one. And it is nice.
Just outside, there is a place where there is a small farm. And inside the farm, there are kangaroo. Wow, and also, there is a sheep sheep. Maaaaa…

Then passed by a cute little wooden house. Woohoo. Went in to take a cute little photo, cos it is hard to find a wooden house. Wonder how did the people there condition the house to so good. Or is it just constructed? Hmm….

I have a tiring day, and when I reached the MAwson Lake, it is really beautiful sunset. Wow. The sky is actually red in color, and I was wondering what made it red. Hmm…..


Monday, November 24, 2008

12th November 2008, Wednesday

Another day, and I have this sudden craving for the oysters at the oysters shop, in grenelg beach. Yum yum, I really missed it, cos I did not satisified my craving on sunday, So I went back, to eat again.

During the way, I saw this road, blockade by a lot of police cars. I was on the way to the beach, so oysters are more important than that, but I did get the snap shot of it. I winder what really happened there wo. hmm.... Must be something big, cos they covered up the whole street, and a lot of people are looking and pointing. Something that sees to exist everywhere.

When I reached the Grenelg beach by tram, I went to the jetty to look again the people fishing, and also saw this guy, climb the pole, and jump off from the jetty. Oh wow, but it really look dangerous wo. Daring person, I must say. He is able to climb back, after he dived in. I can really feel the impact he faces, because he dive with a slap. Amazing.

When I reached the oyster shop, I realised that I did not bring enough money. Oh no~!
I settle with only half of the dozen oysters, and I get it all natural. After that, It is a taste of a new kind of fish, that is very popular in Australia. Barramudi.
Yum yum, the Barramudi Fish is very nice, taste like parrot fish. The meat is veryt well cooked byt he chef, and he is a chinese. In fact, when I went there, is is two chinese girl, and one chinese man manning the Oyster shop. Is oyster shop owned by the chinese Australian?

After finished the fish, I finish it off with an Ice Cream. Hee hee, It is 15 degree cold, and I am still eating ice cream. But the ice cream is really nice wo.
Get a tram fast back, and made it back to the hotel on time. This time, no mistake with the train timing now. :)


11th November 2008, Tuesday

I woke up with some pain, probably cos very tired. So not going anywhere. Instead, I went to the Library, to have a look around, and to read on on some books, to see what Adelaide has to offers in reading. After that, Oysters. Yum yum. This is another round of oysters, and After that, It is the kangaroo meat. This is a clue. There is only one restaurant around Mawson Lake, selling Kangaroo meat, and it is very very dry. I definitely recommend you not to try this out. I put this restaurant in my black book, so shall not visit it ever again. Only the Café Primo suit me well. With all the western food.

Then, I was looking at the mirror in the washroom, I realize the glass that I am wearing, makes me like an old man when it is placed at an angle. So I tried making this old man look, Hohoho, looks like I am older by 20 years by a tilt of the glass.

And by the way, the glass that I am wearing, doesn’t means I am short sighted. It is to protect my eye from the ultra-violet light, and electrostatic radiation. This is a special glass, that block out radiation, and also to absorb the sunlight, and convert into shading. This is a transition glass too.

Thus, I got this to protect my eye, since the eye is very sensitive to sunlight too. It adapts to outdoor quickly, and adjust the colour by itself, judging by the intensity of the sunlight.

Well, so much for the introduction. And to end with, it is a pure titanium frame.


10th November 2008, Monday


Well, It is a Monday blues, and I certainly sleep late. Probably because it is very tiring day yesterday, and all the food, is empty again. Where are those food that I ate yesterday night went to??

Went to the Grenelg beach, for the third time. I really love the beach. And this time I go there for a swim. Burrr…. It certainly is cold. After a dip in the water, I realized how much Australian loves Singapore beach. This is because the water is really chilling, and strangely, there are some people swimming inside. As I went in, the water is warm on the surface, but beneath the surface, the water is chilling cold. After swimming, I went to the Grenelg jetty, to look at the people do the fishing. Wow, saw this old lady, who was fishing, but she caught some squid.

The poor squid was spilling the ink, and shooting, until it is emptied, and then slowly died. When I ask the old lady, she said she uses the fished out squid as a bait for the fish. You know, Squid are actually glass colour, but it changes white when it died. There is one squid, which emits green neon colour on the eye and the tail. Amazing. And it is breathing still.

Sunset on the horizon

After that, Stayed on the beach, from 1930 to watch the sun setting. Well, sun sets are very beautiful, and it is a totally different scene in Adelaide, Grenelg beach. This is because, in Singapore, we cannot get to see the full beauty of sunsets, because there are ships, and Indonesia island, blocking the view, and the Malaysia state too. But in Australia, it is a full horizon. The total horizon line, when the sun set down, You can see the line, and the colour that it reflects to the cloud. And behind, you can see the city slowly turn dark. From here, I found out that Australia is now actually tilted more to the sun, meaning that the south pole is 24 hour day time. And Australia is experience longer day time than night time, where the sun set at 2030, and rises at 0500. Hmm…. That is why, I stayed for a long time, and din get to see the sun fully set.

1 hour mental torture

When I reached the train station through the tram, I was very sad, this is because I reached the train station at 2155, and the train have left at 2150. I missed it by 5 minutes, and there it goes, I have to wait till the next train, which starts at 2250. Oh no~! I am really stuck in Adelaide Railway, cos I was in the platform, and there is no way out of the station. Duh. I sit at the chair, and there is this giant screen, showing……Tennis. Duh. Why not a movie channel wo? Was watching the tennis till very sianz, and then, the train come, and I waited for a long time in the train. Now I know, the people here carries book whever they go, so that once they missed the train or in the journey, they can read it.

I really hate waiting......

When I reached the hotel, it is already very later, so just doze off.


9th November 2008, Sunday

Temptation Sailing

This is a dolphin agency, called Temptation sailing. They are actually a group of well love for Dolphin, and keen on bringing people to go to the sea, and introduce people to the dolphin sailing.

One of the fault in estimation, is the temperature of the sea water on point of arrival.

Anyway, woke up very early today, to go to Grenelg beach, for the second time. This time I go there, to find this place, called temptation sailing boat. It is not difficult to locate, because the sailing boat is just too distinctive.

I have to wake up early in the morning, because the boat starts at 0900. So gotta rush down to the beach by cab. Cost around $25 for the cab.

Once I reached there, I go for a good meal of breakfast at the Mc Donald to charge up. The cost of getting on the boat, is around $57, and for $40 more, you can get to go into the sea to swim too. This is where the mistake lies. Forgot to realize that the temperature is very cold wo. Went on board, and it took quite a long time for the boat to go out to the sea. But anyway, it is a 3.5 hour boat ride, and the dolphins are cute, a lot of people sure have the urge to touch them. But they are wild dolphins, and it is not advisable to touch them. This is because if touch one of the dolphn, he may signal the rest of the dolphin to get away, and no dolphin left.

I would recommend that people who try this, better stay on board, and watch the dolphins. It is more easy this way. I went into the water, and was almost freeze to death wo. Burrr…. And also, once in the water, have a hard time trying to balance myself in the water. Cos it is deep sea, and have to orientate the whole body with a rope in between. It is a rough wave too, so it is extrememly difficult. With no foothold too. Haih.


Managed to catch a glimpse of some dolphins. They just swim fast, and swim away.
After the dolphin watching, we went back, and it is the prime enjoy. Oysters~! From this shop called oyster shop. Oyster shop is a very famous shop ther,e because the oysters are own farm breed, and they get the oysters to the shop within 48 hours of harvest. If I did not get that wrong. Hee hee. Water is sure chilling in November.
Got this 18 pieces of oysters. And it is very nice This is how it goes. It have 6 Natural , 6 kilpatrick, and 6 friend oysters. I still prefers the natural, which is raw oysters. And it have this smell, that is very nice to the mouth.

After that, It is the seafood baskets. With 4 fish, white fish, some prawns, and fries. Totally lose to the fries. It looks like such a huge packet being dumped in. Anyway, chips are the one that always fills the stomach fast one. Didn’t managed to finish up the fries. Pity.

Camel ride

During a slow walk back to the beach, I saw this guy, with two camels, and a pony. It is a pony ride, so cute. But too bad adults cannot ride on it. Instead, went for the camel ride. It is so fun wo, The camel walk slow, and turn one round. This is for $5 per trip. Although it is a slow walk, and a short distance, hee hee, hope it can go to the beach too. But cannot, cos the camels are not toilet trained, and they really make dropping along the path.

When I got to the tram station, I saw this tram, which is very old, then found out that this tram only come out in the weekend. So I take a few shot with it, and then, in the tram too. There is this cute guy, giving a surprise look, very funny wo. 

After that, made a trip to one place. Port Adelaide. Wow, I sometime wonder where I got the energy from. Maybe from the oysters?

Port Adelaide

Along the way to the Port Adelaide, I passes by this shop called The Cheesecake shop. I love cheesecake too, cos they are nice. So I went in, and got this Chocolate cheese cake. It is very nice smell of the cheese.The smell of the cheese is nice, and it is not very sweet.

Later passes by the shop, called Cash converter. It is so much bigger than the cash converter in Singapore wo. Maybe because the rental here is cheaper.

Went to the port at the wrong time, because it is not opened when I got there. Duh, have to return back early, to have a good dinner.

As I was waiting for the train on the platform, I noticed on thing that is out of ordinary. That is the use of the tie rod, in place of a sleeper. Wow, A tie rod can actually replace the railway sleeper.And the surrounding sleeper along the railway track, is actually looks corroded, and lost most of it's functionality. So probably in time of need, they uses tie rod to hold the track in place, until the track cutter arrive to cut it, and replace the sleeper.

Duck for Mr Xiao Lao Shu

Got this duck meat, for Mr Xiao Lao Shu. Sure is very hungry, after the Mc Donald breakfast, and the cheese cake, so get more and more food, to recharge. You can see how hungry I am, but luckily, I got a huge tank to fill em up.


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